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My fifteen year journey has come to an end and now a new adventure begins.  It has taken me all of those fifteen years and yes, probably a few more than that, to find my biological father.  There have been so many ups and downs, mountains, and valleys, but I kept on.  And thanks to DNA I have found him.

I had known since I was eight years old that the man I called daddy wasn't my real father but my mother was very closed mouth about telling me anything.  Every time I asked the question of who was my father, where did my father live, the answer I got was "I don't know."

I gave up after so many years of that.  My mother took her secret to the grave with her.

In 1996 I got serious about finding out who my ancestors were.  A friend suggested that I write to the city and state where my parents got their divorce.  I did. I will never forget the day I received the paper work.  As I read each sentence from the petitioner, my father, my mouth dropped further.  My mind raced back through the years and all the stories I'd heard about my mother swirled.   I felt like I was in slow motion and I kept repeating "Oh my goodness." 

I reached for the stool by the kitchen counter and sat down.  From the petitioner's request for the divorce I started reading the respondent's, my mother, answer.  Another "Oh my goodness."

My father stated he caught my mother with another man, Bud Wyburn, and from that union my mother had a child.  The child's birthday was my birthday.  Another "Oh my goodness."

My mother's answer was "yes" that was true! 

From that point on I began my search.  Since my parents, and myself, were all from Minnesota I started writing letters to anyone and everyone with the last name of Wyburn that lived in the vicinity of Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconson.  Thank goodness postage was cheaper then!

From those letters I was put in touch with a lady in Wisconson and she has worked with me all these years to figure out the answer.  In 2007 I had my DNA done with Family Tree.  I upgraded several time even doing the Family Finder.  Now mind you I did find some relatives, but all on my mother's side of the family.  That was fun finding out that information.  But I wanted more.  We are all like that.  We want more.  I was on a mission and I was going to find the answer.  My brother says I'm like a blood hound.  Yep!

Then when Ancestry started doing DNA I jumped right in.  When I first started with them they told you that you had a certain percentage of British Isles, European, and so on.  Now they have broken it down to a much better understanding.  When I found out I was 1% Native American I got goose bumps.  Wyburn's great grandmother was full blooded Sac Indian.  She survived the Black Hawk War in 1832. 

Soooooo I asked my friend, which by this time I found out she was a fourth cousin to Wyburn if she would take the test for me.  We were no match.  Back to the drawing board.  This was one of my very deep valleys.

Up to this point I was looking for something, someone who matched Alfred Wyburn and me.  Then this last week it happened.  Even though my friend, who is now my fourth/fifth cousin, still does not match me through Ancestry but we have eleven, yes eleven, same matches.  I have a third cousin that is a fifth cousin to my cousin!  We have a match.........we are cousins.  Alfred Wyburn is my biological father!!!

Of course if a closer match, say a first cousin, would take the test it would prove with out a shadow of a doubt that I am right.  But, I am comfortable with my decision until I am proven wrong. 

You may ask yourself how can I feel so confident about this.  There are several other factors that play into this equation that I've not mentioned, but between all of it I am confident.

Stay tuned....

Until then........................


Obits from Sun 27 Oct 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories:  Keyword:  Obituaries

