Monday, March 26, 2012


Only seven days to go.......I'm so excited. here I come!  I want to find answers to some questions I have.  I do hope the computer won't be locked up with everybody trying to look into their answers all at one time. 

Hope to find if  Junior Waverly lived close to my mother and what his occupation was.  Was Bud Wyburn living in Dubuque or running back and forth to Minnesota?  So many questions.  Hopefully a LOT of answers. 

Until then......................

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Obits from Sunday 25 Mar 2012 San Antonio Express News San Antonio, TX

ARENDSEE, Roger Mabie  b. 3 Feb 1923 Rockford, IL  d. 13 Mar
ARRENDONDO, Jose M.  b. 10 Jun 1940 San Antonio, TX  d. 16 Mar
BABCOCK, Jodi Lynn Furche  47 yrs  d. 21 Mar
BALDERAS, Gabriel G.  b. 12 Jan 1944 San Antonio, TX  d. 17 Mar
BAUMBACH, Nora Irene  b. 18 Apr 1917 Muldoon, TX  d. 22 Mar
BLANCHARD, Joseph Edgar  b. 7 Dec 1928 Haskell, OK  d. 22 Mar
BLOM, June Moore  b. 11 Jun 1927 Miami, FL  d. 19 Mar
BOOTHE, Margaret R.  73 yrs  d. 21 Mar
BROWN, Keith (Papa)  59 yrs   d. 9 Jan
BROWN, Margaret Sorola  b. 29 Jan 1942 San Antonio, TX  d. 19 Mar
CARRERA COLON, Aurora Agness b. 2 Nov 1934 San Antonio, TX  d. 17 Mar Tulsa, OK
CHAMBERS, Bessie E.  b. 30 Jul 1925 Valley Mills, TX  d. 24 Mar
DAHLBERG, Elmer F. (Elmo)  b. 10 Mar 1926  d. 23 Mar
DE LA CERDA, Daniel C. 73 yrs  d. 19 Mar
DE LEON, Ramon Jr. 1SGT   d. 22 Mar
FLORES, Maria De Jesus G. b. 1 Jun 1918  d. 16 Mar
FRISCHMUTH, Paul Anthony  b. 10 May 1958 San Antonio, TX  d. 19 Mar
FULLER, Peggy M.  d. 18 Mar
GAMBOA, Rodrigo S. b. 16 Dec 1942  d. 23 Mar
GARCIA, Diana Maldonado  b. 25 May 1959  d. 22 Mar
GULLEY, Myra Irene  b. 4 Feb 1938 Tulsa, OK  d. 22 Mar
GUZMAN, Antonio P.  b. 16 Apr 1917 Dolores, TX  d. 13 Mar
HARRIS, Adelina G.  b. 9 Oct 1942  d. 21 Mar
HERNANDEZ, Nathan Anthony  7 yrs  d. 18 Mar
HILL, Eric Potter Chilton  b. 6 Nov 1950 San Antonio, TX  d. 23 Mar
HINDS, Susanne  b. 29 Dec 1948  San Antonio, TX     d. 18 Mar
KOKERNOT, Marlene L. Pierce  81 yrs  d. 19 Mar
