Sunday, June 30, 2013


Obits from Sun 30 Jun 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
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BARNES, G.D. "Glen"  87 yrs  d. 26 Jun
BARRERA, Gilbert G.  b. 29 Jan 1946    d. 23 Jun
BARRERA, Virginia Z.  b. 23 Jan 1919 Rancho El Capote, Tamaulipas, Mexico  d. 27 Jun
BELMON, Alberto M.  70 yrs  d. 27 Jun
BURSE, Guidry Jaiy  32 yrs  d. 23 Jun
BUSY, John E. Jr.  b. 7 Jan 1943 Galveston, TX  d. Jun 2013
BYROM, Daniel Frederick  b. 18 Oct 1923 San Antonio, TX  d. 26 Jun
CAMPBELL, Jerry (Edna Geraldine) b. 7 May 1923 Ft. Worth, TX  d. 24 Jun
DAILY, Edward Wayne  b. 26 Apr 1947 New Orleans, LA  d. 25 Jun
DOMINGUEZ, Xavier 66 yrs  d. 25 Jun
ELLIOTT, Jo Anne Jones 59 yrs  d. 22 Jun
GONZALES, Clifton C.  33 yrs  d. 24 Jun
GRISSOM, Howell Dean d. 26 Jun
HERNANDEZ, Placido H.  b. 5 Oct 1935  d. 27 Jun
JEFFERSON, William (Bill) Douglas  Maj USAF (ret)   b. 30 Jan 1932 Chicago, IL  d. 26 Jun
JOHNSON, Rosemary  b. Longview, TX  76 yrs  d. 26 Jun
JUHASZ, Stephen William  b. 26 Dec 1913 Budapest, Hungary  d. 19 Jun
KILPATRICK, Charles O.  b. 16 Jun 1922 Fairview, OK   d. 26 Jun
KING, Gertrude Thomae  b. 21 Oct 1916 San Antonio, TX  d. 1 May
LAVENDER, Donald R.  b. 20 Feb 1924 Lowell, IL  d. 20 Jun
MATEJEK, Annie  95 yrs  d. 24 Jun
MICHAEL, Ernest C. St. SMSGT USAF (ret)  b. 20 Jan 1919 Tivoli, TX  d. 26 Jun
MILES, Elizabeth Jean  b. 25 Oct 1946 Klamath Falls, OR  d. 27 Jun
MOLINA, Paul F.  b. 23 May 1929  d. 26 Jun
MONTANA, Rose  90 yrs  d. 26 Jun
MONTEMAYOR, Tomas M. Jr.  84 yrs  d. 28 Jun
PEREZ, Agustina  75 yrs  d. 23 Jun
PICKELL, Judith King Donnelly  b. 7 Jul 1941 Houston, TX  d. 16 Jun
ROBITAILLE,William "Bill" Joseph LT CMDR USN (ret)  b. 29 Dec 1945 Norwich, CT d. 16 May
RODRIGUEZ, Ernest Jr.  b. 19 May 1976 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 Jun
RODRIGUEZ, Roland R.  b. 11 Dec 1942 San Antonio, TX  d. 26 Jun
SANDOVAL, Evelyn Joyce  b. 12 Feb 1927 Southport, Lancashire, England  d. 26 Jun
SCHULMEIER, Virginia Anna Schneider  b. 24 Oct 1922  d. 24 Jun
SCHULZE, Lawrence Allen  b. 10 Dec 1930 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 Jun
SLEDGE, Dorothy M.  b. 23 Jul 1925  d. 25 Jun
VACA, Fernando "Fred" Guardia  b. 1938 San Antonio, TX  d. 25 Jun
VALDEZ, Florntina D.  88 yrs  d. 25 Jun
WEGMANN, Helen L.  96 yrs  d. 26 Jun
ZUNIGA, Mary N.  b. 27 Oct 1925 Derry, Ireland  d. 27 Jun

Monday, June 24, 2013


Well after all the trouble, and there still is problems with the blog, I have been able to post the obits weekly.  I do hope they are of some help to those of you researching your ancestry.

Now for the BOOK......KATIE........I'm on the last chapter and then it's off to the editor for major editing.  Will keep you posted on that.  I thought I'd never get this far, but seeing several friends finish their books and getting them published, I said it's time you got with it!  I like where it's going and where it's been.  I pray you will like it too.

