Monday, February 27, 2012


Obits from San Antonio Express News Sunday 26 Feb 2012 San Antonio, TX

ABBEY, Dennis L.  b. 18 Jan 1941  d. 24 Feb
ADAME, Esther   b. 30 Nov 1927 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 Feb
AGUILAR, Rosemary Neri  b. 21 Oct 1960  d. 16 Feb
AGUILAR, Rosemary Ramos  b. 14 Dec 1957 San Antonio, TX  d. 23 Feb
ALANIS, Beatrice Herrera  b. 23 Apr 1930  d. 21 Feb
ALBAREZ, Christopher Allen  b. 1 May 1986 Seguin, TX  d. 22 Feb
ANGLIN, Jack b. 12 Nov 1920 Hester, OK  d. 16 Feb
ARRIOLA, Estafana O.  b. 26 Oct 1928 Laredo, TX  d. 20 Feb
AYALA, Socorro M.  b. 26 Nov 1923  d. 20 Feb
AZIZ, Dr. Salar Akhtar  b. 3 Feb 1929 Campbellpur, British India  d. 14 Feb
BARROW, Linda Stockman Miller  68 yrs  d. 23 Feb
BENEDETTI, Joseph "Joe"  b. Scranton, PA  92 yrs  d. 20 Feb
BLASE, Frank Anthony Lt Col USAF (ret) b. 4 Aug 1918 Shenandoah, PA  d. 18 Feb
CALLAWAY, John M.  b. 9 Sep 1921 Waco, TX  d. 22 Feb
CARRILLO, Antonio Garay  b. 14 Feb 1931 San Antonio, TX  d. 22 Feb
DEAN, Ben C.  b. 15 Jul 1923  d. 21 Feb
DE LA GARZA, Maria Estela b. 12 Jan 1923 San Antonio, TX  d. 6 Feb
DE LA GARZA, Yolanda Pura  b. 26 May 1930 San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Feb
EL-BEHERI, Mary  74 yrs  d. Feb
FERRIS, Edwin H. Col USArmy (ret)  b. 19 Apr 1912 Washington, D.C.  d. 23 Feb
FONTES, Ellen Elaine  b. 1956 Sydney, NY  d. 18 Feb
FRERICH, Verlin E.  b. 29 Oct 1928 Red Rock, TX  d. 23 Feb
GANEY, Lavena "Joe" SGM USArmy (ret) 62 yrs  d. 23 Feb
GARMON, Jed Wayne b. 17 Apr 1958 San Antonio, TX  d. 22 Feb
GONZALES, Concepcion "Chonita"  97 yrs  d. 14 Feb
HARRINGTON, Glenn W.  71 yrs born in Portland, ME  d. 22 Feb
HERNANDEZ, Jose G.  78 yrs  d. 23 Feb
HOLLYDAY, Henry "Hank" R.  b. 30 Jul 1935 Easton, MD  d. 18 Feb
HOSCH, Robert P.  b. 28 Dec 1939 Kansas City, KS  d. 23 Feb
HUNDLEY, Michael Timothy  b. 26 Nov 1963 Ashville, NC  d. 26 Jan San Jose, CA
JOHNSON, Christopher Crosby b. 27 Sep 1982  d. 20 Feb
JOHNSON, Louis Edward "Sonny" b. 17 Jun 1936 San Antonio, TX  d. 22 Feb
KIOLBASSA, Louis Jesse  SMSGT (ret) 91 yrs  d. 24 Feb
KUEHLER, Marilyn Kay b. 19 Oct 1945 San Antonio, TX  d. 23 Feb
MARQUEZ, Antonio b. 13 Jun 1924 Algona, Iowa  d. 23 Feb
MARTINEZ, Joe Andrade  72 yrs  d. Feb
MAXWELL, pastor Allen Joel Jr.  b. 13 Sep 1947  d. 20 Feb
MAYS, Dolores  78 yrs d. 21 Feb
MEDRANO, Andres Sr.  b. 30 Nov 1921 Harlingen, TX   d. 21 Feb
MENDOZA, Ike B. Jr.  69 yrs  d. 23 Feb
MOORE, Brent Dylan  b. 4 Dec 1974  d. 22 Feb
MOYA, Soledad D.  b. 20 Jan 1920 Chicago, IL  d. 23 Feb
PEREZ, John M.  b. 26 Apr 1936  d. 2 Feb
PICON, Amador C.  b. 30 Apr 1931  d. 25 Feb
RAKOSKY, Harry M. Sr. USAF (ret)  84 yrs  d. 22 Feb
REIFF, Diane  b. 23 Nov 1960 San Pedro, CA  d. 20 Feb
RETAULT, Louis C. Sr.  USN b. 12 Jan 1933 Brownsville, TX  d. 22 Feb
ROSALES, Deborah M.  37 yrs  d. 22 Feb
ROSALES, Maria De La Luz (Lucy) b. 19 Jan 1925 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 Feb
SANCHEZ, Leonor Almendarez  b. 11 Apr 1931   d. 19 Feb
SILVAS, Carlota Lazarin  b. 28 Sep 1921  d. 20 Feb
SINGLETON, Johnnie  d. 23 Feb
SIX, Reverend Michael A. BCM, MAR, MSGT USAF (ret)b. 19 Aug 1950 Manton, MI  d. 18 Feb
SMITH, Corwin "Corkey" D.  b. 4 Apr 1933 St Louis, MO  d. 16 Feb
SPILLAR, Dr. Edna Myrl Hughes  b. 26 Jun 1922 Hollis, OK   d. 14 Feb
TEWES, Geanne P.  b. 12 Feb 1928  d. 24 Feb
THOMAS, John Victor MSGT USAF (ret)  b. 12 Mar 1964 d. 21 Feb
THOMAS, Richard Savage "Dick" b. 21 Feb 1936 Washington, D.C.  d. 21 Feb
VASQUEZ, Manuel  57 yrs  d. 12 Feb
VILLARREAL, Celia Pacheco  82 yrs  d. 21 Feb
VIVES-ATSARA, Emilia  d. 23 Feb
WHITFIELD, Glenn T. Lt Col Jr. USAF (ret)  74 yrs  d. 17 Feb
ZIETZ, Ralf Charles 88 yrs  d. 18 Feb in Lewisville, TX