KONOP, Azalea Rita Mays   b. 11 May 1937 Seguin, TX  d. 22 Mar
KORZEKWA, Emily A.  b. 17 Jun 1926 Kosciusko, TX  d. 22 Mar
KROEGER, Fred C.  58 yrs  d. 22 Mar
LAJZER, Adelina Lopez  b. 18 Mar 1920 Corpus Christi, TX  d. 19 Mar
LITTLETON, Wilbur F. Jr.  b. 30 Aug 1927 Del Rio, TX    d. 21 Mar
MARTENSEN, Doris J.  b. 1920 Oakland, CA  d. 14 Mar
MARTINI, Albino   b. 10 Oct 1927  d. 10 Mar
MCCARTHY, Beverly Ward  65 yrs  d. 13 Mar
MCCARTHY, Daniel P.  CMSGT USAF (Ret)  b. Elmira, NY   d. 21 Mar
MCGINTY, Merle King  92 yrs  d. 22 Mar
MEDRANO, Ofelia V.  b. 27 Aug 1927   d. 17 Mar
MILLER, Karen Sue  b. 18 Feb 1949 Goshen, IN  d. 22 Mar
MOLTZ, John Henry Jr.  b. 5 Jan 1918  d. 20 Mar
MONTOYA, Ted "Tito" SFC (ret)  b. 20 Oct 1945  d. 17 Mar
MUTCHLER, Thomas L.  b. 14 Jun 1939 Karnes City, TX  d. 22 Mar
NUCKOLS, Nathaniel  b. 16 Jan 1931 Anadarko, OK  d. 19 Mar
PACKARD, Glen Philip  b. 19 Jun 957 Houston, TX  d. 21 Mar
PURDOM, Robert William Jr.  b. 7 Sep 1916     d. 23 Mar
REININGER, Bernard Leo b. 24 Oct 1924 San Antonio, TX  d. 23 Mar
ROBERTS, Merritt  Richardson "Dick"   b. 1941 Vicksburg, MS  d. 24 Mar
RODRIGUEZ, Robert Anthony  b. 29 Sep 1932 San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Mar
RODRIGUEZ, Vincent D.  b. Eagle Pass, TX  88 yrs   d. 20 Mar
SCASSA, Ambassador Eugene L.  b. 1939 Monaca, PA  d. 22 Mar
SCHMID, Jack Paul Jr.  b. 28 Dec 1935  d. 22 Mar
SCHREIBER, Thelma  85 yrs  d. 18 Mar
SCOGIN, Jason Milton "J.M."  b. 24 Dec 1932 Christine, TX   d. 24 Mar
STRATTON, Loretta Jean Dennis  b. 1 Sep 1948 San Antonio, TX  d. 20 Mar
TAGLE, Maria G.  b. 29 Sep 1922 San Antonio, TX   d. 19 Mar
TAYLOR, Clara Lynn Whitescarver   b. 20 Jan 1910 Beaver Dam, Ohio Co, KY  d. 16 Mar
TONDRE, Deborah  d. 8 Mar
VASQUEZ, Esther  b. 28 Oct 1921  d. 22 Mar
WARD, Charles "Gene"  d. 22 Mar
WELTY, Ray J. Maj USAF (ret)  b. 17 Oct 1920 Brownwood, TX  d. 22 Mar
WHITE, Norma L.  b. 3 Jul 1941  d. 18 Mar
WILLIAMS, Elbert Von  b. 9 Jan 1950  d. 17 Mar
WILLIS, Leonard Rodney  b. 24 Mar 1932 San Antonio, TX  d. 17 Mar
YOUNGBLOOD, Mary Lillian Sheppard Piemons  b. 10 Oct 1915  Kerens, TX  d. 21 Mar

