Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Day Another Writing Project

Monday morning and I'm ready to write. I want to just write, as it comes from my brain and my heart and flows through my fingers. But wait.........I need direction.

Direction for where my story is going, direction on who are my characters, punctuation, spelling, and the list goes on. I admire anyone that can sit down to the computer and just let the action fall onto the page. I, on the other hand, need to make diagrams, make notes, and research everything.

You may have a great story going but if you don't have your facts straight the reader is going to catch it. At that point the reader may throw the book to the side and say. "If the writer can't reseach what he is writing about how do I know the whole story is correct."

It doesn't matter if you are writing fiction or non fiction. Get your facts straight.

I've been reading DiAnn Mills novels lately and love the way she incorporates fact with the action. I would recommend The Nile Runs Red. Good reading.

Lena Dooley also got her facts straight when she wrote Minnesota Brothers. Another good read.

I've started Bruce Judisch's second book The Word Fulfilled. Good.

Also if you are into genealogy, and you knew I'd go there, Megan Smolenyk Smolenyayk and Ann Turner wrote Trace Your Roots with DNA. It's a bit confusing at times because you have to remember who's blood can be traced for what, etc, etc, etc. But if you can figure it out, and this is up your alley, then it's worth reading.

Well you get the picture. Now I'm off to do the same.........research for my novel. Enjoy the read and writing.

Until then..........

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