Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Obts from Sunday 26 Aug 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
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ASH, Jean Durham  b. 13 Dec 1926  d. 18 Aug
BAILEY, Nancy L.  d. 24 Aug
BALUSEK, Elizabeth (George) b. 1 Apr 1920   d. 19 Aug
BARNES, Carolyn E.  b. 9 Jun 1934  d. 22 Aug
BECERRA, Francisco F.  d. 24 Aug
BLANCHETTE, Cordelia Evelyn (Braden)  b. 12 Sep 1921 Poth, TX  d. 24 Aug
BUSY, Aubrey Jean Smith  b. 23 Feb 1927  d. 19 Aug
CAMPOS, Ismael V. Jr.  53 yrs  d. 23 Aug
CANNON, Maria "Vangie"  d. 22 Aug
CARPENTER, Dorothy English  b. 30 Jan 1922 San Marcos, TX  d. 23 Aug
CHANDLER, William "Bill" Earl 57 yrs  d. 20 Aug
CONGER, Helen Page  83 yrs  d. 24 Aug
COUNTESS, James Howard Jr.  b. 11 Oct 1933 Baltimore, MD  d. 21 Aug
CUTHBERTSON, Carolyn Louise   b. 11 Jan 1922 Dallas, TX  d. 15 Aug
DELCASTILLO, Ray  b. 22 Jul 1946  San Antonio, TX  d. 19 Aug
DIAZ, Thomas T.  b. 4 Dec 1950  d. 24 Aug
DI PASQUALE, Norma Friesenhahn  b. 31 Dec 1921 New Braunfels, TX  d. 22 Aug
DOCKERY, Peggy Jeanne Wilkinson   84 yrs b. Denham Springs, LA  d. Aug 2012
DOOLEY, Betty "Jo" (Simmons)  b. 5 Jan 1933 Hope, AR  d. 22 Aug
FISHER, Ana B.  91 yrs  d. 22 Aug
FOERSTER, Annie K.    b. 19 May 1914 St Hedwig, TX   d. 22 Aug
FRERE, Rev. Dr. Louis Robert    d. 7 Aug
GAITAN, Carmen N.  b. 5 Apr 1925 Converse, TX  d. 21 Aug
GAMBLE, Ron  b. 16 Jun 1943  d. 21 Aug
GARZA, Eva  89 yrs  d. 23 Aug
GATICA, Dolores A.  b. 11 Feb 1948  d. 25 Aug
HANKINS, Billy Gene Sr. SFC USA (ret) b. 2 Dec 1945  d. 22 Aug
HARDIN, Roderick Sr.  62 yrs  d. 21 Aug
HERNANDEZ, Marcela R.  81 yrs  d. 21 Aug
JAECKLE, Edmund Anthony Jr. b. 20 Jun 1925 San Antonio, TX  d. 22 Aug
KNIGHT, Darleen Hilton  b. 21 Jan 1933 Bishop, TX  d. 21 Aug
KOSUB, Lloyd G.  b. 30 Oct 1936 San Antonio, TX  d. 23 Aug
LEWIS, Charles "Chuck" Arthur  85 yrs  d. 16 Aug
MACHADO, Eraclio Jr. b. 29 Apr 1960 San Antonio, TX  d. 22 Aug
MARCH, Henry Raymond "Ray"  b. 1 May 1948 Salmon, ID  d. 19 Aug
MEDEL, Frances G.  b. 28 Dec 1931  d. 25 Aug
MULLINS, Stella Churchill   b. 11 Feb 1935 Carrizo Springs, TX  d. 23 Aug
PARKER, Vanessa Shirley Jeannine  78 yrs  d. 24 Aug
QUINONES, Dora D.  56 yrs  d. 24 Aug
REYES, Gloria L.  85 yrs  d. 23 Aug
SCHAEFER, Marcella (Marcie)  b. 13 Sep 1928 d. 24 Aug
SCHWAB, Susan M.  b. 22 Jan 1949 Des Plaines, IL  d. 18 Aug
SELVIDGE, Cecil N.  b. 23 May 1932 Bismark, AR  d. 21 Aug
SILVA-LINDSEY, Lisa Ann  d. 22 Aug
STRICKER, Richard J. "Dick" Lt Col USAF (ret)  b. 20 Apr 1934 Saginaw, MI  d. 24 Aug
WALLACE, Charles (Churck) M.  b. 21 Jan 1938 Cincinati, OH  d. 24 Aug