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I've been working my fingers to the bone, well almost.  I'm trying to get the family tree all entered and make sure all the information is correct.  Only have two months to go for the big reunion!

So in family tree maker there is a relationship site to go to and see how you are related to each of the people you have entered into your tree.  I finally found some of my third cousins.  Of course I have a LOT more to do.  But I figured out that the children of my 2nd cousins 1x removed are my third cousins!  Now to figure out my fourth cousins.

It's getting down to the wire.  I have to make copies, and more copies.  With God as my guide I'll get it done.  That's faith folks.

Looks like rain outside my window and I heard we were in for some storms.  Sooooo I guess I'll do some back up on my entries.  Better safe than sorry.

Until then..................


Obits from Sunday, 18 Mar 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX

ALVARADO, Porfirio  b. 6 Apr 1934 Agua Dulce, TX  d. 11 Mar
ANDERSON, Jeffery Lee  b. 9 Jan 1978 San Antonio, TX  d. 16 mar
ANDREWS, Sara L. (Allemang)  71 yrs  d. 9 Mar
AUTREY, Cornelius "Buddy" d 13 Mar
BARRICKLOW, Elizabeth F.  b. 30 Dec 1917  d. 9 Mar
BECERRA, Alida  b. 5 Sep 1959  d. 14 Mar
BIEDIGER, Betty C.  b. 2 Feb 1937 Opelousas, LA  d. 15 Mar
BRAMBLETT, Edith Imogene  b. 26 Nov 1928 San Diego, CA  d. 14 Mar
BROSSMAN, V. "Duke" LTC USAF (ret)    89 yrs   d. 13 Mar
CARVER, Floy Marie (Hastings)   b. 31 Dec 1936 San Antonio, TX   d. 15 Mar
CHAPLIN, Ethel S.  b. 28 Sep 1925 Littleton, NC  d. 13 Mar
CHISM, Joyce Ann  76 yrs  d. 17 Mar
CISNEROS, Felipe "Pimo" R.  b. 27 Mar 1938 San Antonio, TX  d. 7 Mar
COCKE, Dr. Eileen Kelly  68 yrs  d. 10 Mar
DAWKINS, Floyd Jr.  74 yrs  d. 10 Mar
DUARTE, Marla De La Luz   b. 4 Mar 1932 San Antonio, TX  d. 15 Mar
ELLIOTT, Bobby Joe  b. 30 May 1932 Turkey, TX  d. 14 Mar
ESCALANTE, Estella Nanez  b. 1 Sep 1930 Poteet, TX  d. 16 Mar
ESPINO, Maria Ofelia  84 yrs  d. 16 Mar
ESPINOZA, Mrs. Natividad Luna  b. 4 Nov 1924 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Mar
FLORES, Margaret R.  b. 1 Aug 1936  d. 16 Mar
FLYNT, Earl W. RMC (SS) USN (ret)  b. 21 Nov 1935 Oklahoma City, OK  d. 10 Mar
FUENTES, Eva  b. 10 Jun 1923 Robstown, TX  d. 15 Mar