In my spare time, like I have spare time from the usual house keeping, I've been trying to tie up loose ends on my husband's genealogy.  I hadn't realized I had not done very much on his parentage.  I've been so wrapped up on my side I let his slide.  So, it's time I worked on the Richardson side of the family.  With what I've found over the week end it would make a good story line!

I think we tend to not see our ancestors as real people.  We live our lives in a hustle and bustle every day, going to work, taking the laundry to the cleaners, buying groceries, taking the kids to and fro from their activities, and I'm sure you can think of a hundred other things.  BUT our ancestors were real people too.  They woke up every day and some wondered if they would be alive by the end of the day.  They had (lived) in hardships we could never understand or imagine.

I read about one Richardson in New England in the 1600's that lost his wife and infant child in an instant while he was only feet from their cabin.  An Indian massacre.  The only survivor was his son that was with him and himself.  He went to marry again, lose that wife, and marry again.  From the third wife they had ten children.  This is only one family from the many that landed on the shores of America looking for freedom of speech and religion. 

So now that I've told you all that I will be working on writing, editing, reading, critiquing, and oh yes, housework for the rest of the day.  Will keep you posted.

Until then.................................


Obits from Sun 23 Jun 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX

ALEMAN, Albert Thomas Sr.   b. 21 Dec 1941 San Antonio, TX  d. 18 Jun
BERRY, Richard Warren "Dick" SFC USA (ret)  b. 30 Nov 1931 Galena, KS  d. 21 Jun
BOHANNON, Johnnie L.  b. 4 Sep 1926 New Berlin, TX  d. 21 Jun
CASTILLO, Lydia  72 yrs  d. 20 Jun
CHADWICK, Jeannette  b. 12 Aug 1924 Milwaukee, WI  d. 19 Jun
CONTRERAS, John Richard  b. 15 Jan 1941 San Antonio, TX  d. 19 Jun
CUEVAS, Belia "Betty" G.  b. 8 Jul 1936 San Diego, TX  d. 18 Jun
FRANCO, Anita Diaz  b. 16 Jan 1923  d. 18 Jun
FRANKLIN, Verna Lea Reed  b. 9 Jun 1925 Junction, TX  d. 19 Jun
GARZA, Lauri Lynette  45 yrs  d. 19 Jun
GOMEZ, Fernando A.   b. 5 Jun 1923  d. Jun 2013
GONGORA, David L.  b. 9 Apr 1924  d. 17 Jun
HAGINO, Dr. Nobuyoshi  b. 8 Feb 1932 Hokkaido, Japan  d. 28 Feb
HARPER, Alex Jr.   b. 19 Feb 1919 San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Jun
HAXTON, Rhea Marie  b. 17 Aug 1929 Martins Ferry, OH  d. 20 Jun
HERNANDEZ, Soledad J.  b. 6 Mar 1923 San Antonio, TX  d. 19 Jun
KIND, Gertrude Thomae  96 yrs  d. 1 May
KRSZJZANIEK, Roger Clare  b. 18 Aug 1944  d. 19 Jun
LAMB, Hal William Jr.  b. 25 May 1920 Chattanooga, TN   d. 13 Jun
MILLER, Audrey Olga Nesloney  d. 20 Jun
MOORE, Jerry Allen SFC USA (ret)  b. 28 Jan 1928  d. 18 Jun
PATTERSON, Louis "Pat" D.  b. 28 May 1925 Columbus, MS  d. 21 Jun
PERRY, Joy Gowen  87 yrs  d. 18 Jun
ROCHA, Reynaldo S.  80 yrs  d. 20 Jun
SAWYER, Jenny Lynn  b. 10 Aug 1977 d. 15 Jun
SMITH, Carmen Delva Brooks  94 yrs  d. 19 Jun
TORRES, Richard O.  79 yrs  d. 20 Jun
TREVINO, Santiago "Jimmy"  b. 19 Nov 1935  d. 18 Jun
VARGAS, Victor   50 yrs   d. 13 Jun
VASQUEZ, Lucy Mendez  b. 3 Feb 1927 San Antonio, TX    d. 15 Jun
VILLARREAL, Abel G. Sr.  85 yrs  d. 18 Jun

Sunday, June 16, 2013


I haven't posted anything but obits for the past several weeks all because I had so much difficulty even getting on to post those.  OH my goodness.  I am not computer savvy so when I tried to post the obits I hit everything imaginable to post what I had written.

Today I went on line and waaa laaa I had no problem.  Go figure!

UPDATE-----I went to a workshop with my ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and learned I did not have to beat myself up if I could not crank out a thousand words each day!  Instead of cranking out the thousand words I felt intimated and did nothing.  That's logical......and it's taken me HOW long to finish Katie???