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Can't believe it's only four months away.  Our first Nathaniel T. Green family reunion.  I found some more relatives on Friday and got an invite off to them.  So far (gas prices) we have a good number that will be here. 

So much to do before then.  No the novel isn't even half way.....but working on it.  I do have a pretty good amount of information for the tree book.  You know what the tree book is..........senior moment here.........heritage line.

I wonder of Nathaniel ever had a senior moment???

Anyway if you think you are related to Nathaniel let me know.  We'll see if we can follow up on it. 

Until then..........

Monday, February 20, 2012


Obits from Sunday 19 Feb 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX

ALMANZA, Kiyoko Hirota   b.  in Tokyo, Japan  d. 8 Feb
AZIZ, Dr. Salar Akhtar   b. 3 Feb 1929 Campbellpur, British India  d. 14 Feb
BANDA, Esequiel  b. 10 Apr 1936 Mirando City, TX  d. 10 Feb
BISHOP, Stella Frances (Baker) 86 yrs  d. 11 Feb
BOECK, Wilhelmina J.  b. 26 Apr 1928 San Antonio, TX  d. 13 Feb
BRYLAK, Dr. Wallace   b. 28 Jun 1928 Warsaw, Poland, d. 15 Feb
BUDNIK, Jeaene Estelle Anderka  b. Orange Grove, TX  d. Feb 2012
BUSTOS, Guadalupe S.  b. 10 Dec 1939 San Antonio, TX  d. 16 Feb
CARTWRIGHT, Francine   b. 24 Feb 1924 Sadler, TX  d. 14 Feb
CLARY, William Leland Jr.  b. 19 Oct 1930 Roma, TX  d. 16 Feb
COX, Mark A.  d. 14 Feb
CREWS, Lesli Susan  b. 31 Oct 1951 Richmond, CA  d. 17 Feb
DE LA CRUZ, David CMSGT (ret)  d. 11 Feb
ESCOBAR, John Gabriel  b. 25 Jan 1982  d. 15 Feb
GARCIA, Mariano C.  b. 9 Apr 1921  d. 16 Feb
GARZA, Angelina  b. 28 Oct 1921  d. 15 Feb
GONZALES, Richard Senior Chief BMCS USN (ret) b. 22 Jul 1951  d. 12 Feb
GREENHOW, Roscoe  b. 9 Oct 1916 Queens, KY  d.15 Feb
GUAJARDO, Alejando "Alex" G.  b. 17 Feb 1946 San Antonio, TX  d. 15 Feb
GUERRERO, Alfonso G. Jr.  b. San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Feb
HERRERA, Maria Inez  b. 11 Oct 1940  d. 16 Feb
HIPPEL, Glenn  b. 24 Oct 1940  d. 11 Feb
KOTZUR, Ernest Ben  b. 27 Jul 1933 Falls City, TX  d. 13 Feb
LANG, J. Milton  97 yrs  d. 15 Feb
LELLE, Philip V. Jr.  b. 24 Feb 1936  d. 8 Feb
LEONE, Edith Joan  b. 30 Mar 1926 Washington, PA  d. 15 Feb
LLOYD, Richard E.  MSGT b. 20 Jul 1932 Syracuse, NY  d. 12 Feb