GARCIA, Richard D.  b. 11 Jul 1946  d. 9 Mar
GOMEZ, Rafael Jr.  b. 23 Nov 1928 Laredo, TX  d. 14 Mar
GREEN, Rogene Lacy    b. 8 Aug 1915  d. 4 Mar
HAMILTON, Robert H.  b. 27 May 1921 Naugatuck, WV  d. 16 Mar
HAMMOND, Royal Jr. b. 8 Apr 1932  d. 11 Mar
HEATH, James Edwaard  b. 26 Oct 1938 El Paso, TX  d. 7 Mar
HERAS, Teodoro  b. 29 Oct 1922 Paracuardo Michoacan, Mexico  d. 13 Mar
HERNANDEZ, Gilbert R.  d. 8 Mar
HILL, Virginia Lea "Ginger"  b. 10 Sep 1950  d. 13 Mar
HINOJOSA, Jose Rafael  b. 28 Aug 1928  d. 13 Mar
JONES, James H. (Jimmy)  b. 8 Jan 1944 Edcouch, TX  d. 12 Mar
KARPOWICZ, Stephania Angela Kozak   b. 16 Sep 1916 Cleveland, OH  d. 4 Mar
KUBINSKI, Lily Belle Hovey  b. 28 Jan 1926  d. 5 Mar
LANDEROS, Olga Rangel  83 yrs  d. 8 Mar
LIECK, Velma  (Menn) b. 7 Nov 1923  d. 15 Mar
LIEPOLD, Roger Allen  b. 20 Feb 1937 Brewster, MN  d. 9 Mar
MALDONADO, Jose "Joe"  b. 15 Sep 1964  d. 15 Mar
MCCARTY, Joseph F. Major UsAF (ret)  b. 4 Dec 1923 Lafollette, TN  d. 12 Mar
MILLER, Glenn C. 79 yrs  d. 7 Mar
MOATES, Evangelina "Eva" Ramirez   b. 22 Sep 1942  San Antonio, TX   d. 16 Mar
MOLINA, Rafael "Ralph"  37 yrs  d. 13 Mar
NAVARRO, James P. Sgt USA (ret)  b. 19 May 1947 Oakland, CA  d. 12 Mar
O'NEILL, Helen Iona  b. 23 Feb 1942  d. 8 Mar
OVIEDO, Michael (Mikey) John 47 yrs  d. 11 Mar
PERSYN, Lorine Stein Boehme  b. 21 May 1918 Medina County, TX  d. 16 Mar
PIKE, Bruce Daniel  51 yrs  d. 16 Mar
RAMIREZ, Margarita Cantu  b. 5 Apr 1918 San Antonio, TX   d.  Mar 2012
RODRIGUEZ, Maria C. (Christine) b. 1 Jan 1921 San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Mar
ROSALES, Delfina Alderete  b. 31 Jul 1919 Seguin, TX  d. 10 Mar
SLOAN, Lyle Glen  b. Aug 1945  MN     b.Mar  2012
SOLARCZYK, Josephine  b. 9 Feb 1936 Marion, TX  d. 16 Mar
SOLIS, Maria J.  b. 2 Mar 1917 Villa Vnion, Coachuila, Mexico   d. 14 Mar
STEADMAN, Gerald (Jerry) I.   b. 29 Sep 1936 Eola, TX  d. 15 Mar
TARVER, Linda Kay Guess b. 3 Apr 1938 Lubbock, TX  d. 9 Mar
THEIS, Clarence F.  b. 24 Nov 1933 San Antonio, TX   d. 15 Mar
TIPS, Will Chambers  b. 7 Oct 1920 San Antonio, TX   d. 14 Mar
TSCHIRHART, Gary Wayne  b. 13 Aug 1962 San Antonio, TX    d. 12 Mar
WACKER, Peggy Joyce   b. 26 Jan 1925  Fredericksburg, TX  d. 16 Mar
WALSH, William F. Jr. D.D.S.  b. 9 Apr 1940 Amarillo, TX  d. 14 Mar
WOOD, Quince L.  b. 10 Feb 1929 Leona, TX  d. 6 Mar

