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Thursday, October 31, 2013


My fifteen year journey has come to an end and now a new adventure begins.  It has taken me all of those fifteen years and yes, probably a few more than that, to find my biological father.  There have been so many ups and downs, mountains, and valleys, but I kept on.  And thanks to DNA I have found him.

I had known since I was eight years old that the man I called daddy wasn't my real father but my mother was very closed mouth about telling me anything.  Every time I asked the question of who was my father, where did my father live, the answer I got was "I don't know."

I gave up after so many years of that.  My mother took her secret to the grave with her.

In 1996 I got serious about finding out who my ancestors were.  A friend suggested that I write to the city and state where my parents got their divorce.  I did. I will never forget the day I received the paper work.  As I read each sentence from the petitioner, my father, my mouth dropped further.  My mind raced back through the years and all the stories I'd heard about my mother swirled.   I felt like I was in slow motion and I kept repeating "Oh my goodness." 

I reached for the stool by the kitchen counter and sat down.  From the petitioner's request for the divorce I started reading the respondent's, my mother, answer.  Another "Oh my goodness."

My father stated he caught my mother with another man, Bud Wyburn, and from that union my mother had a child.  The child's birthday was my birthday.  Another "Oh my goodness."

My mother's answer was "yes" that was true! 

From that point on I began my search.  Since my parents, and myself, were all from Minnesota I started writing letters to anyone and everyone with the last name of Wyburn that lived in the vicinity of Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconson.  Thank goodness postage was cheaper then!

From those letters I was put in touch with a lady in Wisconson and she has worked with me all these years to figure out the answer.  In 2007 I had my DNA done with Family Tree.  I upgraded several time even doing the Family Finder.  Now mind you I did find some relatives, but all on my mother's side of the family.  That was fun finding out that information.  But I wanted more.  We are all like that.  We want more.  I was on a mission and I was going to find the answer.  My brother says I'm like a blood hound.  Yep!

Then when Ancestry started doing DNA I jumped right in.  When I first started with them they told you that you had a certain percentage of British Isles, European, and so on.  Now they have broken it down to a much better understanding.  When I found out I was 1% Native American I got goose bumps.  Wyburn's great grandmother was full blooded Sac Indian.  She survived the Black Hawk War in 1832. 

Soooooo I asked my friend, which by this time I found out she was a fourth cousin to Wyburn if she would take the test for me.  We were no match.  Back to the drawing board.  This was one of my very deep valleys.

Up to this point I was looking for something, someone who matched Alfred Wyburn and me.  Then this last week it happened.  Even though my friend, who is now my fourth/fifth cousin, still does not match me through Ancestry but we have eleven, yes eleven, same matches.  I have a third cousin that is a fifth cousin to my cousin!  We have a match.........we are cousins.  Alfred Wyburn is my biological father!!!

Of course if a closer match, say a first cousin, would take the test it would prove with out a shadow of a doubt that I am right.  But, I am comfortable with my decision until I am proven wrong. 

You may ask yourself how can I feel so confident about this.  There are several other factors that play into this equation that I've not mentioned, but between all of it I am confident.

Stay tuned....

Until then........................


Obits from Sun 27 Oct 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories:  Keyword:  Obituaries

ANGLIN, Mary Isabell "Peaches" Stamper  b. 1 Sep 1959 Ft. Bragg, NC  d. 24 Oct
AYALA, Guadalupe  90 yrs  d. 24 Oct
AYERS, Shirley Ann (Nick)  b. 10 Sep 1934 Greenville, MS  d. 23 Oct
CANTU, Jesse M.  93 yrs  d. 21 Oct
CARPENTER, Emma Lee   b. 16 Oct 1924 Tuleta, TX  d. 23 Oct
CARROLA, Edward Jr.  b. 1 Dec 1950  San Antonio, TX  d. 16 Oct
COLLINS, William "Bill" Parker  b. 23 Mar 1929 Matoon,  IL  d. 22 Oct
FENN, Harlin LaVern Jr.  LTC (ret)d. 18 Oct
GAMBLE, Diane Lynn "Dee"  b. 11 Jul 1948  Baltimore, MD  d. 18 Oct
GARZA, Flora Marie Guajardo  b. 24 Jan 1920 Files Valley, TX  d. 23 Oct
GROTHUES, Helen Mae Pue  b. 22 Jan 1929 Bandera County, TX  d. 23 Oct
HAGEMEISTER, Selma Schwabe  b. 28 Oct 1914  d. 24 Oct
HARRINGTON, George Edward "Ed"   b. 22 Aug 1930   Dyersberg, TN  d. 23 Oct
HOWELL, Christopher W.  b. 5 Jan 1984 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Oct in New Mexico
HUBAND, Sharon Taylor  b. 29 Oct 1950  d. 6 Oct
HUDSON, Bernice Ruth  b. 9 Sep 1933 Pine Knot, KY  d. 24 Oct
IZARD, Karen Nell "Margie"   d. 8 Oct
JACKSON-CLAY, Jimmie Joyce  b. 21 Oct 1942 San Antonio, TX  d. 22 Oct
JARZOMBEK, Eleanor "Ellen"  98 yrs  d. 24 Oct
JONES, Ronald Wayne  54 yrs  d. 24 Oct
MARTINEZ, Ozella Belle Corder  b. 12 Aug 1938  d. 24 Oct
NICHOLS, Leland Curtis  b. 14 Jun 1942  New Orleans, LA  d. 19 Oct
OCKENFELS, E. Jean  b. 14 Nov 1925 Van Buren, AR  d. 21 Oct
PAPE, Lori Lea  b. 2 Sep 1959 Petaluma, CA  d. 24 Oct
PEREZ, Roland  b. 27 Jan 1955 d. 25 Oct
PLOCH, Hulda  b. 31 Jul 1916 Poth, TX  d. 20 Oct
RADEMACHER, John "Jack" M.  89 yrs  d. 17 Oct
RAMOS, Daniel R.  67 yrs  d. 23 Oct
ROESLER, James Arthur b. 16 Aug 1950  d. 24 Oct
SERGEANT, Laura Christine (Chris)  b. 11 Mar 1949 Wichita Falls, TX  d. 9 Oct Cathedral City, CA
SJOLANDER, Mary Grace Moses   80 yrs   d. 18 Oct
SMITH, Joan B.  82 yrs  d. 25 Oct


Obits from Sun 20 Oct 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories  Keyword:  Obituaries

ALMARAS, Luis  b. 5 Dec 1923  d. 16 Oct
BERG, Betty Ann  b. 5 Dec 1921  d. 13 Oct
BIELEFELD, Nancy Kay  b. 10 Dec 1956  d. 18 Oct
BRUNS, Delman D.  b. 23 Mar 1934 Spencer, SD  d. 16 Oct
COCHRAN, Chris Jr. CMSGT USAF (ret)  b. 31 Oct 1931 Ponca City, OK  d. 17 Oct
CRAIG, George A.  b. 2 Nov 1946 St. Louis, MO   d. 12 Oct
DEMAYS, Elvira E.  b. 19 Oct 1924  d. 16 Oct
DANIE, Phyllis June  b. 2 Jun 1933 San Antonio, TX  d. 6 Oct
EDWARDS, Richard D. "Dick" Col USAF (ret)  b. 25 Oct 1931 Pipestone, MN  d. 17 Oct
ELLISON, Catherine Caroline  91 yrs  d. 17 Oct
ESTRELLA, Ruben  b. 6 Feb 1967  d. 16 Oct
FERGUSON, Clay Warren  63 yrs  d. 11 Oct
FONTENOT, Reginald "Reg"  b. 27 May 1955  San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Oct
HAMILTON, Claudia R.  b. 23 Jan 1944 Ft. Worth, TX  d. 17 Oct
HOWELL, Christopher W.  29 yrs  d. 14 Oct
HUDSON, Dr. Wanda Lee Bollier  b. 29 Nov 1924 Hamilton County, TX  d. Oct 2013
JACKSON, Carrie Mae  b. 4 Oct 1944  Austin, TX  d. 15 Oct
JOLLY, Rosemary H.  b. 19 Oct 1944  d. 15 Oct
JONES, Rachel Ashelyn   b. 8 Mar 1995   d. 14 Oct
KLEIFGES, Jane Austin 73 yrs  d. 12 Oct
LIVINGSTON, Nellrose Erben  b. 10 Apr 1918 Spring Branch, TX   d. 10 Oct
LOEHR, Peter S.M.  b. 11 Jan 1931 Dotyville, WI  d. 14 Oct
MARTINEZ, Josefina Montemayor de Martinez  b. 14 Aug 1929 Nuevo Leon, Mexico  d. 17 Oct
MASSEY, Richard M. CMST USAF (ret) d. 7 Oct
MATA, Minnie Manuela Perez  b. La Coste, TX  81 yrs old  d. 14 Oct
MATKIN, Laura Jean Kostohryz  b. 12 Apr 1929 Temple, TX  d. 16 Oct
MCKAY, Frank James  b. 12 Jan 1948 Schenectady, NY  d. 18 Oct
MITHOFER, Timothy "Tim" Richard  48 yrs  d. 15 Oct
MONTOYA, Juanita C.  b. 18 Apr 1930  d. 16 Oct
MOORE, Louie L.  b. 9 Feb 1926 Roby, TX  d. 15 Oct
ORNELAS, Cielo Tamez  b. 8 Feb 1933  d. 16 Oct
PATTON, Dorothy Joyce  b. 9 Mar 1931  Bradshaw, TX  d. 18 Oct
PEREZ, Norma L. "Shelia"  b. 26 Sep 1959  d. 13 Oct
PUENTE, Joe  b. 27 Feb 1931 San Antonio, TX  d. 16 Oct
RABAGO, Gerald "Jerry" Jimenez  b. 6 Jan 1956 San Antonio, TX  d. 15 Oct
RALSTON, Rebecca Vann  87 yrs  d. 4 Sep
SALAS, Sylvia H.  b. 21 Apr 1938 San Antonio, TX  d. 17 Oct
SHIRES, Paul David  b. 6 Apr 1921  d. 11 Oct
SISCO, Patsy J.  b. 26 Aug 1938 Carmi, IL  d. 13 Oct
SONGCO, Dr. Jose Gaza  d. 11 Oct
TIBBETTS, Larry Newton Maj Gen USAF   (ret)  b. 2 Sep 1934 Trenton, MO  d. 14 Oct
TISCHLER, Leeman Gottlieb Gottried  b. 22 Dec 1929 Mills County, TX  d. 14 Oct
WORTH, Gladys Lucille Williams  b. 26 Nov 1921  San Antonio, TX   d. 16 Oct

Friday, October 18, 2013


While on vacation in New Hampshire we passed a very old cemetery in Danville.  I wanted to get out and walk through each stone but my husband was on a mission.  We were going to visit relatives and he didn't want to be late.  Dinner was waiting. 

I mentioned the cemetery to my sister in law and she said she knew the lady that had a copy of the names, perhaps she could get them for me.  My eyes lite up!  Would I?  That was the next best thing other than walking through and reading each name. 

Within the next week the names arrived in the mail and I had permission to write them on my blog for all to see....if they perhaps were related......knew anyone of the names......or ........

So here goes............Ye Olde Cemetery, Danville, N.H.