ANGLIN, Mary Isabell "Peaches" Stamper  b. 1 Sep 1959 Ft. Bragg, NC  d. 24 Oct
AYALA, Guadalupe  90 yrs  d. 24 Oct
AYERS, Shirley Ann (Nick)  b. 10 Sep 1934 Greenville, MS  d. 23 Oct
CANTU, Jesse M.  93 yrs  d. 21 Oct
CARPENTER, Emma Lee   b. 16 Oct 1924 Tuleta, TX  d. 23 Oct
CARROLA, Edward Jr.  b. 1 Dec 1950  San Antonio, TX  d. 16 Oct
COLLINS, William "Bill" Parker  b. 23 Mar 1929 Matoon,  IL  d. 22 Oct
FENN, Harlin LaVern Jr.  LTC (ret)d. 18 Oct
GAMBLE, Diane Lynn "Dee"  b. 11 Jul 1948  Baltimore, MD  d. 18 Oct
GARZA, Flora Marie Guajardo  b. 24 Jan 1920 Files Valley, TX  d. 23 Oct
GROTHUES, Helen Mae Pue  b. 22 Jan 1929 Bandera County, TX  d. 23 Oct
HAGEMEISTER, Selma Schwabe  b. 28 Oct 1914  d. 24 Oct
HARRINGTON, George Edward "Ed"   b. 22 Aug 1930   Dyersberg, TN  d. 23 Oct
HOWELL, Christopher W.  b. 5 Jan 1984 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Oct in New Mexico
HUBAND, Sharon Taylor  b. 29 Oct 1950  d. 6 Oct
HUDSON, Bernice Ruth  b. 9 Sep 1933 Pine Knot, KY  d. 24 Oct
IZARD, Karen Nell "Margie"   d. 8 Oct
JACKSON-CLAY, Jimmie Joyce  b. 21 Oct 1942 San Antonio, TX  d. 22 Oct
JARZOMBEK, Eleanor "Ellen"  98 yrs  d. 24 Oct
JONES, Ronald Wayne  54 yrs  d. 24 Oct
MARTINEZ, Ozella Belle Corder  b. 12 Aug 1938  d. 24 Oct
NICHOLS, Leland Curtis  b. 14 Jun 1942  New Orleans, LA  d. 19 Oct
OCKENFELS, E. Jean  b. 14 Nov 1925 Van Buren, AR  d. 21 Oct
PAPE, Lori Lea  b. 2 Sep 1959 Petaluma, CA  d. 24 Oct
PEREZ, Roland  b. 27 Jan 1955 d. 25 Oct
PLOCH, Hulda  b. 31 Jul 1916 Poth, TX  d. 20 Oct
RADEMACHER, John "Jack" M.  89 yrs  d. 17 Oct
RAMOS, Daniel R.  67 yrs  d. 23 Oct
ROESLER, James Arthur b. 16 Aug 1950  d. 24 Oct
SERGEANT, Laura Christine (Chris)  b. 11 Mar 1949 Wichita Falls, TX  d. 9 Oct Cathedral City, CA
SJOLANDER, Mary Grace Moses   80 yrs   d. 18 Oct
SMITH, Joan B.  82 yrs  d. 25 Oct


Obits from Sun 20 Oct 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories  Keyword:  Obituaries