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Forgive me for not keeping the blog up to date.  I attended a wonderful conference, Sharon Norris Elliott, this last week end.  I really couldn't write fast enough.  She had so much wonderful information and I wanted to make sure I got it ALL. 

One of my daughters changed jobs and I had to help her get all her papers together.  Seems that mom keeps important papers more handy than she does.  She is in training now, her mother-in-law took all the children off to the beach, and that leaves me to WRITE. 

The reunion is only two and a half months away and there is no way the book will be done, BUT the ancestry book will be done.  AND that is what I am working on.  I want to make sure I have all information documented and where I found the information to document it.  If I had done the documentating as I went along I wouldn't have to go back and do it.  Amateur genealogists take note.

I've sent notes out to everyone requesting pictures but that is slow in coming.  I'm amazed at what I have been able to put together.  Thank you to those of you that have sent what you were able to find.  Genealogy is really an on going process.  Even when you think you've found everything, something else pops up. 

So I'm making copies, reviewing what I've put together and will keep you all updated.

Until then.........................

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Obits from Sunday 11 Mar 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX

ACUNA, Erasmo G.  b. 10 Sep 1935 Yorktown, TX  d. 8 Mar
ADAMS, Cheryl Muzzi  b. Cleveland, MS  60 yrs old   d. 28 Feb
ALMENDAREZ, Ted Joseph  b. 3 Jul 1950 San Antonio, TX  d. 7 Mar
BAIRD, Donald Ivan  b. 30 Mar 1930 Watonga, OK  d. 1 Mar
BARRETT, Betty b. Apr 1936   d. 4 Mar
BATEMAN, Ann Mary Lagleder  b. 22 Jul 1921 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Mar Castroville, Tx
CALLAHAN, Charles Flifford III b. 22 Oct 1955 Pittsburgh, PA  d. 8 Mar
CANALES MELENDEZ, Ofelia 86 yrs  d. 7 Mar
CHAMBERLAIN, Earl J.  b. 27 Sep 1926 Piggott, AK  d. 26 Feb Converse, TX
CHAVEZ,Maria E.  b. 19 Dec 1934  d. 29 Feb
CHAVEZ, Mary M.  b. 29 Dec 1925  d. 8 Mar
CORTEZ, Gloria P.  b. 22 Aug 1940  San Antonio, TX  d. 8 Mar
CRUZ, Mary Hernandez  b. 7 Dec 1950  d. 4 Mar
DELAGARZA, Willie  d. 2 Mar
DUFF, Glynn Morris  b. 19 Nov 1938 Sherman, TX   d. 8 Mar
DUPONT, Rene HG. Maj Gen USArmy (ret)  b. Los Angeles, CA  d. 6 Mar
EDWARDS, Carol Joyce Parks b. 8 Jan 1934 Lansing, MI  d. 8 Mar
FAZ,Santiago  63 yrs  d. 7 Mar
FRISCH, Josette  d. 27 Feb
GALLATIN, Albert Eugene "Gene"  b. 10 Nov 1960 San Antonio, TX  d. 1 Mar
GOMEZ, Consuelo Lozano  b. 21 Nov 1919  d. 4 Mar
GUIMBARDA, Luis Adolfo MD  b. 4 Oct 1938  d. 9 Mar
HARPER, James A.  b. 25 Feb 1937  Houston, TX  d. 29 Feb
HAYNES, Cheryl  b. 13 Oct 1947 Washington, D.C.  d. 7 Mar
HERNANDEZ, Manuel "Manny"  b. 25 Feb 1966  d. 29 Feb
KEITH, Ronald Lee b. 27 Nov 1943  d. 9 Mar
KLEIBRINK, Johnny F.  b. 3 Aug 1944 NJ  d. 7 Mar
LAIN, Norma June  80 yrs  d. 1 Mar
LANDEROS, Olga Rangel  83 yrs  d. 8 Mar
MARKER, Charlotte  75 yrs  d. 4 Mar
MATHIS, Helen Virginia  b. 1935  d. 4 Mar
MC ALEXANDER, Sharon A.  b. 9 Jul 1963 Chicago, IL  d. 9 Mar
MCGEE, Gertrude Simon  b. 28 Apr 1913 New Orleans, LA  d. 8 Mar
MICHALCZAK, Freida Marrin  b. 19 Mar 1920 Bandera, TX  d. 7 Mar
MOLINA, Mrs. Amparo A.  b. 3 Apr 1921 Monterrey, Mexico  d. 7 Mar
PASTOR, Maria   76 yrs  d. 6 Mar
PERALES, Benjamin TSGT USAF (ret)  b. 10 Oct 1939 San Antonio, TX  d. 29 Feb
POWELL, James A.   b. 4 Jan 1937 Trinity County, TX  d. 3 Mar
GUINI, Eddie A.  b. 23 Jan 1931  d. 6 Mar
REED, Max Edward  b. 11 Dec 1925 Long Beach, CA  d. 8 Mar
RINGEN, Cherri  d. Mar 2012
ROACH, Martha A.  b. 16 Oct 1934 Chattanooga, TN  d. 27 Feb
ROBINSON, Steven Lawrence "Rob"  59 yrs  d. Mar 2012
RODRIGUEZ, Isidro Jr.  b. 12 Feb 1945 Cotulla, TX  d. 6 Mar
SAN MIGUEL, Ernestina Galvan  b. 8 Apr 1927 Mexico  d. 8 Mar
SHERMAN, Nancy Beldon  71 yrs  d. 6 Mar
STUBBLEFIELD, Charles Deanie  b. 14 Apr 1938 Hazard, KY  d. 4 Mar
SYLVESTER, Karen Lynne b. 16 Nov 1954  d. 6 Mar
TARVER, Linda Kay Guess  d. 9 Mar
VARGAS, Leopoldo  b. 9 Jun 1922 d. 8 Mar
WILE, Victorine (Vicky) Josephine  b. 31 Dec 1945 Angleur, Belgium  d. 3 Mar
WINDHAMN, Leslie Noel  b. 11 Jan 1939 San Antonio, TX  d. 8 Mar
ZAPATA, Maria Banda  b. 23 May 1915 New Berlin, TX  d. 1 Mar

Friday, March 9, 2012


It's not only a rainy day it's COLD!  If we just had our summer it sure was short.  Oh well, at least it isn't snow.  My husband was in Seattle on a business trip for a few days and saw snow.  He said the pass was closed.  Yes, I remember those days, and I do like the warmer weather.