Moses Colby  age 45    April 4, 1777
Anna (Tuxbury) Colby Morrill age 78   his widow     April 6, 1804
Dorothy Colby their dau. age 18    Sep 18, 1777
Rhoda Colby their dau. age 20 days    March 3, 1768

Deacon Elisha Batchelor  age 86   Feb. 24, 1813
Theodate (Smith) Batchelor  his wife  age 75   March 25, 1807
Sarah (Williams) Batchelor  wife of Nathan  age 27  Nov. 23, 1799
Nathaniel Batchelor son of David  age 3  Aug. 26, 1794
Elisha Batchelor son of Nathan  age 2+  Feb. 22, 1799
Nathan Batchelor     1811
Rev. John Page  age a43 of Smallpox  Jan. 29, 1782
Mary (Stevens) Page his widow  age 75   Sept. 12, 1820

Naomi Tewksbury wife of Thomas  age 28 (Hall)   May 7, 1819
Infant Tewksbury  1819
Amos Tewksbury their son age 2  1816
Tewksbury  1802

Benjamin Spofford  age 59  Nov. 25, 1814
Margaraet (Peggy Cole) his widow age 70   Dec. 26, 1825

Simon Page son of Thomas Esq.  age 56  Nov. 6, 1819
Phebe (Sanborn) Page his 1st wife age 38  Dec. 24, 1804

Benjamin Page (Deacon) son of John & Ann (Webster)  age 66  Feb. 17, 1828
his widow Rebecca (Quimby) Page is buried O.M.H.  Mar. 13, 1836
Benjamin Page their son age 19  Oct. 30, 1817
Joanna Page their dau. age 2  Sept. 12, 1803
Nancy (Colby) Page wife of John (Benjamin & Rebecca)  age 25  May 24, 1816

John Page son of Thomas, hus. of Dorothy (Sanborn) age 38  Sept. 4, 1823
Thomas Page Esq. son of Jabez age 86   June 26, 1829
Mary (Elkins) Page his wife (Capt. Thomas) age 72  Dec. 19, 1816

Jabez Page son of Onesiphorous age 71  May 4, 1782
Abigail (Flanders) his widow age 79  Oct. 15, 1791
both born Salisbury, Mass.

Ensign Edward Eastman age 82 (In Revolution)  Nov. 7, 1815
Sarah (Wadleigh-Clough) his 1st. wife age 54  Dec. 30, 1782
Prudence (Stevens-Bryant) his 2nd wife age 78  April 9, 1813
Melissa Eastman   1782
Col. David Quimby age 63  (In Revolution)   Dec. 19, 1794
Mary (Wadleigh) his widow age 82  Oct. 31, 1814
Benjamin Quimby age 54  Aug. 31, 1811

Mary (Pike) Williams wife of Joseph age 60  Jan. 1, 1804
John Page son of John & Mary (Winslow) age 39  July 8, 1767
Ann (Webster) Page his widow in 94th year  April 29, 1822

Lt. Dyer Hook age 56 (In French & Indian Wars)  March 11, 1776
Hannah (dau. of Abraham Brown) Hook his widow age 78  Sept. 20, 1800

Israel Hook son of Dyer age 59 (In Revolution)  March 23, 1813
Dorothy (Griffin) Hook his widow age 82  Nov. 30, 1836

Gideon Sawyer age 87  Dec. 26, 1806
Sarah (Bartlett) Sawyer his wife age 72   March 3, 1797
Hannah Sawyer their dau. age 59  May 4, 1820

Humphrey Hook age 79 (In French & Indian Wars)   Jan. 5, 1801
Hannah (Philbrick) Hook his 1st. wife age 47  Aug. 28, 1771
Jacob Hook their son age 6 yrs. 4 mos & 21 days  July 10, 1764
Lucy Hook dau. of Humphrey & 2nd. wife Sarah age 3  Sept. 22, 1778

Reuben Hook son of Humphrey age 40 (Militia)  May 7, 1819
Andrew Jackson Hook son of Reuben & Sarah age 2 & 7 mos.  July 30, 1817
Andrew Jackson Hook son of Reuben & Sarah age 1 day  Feb. 7, 1811

Lt. Jonathan French age 72 (In Revolution)  Sept. 13, 1785
Joanna (Elkins) French his widow age 85  Jan. 4, 1801

Lt. Jonathan Sanborn age 53 (In Revolution)  March 30, 1813
Nancy Sanborn his dau. age 36  Nov. 6, 1825

Obadiah Elkins  age 50 or 58  Sept. 29, 1766

Caleb Towle Jr. hus. of Ruth (Page)  age 27  Aug. 5, 1765

Lt. Joseph Clifford Sanborn age 72 (In Revolution)  April 13, 1810

Issachar Sanborn son of Reuben & Mary (Judkins) age 6  Aug. 22, 1808

Caleb & wife Rebecca (Prescott) Towle  Feb 1 and Feb 3 1795 both in Common Grave no stone

James Towle age 78   Dec. 31, 1825
Abigail (Colby) Towle his wife  71 years  Feb. 12, 1820

There are many more Graves in this Cemetery, in 1974 we found 50 more Plots-Head-Stone & foot stone remnants still in the ground.

(Copied from cemetery list)

Monday, October 14, 2013


It's happened.  I've lost my web site.  My wonderful web page that told everyone all about me, my passion of writing, and looking for my dead ancestors, gone---vanished---into thin air.

I wanted to look at it and see what I needed to do to update the site.  Give it a shot in the arm so to speak.  It was long over due and I might add I hadn't looked at it in a very long time.  The page was out there so I thought leave it alone, people will see it, so on and so forth.  Wrong. 

It's gone!!!

So to all of you that have been reading my blog I apologize that my web page is no longer available.  If I have sent you to it I am so terribly sorry, red faced, and embarrassed. 

To all of you that have a web site/page look at it often to make sure it is up and running!

You know what my next project is--right after the book is gone to publisher---get the page updated!!!

Until then................

Book is's being is happening........will keep you posted.

Again until then......................

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Obits from Sun 13 Oct 2013 San Antonio Express News
San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories  Keyword  Obituaries

ADAMSON, Frank Wilson  91 yrs  d. 4 Oct
BLANK, Henry Phillip (Nickie) b. 25 Oct 1934 San Antonio, TX  d. 6 Oct
CISNEROS, Rev. Daniel  b. 21 Jul 1936 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Oct
CURTIS, Billie Mae  b. 2 Jun 1924 Dallas, TX  d. 9 Oct
DELGADO, Enriqueta b. 1922 Ft. Worth, TX  d. Oct 2013
DIETERLIE, Kathleen A. b. 10 Mar 1951 Dixon, IL  d. 24 Sep
ENGLE, Trudy Lee  b. 2 Aug 1966  d. 5 Oct
FULLER, Gary L. COL (ret) USA b. 23 Aug 1937 Coeur d'Alene, ID  d. 22 Sep
HOUSE, Donald F.  b. 18 Jan 1919 Cleveland, OH  d. 1 Oct
JOE'S HAMBURGERS IS CLOSING----Phyllis June Danie b. 2 Jun 1933 d. 6 Oct
LAMBORN, Ruth S.  nee URSULA RUTH HILDEGARD SCHWANINGER b. 13 Oct 1918 Berlin, Germany  d. 26 Sep 
LEFTON, Lia Conti Santos 85 yrs  d. 10 Oct
LEVINE, Macaria C.  b. 25 Oct 1934  d. 4 Oct
LEWIS, Robert d. 4 Oct
MANWARING, Terrence (Ted) Michael Jr.  b. 28 Apr 1932 Ossining, NY  d. 8 Oct
MEURER, Carl H.  b. 18 Mar 1924 Fredericksburg, TX  d. 9 Oct
MIKSCH, Mary Lynn b. 31 Aug 1954  d. 9 Oct
NAUGHTON, John J. III (Jay)  b. 20 Jul 1961 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Oct
PIZZINI, Emily Kay  b. 3 Nov 1945 Alpine, TX  d. 9 Oct
RODRIGUEZ, Antonio Banda  85 yrs  d. 9 Oct
ROJEK, Cam Thi  b. 16 Apr 1950 Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam  d. Oct 2013
RUSMISEL, David Lee  89 yrs  d. 9 Oct
SANCHEZ, Teresa Marie  67 yrs  d. 10 Oct
SCHINDLER, Fred A. Jr.  b. 25 Jul 1930 San Antonio, TX  d. 5 Oct
SCOGGINS, Shawn Patrick  b. 16 Feb 1969 Ft. Sam Houston, TX  d. 5 Oct
SELF, Jesse Albert III (Rocky)  b. 20 Jul 1949 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Oct
SMITH, Donald Ray (Don)  b. 8 May 1937 Yoakum, TX  d. 11 Oct
SMITH, Evelyn Eloise Robbins b. 13 Sep 1916 San Marcos, TX  d. 2 Oct
SULLIVAN, Patricia Ragland 75 yrs  d. 10 Oct
TILLMAN, Betty Jo  b. 14 Feb 1926  Cherokee, OK  d. 28 Sep
VERETTE, Beth Evelyn  b. 20 Jan 1927 Camp Aire, Mason County, TX  d. 10 Oct
VEST, Norma Jean Gilpin  b. 6 Nov 1931 Charlestown, IN  d. 11 Oct

Friday, October 11, 2013


This is a branch of my Nathaniel Green (e) family.  Nathaniel and Sarah's daughter married
William Way Davis 24 May 1867 Adams County, IA

Richard Davis m. Edna Catherine Thomas ---parents of William Way Davis

William Way Davis b. 6 Jan 1842 Clark Co, IN  d. 17 Feb 1922 Multnomah Co, OR--buried Mountain Zion Cemetery Estacada, OR
William m. Sarah Martha Green 24 May 1867 Adams County, IA.  Sarah was b. Jan 1851 NY and d. 15 Mar 1912 OR --buried Mountain Zion Cemetery Estacada, OR

Frederick Henry b. 1869 Clackamas Co, OR  m. 1896 Clackamas Co, OR m. Della Elvira Smith
Anna D.  b. 8 Jun 1871 Clackamas Co, OR m. 17 Dec 1919 Vancouver, WA Edward W. Lowden
Clara  b. Jan 1874 Clackamas Co, OR  m. 1891 Clackamas, OR Jacob Johnston
W. Ira  b. 1876 Clackamas Co, OR
Elmer Theodore b. 20 May 1878 Clackamas Co, OR  d. 1961  m. Maud E. Holder
Richard Edward  b. 17 Jun 1880 Clackamas, Co, OR  m. abt 1923 Clackamas Co, OR Mary L. (Dolly) ?
William Way  b. 1 Jul 1882 Clackamas Co, OR d. 1963 Clackamas Co, OR
Horace W.  b. Apr 1885 Clackamas Co, OR  d. 19 Dec 1941 Aberdeen Grays Harbor, WA  m. Nellie Milette
Binger Herman  b. 25 Mar 1888 Clackamas Co, OR   d. 6 Dec 1966 Santa Clara, CA  m. abt 1929 Olive K. ___________
Grace S.  b. Mar 1890 Clackamas Co, OR  m. 1910 Clackamas Co, OR Rulo Jacobs

When William and Sarah married they packed their wagon along with his parents and headed to Oregon.  Information on the Davis family can be found in a 1992 book about Richard and Edna Davis--written by Howard Davis.

