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This last name ties my families together:  Wyburn, Fishnick, Eberle, and Blaul.
I cannot leave out the name of Thomas Jordan because without him and his wife Mary AnnWhiteside there wouldn't be an Indian Kate, otherwise known as Catherine Jordan Eberle.  If he hadn't been there to take "Katie" in she would have either died in the massacre at Bad Axe, or been captured along with other family members and taken to a reservation to live out her life.  Perhaps marry another Sauk Indian, have many children, and fade into the annuals of time. 

Joseph Fishnick m. Pauline Ott
childen:  Fred  b. 1859 WI;  Frank  b. 1864 WI;  Mary A. b. 1856 WI; Josephine  b. Nov 1862 WI.

Fred Fishnick m. Catherine Eberle1886 St Charles Catholic Church Cassville, WI
children:  Alvina b.  24 Aug 1887 Cassville, WI   d. 2 Feb 1947 Dubuque, IA;
Pauline 24 Oct 1899;  Frank b. 15 Dec 1890 Cassville, WI  d. 4 Jan 1965 Cassville, WI;
Fred  b. 4 Nov 1893  d. 31 Mar 1952;  Lucinda  b. 30 Jun 1886 Cassville, WI  d. 26 Oct 1889 Cassville, WI.

Alvina m. Isaac Wyburn
children:  Katherine and Alfred

Now you know the main families of my story.  The next thing to do is put the story together.  Until then.............


Obituaries from the San Antonio Express News Sunday October 30, 2011, San Antonio, TX

Acosta, Gloria A.   b. 7 May 1952  d. Sunday 23 Oct 2011
Anderson, Curtis Mack   b. 16 Jan 1924 Coffeeville, AL  d. 27 Oct 2011
Antu, Louis Uribe  b. 25 Aug 1927   d. 22 Oct 2011
Baker, Murray "JR" D.   b. 19 Sep 1930   d. 26 Oct 2011
Beam, James (Jim)  age 85 yrs of Helotes   d. 23 Oct 2011
Bonner, Bernice E.  b. 8 Feb 1924 Elba, AL  d. 24 Oct 2011
Bugaren, David A.  age 48  d. 23 Oct 2011
Butler, Peggy Sue  b. 3 Mar 1942  d. 6 Oct 2011
Carrejo, Yolunda R.  age 73 yrs d. 26 Oct 2011
Castillo, Manuel G.  age 91 yrs    d. 25 Oct 2011
Cherniss, Robert P.  b. 24 Jan 1929 Los Angeles, CA   d. 28 Oct 2011
Cobb, David P.   b. 5 Dec 1946   d. 28 Oct 2011
Fuleki, O. Marie b. 7 Dec 1927 Springfield, MO   d. 23 Oct 2011
Gonzales, David Jesse   age 18 yrs  of San Antonio, TX   d. 22 Oct 2011
Gonzales, Rebecca Elizabeth   b.8 Aug 1982    d. 14 Sep 2011
Gonzales, Samvastion Lilith    b. 14 Oct 2000  d.  14 Sep 2011
Gonzales, Guadalupe   b.   d. 14 Sep 2011
Grant, Rev. Claudie Ray Sr.  b. 27 Oct 1932 Yoakum, TX  d. 26 Oct 2011
Haecker, Jack E.  age 88 yrs of Seguin   d. 24 Oct 2011
Kitchen, Wilburn "Willie" M.  b. 10 Jul 1919 San Marcos, TX   d. 20 Oct 2011
Kurtzmann, MSgt Sherwood "Kurt" USAF (Ret) b. 6 Dec 1928 Appleton, WI   d. 24 Oct 2011
Lawson, Jerry Wayne  age 68 yrs   d. 24 Oct 2011
Lee, Robert Burnett  age 82 yrs  d. 26 Oct 2011
Lozano, Arthur A.  b. 21 jan 1941 San Antonio, TX   d. 28 Oct 2011
Lutz, Dorothy Justine  age 90 yrs    d. 20 Oct 2011
Martin, Robert "Pepper"     b. 22 Jul 1922 Big Spring, TX    d. 28 Oct 2011
Martinez, Olivia Naranjo  b. 29 Dec 1915   d. 27 Oct 2011
Mata, Audella "Dee"   b. 1 Feb 1939 Galveston, TX   d. 28 Oct 2011
Mooring, Aaron W.  age 74 yrs   d. 21 Oct 2011
Morisak, Irene Cassarez   b. 1 Sep 1925  Charlotte, TX   d. 28 Oct 2011
Nasif, Waddell Nadine   b. 18 Sep 1942 San Antonio, TX   d. 28 Oct 2011
Powell, Sylvia Ann Gallegos   b. 7 Jul 1962   d. 21 Oct 2011
Puckett, Daniel B.   b. 24 Sep 1928 Karnes City, TX    d. 28 Oct 2011
Reeve, Raymond L. Jr.  b. 9 Jun 1950 Port Arthur, TX    d. 23 Oct 2011
Rodriguez, Ofelia Castillo   b. 23 May 1918  Matehuala, San Luis Potosi, MX  d. 27 Oct 2011
Soriano, Odilla V.   b. 7 Apr 1916 Ganado, TX   d. 27 Oct 2011
Speer, Naomi "Joyce"   b. 20 Jun 1926 San Angelo, TX   d. 27 Oct 2011
Sullivan, Charles C.   b. 20 Oct 1929    d. 27 Oct 2011
Thompson, Deacon Leevorn Sr.  b. 6 Aug 1928   d. 25 Oct 2011
Vidaurri, Frances C.  age 85 yrs   d. 28 Oct 2011
Villarreal, Benito A.   b. 8 Jan 1917 Saspamco, TX   d. 25 Oct 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I've read some of the other genealogists that have regularly posted obits and thought why not.  I'm always looking for an obit on my ancestors so why not help others out.  Of course these will be more current but you never know when you might be helping someone out.  Really, that is what we are here to do anyway. 