HERERA, Carlos F.  b. 1951  d. 2011

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Well my husband received the results on his DNA test through Ancestry.com.  I printed it out for him and watched his face as he read it.  He stood still and kept shaking his head in disbelief.  He was mumbling something inaudible.  "What was that you said dear?"

Scratching his head he replied.  "What happened to my French grandparents?" 

It seems he is 96%  British Isles and 4% uncertain.  I guess that uncertain means a mixture of don't know where you're from. 

Now we know for sure that his grandfather was born in Haverhill, MA of Irish parents who just landed on our shores.  His grandmother is from a long line of French Canadians coming from Paris France by way of Quebec, Canada.  How much more French can you get?

I reminded him that Richard the Lion Hearted went on all those Crusades way back when, taking along a LOT of British men.  Remember they went to France.  WELL, maybe some of them stayed and helped populate the French.  Maybe......just think about it.  It could happen.  Really.

So since I do know more, a little bit more than my husband, about DNA I have been left to figure out how he is related to some of the matches already posted to his account.  Looks interesting but trying to figure out who your fourth to sixth cousin is, well for my small mind, it is so confusing.  If it weren't for handy, dandy, little, charts I'd give up.  Even so I'm still having a problem.

I found one chart that has been the most helpful at www.hallsted.com/cousin-table.html. I do hope the chart helps you too.  There is also a good chart on www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/genepool/cousins.htm.

So you know what my chore is for the day besides working on my book.  I hope you are following and enjoying my story about Katie.  Dear Katie has touched my heart in many ways. Oh, did I tell you, I'm probably related to her.  Still working on that too.  It's all in the DNA.  Just wish someone from that line would do their DNA so I would know for sure.  I have matches, a lot of matches, but no matching names yet. 

If you are interested in DNA, thought that you might like to just see what your background really is, or whatever you've thought about DNA, go to www.ancestry.com and check it out.  If that is not the one you're interested in I've had mine done also by www.familytreedna.com.  Both will tell you a lot about yourself and are reasonablly priced.   Let me know what you think.

Until then...............................


Sunday, August 19, 2012


Obits from Sunday 19 Aug 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories...www.mysa.com   keyword: online obits