MCANALLY, Mrs. Lon-Wyatt nee Lula Kathryn Loveladdy  93 yrs  d. 13 Feb
MCCARTHY, Kevin Arthur "Abe" b. 7 Mar 1957 Tampa, FL  d. 13 Feb
MCCULLOCH, George D.  b. 20 Apr 1916 Somerset, TX  d. 10 Feb
MCGEE, Sherry G.  d. 14 Feb
MENEFEE, Rebecca Anne  b. 3 Feb 1954  d. 17 Feb
MONACO, Colin Michael  23 yrs  d. 15 Feb
MORRIS, David Leon Sr.  87 yrs  d. 11 Feb
NETT, Dr. Robert B. Jr.  b. 26 Aug 1956 US Army Hosp in Ft. Riley, KS  d. 16 Feb
NICHOLS, Sally Jr Putt  b. 5 Dec 1938  d. 17 Feb
PEREZ, Roberto G.  75 yrs  d. 15 Feb
ROBERTS, Alan H. MSgt USAF (ret)  73 yrs  d. 15 Feb
ROBERTS, Jamie Kathryn  b. 10 Sep 1941 Mason County, TX  d. 15 Feb
RODRIGUEZ, Alex  75 yrs  d. 14 Feb
RODRIGUEZ, Fernando F.  d. 14 Feb
RODRIGUEZ, Priscilla Marie  24 yrs  d. 16 Feb
SANCHEZ, Maria Alicia  b. 2 Apr 1951  d. 13 Feb
SCHWEGEMANN, Victor Joseph  b. 28 Jul 1924  d. 17 Feb
STALESKI, John 82 yrs  d. 8 Feb
STITT, William Taylor  b. 26 Jun 1915  d. 14 Feb
STROH, John Erwin  87 yrs  d. 14 Feb
STRYKER, Gordon Ray  b. 23 Aug 1924 West Nanticoke, PA  d. 12 Feb
SUMMERS, Dr. G. A. (Tom) Jr.  81 yrs  d. 16 Feb
VALDEZ, Clemencia M.  b. 27 Jun 1948  d. 17 Feb
VALLEJO, Severo   8 Nov 1925 New Braunfels, TX    d. 15 Feb
VELA, Guadalupe H.  b. 23 Aug 1913  d. 17 Feb
VIDALES, Victoria "Toye" Perez   100 yrs  d. 14 Feb
VILLANUEVA, Felise B.  97 yrs  d. 17 Feb
VOITH, Margaret (Peggy) Mary Fogarty  b. 15 Nov 1921 Boerne, TX  d. 9 Feb
WALLACE, George J.  82 yrs  d. 9 Feb
WILSON, Diana Lee Monia  b. 21 Jul 1932 Medford, OR  d. 14 Feb
WRIGHT, Alice Reah  70 yrs  d. 15 Feb
ZILLER, James Rector  b. 14 Nov 1985  d. 14 Feb
ZIMMERMAN, Ronald Eugene  b. 4 May 1933 Somerset, PA  d. 12 Feb

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Just when I think I have it all figured out, I get confused again.  Of course that's not hard for a blond that's turned grey.  I'd like to think it's premature grey but I guess it's about time I got a few grey hairs.  Yea, right, like I asked for a head full of grey hair.

Okay....enough of that.  I sat down with pen in hand.  Did the print out on kinship relations to myself and then tried to figure out my second cousins.  I'm pretty clear on first cousins.  Here it mother's cousins are my second cousins.  I think.  Oh man now I have to go read my paper again.