I will be posting every week from the Sunday San Antonio Express News in Texas.  Sorry folks I just get the Sunday paper.

23 October 2011 San Antonio Express News

Alexander, (no first name or dob)
Amaya, Seferino Jr.  --45 yrs  d. 5 Oct 2011
Anderson, MSGT Ralph "Andy" .  b. Oct 12, 1935 Morisville, PA.  d. 15 Oct 2011
Arzola, Daniel C.  b. 16 Jan 1927  d. 19 Oct 2011
Beach, John William (Bill)  b. 27 Jun 1942 San Antonio, TX   d. 19 Oct 2011
Beck, Ella Jean Krueger  b. 23 Dec 1921 Bexar County, TX  d. 21 Oct 2011
Brewer, Rommie Gean  b. Sheridan, AR  age 64 yrs   d. 21 Ocr 2011
Carrington, Virginia (Gina) Baird  b. 27 Apr 1920 Waco, TX   d. 18 Oct 2011
Chesterman, Col. Charles "Chet" USAF Ret  b. 7 Nov 1922 Minneapolis, MN    d. 7 Oct 2011
Clubb, Margarie Elaine   b. 12 Nov 1929 San Antonio, TX   d. 14 Oct 2011
Copp, Lynda   age 44 of Canyon Lake, TX   d. 21 Oct 2011
Cortese, Dolores C.  b. 14 Apr 1916 in San Pedro, Coah, Mexico   d. 21 Oct 2011
Del Toro, Carmen Galvan     b. 14 Mar 1931  d. 19 Oct 2011
Embs, Stephen Edward  b. 17 Mar 1958 in Wilimington, DE  d. 19 Oct 2011
Ervin, Helen C. Fore  b. Rankin, MS                  d. 20 Oct 2011
Frey, Master Sergeant Charles R. USMC (Ret)  b.  9 Oct 1932 Parkersburg, WV    d. 15 Oct 2011
Garner, Dorothy Louise Wissmann   b.39 Apr 1928 in Gonzales, TX  d.  20 Oct 2011
Garza, Olga   b.21 Aug 1936  d.20 Oct 2011
Gauthier, Colonel Adelbert G.  b. 13 Jul 1922 Hammond, IN   d. 18 Oct 2011
Gonzalez, Reynaldo S.  b. 13 Oct 1959  San Antonio, TX   d. 19 Oct 2011
Gorena, Daniel P.  84 yrs old          d. 20 Oct 2011
Guerrero, Laura (nee Jaramillo) b. 7 Apr 1932   d.18 Oct 2011
Guzy, Frank Steve  80 yrs                d. 21 Oct 2011
Hagy, Robert          58 yrs                d.  20 Oct 2011
Hamilton, Nell V.   b.                       d.  17 Oct 2011
Housman, Cecil Jr.   b.                       d.  15 Oct 2011
Koch, Cynthia Lynn   46 yrs                d. 20 Oct 2011
Kaupert, William Henry   b. May 1912 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Oct 2011
Kratochvil, David "Dave" Allen   b. 9 Jul 1950 Rapid City, SD     d. 2 Oct 2011 in Honolulu, HI following an accident.
Kunze, Joseph H. "Joe"   75 yrs   d. 22 Oct 2011
Lee, Robert Ellsworth   74 yrs   d. 20 Oct 2011
Lopez, Henry "Hank" C.   b. 13 May 1939   d. 14 Oct 2011
Lopez, Raul G.  72 yrs   d. 21 Oct 2011
Magavern, William Smith  b. 14 Nov 1924 San Antonio, TX   d. 21 Oct 2011
Marcelli, Ralph J.  b.  1931  Mashpee, MA    d.  19 Oct 2011
Medrano, Ariel Valerio Jr   b. 16 Oct 1954   Lampassas, TX    d. 18 Oct 2011
Menchaca, Vella Alonzo   b. 7 Mar 1929   d. 7 Oct 2011