ALTHEIMER, Richard M.  b. 8 Feb 1927  d. 17 Aug
ARREDONDO, Sandra Grimm  b. 17 Nov 1949 d. 17 Aug
BALMEZ, Seferino A.  b. 26 Aug 1933 Puebla, Mexico  d. 13 Aug
BREESE, Christopher Paul  38 yrs  d. 15 Aug
CORNELIUS, Joan L.  b. 21 Jan 1941  d. 17 Aug
DOYAL, Lorene  b. 7 Aug 1922  d. 13 Aug
EDENS, Olga Berkey  b. 1930 San Antonio, TX  d. 12 Aug
ELLEY, Frances Jane  b. 21 May 1938 Weesatche, TX  d. 16 Aug
FLORES, Virginia  79 yrs  d. 18 Aug
GONZALES, Roy Anthony  b. 21 No 1981  d. 15 Aug
GONZALEZ, Alicia Saenz  b. 30 May 1936 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Aug
HANCOCK, Victor E.  b. 19 Jul 1939 New Orleans, LA  d. 16 Aug
HAND, Almeda Elizabeth  91 yrs  d. 16 Aug
HARRIS, Mary Jo  b. 1 May 1930 Beeville, TX  d. 18 Aug
HASTON, Mary Ann b. 3 Sep 1925 Seymour, TX  d. 15 Aug
HERNANDEZ, Belinda Ann  51 yrs  d. 17 Aug
HOPKINS, Barbara  b. 30 May 1926 Ft Leavenworth, KS  d. 16 Aug
ITRIA, Mary Nan Halpin  d. 2 Aug 2012  Lakeway, TX 
JONES, Jill D. Alexander 60 yrs  d. 14 Aug
JORDAN, Arvetta Frances (Trulock)  b. 6 Nov 1923 Pembine, WI  d. 14 Aug
KELLEY, Walter Sr.  b. 13 Feb 1925 San Antonio, TX   d. 14 Aug
LAGUNAS, Rosie  74 yrs  d. 15 Aug
LANE, William Caswell  b. 20 Jun 1925  d. 9 Aug
LANOUE, Marilyn Joy  b. 2 Dec 1936 Corpus Christi, TX  d. 16 Aug
LOPEZ, Carmen A.  b. 12 Jan 1920  San Antonio, TX  d. 17 Aug
MEYER, Samuel David  b. 22 Aug 1955 Las Vegas, NV  d. 14 Aug
PAVLISKA, Charline Rae (Long) 80 yrs  d. 16 Aug
POOR, Victor Dale  79 yrs  d. 17 Aug
RAMOS, Ademar Adrian  b. 16 Jan 1934 Hebbronville, TX  d. 17 Aug
SEALY, Darwin Wayne  d. 26 Jul
STARR, LeRoy 1st Sgt USA (ret)  b. 14 Jan 1928 Piqua, OH  d. 12 May 2012 Beaufort, SC
STRAWN, Kenneth  d. 10 Aug
VICENCIO, Jesse  67 yrs  d. 17 Aug
WHEELER, Barbara Jean Tilley  88 yrs  d. 11 Aug
WHITLEY, James David  b. 12 Feb 1988 San Antonio, TX  d. 13 Aug
YOUNTS, Joseph "Joe" Marshall  b. 25 May 1941 Robstown, TX  d. 16 Aug
ZAPATA, Alberta G.  b. 16 Oct 1929 Converse, TX  d. 13 Aug

Friday, August 17, 2012

More DNA

Okay so I'm hooked on DNA.  Although I haven't found a link to my father it is fascinating.  I found a fourth cousin, that I was able to verify, and a lot of other cousins that I haven't found the link yet.

My husband has been wondering what his back ground is now.  Even though we know for sure there is Irish and French, there could be some Scandinavian in there.  You know how those Vikings wandered all over the earth sailing across the oceans!

My girl friend just found out she is middle European and Scandinavian.  She had no idea.  See what I mean.

Each day my husband comes home and asks.  "Did my results come in yet?" 

I'm just as eager as he is. We did his through Ancestry.com.  I've had mine done through
Family Tree DNA and Ancestry.com.  What if we are related?  Oh wait, we are.  Of course it's through a long distant cousin's line.  Then again, when you think about it, we are all related in some way or another.  Life began with Adam and Eve!

Until then.........................

Thursday, August 16, 2012


This morning I received a message through Ancestry of information on relatives.  As I went down their information I found out I DID NOT have the correct data.

I tell others who are researching their family tree to make sure they have the accurate information before you add it to your line.  Well I thought I did, but I didn't!

When you are searching on Ancestry or any other site it's alright to write the information down but do not add it until you have backed it up with your source. 

Let me tell you what I did.  In the little town of The Dalles, Wasco County, Oregon three of Elmer T. Green's daughters married.  I have all of their marriage certificates thanks to a trip to The Dalles last July.  The fourth I could not find, at the time.  Then I ran across Elona in the census married to another McCorkle.  I THOUGHT I had the right one.  So I added the man's name (George) and their children, all from the census.  I did not get a paper trail.  By paper trail I mean marriage, birth, death, etc.

Today a message I sent out quite some time ago was answered.  I asked them how they were related to Elmer.  He gave me Elona's correct name, which happened to be Bertha Elnora "Nora" Green.  I had the birthdate right but that was all I had. 