My daughter is changing jobs and has to have quite a few papers like birth certificates, marriage, etc. copied for their files.  Well, I keep our important papers in a safe deposit box so I went to the bank this morning to get what I needed.  As soon as I opened the door and stepped inside, I remembered, or rather I forgot, what number our box was.  Not only that, I forgot my password to get in.  Mind you I haven't been to the safe deposit box in over a year, a lot of things happen in a year, like forgetting the password. 

It took three ladies to help me, by the way, thank you ladies, to figure out what my number was.  Yes, I wrote it down, but I'll forget where I put it by the time I have to go back.  Old age??  Old timers already??  I hope not!

Now back to the writing.  I've gone through all the birth, death, and marriage certificates I have, made copies, and now verifying land papers.  Oh yes, when I'm through, they go to the box too for safe keeping.  All of those copies cost a LOT of money. 

Looks like Nathaniel and his family have a lot of information, just wish I could find out who his parents were.   In one of his son's, Ira, it says his father is related to General Nathaniel Greene, George Washington's right hand man.  I've tried to piece that together but so far I have come up short.  Who said genealogy takes a short time?  I've been doing this close to twenty years.  Probably more like forty years because I bounced around looking into different family names. 

Anyway, on to finding more information.  Stay warm my friend.  Until then........................

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Obits for Sunday 4 Mar 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX

