Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This month is passing by so quickly.  It has my head spinning.  So many things going on everywhere I look.  So down world!

From reading to writing, ladies retreats to red hat events, company coming, new grandchildren entering this wold.  WHEW!  I'm tired just thinking about it.  Then there is the usual.  Taking care of the house, car, dogs, husband and the grandchildren living close by. 

All of that is better than the alternative!  So on to the news.  Yes I've been at the computer and yes I have been writing.  Slow that it is, but I'm writing. 

I'd like to congratulated Inside Pages/Moody Publishers on their new endever.  You may go to http://www.insidepages.net/ and congratulate them.yourself.  Oh yes did I mention they have a launch party going.  Check it out. 

They've inspired me to get my books out that I've stacked and start reading.  First is Allison Pittman's For Time & Eternity, Barbara Rasco's Notes From The Nest.  Oh yes I can't forget DiAnn Mills A Woman Called Sage or her Breach of Trust.  Those titles should get me off to a good start.

Until then............

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yes that's what I am trying to do.  Call it a semi new year's resolution.  I WILL finish one of my projects by the end of year.....by my birthday anyway. 

Writing and conference to hone my skills.  Oh and I do need them honed.  It seems like I've had writer's block for a year!  Got to get over it.

Maybe Sandy Lawrence from Perceptive Marketing will give me a jump start when she comes to our writer's group next month.

Writers.......take notice.....Sandy Lawrence from Perceptive Marketing will be at the Christian Writer's Group of Greater San Antonio on February 19, 2011 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  She can answer your questions about how to market yourself and your work.  Conference will be at First Baptist Church, 1401 Pat Booker Rd, Universal City, TX.  Watch for more information.

Until then........ 

Thursday, January 6, 2011


A new year and hopefully a year where I can figure out DNA.  It's so confusing.  You have first cousins, second cousins, and so on.  When it gets to the third cousins it gets so mind boggling.  Whew!

I wanted to find out more about my family history so I had my DNA done.  I started out small and had the mTDNA done.  Do you know you are related to so many people in some form or another.  I wanted to know more so I had the next test done.  Well that got even more confusing.  Then I went to a conference where DNA was explained a little bit more.  They said do the Family Finder through Family Tree, where I had already done my DNA testing.

The Family Finder came back and I found third, fourth, and fifth cousins.  None of us are researching the same people!  So where do I go from here???

I keep telling my husband when I die and go to heaven God's going to tell me, but then when I get to heaven I probably won't care.  It would just be nice to know now.  Give me a preview, please.

Anyway so I will press onward and upward tracing the elusive, wandering ancestor that didn't like living in one spot for very long.  And with the last name of Green.  Come on it's got to get easier, doesn't it? 

Until then...........