Mendoza, Pablo D.   b. 15 Jan 1930   d. 21 Oct 2011
Mercer, Donald R.  b. 4 Sep 1934 Luling, TX   d. 21 Oct 2011
Mikulenka, Barton Anthony  b. 30 Aug 1962   d. 21 Oct 2011
Neil, Mary Elizabeth Nell  b. 30 Jul 1922   d. 15 Oct 2011
Pruski, John Jr.   b.  3 Oct 1935   d. 20 Oct 2011
Reyes, Jose Guadalupe   83 yrs   d. 18 Oct 2011
Rinehart, Ann Brockman   93 yrs   d. 21 Oct 2011
Samaniego, Brigitte Martha  (nee Kapfhamer)  b. 10 Oct 1934 Stuttgart, GE    d. 20 Oct 2011
Schoelzel, Herbert D.   b. 28 Aug 1928 Fentress, TX   d. 20 Oct 2011
Tagle, Carolina Tagle-Koehler  57 hrs   d. 17 Oct 2011
Tanner, Betty Jo (Grundy)   b. 5 Apr 1945 San Antonio, TX   d. 18 Oct 2011  Houston, TX
Thomas, William Rush  b. 7 Aug 1925 San Francisco, CA   d. 6 Oct 2011
Uhr, Eugene "Uncle Gene" F.   90 yrs   d. 20 Oct 2011
Vance, Billy Emmett Lt Col USAF (ret)   b. 28 Dec 1915 San Antonio, TX   d. 20 Oct 2011
Villarreal, Pedro S.   b. 4 Dec 1947   d. 16 Oct 2011
Weldon, Larry Wayne Jr.  47 yrs     d. 12 Oct 2011
Zehner, Deborah Joy  (Debbie)     d. 20 Oct 2011

Whew..........thought I'd never get them all posted.  So many going to meet their maker but life comes anew with the bouncing bundles of joy that arrive each day.  Praise God. 

Until then..................

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Well here we are again trying to tie families together to get answers.  We will never really know the everyday life of our ancestors, but then again it's kind of fun figuring out what went on.  Who were their neighbors, what did their house look like, or what church they went to.  Did they go to church? 

I'm not real clear about Probus Eberle except that he migrated from Kappelwindeck, Baden, Baden, Germany.  He married Indian Kate Jordan (again another story) and died 1890 in E. Dubuque, Illinois.  I will have to delve into his life a little more and report back.

Probus was born 10 Nov 1821 and died 18 Oct 1890.  He married Kate, as she was more affectionaly known, about 1858 in E. Dubuque, Illinois.

children:  Catherine Clare (Katie) b. 22 Aug 1863 E. Dubuque, IL  d. 8 Nov 1943 (vol 30 pg 505 Grant County, WI) buried St Charles Cemetery, Cassville, WI  m. 23 Feb 1886 Grant Co, WI Fred B. Fishnick.
William b. abt 1866 IL d. Mar 1966 WI m. 19 Aug 1866 Sophia Byers (vol 10 pg 364 Grant Co, WI)
Mary Ellen b. abt 1862
Thomas b. abt 1870 d. 21 Feb 1927 Stellacom, Pierce Co, WA  m. 2 Jul 1898 (vol 12 pg 316 Grant Co, WI) Nellie Jane Fry
John Bunyon b. Nov 1860 m. 27 Jan 1884 (vol 10 pg 232 Grant Co, WI) Mary A. Rine/Price
Peter William m. 16 Jul 1890 (vol 11 pg 149 Grant Co, WI) Ida Gordon
Nellie b. abt 1861
Joseph b. abt 1858