William's obituary was written on 17 Feb 1922 in the Oregonian.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Well it's back to work again.  Our vacation was wonderful.  Hiked (by cog train) to the top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.  Beautiful scenery, fall foliage was breath taking. 

Walked a few cemeteries to find dead relatives (hubby's side).  Sat in a couple of libraries looking through stacks of papers and books.  We did find one of his great, great, grandfather's tax records.  It gave me a better idea when he passed away, although we still didn't find where he was buried.  But that's another trip.

I ate my share of lobster, steamers, and fish.  Oh yes, pizza.  New England pizza is so good!

Now it's back to work time.  Finish editing the book and get it to the publisher.  Did I mention I think I caught a cold.  Been blowing the nose constantly.  Still had a good time.

Until then......................................................


I have come to the conclusion that we are all related right on back to Adam and Eve.  Oh wait, we are!  It's written in the Word.

Seriously though, it's mind boggling figuring out how you are related to another person through DNA.  I keep thinking Ancestry just messed up and put my link to someone along with my friend (cousin) DNA.  I call her my cousin because I am convinced even more so that we are related.

We've been friends now for almost twelve years and I finally talked her into having her DNA done.  I am the manager of both of our accounts.  Long story.......anyway this past month we have two people that have shown up on both of our matches. 

Let me explain.  If you have been following my blog you know I'm searching for my biological father and through writing letters (yes, way back a few years ago you wrote letters to find answers) I found a person who was researching her lineage.  We teamed up together and found out it really does look like we have the right person.  My biological father and her cousin, the same person.

Now you say "well that should easily be solved by doing both of our DNA".  Wrong.  There is no match between us that shows.  But we have same names that shows up on both of our lists.  Mind boggling!!!

There are too many consequences pointing us both in the same direction.  I'd like to say for certain I have found the right person but there is still that nagging thought of maybe I'm wrong.  I've done so much research on this person I really feel like I know him quite well. 

I'm sure someday someone close to him will have their DNA done and BINGO!  A match!  So until that day, guess I'll continue searching, just to make sure I'm not jumping the gun.  Really wouldn't want that to happen. 

Until then....................more research..................more......more...............etc


Sunday, October 6, 2013


Obits from Sun 6 Oct 2013
San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories  Keyword:  Obituaries

AMES, Edward Sweeney  b. 12 Oct 1970  d. 4 Oct
BOEDEKER, Fritz Leonard Jr. MAJ USAF (ret)  b. 21 Mar 1924 Shiner, TX  d. 1 Oct
BONEY, John Lewis 63 yrs  d. 14 Sep
BRIGANCE, Sibyl   b. 10 Dec 1918 Jackson County, TN  d. 1 Oct
CUDD, Sandy  b. 8 Dec 1944 Crookston, MN  d. 30 Sep
DEAN, Curtis H. "Dino" III  62 yrs  d. 30 Sep
GARCIA, Trinidad "Trini"  b. 4 Jun 1950   d. 26 Sep
GUERRA, Fernando  b. 18 Dec 1947  d. 1 Oct
HANNIGAN, William "Bill"  b. 26 Apr 1943 Brockton, MA  d. 30 Sep
WRIGHT, Gene S.  b. 30 Jul 192 Stump Sound, NC  d. 27 Sep
HAYNES, Catherine  b. 30 Oct 1942 Haynesville, LA  d. 24 Sep
HETHCOCK, Stella Doris  b. 22 Jan 1935 Yoakum, TX  d. 28 Sep
HOUSTON, David D.  b. 5 Dec 1927 West, TX  d. 27 Sep
LITMAN, Steven  b. 18 Mar 1930 Laredo, TX  d. 3 Oct
MAHON, Helen Loraine Stowe Fromlath  b. 25 May 1931 San Antonio, TX  d. 3 Oct
MCCRAE, Teresa (Terri) Lynn   b. 1 Dec 1960 Washington, D.C.  d. 23 Sep
NALLEY, William "Dale"  82 yrs  d. 3 Oct
PULIDO, Rudolfo G. Jr.  51 yrs  d. 2 Oct
PRASSEL, Winona Feagen   b. 19 Sep 1916 Medford, OK  d. 2 Oct
RODRIGUEZ, Angelita (Helen)  d. 3 Oct
RODRIGUEZ, Christopher "Pappas" Ethan  b. 24 Mar 2004 San Antonio, TX   d. 1 Oct
SAMPLES, Jimmy Doyle  b. 3 Feb 1942 Abilene, TX  d. 3 Oct
SCHIRMER, Mary  b. 14 Nov 1919 St. Hedwig, TX  d. 3 Oct
SMITH, Margaret Ann  b. 25 Feb 1939 England  d. 22 Sep
STOUT, Jack Ray 80 yrs  d. 3 Oct
VINCENT, Dorothy McCrary   b. 4 Feb 1942 Ft. Monroe, Hampton, VA  d. 29 Sep


Obit from Sun 29 Sep 2013
San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories    Keyword:  Obituaries

ALBACH, William James  b. 19 May 1928 San Antonio, TX  d. 7 Aug
ANDERSON, June Annabell "Ann"  b. 4 Jun 1920 Marshall County, IA  d. 26 Sep
ATKINSON, Frances Louise Hall b. 17 Aug 1925 Lufkin, TX  d. 21 Sep
ATTAWAY, Dorothea  88 yrs  d. 12 Sep
AUTRY, Mary Bess "Bessie"  84 yrs  d. 26 Sep
BACHMAN, Lawrence Arthur  b. 13 Nov 1944  d. 1 Sep
BOSQUEZ, Estevan C.  b. 30 Jun 1925  d. 27 Sep
CASAUBON, Cristina Elena Lopez  b. 18 Aug 1949 Antilla, Oriente, Cuba  d. 26 Sep
CASTANEDA, Buddy R.  b. 14 Jul 1946  d. 21 Sep
CELLA, Edward L. Jr.  b. 1 May 1948 Salzburg, Austria  d. 16 Sep
CLARKSON, Ray b. 5 Dec 1924 Santa Rosa, CA  d. 19 Sep
CREASY, Rev. Robert E.  d. 25 Sep
DAVIDSON, Marguerita Madeline  b. 30 Jan 1917 Riverside, CA  d. 26 Sep
DEEMER, Robert O.  63 yrs  d. 24 Sep
DE LEON, Sonia C.  b. 5 Apr 1969  d. 26 Sep
FALCON, Miguel P.  b. 8 Mar 1925 Corpus Christi, TXC  d. 26 Sep
GARCIA, Gloria Ortiz  75 yrs  d. 24 Sep
GIMBLET, Selia A.  b. 28 Mar 1934  d. 27 Sep
GUERRERO, Guadalupe G.  b. 24 Sep 1934 Panna Maria, TX  d. 23 Sep
GUTIERREZ, Bertha  53 yrs  d. 24 Sep
JIMENEZ, Adelina A.  b. 2 Jul 1926 San Antonio, TX  d. 23 Sep
JOHNSON, Ray Paul   92 yrs  d. 24 Sep
JONES, Elsie Lee  b. 14 Jun 1932 Elizabeth City, NC  d. 23 Sep
JUAREZ, Adalia (Lala) Navarro  b. 28 Sep 1941 McAllen, TX  d. 24 Sep
LEMELLE, August V.  93 yrs  d. 26 Sep
LOCKE, Edith S.  78 yrs  d. 18 Sep
LOPEZ, Antonio "Tony" Vega 75 yrs  d. 25 Sep
MCBRAYER, Carolyn Diane Kohleffel  b. 1 Jan 1943  d. 25 Sep
MCEACHERN, Malcolm A.  89 yrs  d. 23 Sep
MENDOZA, Manuel "Manny" G. Jr.  b. 18 May 1954 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 Sep
NUNEZ, Alice  86 yrs  d. 25 Sep
OCHOA, Frank  79 yrs  d. 25 Sep
PLEVA, Rev. Gerald S.M.  74 yrs  d. 25 Sep
ROLDAN, Ramiro Riomana  b. El Cerrito, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia, South America  d. 27 Sep
SALAS, Ramona F.  84 yrs  d. 25 Sep
SANCHEZ, Rebecca T.  93 yrs  d. 24 Sep
SANDLIN, Duane  87 yrs  b. Brownwood, TX  d. 22 Sep
SHUPTRINE, Roy Sidney  d. 21 Jul
THOMPSON, Dorothy Susie Davis b. 26 Oct 1917 Shanghai, China  d. 2 Sep
TUCKER, Gary Lynn LTC USA (ret) b. 7 Nov 1944 Long Beach, CA  d. 20 Sep
URESTI, Susie Garcia  b. 24 Dec 1929 San Antonio, TX  d. 23 Sep
VARA, Henry R.  b. 19 Nov 1932 San Antonio, TX  d. 26 Sep
WELLS, Emmett C. Jr.  97 yrs  d. 25 Sep
WIDELSKI, Lawrence Philip  b. 13 Apr 1947 Gary, IN  d. 26 Sep
ZAMORA, Robert  17 yrs  d. 24 Sep

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Well I started this post the first part of the week!  I saved it to a draft because I got interrupted and now blog won't let me go back to it to finish!  I am soooo upset with BlogSpot.  Don't be surprised if I leave a message that I've moved.

ANYWAY.....why I'm so close but yet so far.

DNA of course.  I've been waiting for someone very close to me (at least I think she is) to have her DNA done so I can move on.  But that hasn't happened.  I can understand her feelings of not really wanting to find out, but you can understand mine for wanting to find out.........if we have the same father. 

But then again I have a third cousin that is a match and so far the names listed do not belong to anyone on my mother's side of the family.  Now you would think's got to be my father.  AND I have found a name that is a match to his great grandmother's name.  EBERLE......and I'm trying to figure out where that plays into the grand scheme of things.

When I saw the name, EBERLE,  my heart started racing.  I became giddy, excited, overjoyed, nervous,and any of the other words that describes zealous.  But it is a slow process to figure out where each piece of the puzzle fits.  Patience is the key word.  Oh, Lord, help me.  As you know I lack patience!

I'm off today for a few days genealogy hunting in the great New England states so I will be away from my blog until probably Oct 10th.  Even then, I hope I can get on BlogSpot to blog.  Will keep you posted on that situation.

Until then..........

