Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Well I started this post the first part of the week!  I saved it to a draft because I got interrupted and now blog won't let me go back to it to finish!  I am soooo upset with BlogSpot.  Don't be surprised if I leave a message that I've moved.

ANYWAY.....why I'm so close but yet so far.

DNA of course.  I've been waiting for someone very close to me (at least I think she is) to have her DNA done so I can move on.  But that hasn't happened.  I can understand her feelings of not really wanting to find out, but you can understand mine for wanting to find out.........if we have the same father. 

But then again I have a third cousin that is a match and so far the names listed do not belong to anyone on my mother's side of the family.  Now you would think's got to be my father.  AND I have found a name that is a match to his great grandmother's name.  EBERLE......and I'm trying to figure out where that plays into the grand scheme of things.

When I saw the name, EBERLE,  my heart started racing.  I became giddy, excited, overjoyed, nervous,and any of the other words that describes zealous.  But it is a slow process to figure out where each piece of the puzzle fits.  Patience is the key word.  Oh, Lord, help me.  As you know I lack patience!

I'm off today for a few days genealogy hunting in the great New England states so I will be away from my blog until probably Oct 10th.  Even then, I hope I can get on BlogSpot to blog.  Will keep you posted on that situation.

Until then..........

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Obits from Sun 22 Sep 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories   Keyword:  Obituaries

AVILA, Nick Anthony Jr.  b. 6 Jul 1965  d. 17 Sep
BERKLEY, Michael Rena  51 yrs  d. 16 Sep
BRAY, Robert Michael  b. 23 Jan 1948 Ft. Worth, TX  d. 19 Sep
BURGES, Ellis G.  91 yrs  b. Beaumont, TX  d. 15 Sep
DACEY, Randy  d. 7 Sep
ELIZONDO, Pete  b. 3 Aug 1914 San Antonio, TX  d. 18 Sep
FIGUEROA, Jacinta R.  b. 5 Apr 1912 Campbelton, TX  d. 20 Sep
GONZALES, Joe Reta "Papi"  b. 21 Nov 1953  d. 18 Sep
GONZALES, Rogelio Jr.  b. 7 Dec 1969 San Antonio, TX  d. 18 Sep
GUYNES, John Michael  81 yrs  d. 16 Sep
HOLLINGSWORTH, John Leland  b. 26 Feb 1948 Clinton, IN  d. 18 Sep
JACKSON, Lorraine L.  b. 25 Oct 1925 New Orleans, LA  d. 20 Sep
JONES, E. Howard  b. 5 Oct 1922 San Antonio, TX  d. 20 Sep
KUDER, Cynthia Marie USN (ret) d. 16 Sep
LEJESKI, Alouis Albert  b. 7 Mar 1917 Adkins, TX  d. 19 Sep
LOPEZ, Armando F.  b. 15 Aug 1959  d. 18 Sep
LYONS, Sharon Kerr  b. 13 Jun 1954 Steubenville, OH  d. 17 Sep
MARTINEZ, Louisa Maria Talamantez  b. 22 Feb 1940 Floresville, TX  d. 14 Sep
MARTINEZ, Miguel Francisco  b. 21 Nov 1943 Eagle Pass, TX  d. 17 Sep
MEYER, Marvin F.  b. 9 Aug 1928 San Antonio, TX  d. 18 Sep
MONTEZ, Joe P.  87 yrs  d. 19 Sep
MOORE, Billy Glenn b. 10 Apr 1943 Littlefield, TX  d. 14 Sep
NEVILLE, Neil Webster  b. 1968 Honolulu, HI  d. 17 Sep
PACHECO, Amparo A.  93 yrs  d. 18 Sep
PHILLIPS, James Walter Col USA (ret) b. 6 Jan 1919 Westwego, LA   d. 14 Sep
RION, Reagon Fay b. 24 May 2001  d. 19 Sep
ROBINSON, Craig A. d. 19 Sep
ROBLES, Sandra Caldera  b. 20 Oct 1965  d. 17 Sep
RUCKER, Eleanor Ann "Ellie"  Brown    b. 2 Jun 1936   d. 17 Sep
RUIZ, Jose III  d. 17 Sep
SHAPIRO, David M.  b.  9 Jun 1929 New York City, NY   d. 17 Sep
STANFORD, John W. Jr.  b. 5 Oct 1924 Dallas, TX  d. 13 Sep
TOLIVER, Richard C.  b. 28 Aug 1928 Kingsbury, TX  d. 17 Sep
TYLMAN, Gerald "Jerry" E. Sr.  81 yrs  b. Erie, PA  d. 29 Aug
WERON, George Stanley  69 yrs  b. PA  d. 7 Sep

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Obits from Sun 15 Sep 2013  San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories    Keyword:  Obituaries