Bertha went by Nora in all of the census and in her death notice. 

So now you know what I've been doing most of the day.  Fixing my mistakes.  I still do not have paper work to back up what I've learned but will be working on it.

Now I will say it again.  Get paper back up on your ancestors to make sure you have the right person.  You would not believe how many people have the same names, birthdates, and sometimes the same spouse's name!

Until then......................................................

Monday, August 13, 2012


Obits from Sunday 12 Aug 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories...www.mysa.com   keyword:  online obits

BAKER, David J. Col USAF (ret)  b. Pittsfield, MA  66 yrs  d. 1 Aug
BALES, John William  TSgt USAF (ret) b. 21 Dec 1937 Baltimore, MD  d. 9 Aug
BROWN, Susanna D.  b. 26 Jan 1920 Chicago, IL  d. 11 Aug
CAMERON, Dean Frank  b. 5 Apr 1962 San Antonio, TX  d. 8 Aug
CARLEY, Melinda Hope  b. 3 Jul 1963  d. 1 Aug
CASS, John Robert (Bob) Sr.  b. 16 Jul 1925 Kansas City, MO  d. 10 Aug
CASSIDY, Thomas P.  b. 16 Mar 1939 Bronx, NY  d. 27 Jul
CORDOVA, Juanita  91 yrs  d. 9 Aug
DIEHL, Andrew Donald  b. 4 May 1921 Dallas, TX  d. 9 Aug
FLORES, Margarita P.  b. 17 Jul 1926 Salamanca, Mexico  d. Aug 2012
FORSEN, Robert (Bobby) Alex III  60 yrs  d. 8 Aug
FUENTES, Connie Lynn b. 1 Dec 1948 San Antonio, TX  d. 4 Aug
GOMEZ, Albert Garcia    88 yrs    d. 8 Aug
HEIDER, Doiuglas Wayne  b. 8 Nov 1944 Cuero, TX  d. 8 Aug
IBARRA, Maria L.  b. 11 Jul1907   d. 7 Aug
JASSO, Juan Jose  69 yrs  d. 8 Aug
KLEINBURG, Emily Q.  b. 16 Dec 1923 San Antonio, TX  d. 5 Aug
KRAATZ, Oscar Alton Jr.  b. 28 Nov 1941  d. 5 Aug
MACIAS, Diana J.  b. 27 May 1961  d. 7 Aug
MAHON, Everitt M.  81 yrs  d. 9 Aug
MALDONADO, Eleazar  85  yrs  d. 9 Aug
MICHAELS, Bill  95 yrs  d. 10 Aug
NUSBAUM, Nicholas P.  b. 12 Dec 1919 Hugo, CO  d. 6 Aug
PENA, Margaret Salcido  b. 10 Jun 1920 Pinos Altos, NM  d. 7 Aug
RODE, Mary Margaret Woodward  82 ys  d. 29 Jul
SCALES, Freda Lee  b. 16 May 1920 Clinton, IL  d. 7 Aug
SEPULVEDA, Yvonne Eloisa  b. 22 Aug 1966  d. 7 Aug
SERRANO, Maria Rios  91 yrs  d. 7 Aug
SNARR, Dorothy Mae Erler  b. 2 Oct 1921 San Antonio, TX  d. 8 Aug
STANFIELD, Robert (Bob) O.  b. 4 Jul 1930 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Aug
STASKO, Ruth Virginia Looloian b. 19 Dec 1920  d. 8 Aug
SWART, June Myles b. 21 Nov 1924 Rome, NY  d. 8 Aug
WHATLEY, Lucella M.  d. 26 Jul
WIEST, Nelda Jaroszewski  b. 4 Dec 1946  d. 9 Aug
WYND, George O.  b. 16 Aug 1941 Montreal, Canada  d. 24 Jul
YBARRA, Marcelino Eloy Jr.  59 yrs  d. 8 Aug