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Obits from Sun 22 Sep 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories   Keyword:  Obituaries

AVILA, Nick Anthony Jr.  b. 6 Jul 1965  d. 17 Sep
BERKLEY, Michael Rena  51 yrs  d. 16 Sep
BRAY, Robert Michael  b. 23 Jan 1948 Ft. Worth, TX  d. 19 Sep
BURGES, Ellis G.  91 yrs  b. Beaumont, TX  d. 15 Sep
DACEY, Randy  d. 7 Sep
ELIZONDO, Pete  b. 3 Aug 1914 San Antonio, TX  d. 18 Sep
FIGUEROA, Jacinta R.  b. 5 Apr 1912 Campbelton, TX  d. 20 Sep
GONZALES, Joe Reta "Papi"  b. 21 Nov 1953  d. 18 Sep
GONZALES, Rogelio Jr.  b. 7 Dec 1969 San Antonio, TX  d. 18 Sep
GUYNES, John Michael  81 yrs  d. 16 Sep
HOLLINGSWORTH, John Leland  b. 26 Feb 1948 Clinton, IN  d. 18 Sep
JACKSON, Lorraine L.  b. 25 Oct 1925 New Orleans, LA  d. 20 Sep
JONES, E. Howard  b. 5 Oct 1922 San Antonio, TX  d. 20 Sep
KUDER, Cynthia Marie USN (ret) d. 16 Sep
LEJESKI, Alouis Albert  b. 7 Mar 1917 Adkins, TX  d. 19 Sep
LOPEZ, Armando F.  b. 15 Aug 1959  d. 18 Sep
LYONS, Sharon Kerr  b. 13 Jun 1954 Steubenville, OH  d. 17 Sep
MARTINEZ, Louisa Maria Talamantez  b. 22 Feb 1940 Floresville, TX  d. 14 Sep
MARTINEZ, Miguel Francisco  b. 21 Nov 1943 Eagle Pass, TX  d. 17 Sep
MEYER, Marvin F.  b. 9 Aug 1928 San Antonio, TX  d. 18 Sep
MONTEZ, Joe P.  87 yrs  d. 19 Sep
MOORE, Billy Glenn b. 10 Apr 1943 Littlefield, TX  d. 14 Sep
NEVILLE, Neil Webster  b. 1968 Honolulu, HI  d. 17 Sep
PACHECO, Amparo A.  93 yrs  d. 18 Sep
PHILLIPS, James Walter Col USA (ret) b. 6 Jan 1919 Westwego, LA   d. 14 Sep
RION, Reagon Fay b. 24 May 2001  d. 19 Sep
ROBINSON, Craig A. d. 19 Sep
ROBLES, Sandra Caldera  b. 20 Oct 1965  d. 17 Sep
RUCKER, Eleanor Ann "Ellie"  Brown    b. 2 Jun 1936   d. 17 Sep
RUIZ, Jose III  d. 17 Sep
SHAPIRO, David M.  b.  9 Jun 1929 New York City, NY   d. 17 Sep
STANFORD, John W. Jr.  b. 5 Oct 1924 Dallas, TX  d. 13 Sep
TOLIVER, Richard C.  b. 28 Aug 1928 Kingsbury, TX  d. 17 Sep
TYLMAN, Gerald "Jerry" E. Sr.  81 yrs  b. Erie, PA  d. 29 Aug
WERON, George Stanley  69 yrs  b. PA  d. 7 Sep

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Obits from Sun 15 Sep 2013  San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories    Keyword:  Obituaries

ARGUELLO, Tomasa M.  b. 9 Sep 1942  d. 11 Sep
BENSON, John Joseph  b.  15 May 1923  d. 10 Sep
CALLAHAN, Judy Hausman  d. 12 Sep
CASILLAS, Daniel "Danny"  b. 5 Apr 1955  d. 9 Sep
CASTILLO, Dora J.  b. 23 Aug 1925 Eagle Pass, TX  d. 10 Sep
COLTON, John  b. Tampa, FL  d. 5 Sep
CROWELL, Joyce Ann Sekula   b. 29 Jan 1952 Nixon, TX    d. 13 Sep
DAVIS, Clark Gilbert  b. 9 Feb 1927 Sleepy Eye, MN  d. 7 Sep
DIRKS, Elizabeth (Betty) Ann Schindler  b. 8 Jul 1927 San Antonio, TX  d. 12 Sep
DRISCOLL, Margaret R.  b. 11 Oct 1944  d. 11 Sep
DURAN, Irene R.  102 yrs  d. 11 Sep
DZIUK, Virginia Traber  83 yrs  d. 10 Sep
EMBS, Lowell David "Duke"  b. 12 Apr Chicago, IL  d. 27 Aug
FAULKNER, Tim E.  b. 22 Jul 1946 Lubbock, TX  d. 17 Jul
GONZALEZ, Paz Montalvo b. 24 Jan 1927 Sanderson, TX  d. 7 Sep
CALDWELL, Ernest b. 14 Dec 1933 Albuquerque, NM  d. 10 Sep
HOLLAND, Frank L.  b. 14 May 1934 Isle of Wright County, VA  d. 12 Sep
HUFF, Grace M.  b. 30 Jun 1924 Clinton County, PA  d. 4 Sep
JONES, Jean C.  b. 13 Jul 1930  d. 10 Sep
LEACH, Beverly Ann  b. 4 Jan 1939 Livonia, MI  d. 3 Sep
LONG, Cheryl 66 yrs  d. 10 Sep
LUDWIKOWSKI, Barbara  b. 28 Feb 1931 Reading, PA  d. 9 Sep
MARSHALL, Ben Fridge Col USA (ret)  b. 19 Nov 1916 Atmore, AL  d. 8 Sep
MATTHEWS, LaNell M. Schumaker  63 yrs  d. 11 Sep
MENCHACA, Lidefonso Jr.  85 yrs  d. 12 Aug
MORELAND, Peggy June  95 yrs  d. 13 Sep
PENA, Mason Joshua  b. 30 Aug 2013  d. 30 Aug
ROLANSKY, Mollie Ruth  b. 7 Jan 1948 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Sep
REED, Edith Glasberg    b. 18 Jun 1925   d. 11 Sep
RODRIGUEZ, Ted  b. 10 Nov 1922 D'Hanis, TX  d. 5 Sep
SCHMIDT, Carole Dawn  79 yrs  d. 11 Sep
SCHNEIDER, Jean Ann Pamppi   81 yrs  d. 12 Sep
SIFUENTES, Larry H.  53 yrs  d. 12 Sep
SMITH, John Clifton Sr.   b. 26 Dec 1940 San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Sep
VINCENT, Walter E. CMSGT USAF (ret)  b. 22 Nov 1930  d. 9 Sep
WALENTA, Jason Howard M.D. Ph. D.  b. 27 Nov 1971 Spokane, WA  d. 7 Sep
ZIGMOND, Clements  b. 2 Mar 1931 St. Hedwig, TX  d. 10 Sep

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Obits from Sun 8 Sep 2013  San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories   Keyword:  Obituaries

AGUILAR, Sylvia A.  63 yrs  d. 3 Sep
ASCHBACHER, Joan Carole McIntyre b. 9 Aug 1931 St Louis, MO  d. Sep 2013
BEERS, Mary Elizabeth  d. 29 Aug
BELCHER, L. Fred Col USA (ret)  b. 29 Oct 1928 Old Hickory, TN  d. 2 Sep
BLAKE, Jean Fay Zeeryp b. 13 Feb 1913 Yonkers, NY  d. 25 Aug
BROWNING, Karyl Leigh Williams  b. 20 Aug 1957  d. 24 Aug
CARREON, Aniceto Malacara  93 yrs  d. 4 Sep
CHANDLER, Doris Ann (Guess)  b. 6 Oct 1928  Dupo, IL d. 1 Sep
DOAN, Donald William  b. 16 Oct 1920 Sutter City, CA  d. 30 Aug
DURAN, Lorenzo "Larry" Luna  b. 5 Sep 1947  d. 4 Sep
ECKLER, Brian H.  MSGT USAF (ret) d. 23 Apr
FIELDER, Jimmy II  42 yrs  d. 5 Sep
GARCIA, Raul  31 yrs  d. 31 Aug
GONZALES, Herlinda  82 yrs  d. 5 Sep
GONZALES, Maria H.  b. 18 Nov 1913  d. 5 Sep
GOSS, Leroy  b. 11 May 1918 Belmont, TX  d. 3 Sep
GIMMETT, Henry A.  71 yrs  d. Sep 2013
LOPEZ, Serafin Jaimes  b. 9 Jun 1924  d. 4 Sep
MACHU, Alvin Alex (Buddy) Jr. b. 16 Jun 1949  d. 1 Sep
RANGEL, Juan Rangel Martinez Papache  b. 27 Mar 1943  San Antonio, TX  d. 3 Sep
REYNA, Maxima M.  b. 8 Jun 1931  d. 5 Sep
ROBINSON, Vernon B. (Rob) First SGT USA (ret) b. 23 Feb 1939 Okemah, OK  d. 4 Sep
RUTTENBERG GOLDFEIN, Madelyn  90 yrs  b. Hattiesburg, MS  d. 5 Sep
SANCHEZ, Raymond Lee b. 11 Sep 1992  d. 4 Sep
SANTIBANEZ, Jimi A.  b. 18 Jun 1992  d. 3 Sep
SESSIONS, Harold Lee TSGT USAF (ret)  b. 23 Mar 1929 Jacksonville, NC  d. 31 Aug
SKOWRONEK, Virginia Louise (Lyle) b. 5 Dec 1921 Abilene, TX  d. 3 Sep
SVOBODA-GEISE, Robin  b. 20 Oct 1959 Medina, OH  d. 10 Aug
THOMAS, LaVern "l.M." b. 27 May 1934 Des Moines, IA  d. 3 Sep
TILLEMAN, Dolly  82 yrs  d. 2 Sep
VALDEZ, Oscar Jesus  b. 1934 San Antonio, TX  d. 6 Sep
WILLIAMS, Virgil "Popeye"  87 yrs  d. 2 Sep
ZINSMEYER, Patricia Estelle Petty  d. 2 Sep

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I haven't written anything for a couple of weeks.  You ask why?  Well, because, I'm working on the DNA and one day I'm up because I think I've found the link.  Then the next day I'm down because it wasn't the link I needed.  Then I get all revved up to write and, not sure here how to explain, but I'm afraid to write something, afraid that it isn't it, and afraid that when I do find out the results of the DNA tests it will not be what I expected. 

Oh my goodness, did I explain that well enough?  Probably not.

Yesterday I found a folder I had tucked away because I moved on to something else.  In it were letters that had been written back in 1998 and 1999.  When I first found out my father wasn't my father I wrote letters upon letters to everyone with the last name of Wyburn.  Hoping someone would answer and give me a lead.  Well I did get a couple letters returned but I was filled with more questions than answers. 

I found a friend of my mother's, who was very close in the late 30's and early 40's.  She even gave me her phone number, and was very helpful in a sense, but still no clue to who Wyburn was.  What she told me was that he wore a leather jacket and rode a motorcycle, and he liked to dance.  So did my mother.  And through the years I do remember my mother liked to dance.  Maybe that is where I got it from!

I was able to find relatives of Wyburn (two cousins) who have helped me with providing pictures.  Since then I've looked at the pictures a thousand times but I'm not sure what I'm looking for.

Open one door......four years ago.  While in South Carolina for my grandson's graduation from Ft. Jackson my daughter and I were talking about Chris.  She said she just didn't know who he looked like.  In a lot of ways he did look like his father but Chris had such big ears and a large nose that she didn't know who that came from.  I joked about it and forgot about it.

Then about a year ago Chris posted a picture of himself on facebook and it hit me in the face.  Wow I've seen that person before.  I pulled Wyburn's picture out and sure enough, the same nose and ears. 

I studied these two pictures until I was cross eyed.  My conclusion.....I'm too close to the story and I see what I want to see.  But then I looked at another picture and say my other grandson's eyes in Wyburn's picture.