See what I mean, it's so confusing.  I'm going to let it go for a couple of days and set a fresh pair of eyes on it again.  First and foremost I have got to get the keys a tinglin' and get some pages going on Nathaniel if I want this done by at least June.  Give me an at a boy there.

Until then.......................

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today I was notified that I had a match with my DNA.  I am so confused when it comes to figuring out DNA and matches.  Anyway I went on line to see who was a match to mine.

I never did figure it out since they redid the layout of the pages, but I'll get over that.  But what I did find out has left me really wondering who Lafayette's mother really really was!

I am listed with family finder with Family Tree DNA.  I've got the Barnes and Green side down pretty pat.  Since I'm not sure of who my father is, and I am so hopping someone from that side of the family does their DNA, I got the brilliant idea to go through all of the family finder section.

Listed is the Babcock side of the family.  Now if Liberty wasn't Lafayette's mother how am I related to Babcock?  Like I said "I'm so confused!"

So it's back to the drawing board, so to speak.  Now it's got me double double nose to the ground until I find out!  Does that make sence?

Until then................

Monday, February 13, 2012


Obits from Sunday, February 12, 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX

ALVAREZ, Gilbert A.  b. 1 Feb 1939 San Antonio, TX  d. 3 Feb
ANDRADE, David Mendez  b. 7 Sep 1946 San Antonio, TX  d. 8 Feb
ARISPE, Mercedes Mendez  b. 22 Jan 1926  d. 4 Feb
AYARZAGOITIA, Isabel D.  b. 10 Apr 1918 Premont, TX  d. 10 Feb
BALDAUF, Bobby Gene  b. 16 May 1946 San Antonio, TX  d. 7 Feb
BENAVIDES, Hector Jr. b. 19 Jan 1959  d. 8 Feb
BURKHALTER, Sue S.  d. 1 Feb
BURTON, Celestine  61 yrs  d. 6 Feb
BUTKE, Diane Col (ret)  b. 1939 Milwaukee, WI  d. Feb
CHILEK, Thomas "Tommy" Joseph    64 yrs  d. 10 Feb
DANIEL, Ben E. Jr.  62 yrs  d. 4 Feb
DOOLEY, Mary Edna De Larrea  b. 22 Dec 1929 San Antonio, TX  d. 6 Feb
ESTRADA, Catarino L.  b. 4 Jul 1925 Poteet, TX    d. 6 Feb
FLORES, Angel  d. Feb
FLORES, Helen Frances Huff  b. 31 Oct 1932 San Antonio, TX  d. 7 Feb
FLORES, Mary Jane B.  b. 26 Jul 1951 San Antonio, TX  d. 6 Feb
HALEY, Dennis Wayne  b. 16 Feb 1938 Runge, TX   d. 13 Feb
HARRIS, Orville Kennith  b. 9 Aug 1923 Plainview, TX  d. 8 Feb
HERNANDEZ, Felecidad G.  90 yrs  d. 9 Feb
HITCHCOCK, Mary Ann b. 10 Mar 19232 McKinney, TX  d. 8 Feb
KIRBY, Joe Sterling "Ted"  b. 23 Oct 1915  d. 6 Feb
KREUSEL, Agnes Free  b. 7 Jun 1924 Suffolk, England   d. 9 Feb
LOPEZ, Amalia M.  74 yrs  d. 8 Feb
LUJAN, Moses  b. 20 Mar 1979  d. 6 Feb
MASLOFF, Wilma A.  b. 23 Jul 1919 Elgin, IA  d. 9 Feb
PATTERSON, William David  b. 6 Apr 1993 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Feb  Waco, TX
PECK, Jeanie Meredith  88 yrs b. in Uniontown, AL  d. 10 Feb
PHILLIPS, Donna J.  b.24 Nov 1934 Levenworth, KS   d. 9 Feb
PULLEN, William "Bill" A. Jr.  b. 1929 Honolulu, HI  d. 27 Jan
RAINE, Iva Altgelt  b. 28 Feb 1942  d. 8 Feb
RAMOS, Ricarda Torres  b. 7 Feb 1929 Chicago, IL  d. 8 Feb
RIDDER, LaVerne (Iby)  b. 9 Oct 1924 San Antonio, TX  d. 3 Feb
RODGERS, Betty Harmon Dibrell  8 Mar 1921 Memphis, TN  d. 6 Feb
RODRIGUEZ, Alfredo G.  77 yrs  d. 7 Feb
ROGERS, Bobby G.  b. 14 Aug 1939 Idaho Falls, ID  d. 31 Jan
RUBIO, Anselmo "Sam"  b. 12 Jul 1941  d. 6 Feb
RUMBEL, Helen Irene  97 yrs  d. Feb
SNOCKER, Marie  86 yrs  d. 9 Feb
SOLIS, Judy Lynn  b. 15 Jul 1951 Jackson, MI  d. 5 Feb
SOLIS, Leticia Diane  b. 25 Jan 1979 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Feb
TALERICO, Steve S.  89 yrs  d. 6 Feb
TRAEGER, William (Bill) Frederick Jr.  b. 6 Apr 1931 San Antonio, TX  d. 8 Feb
WADE, Maurine Beatrice  86 yrs  d. 10 Feb in Hondo, TX


