Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Platform

Last night at writers group we learned more about blogging. One thing that was drummed into everyone .....if you are going to blog......then keep it up. Not like me in the past. A day here and a day there, like myself. Let's see if I can keep this up then.

I will be blogging every Tue about my latest adventure. You ask yourself "What is your latest adventure?" Well read on.

I've heard it over and over at all the conferences I've gone to. "You've got to have a platform". I've pondered it over and over. Ran it through my feeble little mind. What IS my platform!
What DO I like to write about, talk about, am obsessed with, or even like to do?

Then it hit me like a frying pan up side the head. I'm into looking for my dead relatives. Yes even trapsing through the cemeteries, looking at old head stones, reading who the people were lying beneath those stones, and wondering who they were. What did they do with their lives? Were they married? Did they have a family? Did anyone care about them, dead or alive?

I like writing about people, people who lived before me and the things they had to go through to survive. If you think about it we have it pretty easy, but people who lived just one hundred years ago had it much harder. OOPS........I'm nearing that mark......well soon enough anyway.

So if I had to my platform is.....well it's Ancestry.....History.....People! Watch for my next blog on what I've done with history.