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Obits from Sunday 5 Aug 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories...www.mysa.com    My SA Keyword:  online obits

AGUILAR, Lional M.  b. 19 Apr 1931 San Antonio, TX d. 2 Aug
ALEXANDER, Sharon Wright  b. 2 May 1945 San Antonio, TX  d. 30 Jul
ANDERSON, Dorothy Eldridge  b. 2 Aug 1924 Amarillo, TX  d. 1 Aug
ATWELL, Ann     d. 24 Jul
BALLESTEROS, Miguel A.  85 yrs  d. 3 Aug
BARRERA, Maricela Madrid  b. 12 Oct 1944 Mexico City, Mexico  d. 30 Jul
BROWN, Geraldean  b. 18 Aug 1923 Ottawa County, OK  d. 1 Aug
BURCH,  90 yrs  d. 3 Aug
BUSCH, Gloria Ann  b. 25 May 1934 San Antonio, TX  d. 3 Aug
CATHEY, Alice S.  b. 12 Mar 1924  d.  Aug
CULLEN, Florence Lyndelle Wheelis Whiteside Briggs  b. 5 Feb 1921  d. 31 Jul
DEIL, Lothar (Lo) William Major USAF (ret)  b. 15 Jun 1952 Caracas, Venezuela  d. 1 Aug
DOUGLAS, Alphons Daniel Sr.  79 yrs  d. 2 Aug
DOYLE, Eric Brandon b. 12 May 1972  d. 1 Aug
ESPARZA, Antonio R.  70 yrs  d. 2 Aug
FOSS, Wilbert Louis b. 25 Nov 1919 Chicago, IL  d. 30 Jul
HALSEY, Woodruff Burr "Woody"  b. 5 Nov 1933 Princeton, NJ  d. 27 Jul
JANCA, David Earl  67 yrs  d. 28 Jul
JAUER, Grace L.  b. 17 Feb 1925  d. 3 Aug
KERR, Neva Loyce  b. 3 May 1922 Fresno, CA  d. 9 Jul
LEAL, Rachel G.  b. 8 Nov 1942  d. 1 Aug
LEINWEBER, Hilmer Walter  b. 9 Nov 1924 Hondo, TX  d. 2 Aug
LILLY, Vonnie L.  b. 9 Jan 1922 Nacogdoches, TX  d. 31 Jul
LINDQUIST, Edward Eaton  b. 29 Apr 1940 Warren, OH  d. 30 Jul
LOVE, James (Jim) Frederick  b. 2 Sep 1943 Ann Arbor, MI  d. 27 Jul
MARSHALL, Ronald Maj USAF (ret)  58 yrs  d. 22 Jul
MARTIN, Peter Joseph  b. 19 Mar 1946 Chicago, IL  d. 1 Aug
MCCARTY, Marla Frances  d. 17 Jul
MCHARDY, Robert (Bob) Stanton  b. 18 Oct 1925  d. 16 Jul
MOEHRING, Wayne Bernard  b. 5 Aug 1954  d. 30 Jul
MUNOZ, Bessie b. 4 Jul 1927 Floresville, TX  d. 30 Jul
NAVAIRA, Yolanda Olmos  b. 23 Jul 1956 San Antonio, TX  d. 2 Aug
NELMS, Dorothy Jean  b. 14 Sep 1929 Wetumpka, AL  d. 31 Jul
ORTA, Maria Eulogia Chavez  b. 5 Mar 1927 Orange Grove, TX  d. 28 Jul
PENA, Joseph A.  b. 11 Jun 1924 Victoria, TX  d. 2 Aug
PEREZ, Guadalupe V.  72 yrs   d. 3 Aug
PEACHER, Madison Lee II  b. 28 Dec 1944 San Antonio, TX  d. 31 Jul
RAMOS, Sylvia Ruiz  b. 28 Jun 1945  d. 1 Aug
RODE, Mary Margaret Woodward  b. 12 Sep 1929 Dallas, TX    d. 29 Jul
RODRIGUEZ, Maige M.  b. 9 Jul 1929 Luling, TX    d. 2 Aug
RUIZ, Gregory David  b. 18 Jul 1976  d. 3 Aug
SAIGH, Nicholas Allen Jr.  b. 30 Nov 1926 San Antonio, TX  d. 1 Aug
SANCHEZ, Salvador F.  b. 24 Dec 1915 San Antonio, TX  d. 2 Aug
SANTELLANA, Lucia  b. 8 Jan 1926  d. 2 Aug
SCHOOF, Della Muniz Arredondo b. 3 Sep 1922 Dilly, TX  d. 30 Jul  Racine, WI
STALLWORTH, John T.  b. 18 Mar 1930 Birmingham, AL  d. 1 Aug
STOLLE, Deborah Lee  b. 18 Sep 1948 San Antonio, TX  d. 3 Aug
STONER, Rev. Stephen L.  b. 19 Apr 1949 Mechanicsburg, PA  d. 1 Aug
STOUT, Bradley R. S7C USA (ret)  d. 28 Jul
TORRES, Debra Gayle Russell  b. 19 Oct 1954  d.  7 Aug  (this is probably a type in the paper)
VILLARREAL, Mary Alice  b. 8 May 1928 San Antonio, TX  d. 30 Jul
WYND, George O.  b. 16 Aug 1941 Montreal, Canada d. 24 Jul

