Friday, July 15, 2011


I didn't realize I haven't kept my blog up to date.  I've been so busy.  Sure just like everyone else the week goes by and you ask yourself what did I accomplish this week?  Wow......not sure at this point.

I've been asked to help with the history of the town I live in.  I had been looking into it long before I was even asked.  I like to know about the place I'm living.  Who was here before me?  What kind of activities did they do beside work the fields from sun up to sun down?  What did it look like before all the subdivisions took over?  So many questions.  Where are the answers?

Then besides trying to keep up my two blogs, yes I do have two.  I don't do things one at a time.  It seems I like to be busy, pushed to the limit.  I am putting together a big family reunion next year and hope to have the book finished on that one side of the family.  That's a big feat in it's self.  And poor Katie, I'm trying to put that novel together.  Slow but sure.  Sometimes I feel like I'm leaving Katie wandering, but no wait, she finally find the Jordan family.

Now this week I'm off to the Pacific Northwest in search of where some of my ancestors lived and died.  I've found quite a few of them so I would like to get their death certificates and then find their graves.  Got to get pictures of the head stones, that is if they have one.  I would just like to find where my great, great, grandfather is buried.  Just to put him to rest in the novel anyway. 

It's been a wonderful journey following their lives from child to adult.  Then watching their children go off in all different directions.  Can't wait to get my hands on the 1940 Federal Census next year.  Me and about a thousand other people researching their ancestors!

So until then...................