ALMARAS, Luis  b. 5 Dec 1923  d. 16 Oct
BERG, Betty Ann  b. 5 Dec 1921  d. 13 Oct
BIELEFELD, Nancy Kay  b. 10 Dec 1956  d. 18 Oct
BRUNS, Delman D.  b. 23 Mar 1934 Spencer, SD  d. 16 Oct
COCHRAN, Chris Jr. CMSGT USAF (ret)  b. 31 Oct 1931 Ponca City, OK  d. 17 Oct
CRAIG, George A.  b. 2 Nov 1946 St. Louis, MO   d. 12 Oct
DEMAYS, Elvira E.  b. 19 Oct 1924  d. 16 Oct
DANIE, Phyllis June  b. 2 Jun 1933 San Antonio, TX  d. 6 Oct
EDWARDS, Richard D. "Dick" Col USAF (ret)  b. 25 Oct 1931 Pipestone, MN  d. 17 Oct
ELLISON, Catherine Caroline  91 yrs  d. 17 Oct
ESTRELLA, Ruben  b. 6 Feb 1967  d. 16 Oct
FERGUSON, Clay Warren  63 yrs  d. 11 Oct
FONTENOT, Reginald "Reg"  b. 27 May 1955  San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Oct
HAMILTON, Claudia R.  b. 23 Jan 1944 Ft. Worth, TX  d. 17 Oct
HOWELL, Christopher W.  29 yrs  d. 14 Oct
HUDSON, Dr. Wanda Lee Bollier  b. 29 Nov 1924 Hamilton County, TX  d. Oct 2013
JACKSON, Carrie Mae  b. 4 Oct 1944  Austin, TX  d. 15 Oct
JOLLY, Rosemary H.  b. 19 Oct 1944  d. 15 Oct
JONES, Rachel Ashelyn   b. 8 Mar 1995   d. 14 Oct
KLEIFGES, Jane Austin 73 yrs  d. 12 Oct
LIVINGSTON, Nellrose Erben  b. 10 Apr 1918 Spring Branch, TX   d. 10 Oct
LOEHR, Peter S.M.  b. 11 Jan 1931 Dotyville, WI  d. 14 Oct
MARTINEZ, Josefina Montemayor de Martinez  b. 14 Aug 1929 Nuevo Leon, Mexico  d. 17 Oct
MASSEY, Richard M. CMST USAF (ret) d. 7 Oct
MATA, Minnie Manuela Perez  b. La Coste, TX  81 yrs old  d. 14 Oct
MATKIN, Laura Jean Kostohryz  b. 12 Apr 1929 Temple, TX  d. 16 Oct
MCKAY, Frank James  b. 12 Jan 1948 Schenectady, NY  d. 18 Oct
MITHOFER, Timothy "Tim" Richard  48 yrs  d. 15 Oct
MONTOYA, Juanita C.  b. 18 Apr 1930  d. 16 Oct
MOORE, Louie L.  b. 9 Feb 1926 Roby, TX  d. 15 Oct
ORNELAS, Cielo Tamez  b. 8 Feb 1933  d. 16 Oct
PATTON, Dorothy Joyce  b. 9 Mar 1931  Bradshaw, TX  d. 18 Oct
PEREZ, Norma L. "Shelia"  b. 26 Sep 1959  d. 13 Oct
PUENTE, Joe  b. 27 Feb 1931 San Antonio, TX  d. 16 Oct
RABAGO, Gerald "Jerry" Jimenez  b. 6 Jan 1956 San Antonio, TX  d. 15 Oct
RALSTON, Rebecca Vann  87 yrs  d. 4 Sep
SALAS, Sylvia H.  b. 21 Apr 1938 San Antonio, TX  d. 17 Oct
SHIRES, Paul David  b. 6 Apr 1921  d. 11 Oct
SISCO, Patsy J.  b. 26 Aug 1938 Carmi, IL  d. 13 Oct
SONGCO, Dr. Jose Gaza  d. 11 Oct
TIBBETTS, Larry Newton Maj Gen USAF   (ret)  b. 2 Sep 1934 Trenton, MO  d. 14 Oct
TISCHLER, Leeman Gottlieb Gottried  b. 22 Dec 1929 Mills County, TX  d. 14 Oct
WORTH, Gladys Lucille Williams  b. 26 Nov 1921  San Antonio, TX   d. 16 Oct

Friday, October 18, 2013


While on vacation in New Hampshire we passed a very old cemetery in Danville.  I wanted to get out and walk through each stone but my husband was on a mission.  We were going to visit relatives and he didn't want to be late.  Dinner was waiting. 

I mentioned the cemetery to my sister in law and she said she knew the lady that had a copy of the names, perhaps she could get them for me.  My eyes lite up!  Would I?  That was the next best thing other than walking through and reading each name. 

Within the next week the names arrived in the mail and I had permission to write them on my blog for all to see....if they perhaps were related......knew anyone of the names......or ........

So here goes............Ye Olde Cemetery, Danville, N.H.

Moses Colby  age 45    April 4, 1777
Anna (Tuxbury) Colby Morrill age 78   his widow     April 6, 1804
Dorothy Colby their dau. age 18    Sep 18, 1777
Rhoda Colby their dau. age 20 days    March 3, 1768

Deacon Elisha Batchelor  age 86   Feb. 24, 1813
Theodate (Smith) Batchelor  his wife  age 75   March 25, 1807
Sarah (Williams) Batchelor  wife of Nathan  age 27  Nov. 23, 1799
Nathaniel Batchelor son of David  age 3  Aug. 26, 1794
Elisha Batchelor son of Nathan  age 2+  Feb. 22, 1799
Nathan Batchelor     1811
Rev. John Page  age a43 of Smallpox  Jan. 29, 1782
Mary (Stevens) Page his widow  age 75   Sept. 12, 1820

Naomi Tewksbury wife of Thomas  age 28 (Hall)   May 7, 1819
Infant Tewksbury  1819
Amos Tewksbury their son age 2  1816
Tewksbury  1802