What I learned is that I can do short spurts.  Like sit down and write 250 words.  Then get up do the dishes if I need a break.  Let the dogs out and come back and write another 250 words.  YEA it works.  Why didn't I think of that? 

Oh yes, there are a lot of great writers that work that way.  I'd like to think I am a great writer, and so now I have joined their ranks too.  So now it's off to do my short spurt.  Stay tuned.

Until then.............................. 


Obits from Sun 16 Jun 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories:  Keyword:  Obituaries

ALVARADO, Ernesto  b. Laredo, TX  d. 11 Jun
ANDERSON, Rhea Sue  Col USAF (ret) b. Neosho, MO  d. 28 May
BEN, Wilson M. Lt Col USAF (ret)  b. 2 Dec 1951 Manhattan, NY  d. 11 Jun
BRIENO, Elizabeth Ann  d. 6 Jun
CARRERA, Rudy R.  b. 24 Feb 1937 San Antonio, TX  d. 10 Jun
CASTILLO, Elena  b. 1934 Mexico  d. 8 Jun
CLOYD, Dinorah 85 yrs  d. 12 Jun
DAVID, Lavina A.  91 yrs  d. 12 Jun
DAVLIN, Alta Mae  89 yrs  d. 13 Jun
GARCIA, Christine V.  83 yrs  d. 12 Jun
GRAY, Jane Singleton Lucas  b. 2 Oct 1921 Syracuse, NY  d. 9 Jun
GUTIERREZ, Ernesto A. Jr.  b. 20 Oct 1959 San Antonio, TX  d. 13 Jun
HOWELL, Gerald J.  b. 19 Apr 1937 Dixon, IL  d. 12 Jun
JANNASCH, Alvin August  90 yrs  d. 14 Jun
KUHLMANN, Kenneth (Ken) C. SMSGT USAF (ret) b. 10 Feb 1932 Fredericksburg, TX  d. 2 Jun
LA MONICA, Phillip M.  b. 20 Jun 1944 New York, NY  d. 11 Jun
LAUBERT, Norma O.  82 yrs  d. 12 Jun
LEAL, Teresa Elva  b. 10 Aug 1954 San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Jun
LLOYD, Dwight Monroe  b. 3 Apr 1947 Johnson City, TN  d. 4 Jun
MAHER, Sister Bridget    b. 7 Dec 1918 County Tipperary, Ireland  d. 14 Jun
MARSHALL, Flora Elaine Seabourn  b. 26 Mar 1918 Gainsville, TX  d. Jun 2013
MARTIN, Beverly Kay b. 11 Apr 1937 Alice, TX  d. 29 May
MARTINEZ, Victor Rangel b. 19 Jul 1948 Beeville, TX  d. 11 Jun
MELTON, Paul F. CMSGT USAF (ret)  b. 14 Mar 1938 Dallas, TX  d. 11 Jun
MILLER, William Louis  b. 25 Oct 1939  d. 8 Jun
MOLDENHAUER, Renetta L.  72 yrs  d. 14 Jun
MURPHY, Clara Morrey USA (ret) b. 15 Sep 1918 Ripley, MI  d. Jun 2013
NANES, Anthony (Tony) 88 yrs  d. 12 Jun
NICHOLS, Samuel (Sam) Bubba D.  b. 15 Nov 1947  d. 8 Jun
NORRIS, C.L.  Carlos "Chuck"  b. 24 Jul 1933 Ralls, TX  d. 12 Jun
NORRIS, Gene b. 19 Feb 1935  d. 12 Jun
NOVAK, Rita Mary b. 25 Oct 1920 Howells, NE  d. 10 Jun
OSBORN, Thomas  b. 28 Nov 1934 Owensburg, IN  d. 10 Jun
PEREZ, Rosalinda  b. 18 May 1950 San Antonio, TX  d. 13 Jun
PIXTON, Vivian Sturtridge  b. 4 Mar 1919 Tacoma, WA  d. 9 Jun
POLICE, Sylvia Irene  b. 1 Feb 1927  Halletsville, TX  d. 9 Jun 
PORRINI, Rosalyn Royce  b. 9 Jan 1931 Grand Rapids, MI  d. 8 Jun
POTTER, Amy Ruth  b. 27 May 1922 d. 13 Jun
ROBLES, Henry G.  b. 1917 Seguin, TX  d. 10 Jun
ROMEY, Charles M. SSG USA (ret)   62 yrs  d. 6 Jun
SANCHEZ, Redro Reyes  b. 27 Jun 1935 Stockdale, TX  d. 7 Jun
SKINNER, Jimmie L.  b. 22 Feb 1944 d. 7 Jun
SQUIRES, Mie N.  b. 11 Mar 1928  Tokyo, Japan  d. 7 Jun 
VILLANUEVA, John Gilbert  62 yrs  d. 7 Jun
WHEELER, Robert Tyndall   b. 27 Nov 1921 Mount Vernon, NY  d. 4 Jun
ZIMMERMAN, Mary B.  b. 8 Aug 1924 Fredericksburg, TX  d. 12 Jun