This is the only picture I could find of the grandson and it is probably hard to see the eyes.  But I saw it.

Again, I am too close to the subject of finding my biological father that I think I'm seeing things I want to see.  So it's back to the drawing board until I find a close (real close) match to my DNA.

Until then.........................................

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Obits from Sun 1 Sep 2013  San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories    Keyword:  Obituaries

AGUILAR, Juanita A.  b. 22 Jan 1935  Yorktown, TX  d. 28 Aug
CRAIG, Princess Armenia  b. 26 Aug 1969 San Antonio, TX  d. 25 Aug
CREEL, Leslie Dawn Giles  b. 26 Jul 1970 San Antonio, TX  d. 29 Aug
ENGELHARDT, Elmer Lee  b. 19 Oct 1929 Seguin, TX         d. 28 Aug
FORYSZEWSKI, Leona E.  b. 25 Nov 1923   d. 26 Aug
GONZALEZ, Carmen C.  b. 16 Jul 1925         d. 28 Aug
HERNANDEZ, Guadalupe S.  b. 16 Jul 1925  d. 25 Aug
KEENE, Erik Madsen  44 yrs  d. 26 Aug
MANN, William M. "Papo"  66 yrs  d. 29 Aug
MARSHALL, Sandra Lee "Sandy"  b. 1 Aug 1947 San Antonio, TX  d. 27 Aug
MARTIN, Judith Hampton  b. 16 Sep 1942 San Angelo, TX   d. 14 Aug
MASSEY, Sara Reid  b. 17 Aug 1938 Aberdeen, SD   d. 17 Aug
MILLER, George H. Maj USAF (ret)  b. 15 Oct 1921 Valley, NE  d. 27 Aug
MORENO, Gilbert B. Sr. 68 yrs  d. 23 Aug
MOTA, Maria Zulema  b. 11 Jan 1924 Encinal, TX  d. 25 Aug
MURDERS, Emma  b. 10 Jul 1922  d. 29 Aug
MYERS, Edgar Allen  b. 27 Feb 1933  d. Aug 2013
PADILLA, Bill M.  b. 25 Feb 1972 San Antonio, TX  d. 26 Aug
PINGREE, James David  d. 28 Aug
PRESCOTT, Kenneth W.  b. 9 Aug 1920  d. 20 Aug
REYES, Lucille Ortiz  87 yrs  d. 29 Aug
SCHENKER, Ernestyna  106 yrs  b. Krakow, Poland  d. 22 Aug
SEDILLO, Jose Antonio  b. 30 Nov 1946  d. 26 Aug
TUPA, Annie Matocha  b. 18 Jun 1917 Kovar, TX  d. 29 Aug
YOUNGSTROM, Ann  b. 10 Jul 1962 Cheyenne, WY   d. 27 Aug
ZUSCHLAG-FISCHER, Ella M.D.  b. 18 May 1915   d. 29 Aug

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Obits from Sun 25 Aug 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories   Keyword:  Obituaries

BALLOWE, Alice J.  b. 2 Jan 1920  d. 22 Aug
BANDA, Onesimo S.  b. 18 Dec 1929  d. 21 Aug
BUEL, Merrilee Sue  66 yrs  d. 23 Aug
BURANDT, Doug  b. 15 Oct 1943 Belleville, KS  d. 16 Aug
EDSALL, Philip Vernon USAF (ret) b. 18 Dec 1934 Jordan, MT  d. 8 Aug
FULLER, Charles Edgar  b. 7 Dec 1922  Eden, AR  d. 13 Aug
FULLER, Dorothy  B. 24 Jun 1924 San Antonio, TX  d. 23 Aug
GARCIA, Annette Garza  43 yrs  d. 23 Aug
HAMMETT, Elizabeth Colvin  87 yrs  d. Aug 2013
HERNANDEZ, Anita V.  b. 16 Jul 1923  d. 22 Aug
HERNANDEZ, Beatriz N.  b. 27 Jan 1910 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Aug
HERNANDEZ, Mario A. Sr.  84 yrs  d. 20 Aug
HOVERMALE, Elizabeth Margaret Cloud  b. 30 Oct 1921  d. 15 Aug
HUNTER, Lucy "Sis" Tanner  b. 7 Sep 1926 Sprindale, NC  d. 16 Aug
KRUEGER, Sarah Weedon  b. 24 Jan 1929 Jacksonville, TX  d. 22 Aug
MCCARTHY, William R. S.M.  b. 11 Sep 1923 St. Louis, MO  d. 20 Aug
MENDOZA, Alicia Hune  b. 24 Oct 1925  d. 22 Aug
MIHALSKI, Cecilia V.  92 yrs  d. 22 Aug
MIRELES, Frances Elizabeth  b. 6 Jul 1962 San Antonio, TX  d. 20 Aug
MONTGOMERY, George Ray  b. 14 Dec 1931 San Antonio, TX  d. 22 Aug
MOORE, Howard M. Lt Col (ret) USAF 89 yrs  d. 18 Aug
NAYLOR, Marion Reese  b. 30 Mar 1923 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Aug
NEVILLE, Lewis James Maj USA (ret)  b. 16 Jan 1922 Petoskey, MI  d. 22 Aug
OJEDA, Andrea Salazar  b. 10 Aug 1927  d. 18 Aug
POLKA, Winfred "Fred" Alex  b. 17 Oct 1918  Yoakum, TX  d. 21 Aug
SCHOOL, Deborah A.  b. 19 Feb 1952 San Antonio, TX  d. 19 Aug
SHELTON, Elenor Perrault  91 yrs  d. 22 Aug
TABAK, John  b. 1 Nov 1950 Las Vegas, NV  d. 19 Aug
TOLER, Donald W.  75 yrs  d. 22 Aug
TREVINO, Eva Perez Garcia  b. 5 Aug 1930 Laredo, TX  d. 21 Aug
ULLRICH, David Philip Sr.  b. 2 Oct 1918 San Antonio, TX  d. 19 Aug

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Before you say anything, yes, there are those out there that like to traipse amongst the gravestones reading the names, dates, etc. about the deceased.  And I am one of those.  I am a genealogist!

My husband and I took a mini vacation this last week.  First off it was to get him away from the busy phones, getting up very early to beat the traffic to get to work, and all the hustle and bustle that goes along with a job.  The phones went with us but they stayed pretty quiet.

Anyone that lives in Texas, or has driven through Texas, knows how long it takes to get anywhere.  We live in south central Texas and decided to travel to north Texas.  A seven hour drive at the most to get to our destination, plus we like taking the scenic route.  The scenic route takes you to every poke and plum town along the way.  You pass buildings that have outlived their usefulness and are usually boarded up.  Usually there is one gas station along with a fast food restaurant where you can stretch your legs, use the facilities, and get a drink.  So you can stop at the next small town and relieve yourself and get another drink.

What I like about driving through the small towns is you see cemeteries.  Yes, cemeteries.  My family thinks I am weird.  If you were going to blame someone because you like cemeteries, then I guess you could blame my mother.  When I was about six years old we lived very close to a cemetery.  She would put my baby brother and sister in their buggy, and then my other brother and myself walked through the small winding trails through the cemetery.  I being the oldest, helped push the buggy and held my brother's hand to keep him from wandering.  I guess that was our outing for the day since we lived out in the country and there wasn't any parks to go to.

Now back to the cemeteries, which I've always liked walking through.  I often wondered about the person lying beneath the headstone.  Who was that person?  What was their life like.  Did they have plans for their lives and were they able to fulfill those plans"  What were their desires, thoughts, and what kind of a job did they have?  Oh so many questions.  But how different were they from me?

Scary movies would have you believe monsters lurk behind every headstone just waiting to jump out and grab you.  Yea, I've watched a few in my time.  Ghost hunters have sat in cemeteries on dark nights to see if there are spirits floating from one grave to another. 

But here is what I can tell you.................

Usually there is only a name with dates on the headstone.  It doesn't tell you much, just that they were born and they died.  Headstones in very old cemeteries sometimes will give you a glimpse of something about the person.  They might say "He was a very generous man",  "Good to others", or even "He never met a stranger". 

I can spot a cemetery a mile away which my husband finds amusing.  As we drive along I will point them out to him.  Like he is really interested! 

Now then I can honestly tell you after thirty years I have him walking cemeteries.  Well, almost.  I'm putting his family tree together so I have him taking notes and pictures of his relatives headstones.  What's interesting not every relative had the money to buy a nice stone.  They used large stones and carved the person's name on it and that was it.  We both have relatives that fit that description.

At the end of Sep we will be traveling to New England to do some research on my husband's family.  I've tried to lay it all out, what city, cemetery, etc. to go to.  AND to take better notes this time.  I forgot to write the name of the cemetery last time, but I have the picture.  Oh yes, I will be eating my share of lobster!

So until then.....................................

Monday, August 19, 2013


Obits from Sun 18 Aug 2013  San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories     Keyword:  Obituaries

BLOUNT, Robert Latham CMSGT USAF (ret)   b. 13 Dec 1941 Decaturville, TN  d. 11 Aug
BURCH, Hazel S.  b. 6 Sep 1921 Roston, AR  d. 14 Aug
CANOY, Cynthia "Cindy" Gail  48 yrs  d. 7 Aug
CASANOVA, Anna Marie Puenta  b. 13 Nov 1970  d. 11 Aug
CLARK, Nellie Frances   b. 26 Jun 1924 Gonzalez, TX  d. 13 Aug
CLEGG, William "Billy" C. Jr.  86 yrs   d. 16 Aug
CUMMINGS, Lanelle   b. 1959 Devils Lake, ND   d. 2 Aug
EDSALL, Philip Vernon Col USAF (ret)  b. 18 Dec 1934 Jordan, MT  d. 8 Aug
FORAKER, Petra H.  92 yrs  d. 11 Aug
GARZA, Velia Carrola b. 17 Jan 1932 San Antonio, TX   d. 14 Aug
GREEN, Joe (Jo) Freda  b. 3 Jun 1926  Paducah, TX  d. 9 Aug
GROGAN, Earl Wayne D.V.M. Col USA (ret)  b. 26 Jul 1926 Rugby, TX  d. 11 Aug
HANSMANN, Lyndon George  b. 22 May 1961 San Antonio, TX  d. 12 Aug
HOLLOWAY, Dorothy Mae Grubbs  b. 16 Nov 1931 Louisville, KY  d. 11 Aug
JIMENEZ, Ramon H.  94 yrs  d. 3 Aug
KAYLOR, Eileen Lorraine  b. Middletown, PA d. 15 Aug
KLUMPYAN, Joseph Jr.  b. 5 Jul 1935 Colby, WI   d. 15 Aug
LONGHOFER, Juliana  Stokes  b. 8 Aug 1937 Shattuck, OK  d. 13 Aug
MARTINEZ, Gaye Ann Happe  b. 7 Apr 1936 McAllen, TX  d. 11 Aug
MARTINEZ, Oscar SMSGT USAF (ret)  77 yrs  d. 15 Aug
MAWK, Cathy  61 yrs  d. 6 Aug
MCCORMICK, John Charles (Chuck)  56 yrs  d. 15 Aug
MONTEZ, Frank L.  b. 28 Jul 1934  d. 11 Aug
NAVARRO, Alice E.  b. 18 Jan 1931 Austin, TX  d. 6 Aug
OROZCO, Frank  b. 8 Oct 1922  San Antonio, TX  d. 15 Aug
PARKER, Ella M.  b. 28 Mar 1930 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Aug
PASTRANO, Andres R. USAF (ret)  93 yrs  d. 12 Aug
PELAYO, Olga Alicia B.  b. 26 Jan 1943 San Antonio, TX  d. 15 Aug
RAMIREZ, Jose Angel  "Papi"  b. 5 Oct 1941  d. 15 Aug
RIOS, Tiburcio F.  "Butcho"  b. 9 Aug 1922 Fredericksburg, TX  d. 15 Aug
RODRIGUEZ, Juanita "Janie"  b. 24 Jun 1921  d. 14 Aug
SAUNDERS, Clyde "Sandy" CMSGT USAF (ret)  74 yrs  b. Ft. Lauderdale, FL  d. 13 Aug
SCHMIDT-HAWKS, Donna d. 10 Aug
TOBER, Frances G.  85 yrs  d. 14 Aug
TOUCHSTONE, Barbara Ann  72 yrs  d. 12 Aug 
TREVINO, Felix B.  USA b. 14 Oct 1920 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Aug
VALDEZ, Johnny Joe  50 yrs  d. 15 Aug
WILSON, Karen Ann  b. 2 Aug 1953 Donaldsonville, LA  d. 11 Aug
WOODSON, James J.  88 yrs  d. 16 Aug
ZIELINSKI, Constance (Connie)  b. 26 Nov 1921 Chicago, IL  d. 12 Aug