ARGUELLO, Tomasa M.  b. 9 Sep 1942  d. 11 Sep
BENSON, John Joseph  b.  15 May 1923  d. 10 Sep
CALLAHAN, Judy Hausman  d. 12 Sep
CASILLAS, Daniel "Danny"  b. 5 Apr 1955  d. 9 Sep
CASTILLO, Dora J.  b. 23 Aug 1925 Eagle Pass, TX  d. 10 Sep
COLTON, John  b. Tampa, FL  d. 5 Sep
CROWELL, Joyce Ann Sekula   b. 29 Jan 1952 Nixon, TX    d. 13 Sep
DAVIS, Clark Gilbert  b. 9 Feb 1927 Sleepy Eye, MN  d. 7 Sep
DIRKS, Elizabeth (Betty) Ann Schindler  b. 8 Jul 1927 San Antonio, TX  d. 12 Sep
DRISCOLL, Margaret R.  b. 11 Oct 1944  d. 11 Sep
DURAN, Irene R.  102 yrs  d. 11 Sep
DZIUK, Virginia Traber  83 yrs  d. 10 Sep
EMBS, Lowell David "Duke"  b. 12 Apr Chicago, IL  d. 27 Aug
FAULKNER, Tim E.  b. 22 Jul 1946 Lubbock, TX  d. 17 Jul
GONZALEZ, Paz Montalvo b. 24 Jan 1927 Sanderson, TX  d. 7 Sep
CALDWELL, Ernest b. 14 Dec 1933 Albuquerque, NM  d. 10 Sep
HOLLAND, Frank L.  b. 14 May 1934 Isle of Wright County, VA  d. 12 Sep
HUFF, Grace M.  b. 30 Jun 1924 Clinton County, PA  d. 4 Sep
JONES, Jean C.  b. 13 Jul 1930  d. 10 Sep
LEACH, Beverly Ann  b. 4 Jan 1939 Livonia, MI  d. 3 Sep
LONG, Cheryl 66 yrs  d. 10 Sep
LUDWIKOWSKI, Barbara  b. 28 Feb 1931 Reading, PA  d. 9 Sep
MARSHALL, Ben Fridge Col USA (ret)  b. 19 Nov 1916 Atmore, AL  d. 8 Sep
MATTHEWS, LaNell M. Schumaker  63 yrs  d. 11 Sep
MENCHACA, Lidefonso Jr.  85 yrs  d. 12 Aug
MORELAND, Peggy June  95 yrs  d. 13 Sep
PENA, Mason Joshua  b. 30 Aug 2013  d. 30 Aug
ROLANSKY, Mollie Ruth  b. 7 Jan 1948 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Sep
REED, Edith Glasberg    b. 18 Jun 1925   d. 11 Sep
RODRIGUEZ, Ted  b. 10 Nov 1922 D'Hanis, TX  d. 5 Sep
SCHMIDT, Carole Dawn  79 yrs  d. 11 Sep
SCHNEIDER, Jean Ann Pamppi   81 yrs  d. 12 Sep
SIFUENTES, Larry H.  53 yrs  d. 12 Sep
SMITH, John Clifton Sr.   b. 26 Dec 1940 San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Sep
VINCENT, Walter E. CMSGT USAF (ret)  b. 22 Nov 1930  d. 9 Sep
WALENTA, Jason Howard M.D. Ph. D.  b. 27 Nov 1971 Spokane, WA  d. 7 Sep
ZIGMOND, Clements  b. 2 Mar 1931 St. Hedwig, TX  d. 10 Sep

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Obits from Sun 8 Sep 2013  San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories   Keyword:  Obituaries

