Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm getting anxious for my story about Katie to get rolling.  Only on page 70 but got so many ideas on where she is going and what is going to take place. 

Just need the time to put all of it on interruptions.  Well you know how that goes.  Either the dogs need a potty break or I do.  Save one day for all errands.  No cooking, wait did I say that?  Oh well hubby wants to cut back so guess he can fix his own sandwich.  That should do it!

Now the real challenge begins.  Juggling between Katie and Nathaniel.  Oh, did I tell you there is two projects in the works?  Guess not.  Nathaniel is my great, great, grandfather and his trip from New York to Oregon.  His life, wives, children, and the hardships he endured. 

Katie, dear sweet Katie, is my special project.  A Native American child of six that survives the Black Hawk War of 1832.  Her survival, perservance, and overcoming all obstacles before being found by a family that already had fourteen children of their own. 

Okay now to the chapters of life.

Until then................

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It's the middle of February and most of my company has come and gone.  My dear sister in law leaves tomorrow to go back to New England.  Although we didn't get to spend much time together this time I think she has enjoyed her stay.  She went to the rodeo (her first) and enjoyed each event.  That is, until the music started.  Much too loud for our ears.  My generation's ears!  Before leaving she is going to the cowboy capitol of Texas, Bandera.  You go girl!  Catch those cowboys strutin' their stuff along the old streets of a restored cow town.  Amble down the sidewalks and peer into the old windows of long gone hardware stores now remodeled into boutiques.  Oh yes, before she left, she gave us her unused rodeo tickets for tonight!  Yea!  Thank you sis.

I enjoyed a much needed visit with my youngest sister this month.  Seventeen years difference has kept us apart for so many years.  A lot of healing took place in three days.  Healing that was long over due.  We enjoyed looking through old pictures, copying the pictures, and her listening to stories about the family she didn't have any knowledge of.  Guess that's what happens when you are the oldest.  The one that has to carry the torch.  Thank you sister for your visit. 

I'm looking forward to my daughter moving back this Friday.  New orders from the government has brought her to her home town.  This gives my husband and I much needed time with our grandchildren who have been all over the world.  Now we can spoil them, and I think they are looking forward to having play time with their cousins more than grandma and grandpa. 

Besides all this activity this month my Red Hat Chapter hosted their annual tea to kick off the rodeo.  The tea was open to all the chapters in and around San Antonio.  Our guest was singer, songwriter Joni Harms.  She gave an outstanding performance then went on to do two shows at the Coors Salon tent at the rodeo.  Joni you are a trooper!

This last weekend was our Ladies' Retreat from our church, which was held in San Marcos.  Our speaker was Jennifer Wilkin.  Praises go to her for the wonderful insight she gave about anger.  I saw women busy taking notes throughout her presentation.  The breakout sessions were filled with ladies wanting to know more about the topics.  Ladies you were phenomenal.  And a special thank you goes to the ladies that helped me put bags together, gave out the door prizes, and supported me while I was hospitality hostess.

NOW one last thing on my list for the month.  This week end is a seminar on marketing hosted by the Christian Writer's Group of Greater San Antonio.  Our speaker is Sandy Lawrence from Perseptive Marketing.  I am looking forward to this.


Until then........................

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I must say it is cold ole' chap.  I've been cold here in Texas but I think I'm really cold today.  Want to stay inside and drink hot cocoa, maybe watch some old movies, and bundle up with my mink blanket.  My mink blanket is my comfort blanket when I'm not feeling well, cold, or just sort of out of it.  Babies have their security blanket they drag everywhere they go and I have my mink blanket too.

My first mink blanket a friend brought back from her trip to Korea.  It was quite heavy and to be honest too heavy for south Texas weather even when the temperature dipped.  I re-gifted it to a friend living in Oklahoma.  It does get a bit colder there.

My second and third mink blanket my daughter bought me when she was stationed in Korea.  One is heavier than the other.  My favorite is so soft and warm.  It is charcoal and has beautiful, bright, flowers all over it.  I keep the other one on the shelf in the closet just for weather like this. 

Now I know you are asking yourself  what is a mink blanket.  Is it really mink?  No, it is not.  It is a heavy thick material that is closely weaved.  I believe the material is cotton but will  have to get back to you on that.  Either's my bankie!

I think I'll just go in right now and pull out an old John Wayne movie, my blanket, and hot cocoa.  Later for everything else.

Until then..............