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lammerts. O. Valentine

Valentine, from my mother's mother's side of the family.  They came from Ost Friesland, Germany

Lammert Oesebrands Valentine b. 4 Jul 1808 Eilsum, Germany   d. 5 May 1880 Pilsum, Germany
m. Memka (Anna Margaretha) Meinders DeWall  27 Mar 1831 Pilsum, Germany.  Meemka b. 31 Oct 1810 Germany
children:  Ausbrand b. 30 Sep 1832 Greetsiel, Germany  d. 1 May 1909 Aplington, IA
                 m. Bauke Jacoba Adams  
                Gretje Lammerts
                Hilke Lammerts
                Rixte (Kirste Lammerts)
                Harm Lammerts
                Rixte Lammerts

Ausbrand Valentine m. Bauke Jacoba Adams.  Bauke b. 2 Jun 1839 Utum, Germany
children:  Juren Jacobus b.  4 Oct 1864 Germany  d. 17 May 1940 Stanley, Orton, SD
                Meemka (Kate)  b.  11 Sep 1862 Germany  d. 10 Oct 1920 Bristow, IA
                Antje (Anna)  b.  25 Nov 1868 Germany   d. 25 Mar 1949 Parkersburg, IA
                Lambert     b.  21 Sep 1866 Germany  d. 1924 MN
                Jurren Osebrand   b. 11 Sep 1862 Germany   d. 18 Dec 1862 Germany
                Jacobus (Kobus)  b. 24 Oct 1870 Germany  d. 31 Aug 1945 Aplington, IA
                Grietze (Grace)   b. 15 May 1872 Germany    d. 9 Jul 1874 Germany
                Meinert   b. 15 May 1872 Germany   d. 9 Jan 1874 Germany
                Grace   b. 26 Oct 1876 Germany
                Elizabeth   b. 27 Oct 1876 Germany   d. 28 Apr 1884 Holland (buried in Holland)

Juren Jacobus (Joseph J.) Valentine  m. Ella Meinders  28 Aug 1898 IA.  Ella b. 17 Nov 1876 Grundy County, IA
children:  Bauke (Bessie) b. 7 Jul 1899 Grundy County, IA
                Martha F.  b. 2 Nov 1901 Butler County, IA
                Hilda  b. 3 Oct 1915 Stanley County, SD
                Martha  b. 26 Dec 1905
                Ella S.   b. 2 Aug 1910 Stanley County, SD
                Ausbrand   b. 12 Apr 1913 Stanley County, SD

Bauke Valenine m. Clifford Sherman Green 28 Feb 1922 Mower County, MN.