Benjamin Spofford  age 59  Nov. 25, 1814
Margaraet (Peggy Cole) his widow age 70   Dec. 26, 1825

Simon Page son of Thomas Esq.  age 56  Nov. 6, 1819
Phebe (Sanborn) Page his 1st wife age 38  Dec. 24, 1804

Benjamin Page (Deacon) son of John & Ann (Webster)  age 66  Feb. 17, 1828
his widow Rebecca (Quimby) Page is buried O.M.H.  Mar. 13, 1836
Benjamin Page their son age 19  Oct. 30, 1817
Joanna Page their dau. age 2  Sept. 12, 1803
Nancy (Colby) Page wife of John (Benjamin & Rebecca)  age 25  May 24, 1816

John Page son of Thomas, hus. of Dorothy (Sanborn) age 38  Sept. 4, 1823
Thomas Page Esq. son of Jabez age 86   June 26, 1829
Mary (Elkins) Page his wife (Capt. Thomas) age 72  Dec. 19, 1816

Jabez Page son of Onesiphorous age 71  May 4, 1782
Abigail (Flanders) his widow age 79  Oct. 15, 1791
both born Salisbury, Mass.

Ensign Edward Eastman age 82 (In Revolution)  Nov. 7, 1815
Sarah (Wadleigh-Clough) his 1st. wife age 54  Dec. 30, 1782
Prudence (Stevens-Bryant) his 2nd wife age 78  April 9, 1813
Melissa Eastman   1782
Col. David Quimby age 63  (In Revolution)   Dec. 19, 1794
Mary (Wadleigh) his widow age 82  Oct. 31, 1814
Benjamin Quimby age 54  Aug. 31, 1811

Mary (Pike) Williams wife of Joseph age 60  Jan. 1, 1804
John Page son of John & Mary (Winslow) age 39  July 8, 1767
Ann (Webster) Page his widow in 94th year  April 29, 1822

Lt. Dyer Hook age 56 (In French & Indian Wars)  March 11, 1776
Hannah (dau. of Abraham Brown) Hook his widow age 78  Sept. 20, 1800

Israel Hook son of Dyer age 59 (In Revolution)  March 23, 1813
Dorothy (Griffin) Hook his widow age 82  Nov. 30, 1836

Gideon Sawyer age 87  Dec. 26, 1806
Sarah (Bartlett) Sawyer his wife age 72   March 3, 1797
Hannah Sawyer their dau. age 59  May 4, 1820

Humphrey Hook age 79 (In French & Indian Wars)   Jan. 5, 1801
Hannah (Philbrick) Hook his 1st. wife age 47  Aug. 28, 1771
Jacob Hook their son age 6 yrs. 4 mos & 21 days  July 10, 1764
Lucy Hook dau. of Humphrey & 2nd. wife Sarah age 3  Sept. 22, 1778

Reuben Hook son of Humphrey age 40 (Militia)  May 7, 1819
Andrew Jackson Hook son of Reuben & Sarah age 2 & 7 mos.  July 30, 1817
Andrew Jackson Hook son of Reuben & Sarah age 1 day  Feb. 7, 1811

Lt. Jonathan French age 72 (In Revolution)  Sept. 13, 1785
Joanna (Elkins) French his widow age 85  Jan. 4, 1801

Lt. Jonathan Sanborn age 53 (In Revolution)  March 30, 1813
Nancy Sanborn his dau. age 36  Nov. 6, 1825

Obadiah Elkins  age 50 or 58  Sept. 29, 1766

Caleb Towle Jr. hus. of Ruth (Page)  age 27  Aug. 5, 1765

Lt. Joseph Clifford Sanborn age 72 (In Revolution)  April 13, 1810

Issachar Sanborn son of Reuben & Mary (Judkins) age 6  Aug. 22, 1808

Caleb & wife Rebecca (Prescott) Towle  Feb 1 and Feb 3 1795 both in Common Grave no stone

James Towle age 78   Dec. 31, 1825
Abigail (Colby) Towle his wife  71 years  Feb. 12, 1820

There are many more Graves in this Cemetery, in 1974 we found 50 more Plots-Head-Stone & foot stone remnants still in the ground.