I get so caught up in the moment when I find information that I just write it down and go on.  Then a few months later I'll look at it.  Well I did just that on Lafayette Wyburn.  I wrote down his father's name, mother's name, and the date they got married which was 12 Aug 1857 Crawford County, WI.  Well Lafayette was born in 1849 in IA.

So this leads me to believe William Wyburn had been married before.  Perhaps his wife died in child birth.  Maybe Lafayette was an only child.  If his wife died while giving birth then William was out looking for a wife to help raise his son. 

Now comes the hard part.  Who was Lafayette's mother? 

I have a pretty good account of where Lafayette lived:  1860, 1870, 1880 living in Crawford County, WI.  1905 living in Allamakee County, IA.  Can't find him in 1900.  In 1910 his wife is living in Dubuque, IA as a widow.  So he had to have died between 1905 and 1910.  A five year spread to look through but I feel like the blood hound with his nose to the ground bound and determined to find my answer.

So.....until then.....................................

Monday, February 6, 2012


Obits from Sunday, February 5, 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX

ALCALA, Hazael "Chalo" Emilio  d.17 Mar 1933 Brownsville, TX  d.29 Jan
ANGULO, Nicholas Angel  12 yrs  d. 3 Feb
ARRIAGA, Francisca Soto  71 yrs  d. 31 Jan
ASKINS, Janet Grunnell   b. 23 Nov 1938 Brownsville, TX  d. 31 Jan
AVALOS, Guadalupe S.  b. 21 Dec 1946  Westlaco, TX   d.31 Jan
BAIN, Josephine Bell Fordrian  b. 3 Oct 1922  San Antonio, TX    d. 30 Jan
BEVAN, Norman H.  b. 2 Jan 1931 Detroit, MI   d. 2 Feb
BURKHALTER, Sue S.  d. 1 Feb
BUTLER, Pearl  L.   b. 30 Aug 1923  Slaton, TX   d. 27 Jan
CARBEE, Alica Funke  b. 23 Jul 1921 Falls City, TX  d. 27 Jan
CASAS, Dominga Vidal  b. 21 Apr 1918    Boerne, TX      d. 26 Jan
CELAYA, Kathleen M. McElhatten  b. 30 Nov 1957  San Diego, CA  d. 31 Jan
CHAVEZ, Michael A.  b. 27 May 1977  d. 2 Feb
COLBATH, Doris E.  b. 27 Aug 1937  d. 27 Jan
COULTER, Mildred  b. 22 Mar 1916 Durant, OK  d. 3 Feb
CRONKHITE, John Lyle Sr. Lt Col USAF (ret)  92 yrs  d. 1 Feb
DALKE, Thelma Mavis Wyer  b. 17 Nov 1919 Townsville, Queensland, Australia  d. 20 Jan
DEL ANGEL, Hector   d. 3 Feb
DELEHANTY, Helen I Piotrowski  b. 19 Feb 1915 Camden, NJ  d. 4 Feb
DOBBS, Donald R. Sr. 1Lt USArmy (ret) b. 6 Nov 1921  d. 29 Jan
DOOLEY, Daniel Rubin "DJ" Jr. b. 1 Jun 1981  d. 27 Jan
ESTRELLO, Rene Adrian  59 yrs  d. 29 Jan
FERNANDEZ, Eva R.  b. 15 Apr 1914  d. 1 Feb