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Obits from Sun 9 Jun 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories:   Keyword:  Obituaries

ADAMS, Christine "Chrissy"  b. 28 Nov 1941 Germany  d. 7 Jun
AVEY, Ruth Marie Rackley  b. 5 Jul 1924 Blackcreek, TX  d. 4 Jun
BEADLE, Irvin R.   b. 16 Jan 1927 Franklin, LA  d. 6 JUn
BLANKENSHIP, William Leslie LTCOL  (ret)  b. 24 Dec 1925 Cleveland, OH  d. 27 May
BONOMO, Joseph J. Jr. USAF (ret)  b. 5 Apr 1946  d. 2 Jun
BUEL, Marjorie Dale  b. 24 Jul 1919  d. 4 Jun
BURCHFIELD, Bonnie  87 yrs  d. 4 Jun
BURGE, Shirley Paulette "Polly" Roberts  b. 1931  d. 6 Jun
CALLAHAM, William Haywood  b. 4 Jun 1945 San Angelo, TX  d. 2 Jun
CHATMAN, Zulma Lotti b. 4 Jan 1957 Ponce, Puerto Rico  d. 4 Jun
COOKE, Bernard J.  b. 31 May 1922 Norway, MI  d. 31 May
EIDELBACH, Baylor Merle Collins  b. 24 May 1929 San Angelo, TX  d. 4 Jun
FARR, Hazel B.  87 yrs  d. 21 Apr
FISHER, Maria Esther  b. 20 May 1940 Zaragoza, Spain  d. 30 May
GOSSAGE, Russell L.  b. 24 Sep 1926 Kansas City, KS  d. 4 Jun
GREIG, Edith Bailey  b. 28 Aug 1946 Abilene, TX  d. 2 Jun
GUERRA, Eddie  b. 15 Apr 1931  d. 5 Jun
GUTHRIDGE, Evelyn  LTCOL USAF (ret)  b. 10 Mar 1936 Correctionville, IA  d. 5 Jun
HANDLEY, Dr. Don H.  b. 21 Jan 1942 San Antonio, TX  d. 5 Jun
HERNANDEZ, Maria L.  b. 21 Nov 1935 Marion, TX  d. 3 Jun
HOLMES, Patricia Ann  b. 4 Jul 1947 Espanola, NM  d. 3 Jun
HYDE, Lillian Mary Jaggard  b. 26 Feb 1916 Hanwell, England  d. 2 Jun
INGLE, Frances G.  b. 4 May 1922 San Antonio, TX  d. 21 May
LANCASTER, Betty Lain  b. 3 Nov 1931  d. 13 May
LEIKAM, Bobbie J.  b. 13 Dec 1926  d. 7 Jun
LUCIO, Richard R.  67 yrs  d. 6 Jun
MABRITO, Wesley John  95 yrs  d. 6 Jun
MALDONADO, Juan R.  87 yrs  d. 3 Jun
MARSHALL, Don Marcus   b. 25 Aug 1923 San Antonio, TX  d. 2 Jun
NAUSCHUTZ, Mildred B. "Millie"  b. 13 Sep 1924 Beaumont, TX  d. 6 Jun
NUNEZ, Bibian Preito Sr. 88 yrs  d. 5 Jun
OWENS, Richard (Rick) MSGT USAF (ret)  d. 6 Jun
PAIS, Jacob M. Jr.  b. 20 Apr 1955  d. 3 Jun
POPE, Marion George CMSGGT USAF (ret)  94 yrs  d. 3 Jun
PROSK, Feodor (Fred)  b. 8 Feb 1918 Bronx, NY  d. 1 Jun
RHOADS, Sue Bosanko  b. 21 Sep 1938 Denver, CO  d. 7 Jun
RODRIGUEZ, Dolores R.  b. 25 Aug 1926  d. 2 Jun
SCHROEDER, Judge Gaylan  73 yrs  d. 6 Jun
SCHULZE, David Lee b. 21 Nov 1929  d. 1 Jun
WRIGHTSMAN, Mildred (Millie) Ellen  83 yrs  d. 26 May