Catherine Clare Eberle m. Fred B. Fishnick (sometimes known as Herman) on 23 Feb 1889 St Charles Catholic Church, Cassville, WI
children:  Alvina (Louvina) b. 24 Aug 1887 Cassville, WI d. 2 Feb 1947 Dubuque, IA buried Mt Olivet Cemetery, Dubuque, IA   m. Isaac Wyburn
Pauline b. 24 Oct 1899 Cassville, WI    d. 1 May 1920 m._____Benz
Frank J. b. 15 Dec 1890 Cassville, WI  d. 4 Jan 1975 Cassville, WI  m. Clara Schauff
Fred B. b. 4 Nov 1895 Cassville, WI d. 31 Mar 1952
Lucinda b. 30 Jun 1886 Cassville, WI   d. 26 Oct 1889 Cassville, WI  buried at St Charles Cemetery, Cassville, WI.

Watch for the rest of the story.    Until then..................

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I was trying to figure out why Alfred Wyburn was in Austin, Minnesota when he met my mother Annabell.  As far as I knew he didn't have any relatives there.  So what was he doing there?

The only thing I could come up with was..........and this is only my opinion...........or rather my take on this encounter.  Alfred's brother in law was Erwin Blaul who had been adopted by Frank and Ida Fink in Dubuque, Iowa.  My mother worked for a couple, house cleaning, babysitting, etc, by the name of Rose and Bub Fink.  I've tried and tried to connect but so far no luck.

Erwin's parents lived in St. Paul, Minnesota.  His father was an agent for the railroad.  Suppose, just suppose Alfred and Erwin went together, stopped in Austin to see relatives (Finks) then headed north to St. Paul to visit family.  Sounds reasonable..........

Now for the rest of the story.............In 1926 there was a train robbery in St. Paul and the men that were indicted for their roll in it:  Danny Hogan, Frank W. Sommer, who was a former St. Paul police chief and secret service official, and George E. Blaul, former agent at South St. Paul and Reuben C. Lilley, alias "Black" Carter.  (information taken from

December 5, 1928 St. Paul gang figure slain blared all over the papers when Danny Hogan got in his car and when he started the engine it burst into flames.  A bomb had been planted for this St. Paul restaurant proprietor and well known figure in the Twin Cities underworld.  He died shortly before 9 p.m.  Among some of the other well know figures in the mob was Dapper Dan and Dillinger. 

Maybe Erwin and Alfred were making trips north to check on family or maybe, maybe they knew of some of the things that went on.  In the 40's Alfred stayed a couple of nights in jail because of receiving stolen property, but that's another story.

Otto Blaul was born abt 1849 in Bavaria, Germany.  He arrived in US 9 Jun 1866.  He married Agusta b. abt 1847 in Iowa.
children:  Mary E.  b. 1872; Fred C. 1873; Otto S. 1875; Hattie M. 1877; Baby Mar 1880; George E. 2 Oct 1882 IA.

George E. d. 11 Sep 1969 Ramsey, MN, m. Anna Grutzmacher abt. 1905.
children:  Erwin William Blaul 6 Jun 1907 IA.  m.  Katherine Mary Wyburn 15 Jan 1929 Dubuque, IA.
James O. 1912 MN-Feb 1971, buried Ft. Snelling, Minneapolis, MN; John 1915 MN; David 1917 MN; Georgeen 1920 MN

1900 census IA Clayton Millville District 44
1910 census ND Casselton Ward 1 Cass
1920 census MN Dakota S. St. Paul District 31
1930 census MN Dakota S. St. Paul District 33


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I've been wandering about and finally decided it was time to put a few things out there.  Genealogy wise that is.  I am a writer, wife, mother, a doer of all things for everyone that needs something done.  Ladies you know what I'm talking about.  I am also a genealogist.  I've been searching for my dead relatives for about thirty years. 

