Friday, February 26, 2010

The Last Friday of February

I can't believe February has only two days left of the month. Well three if you want to count today. I've made the copies of my manuscript to give to an editor to give it the once over. Find all the mistakes, boo boos, and then to make it right before looking for a publisher. That's the big one. How do you go about finding a publisher? Going to conferences is one of the ways but what if you aren't scheduled to go to a conference for a few months or more? I've thought about self publishing but that takes money and I really would not like to put out a bunch of money. Not that I don't believe in what I've written, it's just that I'd rather not pay to have it published. I have no problem in promoting my work. Let's face it in todays world money is short, for everyone. If you self publish you tend to have to charge more for your book. I'd like every woman to be able to pick up a copy without it hurting her bank account. And so it goes...........

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Year and New Resolutions

This is the year to finish my projects. I will finish my novel and get it published!
I will finish my genealogy book on my great grandfather Nathaniel Green!
And I will get the next novel up in full swing.

Haven't we all made our resolutions for the new year only to fizzle out by the third month? I, too, have done that. But if we don't make a vow to ourselves we would go aimlessly through life having no direction, nothing to look forward to, nothing in our life to say we accomplished anything.

Sometimes it's hard, really hard, to put aside the house work, yard work, baking, visiting with neighbors (do people still do that?), of course the household bookkeeping, and do what you really want to do for yourself. Like write. As I drive down the street scenarios play out in my mind and I can't wait to stop and write it down for future use. My friends have told me to keep a small tape recorder in my car so I can just take notes. Well that would help but I forget to take it and when I have taken it I forget to turn it on. I know you have to get in the routine. Well that's like making a new year's resolution.

Then, of course, there is the grandchildren. Yes those darling little people God has entrusted to grandparents to play with, guide, and take off parents hands when they've had all they can take of snotty noses, whinning, crying, and fighting amongst themselves.

I must trust God in giving me my free time to do what He wants me to do. Until then.........