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Obits from Sun 11 Aug 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories   Keyword:  Obituaries

BIRKELO, Sue  b. 11 mar 1935 Ada, OK  d. 5 Aug
BUDLONG, Irene Harriet  b. 20 Jul 1933 Oceanside, NY  d. 8 Aug
BUELL, Dr. James Conrad  b. 15 Sep 1941 Omaha, NE  d. 5 Aug
CARLSON, Freya Lorraine  b. 15 Jul 1927 Orange Park, FL  d. 7 Aug
COSTELLO, Wallace Ray  d. 5 Aug
CRAWFORD, Henry R.  b. 19 Nov 1921 Mobile, AL  d. 5 Aug
DE CASTRO, Rafael  d. Aug 2013
DORRIES, Lois Katherine  b. 12 Feb 1923 San Antonio, TX  d. 2 Aug
GAMBOA, Albert  65 yrs  d. 4 Aug
GUERRA, Felix Marin SFC USA (ret)  b. 1 Dec 1924 Corpus Christi, TX  d. 7 Aug
GUEVARA, Diana Martinez  d. 2 Aug
HAASE, Thomas H.  b. 27 Sep 1933 d. Aug 2013
HALL, Bernice Tampke  b. 31 Jan 1918 San Antonio, TX  d. 7 Aug
HAPPE, Monta Jo  d. 7 Aug
JOHNSON, Brittany Rose  b. 13 May 1996  d. 7 Aug
JOHNSON, Thomas  b. 8 Nov 1930 Austin, TX  d. 3 Aug
JOWDY, John Sr.   b. 21 Apr 1920  d. 1 Aug
KYLE, Lawrence W. Jr.  b. 7 Jan 1949 Phoenix, AZ  d. 8 Aug
MELSON, Walter Ray "Walt" CWO4 USA (ret)  b. 14 Aug 1936 Mamie, NC  d. 5 Aug
MONTES, Alfredo Urista  b. 2 Aug 1923  d. 6 Aug
MORLANG, William Mackay II D.D.S. Col USAF (ret)   b. 6 Mar 1940 Charleston, WV  d. 3 Aug
OLSON, William (Bill) Eugene  b. 4 Oct 1932  d. 7 Aug
O'QUINN, Michael Bolen  b. 14 Nov 1934 Marfa, TX  d. 8 Aug
OROZCO, Ray Angelo  b. 3 Jul 1963  d. 7 Aug
PAYNE, Juanita C.  d. 8 Aug
PEREZ, Paul R.  92 yrs  d. 6 Aug
RODRIGUEZ, Homero J. MSGT USAF (ret)  b. 8 Feb 1937 Laredo, TX  d. 4 Aug
SAENZ, Lucille  82 yrs  d. 8 Aug
SALINAS, Noe Pruneda  b. 8 Mar 1924 Laredo, TX  d. 4 Aug
SEEBECK, Josephine Ann "Josie" 19 yrs  d. 5 Aug
SMITH, Charles Frederick "Chuck"  b. 23 Dec 1965  d. 26 Jul
SOMERVILLE, Ronald "Ron" Charles  66 yrs  d. 4 Aug
ULLRICH, Hilmer Russell  88 yrs  d. 6 Aug
VALENZUELA, Barbara Jean  b. 2 Jul 1937 Dayton, OH  d. 2 Aug
VARGAS, Angel Sr. b. 16 Apr 1975  d. 8 Aug
VILLEGAS, Dr. Rafael R.  b. 17 Aug 1953  d. 9 Aug
WELLMAN, Valerie Ann  b. 1 Nov 1936 Richmond, England  d. 5 Aug

Sunday, August 4, 2013

St. Louie on the Mississippi

Yet another memorial trip for my grandchildren and myself, of course.  I've been through St. Louis but never had the opportunity to stop.  I commend my daughter to taking her children on these one day trips to see parts of America they would probably never get to see.  Although I've been around the world there are still places right here at home I have not seen. 

My daughter has taken the children to Chicago, Orlando, Spokane, and now St. Louis to see things she has heard about and wanted her children to see first hand.  She's gathered information from colleagues she works with, and has had everything laid out, places to visit, eat, and shop.  Can't leave out the shopping!

Our adventure started at 3:30 a.m. when I picked up my daughter and three children.  Our flight left at six a.m. and we landed at the St. Louis airport at eight a.m.  It's a good thing her co- workers gave her instructions.  Go to the metro (right outside the airport) take the it to Forest Park for the zoo.

I was very impressed.  Forest Park is 1.5 acres which includes the zoo, an art museum, the Missouri History Museum, a golf course, and acres of park to run, picnic, and play.  Forest Park is one of the largest urban parks in the United States.   Approximately 500 acres larger then Central Park in New York City. 

The zoo was very clean, had sea lions, harbor seals, elephants, swans, flamingos, stingrays (which my grandson was able to pet as they swam by in circles in their pool, and a beautiful display of butterflies.   Of course this is only a small portion of what the zoo houses.  To say the least we were all very tired after walking for five hours oooing and aahhhhing.  Then it was off to the history

Bixby's cafĂ© and express is housed in the museum on the second floor.  It was definitely time for some nourishment.  We stopped on the second floor at the express and grabbed a sandwich, where the youngest promptly closed her eyes and fell asleep.  My daughter proceeded to the first floor and sat in one of the comfy chairs and held her while I took the other two to explore the sights.

On the first floor was an exhibit of the 1904 World's Fair which was held in St. Louis.  From horse drawn carriages to tickets the grandchildren were able to touch and see what life was life in the early 1900's.  In the lobby a replica of the "Spirit of St. Louis" was suspended.  On the second floor one room was St. Louis' history from its founding in 1764.  

The little one had a short nap, tummies were full, exhibits were behind us, and  it was time to board the metro to check out the St. Louis Arch!   The metro stopped right across the street from the arch and we started our short trek across the park.  Now mind you I don't like heights, and I do not like tight spaces.  Neither does my daughter.  I had already purchased our tickets to go to the top but when we saw what we had to ride in to get there, we both were ready to cry!  The pod (as it was called) held five seats.  Very tightly!  No windows except the sliding door to let you in or out.  From that you could see the stairs on your way up and your way down.  I sang all the way to the top and coming back down.  I cannot carry a tune but it took my mind off the cramped space! 

It was worth the tiny pod ride to see the view from the top.  Would I go again?  YES, I would.

Did I say the arch was 630 feet high???

From there it was dinner time and get ready to go back to catch our flight back to San Antonio.  Our meal consisted of a slab of bar-b-que (St. Louis style) ribs, slaw, and beans.  I might add my grandson let me have two ribs, he ate it all.  Yes, he's a growing boy.  One granddaughter fell asleep at the table.  My daughter had the bar-b-que sampler platter, which we all had a taste of too.  Great food!

I would go back.  Eat at Sweetie Pie's next time, just to say we'd been there.  Visit more museums.  Oh yes, did I say the zoo, art museum, and the history museum was FREE! 

I'm tired......dreaming of next trip.  Mapping it out!

Until then...............................................


Obits from Sun 4 Aug 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to memories:  Keyword:  Obituaries

BELLELO, Anthony (Tony) b. 29 Oct 1923  Maringouin, LA  d. 31 Jul
BELMON, Annette  d. 31 Jul
BENNETT, Lillian Kotzur  b. 20 Apr 1928  d. 31 Jul
BERGER, Evelyn  b. 23 Feb 1936 Caldwell, TX  d. 1 Aug
BURKHALTER, Mayme Rose Monestier  84 yrs  d. 1 Aug
CASILLAS, Juanita  b. 13 May 1932 Big Wells, TX  d. 1 Aug
DEAN, Dr. William Evans III (Bill)  b. 22 Dec 1948 San Mateo, CA  d. 26 Jul
EASTER, Ervin Wade Sr.  b. 8 Jul 1939  d. 29 Jul
FERNANDEZ, Reynaldo C.  b. 14 Jul 1961 San Antonio, TX  d. 31 Jul
FLORES, Annie M.  87 yrs  d. 30 Jul
FOLTS, Thomas Phillip Dumont  83 yrs  d. 27 Jul
GUAJARDO, Joe D.  b. 19 Jun 1936 Dilly, TX  d. 31 Jul
HAYES, Mary Ellen Hoffman  b. 7 Jul 1924 San Antonio, TX  d. 28 Jul
JACKSON, William (Bill) Emery  b. 9 May 1937 San Antonio, TXD  d. 27 Jul
KASSNER, Alvin G.  "Big Al"  b.11 Sep 1926 Rosanky, TX  d. 1 Aug
KNAPP, Raymond Harrell Jr.  d. 25 Jul
KOHLER, Claudia Kay Houtcamp  b. 1941 Kalamazoo, MI  d. 21 Jul
LETCHER, Larry Eugene Lt Col USAF (ret)   b. 26 Sep 1957 Chateauroux, France  d. 29 Jul
LINDSLEY, Robert (Bob) Lt Col USAF (ret)   91 yrs   d. 31 Jul
LOLLAR, Jean Morelock  b. 1 Dec 1926 Pairie Grove, AR  d. 26 Jul
LOPEZ, Carlos  b. 4 Nov 1945 Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico  d. 1 Aug
MACIAS, Aurelio (Willie)  b. 15 Feb 1932  d. 30 Jul
MARTINEZ-WAINWRIGHT, Diane Elizabeth  b. 28 Mar 1966  d. 2 Aug
MCLEROY, Irene Theresa  b. 21 Feb 1933 Shiner, TX   d. 26 Jul
MOLINA, Peter (Pete) d. Jul 2013
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MURPHY, Sister Ann  b. 14 Jun 1932 Galway City, Ireland  d. 1 Aug
PEREZ, David b. 16 Oct 1951  d. 31 Jul
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UPTON, Richard A. )Dick_  b. 1929 Mattoon, IL  d. 28 Jul
WINTER, Brian Lutcher   b. 6 Apr 1960 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 Jul