ALLEN, Earleen 68 yrs  d. 1 Mar
ANTU, Marie Catherine  b. 9 May 1971  d. 1 Mar
ARBUTHNOT, George S. Sol USAF (ret)  b. 14 Jan 1918 Manifest, LA  d. 29 Feb
AVELAR, Maria De Rosario  67 yrs  d. 2 Mar
BOCOCK, Rosalie  b. 5 Apr 1939  d. 27 Feb
BOLTON, Willie Edd  b. 14 Nov 1948 Augusta, GA  d. 26 Feb
BUHIDAR, Roland Paul  b. 26 Sep 1962 San Antonio, TX  d. 16 Feb
CABELDUE, Mary  83 yrs  d. 2 Mar
CARDICE, Jeanne M.  93 yrs  d. 27 Feb
CARRASCO, Ernesto D.  b. 23 Jul 1940  d. 24 Feb
CHAGOY, Adolfo V. Sr.  79 yrs  d. 28 Feb
CHAPMAN, Imogene Wilhite  b. 8 Feb 1930 Denver, CO  d. 2 Mar
COPPAGE, William Thomas  b. 9 Apr 1939 Guthrie, KY  d. 26 Feb
COX, Will N.  b. 14 Jun 1927 Maysville, OK  d. 1 Mar
DEGROAT, Judd Jr.  b. 18 Jun 1931 San Antonio, TX  d. 29 Feb
DODGE, Judith Audrey  b. 17 Nov 1930 Hudson, NY  d. 26 Feb
ESCOBEDO, Jerry C.  49 yrs  d. 28 Feb
FLORES, Guadalupe  b. 15 Mar 1944 Laredo, TX d. 29 Feb
FOLKERTS, Willie Mae  b. 30 Jul 1927 San Antonio, TX  d. 25 Feb
FRAIRE, Margaret  b. 10 Sep 1927 San Antonio, TX  d. 28 Feb
GARCIA, Manuel Farias  b. 6 Jul 1933  d. 2 Mar
GARCIA, Catherine Cisneros  b. 21 Aug 1950 San Antonio, TX  d. 1 Mar
GARZA, Ricardo  b. 26 Feb 1946  d. 24 Feb
GINDY, Irving Walter  b. 30 Aug 1924 Cleveland, OH  d.  2 Mar
GONZALES, Apolonia G.  83 yrs  d. 29 Feb
GREGORY, Gloria X.  87 yrs  d. 2 Mar
HEICKMAN, Feldon Palm  b. 8 Jul 1925  d. 1 Mar
HERFF, Anne Geise  b. 4 Apr 1942 Mineral Wells, TX  d. 29 Feb
HERWIG, Bertha Ann  b. 2 Oct 1919  d. 28 Feb
JACQUES, Joe Jr.  b. 13 Sep 1926 San Angelo, TX  d. 2 Mar
KASTOR, Charles Theodore "Ted"  b. 29 Oct 1935 Goddard, KS  d. 28 Feb
KELLY, Donald Wallace b. 28 Apr 1920 Fredericksburg, New Brunswick, Canada  d. 28 Feb
KILHORN, Henry I. b. 21 Apr 1947 d. 2 Mar
KINNEY, Ernie H. MSGT USAF (ret) b. 13 Jun 1928 Bayard, NE  d. 27 Feb
LEWIS, Michael John b. 21 Sep 1931 Houston, TX  d. 1 Mar
LONAS, Sandra Kay b. 15 Dec 1957 Iowa City, IA  d. 23 Feb
LUCE, Gene Clayton Jr.  d. 25 Feb
MARCH, Rosemary "Mimi"  b. 3 Mar 1947 St Louis, MO  d. 26 Feb
MARTIN, Dr. James Lee  b. Jan 1934  d. 1 Mar
MARTINEZ, Elma G.  80 yrs   d. 26 Feb
MARTINEZ, Lee G. Jr. 79 yrs  d. 25 Feb
MCCARTHY, Norma Jean  d. 23 Feb
MCKINNEY, Mildred b. 25 Nov 1930 Nashcreek, Guadalupe Co, TX  d. 28 Feb
MELGAR, Jose Diaman  b. 12 Apr 1980 Honduras  d. 29 Feb
MENDOZA, Irene A.  77 yrs  d. 2 Mar
MENELEY, Nell Thiem  102 yrs  d. 29 Feb
ORSAK, Leroy    89 yrs  d. 29 Feb
PACHECO, Amos Ochoa  b. 7 Apr 1926 Elmendorf, TX  d. 26 Feb
PENNINGTON, Roger  d. 29 Feb
PEREZ, Margaret  89 yrs  d. 17 Feb
PETRY, Josephine White  b. 2 Oct 1916 d. 28 Feb
PETTY, Maxine Lambert  b. 10 Aug 1915 Shawnee, OK  d. 1 Mar
RAMIREZ, Emma Hernandez  b. 7 Apr 1931 Tempe, AZ  d. 29 Feb
RENFRO, Albert Lee  b. 11 Oct 1949 d. 18 Jan
RHORER, Vergie  b. 6 Dec 1912  d. 3 Mar
RODRIGUEZ, Michael H.  b. 13 May 1982  d. 29 Feb
SHAW, Dorothy Jean  b. 27 Jan 1933 Hondo, TX  d. 2 Mar
SOLIS, Mary G.  84 yrs  d. 27 Feb
THOMPSON, Blance Rigney  63 yrs  d. 29 Feb
VALDEZ, Roy Flores  b. 15 Jun 1940 San Antonio, TX  d. 13 Feb
WILLIAMS, Philip J.  1SG USArmy (ret)  b. 1 Apr 1947  d. 1 Mar
WILM, Paul A.  84 yrs  d. 28 Feb

Friday, March 2, 2012


Yesterday I was looking over my dna stats again, still trying to figure out who and how I'm related to all the people that have some of the same dna as I have.  It was very interesting to see that there are about three people out there that are trying to figure out their own background, because they were adopted.

I, at least,know who my mother is and have the possibility of three men to be my father, and I know their names.  I just have to find a match to one of their line, which I'm having a hard time trying to do.  It seems no one from their lines have had their dna done.

Then there is that other obstacle.  The man my mother was married to were first cousins once removed.  SOOOO I am technically related to him and his relatives!!!  Oh woe is me.

Well it isn't exactly woe is me, but I am forging ahead.  When the time is right God is going to let me know.  Guess it just isn't my time to know, at least not yet.

Until then.....................