FORD, Mary Louise Sien   d. 25 Jan
FOREY, Alma Van Brandt  80 yrs  d. 28 Jan
FUCHS, Renate Fernbach  b.14 Jul 1918 Berlin, Germany  d. 26 Jan
GAINER, David Lee  CMSGT USAF (ret)  b. 12 Jun 1948 Clarksburg, WV  d. 2 Bef
GARCIA, Socorro (Coco)  b. 21 Apr 1933 d. 22 Jan
GAYLOR, Selma b. 28 Feb 1928   Laredo, TX  d. 26 Jan
GOLDNER, Lyle Eugene b. 13 Feb 1923 Ayr, IA  d. 25 Jan
GUZMAN, Margarita Acelia Antonia del-Sagrado Corazion  (Mamacita)  84 yrs  d. 31 Jan
HUGHES, Gerald D.  b. 23 Mar 1932 Edinburg, TX  d. 3 Feb
HUTCHINSON, Thomas A. d. 29 Jan
KELSEY, Leslie Routon Jr. b. 29 Sep 1936   d. 31 Jan
KENAGY, John Aubrey  b. 20 Sep 1919 Kansas City, MO  d. 2 Feb
KIDWELL, Aline V.  b. 1923 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 Jan
LAWSON, Arthur Wilson  b. 24 Feb 1914 Long Mott, TX  d. 10 Jan
LOHMAN, Tommie Edward  b. 29 Apr 1937 Shrevbeport, LA  d. 4 Feb
LOZANO, Victor  54 yrs  d. 1 Feb
LUCKETT, Alton Joseph  b. 23 Nov 1957  d. 29 Jan
MADRID, Raul B.  b.9 Sep 1920 San Pedro, CA  d.31 Jan
MCFARLAND, Sue C.  b. 16 Mar 1927  d. 3 Feb
MCFARLING, Sandy  b. 21 Mar 1948 Hartford, CT  d. 2 Feb
MCGUFFIN, Thekla  b. 2 Jan 1930 Kingsland, TX  d. 2 Feb
MORENO, Amalia  59 yrs  d. 24 Jan
MOTLEY, Carlos W.  b. 13 Feb 1945 Hillsboro, TX     d. 3 Feb
MYHRE, Loren G. Ph. D.  b. 11 Oct 1936  d. 26 Jan
PANATEX, Robert Sr.  b. 27 Mar 1942 San Antonio, TX  d. 31 Jan
PEDREGON, Cynthia Collins  b. 30 Mar 1946 Medina, TX  d. 1 FEb
QUATES, Barbara Jean Bennett  b. 15 Jul 1932 Indianapolis, IN   d. 27 Jan
RIOS, Anita H.  b. 29 Apr 1925 San Antonio, TX  d. 3 Feb
RODRIGUEZ, Maria Ignacia 92 yrs  d. 25 Jan
ROSALES, Ralph Sr.  b. 24 Oct 1920 Campbelton, TX  d. 2 Feb
SAIZ, Felipe L.  91 yrs  d. 29 Jan
SCHERR, Louisa K.  b. 23 Jan 1920 Houston, TX   d. 1 Feb
SCOTT, Tommy James  80 yrs  d. 26 Jan
SMELSER, Collas Dunbar  b. 7 Apr 1920 San Saba, TX  d. 28 Jan
STEARNS, Catherine Barbara  b. 25 Nov 1918  San Antonio, TX    d. 1 Feb
STINSON, Donald Lee  b. 31 Dec 1925 Anderson, IN  d. 24 Jan
SVETICH, Katherine (Katy) 84 yrs  d. 3 Feb
TREMILLO, Juan A.  63 yrs  d. 1 Feb
URDIALES, Ovidio Omar  b. San Benito, TX  80 yrs   d. 3 Feb
VALDEZ, Oralia Rincon  b. 27 Mar 1952  San Antonio, TX  d. 1 Feb
VANDERBURGH, Robert (Bob) A. A. b. 7 Nov 1928 Toronto, Canada  d. 30 Jan
VILLANUEVA, Carmen Cantu  83 yrs  d. 29 Jan
WARE, Charles H. Sr. MSGT (ret)  b. 1 May 1924 Newport, AR  d. 31 Jan
WELCH, Lily Johnson  d. 3 Feb
WHITE, Dorothea Koemer  91 yrs  d. 2 Feb
WHITMORE, Paul Thomas LTC USAFR (ret)  b. 19 Mar 1921 Medina, TX   d. 2 Feb