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Obits from Sun 28 Jul 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to memories   keywood:  obituaries

ANGEL, John William  b. 15 Aug 1936 Carlinville, IL  d. 25 Jul
ARANGUA, Roland  b. 9 Jul 1939  d. 25 Jul
BRANNAN, Dee Arlin  b. 14 Feb 1924  Fort Sumner, NM  d. 21 Jul
BRUCE, Margeaux Teresa  b. 18 Jan 1968 Tahuya, WA  d. 21 Jul
BYRD, Rev. Sherman Clifton Jr.   b. 6 Dec 1928 Mesquite, TX  d. 25 Jul
CARLSON, Margaret Joan "Peg"  b. 14 Feb 1925 Marquette, MI  d. 12 Jul
CARRUTH, Gary Don  b. 1 Oct 1971 Oklahoma City, OK  d. 19 Jul
CASTILLO, Elias Balboa  b. 21 Nov 1925 Raymondville, TX  d. 23 Jul
CLARK, Hope A.  b. 6 Jan 1949 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Jul
COMPEAN, David  48 yrs  d. 20 Jul
CRAFT, Jerry  b. 6 Jan 1934 Hattiesburg, MS  d. 24 Jul
DWYER, Mike  b. 6 Feb 1937 Denver, CO  d. 23 Jul
FORSMAN, Katie Marie  b. 16 Jul 1930  d. 22 Jul
FRENCH, Betty R.   b. 1924  d. 21 Jul
FUENTEZ, Evangelina  d. 23 Jul
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GEORGE, James  b. 28 Feb 1925  Allentown, PA  d. 19 Jul
GILL, Antonio St. MSGT USAF (ret)  b. 2 Sep 1927  Las Partidas, TX  d. 23 Jul
GONZALES, Guadalupe M.  b. 25 mar 1918 d. 24 Jul
GONZALEZ, Roberto C. Jr.  b. 24 Sep 1946 San Antonio, TX   d. 23 Jul
GREEN, John R. Col USAF MSC (ret)  b. 28 Mar 1920 Ottumwa, IA  d. 25 Jul
GUERERRO, Maria Antonieta  82 yrs  d. 22 Jul
HAYES, Kiyoko Shinoda  b. 1934 Japan  d. 25 Jul
KLAR, Annie Julitha  b. 30 Jul 1922  d. 23 Jul
MAJOR, Carrol Richardson  b. 2 Oct 1920 Dewees, TX  d. 23 Jul
MARSH, William 66 yrs  d. 20 Jul
MAURICIO, Jesse V.  b. 14 Oct 1954  d. 18 Jul
MICHAEL, Rev. Dr. Curtis b. 26 May 1930 Waycross, GA  d. 19 Jul
OLSON, Jesse Darrell "Flip"  34 yrs  d. 19 Jul
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PRUSKI, Sylvia Brysh  94 yrs  d. 25 Jul
RABEL, Alvin "Al" Bernard   b. 6 Aug 1924 String Prairie, TX  d. 4 Jul
REEVES, Betty Opal  b. 10 Nov 1935 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Jul
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ROBERSON, Newton Jr.  b. 1 Sep 1925 San Antonio, TX   d. 17 Jul
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SHANNON, Virgie Mae  b. 20 Jan 1928 Matador, TX  d. 25 Jul
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STOKES, Stephen M.  58 yrs  d. 22 Jul
TAPIA, James Pena (Jimmy) b. 3 Jan 1925 Waco, TX  d. 20 Jul
WALLACE, Thomas Wardner  65 yrs  d. 12 Jul
ZEDEDA, Lillie Garcia  77 yrs  d. 25 Jul

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Obits Sun 21 Jul 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories:  Keyword:  obituaries

ARMSTRONG, Jean W.  85 yrs  d. 12 Jul
BADGLEY, George Mason Jr.  b. 16 Sep 1944  d. 16 Jul
BELKNAP, Viva Jean  b. 2 Nov 1932 Dallas, TX  d. 26 Jun
BELSEY, Rebecca Clardy  b. 21 Jul 1921 Brownsville, TX  d. 12 Jul
BOCK, Henry Lewis  (aka Heinz-Ludwig Bock) b. 2 Mar 1926 Hamburg, Germany  d. 6 Jul
BURTON, Barbara Jean Reed  b. 24 Jan 1943 d. 16 Jul
CROSS, Patty Sue  b. 8 Jul 1922 Greenville, TX  d. 18 Jul
DENNETT, Milford Harley Jr.  b. 13 Nov 1926 Plympton, MA  d. 13 Jul
DIAZ, Virginia M.  b. 27 Feb 1927 Monterrey, Mexico  d. 13 Jul
DOVE, Robert Harold  85 yrs  d. 16 Jul
FAHY, Opal Berniece  b. 12 Jul 1918 Hazelgreen, MO  d. 17 Jul
GARCIA, Sylvia  b. 26 Nov 1927  d. 17 Jul
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GOSS, Louise Ward  b. 15 Aug 1916 Leesville, TX  d. 17 Jul
GRAEBER, Hildegard H.  b. 11 Oct 1921  d. 11 Jul
GRIFFITH, Dr. Albert J.  b. 5 Jun 1932 Fort Worth, TX  d. 28 Jun
HARTER, Clovis  b. 7 Oct 1916 Fort Worth, TX   d. Jul 2013
HILDEBRAND, Russell Oliver  b. 2 May 1914 San Antonio, TX  d. 18 Jul
JEHL, Kristin L.  43 yrs  d. 18 Jul
KANE, Francis X. "Duke"  b. 12 Dec 1918 Philadelphia, PA  d. 18 Jul
KING-MOSLEY, Angela  b. 28 Feb 1927 Aguadilla, Puerto Rico  d. 3 Jul
LOPEZ, Margaret Herrera  96 yrs  d. 16 Jul
MARPLE, Louise Kathleen Smith  b.  17 Jul 1921 Raleigh, NC  d. 18 Jul
MORRISON, Alice G.  b. 31 Mar 1914  d. 14 Jul
NABORS, Virginia  78 yrs  d. 18 Jul
ORNELAS, Amelia "Amy" Rosas  b. 30 May 1944 San Antonio, TX   d. 18 Jul
PALAFOX, Margaret I.  b. 14 Mar 1914  d. 10 Jul
POMPA, Hortense Sciaraffa   b. 23 Mar 1924 San Antonio, TX  d. 18 Jul
PUNDT, Deborah Elizabeth Wharton  d. 19 Jul
RESENDEZ, Margie R.  b. 11 Nov 1918  d. 18 Jul
RICHARDSON, Cordelia J. "C.J."  b. 13 Jun 1937 Mohawk, NY  d. 14 Jul
RICHARDSON, Lee A. Sr.  87 yrs  d. 18 Jul
ROSAS, Belia O.  88 yrs  d. 15 Jul
SANFORD, Steve D.  b. 20 Mar 1921 Rockdale, TX  d. 16 Jul
SCHEMENT, James Vincent  b. 16 Mar 1965  d. 15 Jul
SCHMIDT, Evelyn Campbell  b. 19 Feb 1913  d. Jul 2013
SIERRA, Adolfo USA (ret)  b. 1934 San Juan, Puerto Rico  d. 17 Jul
STILES, Karen Jo Griesenbeck   b. 22 Dec 1952 San Antonio, TX  d. 15 Jul
WEED, Donald Nile 75 yrs  d. 11 Jul
WILLEMIN, Mark H.  b. 3 Jul 1925 Pearsall, TX  d. 17 Jul
ZAMARRON, Guadalupe Sanchez  63 yrs  d. 17 Jul

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Well kind of sort of holding my breath.  I found someone who is going to take the DNA test to see if they are a match to mine.  I know it is all in God's hands. BUT, there it is, that word but, BUT let's face it, I'm human.  I want to worry.  I want to fix it so to speak.  I keep coming back to the same answer.  I would like to know so I can move on. 

I am ever so grateful to this person for taking the DNA test to help me out. 

NOW on the other hand.  Let me see if I can totally confuse you.  Here friend, who I thought was my cousin until she took the DNA test (because I asked her to do it for me) and found out she wasn't a match.  But a few months later we matched through another person.  Totally confusing.

I'm telling you, I will know something about DNA after all of this! 

I'm still working on the last chapter of my book/novella/whatever it turns out to be.  The editor hasn't given it back to me yet to correct all of the errors/additions/etc.  But will keep you posted on that.

So I guess I should sign off here and get to work.

Until then....................................


Obits from Sun 14 Jul 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories:   Keyword:  Obituaries

BENNETT, Sue  b. 2 Feb 1937 Hico, TX  d. 9 Jul
BOCK, Henry Lewis  (born Heinz-Ludwig Bock)  b. 2 Mar 1926 Hamburg, Germany  d. 6 Jul
BONILLA, Louis Fernando  b. 18 May 1924 San Antonio, TX   d. 30 Jun
BROLL, Emily   b. 30 Sep 1932 Kosciusko, TX  d. 11 Jul
BUBELA, Ann  b. 24 Oct 1934  d. 10 Jul
BURTON, Billye Jean  b. 1 May 1928 Waco, TX  d. 10 Jul
CANNON, Cherry  b. 19 Dec 1946 Santa Fe, NM  d. 8 Jul
CANTU, Frances L.  b. 28 Jul 1934  d. 10 Jul
CORTEZ, Robert  b. 29 Oct 1950 Galveston, TX    d. 10 Jul
CRUZ, Raul P. Sr.  b. 20 Apr 1921 Jourdanton, TX  d. 11 Jul
DANIELSON, Robert A. 65 yrs  d. 9 Jul
FAVELLA, Alice N.  66 yrs  d. 5 Jul
FOSTER, Daniel Vincent  b. 31 Mar 1992 San Antonio, TX  d. 10 Jul
GARCIA, Antonio M. Jr.  b. 29 Aug 1926  d. 11 Jul
GARCIA, Louis A. 88 yrs  d. 8 Jul
GRIMES, Mabel Irene  b. 4 Sep 1913 Van Meter Township, Dallas County, IA   d. 17 Jun
HOGREFE, Deborah 61 yrs  d. 6 Jul
HOLMES, Lorraine "Jackie" Smith   b. 21 Jul 1920 Frio County, TX  d. 11 Jul
JONES, Robert D.  b. 7 Nov 1931 Minneapolis, KS  d. 10 Jul
KELLNER, Herbert Ernest Jr.  72 yrs  d. 7 Jul
KRAUSE, Gayle E.  b. 1 Nov 1925 Kansas City, MO  d. 10 Jul
LAMM, Louis J.  b. 26 Jun 1917 Woodward County, OK  d. 8 Jul
LAZO, Mary G.  b. 14 Mar 1926  d. 11 Jul
MARTINEZ, Felipe C. d . 5 Jul
MARTINEZ, Rosa M.  d.  5 Jul
MEDINA, Cesar Armando b. 17 Jun 1947 Laredo, TX  d. 3 Jul
MEIER, Erna L.  b. 12 Apr 1919  Madonna, TX  d. 11 Jul
PHINNEY, Sylvia   b. 11 Oct 1951  San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Jul
POSEY, Frederick "Fred" Richard  52 yrs  d. 11 Jul
RAMOS, Lizzeth  b. 3 Dec 1982  d. 9 Jul
RANGEL, Concepcion R.  b. 18 Mar 1940  d. 10 Jul
RICHARDSON, Dorothy Anderson "Dottie"  b. 4 Nov 1930 Williamson County, TX  d. 24 Jun
RUTHERFORD, Robert "Skip" L. Gen  USAF (ret)   b. 11 Dec 1938 Luling, TX  d. 4 Jul
SALAS, Dolores V. "Lola"  b. 9 Mar 1937   d. 9 Jul
SMITH, Jean Avery Barber  b. 6 Jul 1922 Winthrop, MA  d. 6 Jul
STERNBERG, Leroy  b. 22 Nov 1947 San Antonio, TX  d. 2 Jul