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Obits from Sun 2 Jun 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Obits   Keyword:  Obituaries

ARCE, Ruben  b. 11 Apr 1957  d. 30 May
ASTRAN, Isidoro Jr.  b. 18 Mar 1938 San Marcos, TX  d. 28 May
AYERS, Frank D. MSGT (ret) USAF b. 27 Feb 1926  d. 22 May
BARRY, Carolyn Irene Cauley  b. 15 Jul 1927 Austin, TX  d. 29 May
BAUMANN, William (Bill) Bernard Frederick  b. 1 Jun 1950 Troy, NY  d. 28 May
BENNETT, Lucille F.  93 yrs  d. 31 May
BERTCH, Doris Virginia  b. 12 Mar 1921 Warren, PA  d. 28 May
BRANDON, Darryll  b. 1 Apr 1952 Travis AFB, Fairfield, CA  d. May 2013
CAMP, Mary S.  b. 17 May 1953 Fort Worth, TX  d. 29 May
DAVIS, Carl L. CWO4 USAF (ret)  b. 29 Sep 1919 Fayetteville, WV  d. 26 May
DOTSON, Ellen Joy  b. 6 Feb 1920 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 May
ELBEL, Jacques Lee  b. 5 Jul 1931 San Antonio, TX  d. 26 May
ESTRALA, Mateo Jr.  b. 10 Oct 1938  d. 27 May
EVILSIZER, Eduard H.  58 yrs  d. 27 May
FILOTEO, Estella G.  85 yrs  d. 29 May
FLAGMEIER, Thomas D.  b. 15 Oct 1945 Canton, OH  d. 27 May
FLORES, Sally Murray  94 yrs  d. 29 May
FREDERICK, Wanda Doris b. 7 Apr 1928 Brownwood, TX  d. 28 May
GARCIA, Gloria C.  57 yrs  d. 29 May
GARCIA, Jose A.  b. 31 Jan 1957 San Antonio, TX  d. 27 May
GARCIA, Richard Guzman  b. 16 Dec 1932  d. 30 May
GARZA, Julia Elonia  b. 23 Dec 1931 San Antonio, TX  d. 29 May
GATZKA, Donna Joy  b. 3 Feb 1928 Houston, MN  d. 27 May
GONZALEZ, Blasa A.  b. 3 Feb 1914  d. 29 May
GRAHAM, Jane E. LTCOL USA (ret)  b. 6 May 1944 Tiffin, OH  d. 27 May
GROSSBERNDT, Nancy Ellen  b. 20 Jun 1957 Lynwood, CA  d. 27 May
HOLLIDAY, Lawrence Col  b. 21 Jan 1948  San Antonio, TX  d. 28 May
HOLT, Ronald D. USA (ret)  d. 29 May
HUERTA, Isabel S. 67 yrs  d. 30 May
KRIES, Jacqueline (Jackie)  b. 3 Sep 1947 San Antonio, TX    d. 28 May
KUBICEK, Eugene O.  b. 5 Nov 1919  d. 24 May
LAMZA, Virginia K.  b. 15 Jul 1935  d. 30 May
LEYVA, John D.  b. 13 Jan 1961 San Antonio, TX  d. 29 May
LIMMER, Bradley Lynn M.D.  b. 21 Oct 1965 Galveston, TX  d. 24 May
MARTINEZ, Ernest Edward  47 yrs  d. 27 May
MATA, Jacinta (Chinta) b. 3 Jul 1936 San Antonio, TX  d. 30 May
MAYBIN, Jamie Ruth Carter  b. 21 Jul 1952  d. 24 May
MEEHAN, Frank D. (Pancho) b. 14 Oct 1925 Mexico  d. 28 May
MOSLEY, John Connell Sr.  b. 5 May 1930 Shreveport, LA  d. 27 May
MUNIZ, Berta  b. 1 Aug 1931 Augsburg, Germany  d. 25 May
NARVAIZ, David  53 yrs  d. 29 May
PARSONS, Martha Jean  b. 8 Nov 1943 San Antonio, TX  d. 26 May
PEPI, Eustaquio Jr.  b.  27 Apr 1935 Laredo, TX  d. 25 May
ROBERTS, Mary Jane  b. 15 Dec 1924 Fort Ethan Allen, VT  d. 26 May
RODRIGUEZ, Maria Rebecca  b. 29 Apr 1925 Laredo, TX  d. 15 May
ROWLAND, Diane Elizabeth  d. 30 May
RUIZ, Josefina  73 yrs  d. 30 May
SANSOM, Helen I.   b. Dec 1944 Monroe, LA  d. 14 May
SHERBERT, Wanda Sue Baertich  b. 14 Oct 1949  d. 29 May
SMITH, Donald J. MSGT USAF (ret)  b. 26 Mar 1935  d. 24 May
SMITH, Joan (Cookie)  b. 19 Oct 1943 Des Moines, IA  d. 29 May
STONE, Frances Jean Wilkes Pagel 77 yrs  d. 23 May
TAYLOR, Rodney Clifton  b. 24 Oct 1958 Fort Worth, TX  d. 29 May
TROUTZ, Murl C.  b. 16 May 1929 Oak Island, TX  d. 27 May
TSCHOEPE, Kathryn  b. 11 Dec 1966  d. 29 May
TUCKER, Marion O.  77 yrs  d. 26 May
WATSON, Pearl Katherine  Fertsch  b. 19 Apr 1924 Runge, TX   d. 26 May
ZOLLER, Barbara Ann Liedecke  b. 26 May