(Copied from cemetery list)

Monday, October 14, 2013


It's happened.  I've lost my web site.  My wonderful web page that told everyone all about me, my passion of writing, and looking for my dead ancestors, gone---vanished---into thin air.

I wanted to look at it and see what I needed to do to update the site.  Give it a shot in the arm so to speak.  It was long over due and I might add I hadn't looked at it in a very long time.  The page was out there so I thought leave it alone, people will see it, so on and so forth.  Wrong. 

It's gone!!!

So to all of you that have been reading my blog I apologize that my web page is no longer available.  If I have sent you to it I am so terribly sorry, red faced, and embarrassed. 

To all of you that have a web site/page look at it often to make sure it is up and running!

You know what my next project is--right after the book is gone to publisher---get the page updated!!!

Until then................

Book is's being is happening........will keep you posted.

Again until then......................

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Obits from Sun 13 Oct 2013 San Antonio Express News
San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories  Keyword  Obituaries

ADAMSON, Frank Wilson  91 yrs  d. 4 Oct
BLANK, Henry Phillip (Nickie) b. 25 Oct 1934 San Antonio, TX  d. 6 Oct
CISNEROS, Rev. Daniel  b. 21 Jul 1936 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Oct
CURTIS, Billie Mae  b. 2 Jun 1924 Dallas, TX  d. 9 Oct
DELGADO, Enriqueta b. 1922 Ft. Worth, TX  d. Oct 2013
DIETERLIE, Kathleen A. b. 10 Mar 1951 Dixon, IL  d. 24 Sep
ENGLE, Trudy Lee  b. 2 Aug 1966  d. 5 Oct
FULLER, Gary L. COL (ret) USA b. 23 Aug 1937 Coeur d'Alene, ID  d. 22 Sep
HOUSE, Donald F.  b. 18 Jan 1919 Cleveland, OH  d. 1 Oct
JOE'S HAMBURGERS IS CLOSING----Phyllis June Danie b. 2 Jun 1933 d. 6 Oct
LAMBORN, Ruth S.  nee URSULA RUTH HILDEGARD SCHWANINGER b. 13 Oct 1918 Berlin, Germany  d. 26 Sep 
LEFTON, Lia Conti Santos 85 yrs  d. 10 Oct
LEVINE, Macaria C.  b. 25 Oct 1934  d. 4 Oct
LEWIS, Robert d. 4 Oct
MANWARING, Terrence (Ted) Michael Jr.  b. 28 Apr 1932 Ossining, NY  d. 8 Oct
MEURER, Carl H.  b. 18 Mar 1924 Fredericksburg, TX  d. 9 Oct
MIKSCH, Mary Lynn b. 31 Aug 1954  d. 9 Oct
NAUGHTON, John J. III (Jay)  b. 20 Jul 1961 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Oct
PIZZINI, Emily Kay  b. 3 Nov 1945 Alpine, TX  d. 9 Oct
RODRIGUEZ, Antonio Banda  85 yrs  d. 9 Oct
ROJEK, Cam Thi  b. 16 Apr 1950 Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam  d. Oct 2013
RUSMISEL, David Lee  89 yrs  d. 9 Oct
SANCHEZ, Teresa Marie  67 yrs  d. 10 Oct
SCHINDLER, Fred A. Jr.  b. 25 Jul 1930 San Antonio, TX  d. 5 Oct
SCOGGINS, Shawn Patrick  b. 16 Feb 1969 Ft. Sam Houston, TX  d. 5 Oct
SELF, Jesse Albert III (Rocky)  b. 20 Jul 1949 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Oct
SMITH, Donald Ray (Don)  b. 8 May 1937 Yoakum, TX  d. 11 Oct
SMITH, Evelyn Eloise Robbins b. 13 Sep 1916 San Marcos, TX  d. 2 Oct
SULLIVAN, Patricia Ragland 75 yrs  d. 10 Oct
TILLMAN, Betty Jo  b. 14 Feb 1926  Cherokee, OK  d. 28 Sep
VERETTE, Beth Evelyn  b. 20 Jan 1927 Camp Aire, Mason County, TX  d. 10 Oct
VEST, Norma Jean Gilpin  b. 6 Nov 1931 Charlestown, IN  d. 11 Oct