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Obits from Sun 7 Jul 2013 from San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Obits       Keyword:  Obituaries

BADILLO, Herminia R.  75 yrs  d. 1 Jul
BLAHA, Frances Elizabeth Zoeller  b. 3 Jul 1917  New Braunfels, TX  d. 30 Jun
BRETZ, Elizabeth Irwin   b. 2 Jul 1952    d. 1 Jul
BURDICK, Viola Rokovich  89 yrs  d. 1 Jul
CALVERT, Mary Anita Dittmar  b. 31 Jan 1930  d. 30 Jun
CANTU, Richard L.   b. 22 Nov 1943  Santa Anna, TX  d. 30 Jun
CHARLES, Beatrice   b. 9 Aug 1942 Charlotte, TX  d. 4 Jul
CUNNINGHAM, Ellen  b. 11 Feb 1921 Gonzales, TX  d. 1 Jul
DAVIS, Henry (Hank) O. Jr.  CMS USAF (ret)  b. 2 Dec 1933  Caldwell County, TX  d. 28 Jun
DAY, Alfred (Pete) Owen SMSGT USAF (ret)  b. 26 Sep 1933 Conway, AR  d. 1 Jul
DELEON, Joe John  b. 21 Nov 1969 San Antonio, TX  d. 1 Jul
DELGADO, Alfredo (Fred)  b. 14 Jul 1936  d. 28 Jun
ESQUIVEL, Beatrice Perez  92 yrs  d. 28 Jun
FARMER, Robert Earl Sr.  b. 27 Oct 1929 Wayne County, IN  d. 25 Jun
FERNANDEZ, Rudy  74 yrs  d. 30 Jun
GONZALES, Isauro (Laco)  b. 10 Jun 1936  d. 3 Jul
GONZALES, Jose Tober  82 yrs  d. 3 Jul
GONZALEZ, Guillermo I.  b. 26 Mar 1936 Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico  d. 2 Jul
GOODRUM, Kenneth Ray  b. 1943 Madisonville, TX  d. 3 Jul
HASS, Dorothy Louise Allen   93 yrs  d. 2 Jun
JEFFERIES, Bertha J.  95 yrs  d. 30 Jun
KATZ, Karen Ruth Hansen  b. 9 Sep 1944  d. 21 Jun
LOPEZ, Robert Z. (Bob)  b. 16 Jul 1948  d. 28 Jun
LOPEZ, Serapio  b. 13 May 1928  d. 1 Jul
MATAMOROS, Marcellino (Chino) b. 2 Jun 1924 Visalia, CA  d. 3 Jul
MENCHACA, Antoinette  b. 5 Feb 1923  d. 28 Jun
MITAMURA, Fumiko E. 90 yrs  d. 26 Jun
MORIN, Celerina P.  b. 3 Feb 1928 San Antonio, TX  d. 27 Jun
MORTON, Leah Irene  b. 7 Feb 1968 San Antonio, TX  d. 2 Jul
NEGLEY, Carl Jr.  USAF (ret) 81 yrs  d. 3 Jul
NUNCIO, Patricia Mae Larque  b. 2 Dec 1954  d. 3 Jul
PALACIIOS, Filomena G.  84 yrs  d. 2 Jul
PIERCE, John Eugene  66 yrs  d. 17 Jun
PRIESER, Dale E.  b. 4 Jan 1928 Wapakoneta, OH  USA (ret)  d. 30 Jun
REYES, Elizabeth D.  b. 9 Feb 1940  d. 3 Jul
SAENZ, Josephine D.  92 yrs  d. 5 Jul
SALINAS, Virginia Maria  85 yrs  d. 2 Jul
SEARS, Phillip F.  Col. USAF (ret)  91 yrs  d. 3 Jul
SLEDGE, Joe Ralph  b. 17 Jul 1925  d. 3 Jul
SPICER, Paul E.  b. 1 Aug 1926 Cleveland, TN  d. 25 Jun
SWANSON, Shari Marie McGarr  63 yrs  d. 1 Jul
VALDEZ, Guadalupe Jimenez  d. 1 Jul
WARD, Jane Esther  b. 24 Oct 1923 St. Louis, MO   d. 1 Jul
WEST, Mildred (Mickey) R.  b. 10 May 1928 Jellico, TN  d. 30 Jun
WILSON, George W.  b. 26 Oct 1945  d. 7 Jun
WOYTASCZYK, Norma Jean Johnson  b. 6 Mar 1932 Yoakum, TX  d. 3 Jul

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Finally......yea.......the book, Katie, is with the editor.  Now let's see how many revisions I've got to do.  AND oh yes, still working on the last chapter. 

I cannot tell you how many twists and turns this story has taken.  I'm excited because I don't know where the story will go from here.  An adventure, not only for Katie, but for me!  And yes, Katie is a real person that lived from 1826 to 1899.

So got to get to work...........

Until then................................

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Obits from Sun 30 Jun 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories:   Keyword:  Obituaries

BARNES, G.D. "Glen"  87 yrs  d. 26 Jun
BARRERA, Gilbert G.  b. 29 Jan 1946    d. 23 Jun
BARRERA, Virginia Z.  b. 23 Jan 1919 Rancho El Capote, Tamaulipas, Mexico  d. 27 Jun
BELMON, Alberto M.  70 yrs  d. 27 Jun
BURSE, Guidry Jaiy  32 yrs  d. 23 Jun
BUSY, John E. Jr.  b. 7 Jan 1943 Galveston, TX  d. Jun 2013
BYROM, Daniel Frederick  b. 18 Oct 1923 San Antonio, TX  d. 26 Jun
CAMPBELL, Jerry (Edna Geraldine) b. 7 May 1923 Ft. Worth, TX  d. 24 Jun
DAILY, Edward Wayne  b. 26 Apr 1947 New Orleans, LA  d. 25 Jun
DOMINGUEZ, Xavier 66 yrs  d. 25 Jun
ELLIOTT, Jo Anne Jones 59 yrs  d. 22 Jun
GONZALES, Clifton C.  33 yrs  d. 24 Jun
GRISSOM, Howell Dean d. 26 Jun
HERNANDEZ, Placido H.  b. 5 Oct 1935  d. 27 Jun
JEFFERSON, William (Bill) Douglas  Maj USAF (ret)   b. 30 Jan 1932 Chicago, IL  d. 26 Jun
JOHNSON, Rosemary  b. Longview, TX  76 yrs  d. 26 Jun
JUHASZ, Stephen William  b. 26 Dec 1913 Budapest, Hungary  d. 19 Jun
KILPATRICK, Charles O.  b. 16 Jun 1922 Fairview, OK   d. 26 Jun
KING, Gertrude Thomae  b. 21 Oct 1916 San Antonio, TX  d. 1 May
LAVENDER, Donald R.  b. 20 Feb 1924 Lowell, IL  d. 20 Jun
MATEJEK, Annie  95 yrs  d. 24 Jun
MICHAEL, Ernest C. St. SMSGT USAF (ret)  b. 20 Jan 1919 Tivoli, TX  d. 26 Jun
MILES, Elizabeth Jean  b. 25 Oct 1946 Klamath Falls, OR  d. 27 Jun
MOLINA, Paul F.  b. 23 May 1929  d. 26 Jun
MONTANA, Rose  90 yrs  d. 26 Jun
MONTEMAYOR, Tomas M. Jr.  84 yrs  d. 28 Jun
PEREZ, Agustina  75 yrs  d. 23 Jun
PICKELL, Judith King Donnelly  b. 7 Jul 1941 Houston, TX  d. 16 Jun
ROBITAILLE,William "Bill" Joseph LT CMDR USN (ret)  b. 29 Dec 1945 Norwich, CT d. 16 May
RODRIGUEZ, Ernest Jr.  b. 19 May 1976 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 Jun
RODRIGUEZ, Roland R.  b. 11 Dec 1942 San Antonio, TX  d. 26 Jun
SANDOVAL, Evelyn Joyce  b. 12 Feb 1927 Southport, Lancashire, England  d. 26 Jun
SCHULMEIER, Virginia Anna Schneider  b. 24 Oct 1922  d. 24 Jun
SCHULZE, Lawrence Allen  b. 10 Dec 1930 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 Jun
SLEDGE, Dorothy M.  b. 23 Jul 1925  d. 25 Jun
VACA, Fernando "Fred" Guardia  b. 1938 San Antonio, TX  d. 25 Jun
VALDEZ, Florntina D.  88 yrs  d. 25 Jun
WEGMANN, Helen L.  96 yrs  d. 26 Jun
ZUNIGA, Mary N.  b. 27 Oct 1925 Derry, Ireland  d. 27 Jun

Monday, June 24, 2013


Well after all the trouble, and there still is problems with the blog, I have been able to post the obits weekly.  I do hope they are of some help to those of you researching your ancestry.

Now for the BOOK......KATIE........I'm on the last chapter and then it's off to the editor for major editing.  Will keep you posted on that.  I thought I'd never get this far, but seeing several friends finish their books and getting them published, I said it's time you got with it!  I like where it's going and where it's been.  I pray you will like it too.

In my spare time, like I have spare time from the usual house keeping, I've been trying to tie up loose ends on my husband's genealogy.  I hadn't realized I had not done very much on his parentage.  I've been so wrapped up on my side I let his slide.  So, it's time I worked on the Richardson side of the family.  With what I've found over the week end it would make a good story line!

I think we tend to not see our ancestors as real people.  We live our lives in a hustle and bustle every day, going to work, taking the laundry to the cleaners, buying groceries, taking the kids to and fro from their activities, and I'm sure you can think of a hundred other things.  BUT our ancestors were real people too.  They woke up every day and some wondered if they would be alive by the end of the day.  They had (lived) in hardships we could never understand or imagine.

I read about one Richardson in New England in the 1600's that lost his wife and infant child in an instant while he was only feet from their cabin.  An Indian massacre.  The only survivor was his son that was with him and himself.  He went to marry again, lose that wife, and marry again.  From the third wife they had ten children.  This is only one family from the many that landed on the shores of America looking for freedom of speech and religion. 

So now that I've told you all that I will be working on writing, editing, reading, critiquing, and oh yes, housework for the rest of the day.  Will keep you posted.

Until then.................................