Monday, June 3, 2013


Obits from Sun 26 May 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories  Keyword:  obituaries

AGUIRRE, Rachel Ruiz  b. 19 Oct 1945  d. 17 May
ALVARAZ, Luis M.  b. 22 Dec 1940 Three Rivers, TX  d. 21 May
BALL, Willis H.  b. 13 Feb 1920 Chickasha, OK  d. 20 May
BLACK ,Thomas W. Jr.  82 yrs  d. 22 May
BODET, Mary (Pat) b. 9 Dec 1936 San Antonio, TX  d. 21 May
BREWER, Edward  74 yrs  d. 22 May
BUTLER, Wesley Noble  b. 16 Dec 1934  d. 18 May
CAMPOS, Gloria C.  b. 11 Aug 1950  d. 20 May
CHARLES, Dolores B.  b. 28 Aug 1925 San Antonio, TX  d. 20 May
DENMAN, Mary  90 yrs  d. 8 May
EDWARDS, Bessie (Betsy) M.  d. 22 May
FERGUSON, Eleanor Leonarda  b. 1923  d. 22 May
GALLASPY, Donald S. Sr.  b. 11 Jan 1921 Meridian, MS  d. 14 Apr
GIBBS, Danny Newton  b. 18 Oct 1977  d. 21 May
HARRIS, Lois V.  b. 3 Jul 1917  d. 21 May
HEILIGMANN, Clifton Herman   b. 21 Feb 1916 San Antonio, TX  d. 23 May
HERNANDEZ, Alice L.  76 yrs  d. 23 May
KAUFFMAN, Dorothy E.  89 yrs  d. 21 May
MILLS, Irene Gannon  b. 29 Jan 1927 Czechoslovakia  d. 22 May
OTTEA, Charles J.  b. 1 May 1925  d. 23 May
PRICE, Monique Marie Madeleine Fringant   b. 1930 Malzeville, France  d. 19 May
SAENZ, Loretta Kushne  b. 10 Feb 1919 San Antonio, TX  d. 22 May
SMITH, Colleen Roessier High  b. 7 Jul 1928 Eau Claire, WI  d. 24 May
STANBRIDGE, Graciela  77 yrs  d. 23 May
URIEGAS, Carmen Rea  b. 1928 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 May
VALADEZ, Daniel R. b. 17 Jul 1942  d. 23 May
VILLALOBOS, Augustin V. Sr.  92 yrs  d. 22 May
VILLARREAL, Felipe  b. 5 Sep 1917 Laredo, TX  d. 21 May


I apologize to everyone that reads my blog.  I have not posted anything for over a week now.  It's not that I didn't have time, didn't want to, but because I could not get to my blogs to post.

Is that confusing?  Well it is to me too.  I kept getting a little block that said I couldn't post, that I had to refresh my page.  I could not find that button to push and still can't.  So here I am writing an apology and getting ready to post last weeks obits.

I took a short break of five days to go up north, way up north, to see my granddaughter graduate.  Tears of joy streamed down my face as I watched her walk across the stage to receive her diploma.  So proud of her.

Bear with me.  I will attempt to try again. 

Until then......................................