Let me back up a bit, say about thirty years ago.  My children were going to a four room school house and they were ready to close their doors and move everyone to their newly built school.  They were looking for someone to write a short story about the school and some of the people that went there over the years.  I volunteered, or rather no one else wanted to do it.  That started the quest to find my own roots.  And I really enjoyed putting the history together, especially interviewing some of the older residents that went to the school.  I was bitten!

Now fast forward.......raising children.......moving about over the years..........and a divorce put my quest on hold until about fifteen years ago when I activily engaged in finding out where I came from.  And let me tell you right now don't go looking if you can't take surprises!

I knew my mother had divorced my biological father but I didn't know the whole story.  I grew up with a wonderful step father but wondered about my real father all my life.  My mother would never tell me anything about him, only that he was a nice man and that he probably still lived in Minnesota.  I'm here to tell you that I think by the time I turned fifty she should have at least told me a little bit more.  Just saying.....

Anyway my mother passed away before I found the divorce papers and found out she had had an affair and from that affair she had a child, and that child's birthdate was mine.  My father petitioned for the divorce.  Now that was a kicker!  I now have another father, a biological father, and he was named in the divorce papers.  That helped except they used a nickname for his first name but his last name was Wyburn.  That was the only saving grace as that is not a common name. 

I believe I found that man but by the time I found him he had already passed away from an accident in 1957.  But I have done quite a bit of history on this man so will throw it out there.  Maybe there is someone else that can fill in the blanks.

William Wyburn b. 1817 NY m.(      )   then m. Liberty Babcock b. 1817 PA on 12 Aug 1857 Crawford County, WI
Lafayette  b. 1851 WI
 m. Mary Clark b. 1853 PA
 William   b.16 Apr 1870 WI   d. May 1941
                 m.  4 Nov 1896  Vernon Co, WI Amanda Lowe
 Robert Lee  b.3 Aug 1882 WI  d. 17 Jun 1967 Atlanta, Fulton, GA
 Isaac           b. 22 Nov 1876 WI  d. 4 Dec 1956 Dubuque, IA
                   m.  10 Aug 1910 Dubuque, Dubuque, IA  Louvina Fishnick
 Matilda        b. May 1884 IA
Alice Jane    b. 1872  WI    m. 10 Jun 1888 Crawford Co, WI August Haperberker
Theobe         b. 1879  WI    m. 21 Feb 1898 Crawford Co, WI
Phoebe M.    b. 1885  WI    m. 26 Jan 1899 Crawford Co, WI

Isaac Alfred Wyburn m. Louvina Fishnick
  Katherine Mary    b. 15 Jun 1911 Cassville, Grant Co, WI
                               d.  Jul 2010  Dubuque, Dubuque, IA
                               m.  15 Jun 1929 IA   Erwin William Blaul
 Alfred John          b.  23 Dec 1912 Dubuque, Dubuque, IA
                             m.  (living)
 had affair in 1942 with Annabelle Green in Austin, Mower Co, MN
 Annbelle had child while still married to another man (Roy Eisentrager).  He was stationed in Louisana at Camp Cleburne

And now you know the rest of the story.  Stay tuned..................

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I have come to the conclusion that I am again chasing rabbits.  I can't seem to focus on one thing and see it through.  Oh come on now, you know what I mean.  I read my e-mails and think of something I should have done so I go do it in the middle of reading the mail.  Then as I'm working on that I remember something else that needs to be done, and so on, and so on.

Someone told me that was a sign of getting old.  I refuse to believe that.  Just because I'm pushing the big seven zero, and I might add pretty hard, that doesn't mean I'm getting old.  You are only as old as you feel.  Enough said!

As I go through and find one ancestor I come across another one.  So I have to check that one out to make sure it's one of mine.  Oops, chasing another rabbit. 

Well I am trying hard to put together the big Green reunion for next June.  Things are looking good but there is always something else that comes up.  Yep, got to get the t shirts ordered.  I already have the design and I'm quite pleased with it.  It's a tree with Nathaniel Green written on the trunk.  His children are big leaves in the tree with their names on the leaves.  Not too orignal but fitting.

Just trying to find out if my Nathaniel is related to the General Nathanael Greene born in Rhode Island in 1742.  I read an obit of my Nathaniel's son, Ira, that leads me to believe he throught his father was related.  I would really like to find out, for sure, by the time the reunion rolls around.  Going to be so much fun!  Looking forward to it.  Let me know if you are related.

Until then............................