AGUILAR, Sylvia A.  63 yrs  d. 3 Sep
ASCHBACHER, Joan Carole McIntyre b. 9 Aug 1931 St Louis, MO  d. Sep 2013
BEERS, Mary Elizabeth  d. 29 Aug
BELCHER, L. Fred Col USA (ret)  b. 29 Oct 1928 Old Hickory, TN  d. 2 Sep
BLAKE, Jean Fay Zeeryp b. 13 Feb 1913 Yonkers, NY  d. 25 Aug
BROWNING, Karyl Leigh Williams  b. 20 Aug 1957  d. 24 Aug
CARREON, Aniceto Malacara  93 yrs  d. 4 Sep
CHANDLER, Doris Ann (Guess)  b. 6 Oct 1928  Dupo, IL d. 1 Sep
DOAN, Donald William  b. 16 Oct 1920 Sutter City, CA  d. 30 Aug
DURAN, Lorenzo "Larry" Luna  b. 5 Sep 1947  d. 4 Sep
ECKLER, Brian H.  MSGT USAF (ret) d. 23 Apr
FIELDER, Jimmy II  42 yrs  d. 5 Sep
GARCIA, Raul  31 yrs  d. 31 Aug
GONZALES, Herlinda  82 yrs  d. 5 Sep
GONZALES, Maria H.  b. 18 Nov 1913  d. 5 Sep
GOSS, Leroy  b. 11 May 1918 Belmont, TX  d. 3 Sep
GIMMETT, Henry A.  71 yrs  d. Sep 2013
LOPEZ, Serafin Jaimes  b. 9 Jun 1924  d. 4 Sep
MACHU, Alvin Alex (Buddy) Jr. b. 16 Jun 1949  d. 1 Sep
RANGEL, Juan Rangel Martinez Papache  b. 27 Mar 1943  San Antonio, TX  d. 3 Sep
REYNA, Maxima M.  b. 8 Jun 1931  d. 5 Sep
ROBINSON, Vernon B. (Rob) First SGT USA (ret) b. 23 Feb 1939 Okemah, OK  d. 4 Sep
RUTTENBERG GOLDFEIN, Madelyn  90 yrs  b. Hattiesburg, MS  d. 5 Sep
SANCHEZ, Raymond Lee b. 11 Sep 1992  d. 4 Sep
SANTIBANEZ, Jimi A.  b. 18 Jun 1992  d. 3 Sep
SESSIONS, Harold Lee TSGT USAF (ret)  b. 23 Mar 1929 Jacksonville, NC  d. 31 Aug
SKOWRONEK, Virginia Louise (Lyle) b. 5 Dec 1921 Abilene, TX  d. 3 Sep
SVOBODA-GEISE, Robin  b. 20 Oct 1959 Medina, OH  d. 10 Aug
THOMAS, LaVern "l.M." b. 27 May 1934 Des Moines, IA  d. 3 Sep
TILLEMAN, Dolly  82 yrs  d. 2 Sep
VALDEZ, Oscar Jesus  b. 1934 San Antonio, TX  d. 6 Sep
WILLIAMS, Virgil "Popeye"  87 yrs  d. 2 Sep
ZINSMEYER, Patricia Estelle Petty  d. 2 Sep

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I haven't written anything for a couple of weeks.  You ask why?  Well, because, I'm working on the DNA and one day I'm up because I think I've found the link.  Then the next day I'm down because it wasn't the link I needed.  Then I get all revved up to write and, not sure here how to explain, but I'm afraid to write something, afraid that it isn't it, and afraid that when I do find out the results of the DNA tests it will not be what I expected. 

Oh my goodness, did I explain that well enough?  Probably not.

Yesterday I found a folder I had tucked away because I moved on to something else.  In it were letters that had been written back in 1998 and 1999.  When I first found out my father wasn't my father I wrote letters upon letters to everyone with the last name of Wyburn.  Hoping someone would answer and give me a lead.  Well I did get a couple letters returned but I was filled with more questions than answers. 

I found a friend of my mother's, who was very close in the late 30's and early 40's.  She even gave me her phone number, and was very helpful in a sense, but still no clue to who Wyburn was.  What she told me was that he wore a leather jacket and rode a motorcycle, and he liked to dance.  So did my mother.  And through the years I do remember my mother liked to dance.  Maybe that is where I got it from!

I was able to find relatives of Wyburn (two cousins) who have helped me with providing pictures.  Since then I've looked at the pictures a thousand times but I'm not sure what I'm looking for.

Open one door......four years ago.  While in South Carolina for my grandson's graduation from Ft. Jackson my daughter and I were talking about Chris.  She said she just didn't know who he looked like.  In a lot of ways he did look like his father but Chris had such big ears and a large nose that she didn't know who that came from.  I joked about it and forgot about it.

Then about a year ago Chris posted a picture of himself on facebook and it hit me in the face.  Wow I've seen that person before.  I pulled Wyburn's picture out and sure enough, the same nose and ears. 

I studied these two pictures until I was cross eyed.  My conclusion.....I'm too close to the story and I see what I want to see.  But then I looked at another picture and say my other grandson's eyes in Wyburn's picture.

This is the only picture I could find of the grandson and it is probably hard to see the eyes.  But I saw it.

Again, I am too close to the subject of finding my biological father that I think I'm seeing things I want to see.  So it's back to the drawing board until I find a close (real close) match to my DNA.

Until then.........................................

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Obits from Sun 1 Sep 2013  San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories    Keyword:  Obituaries

AGUILAR, Juanita A.  b. 22 Jan 1935  Yorktown, TX  d. 28 Aug
CRAIG, Princess Armenia  b. 26 Aug 1969 San Antonio, TX  d. 25 Aug
CREEL, Leslie Dawn Giles  b. 26 Jul 1970 San Antonio, TX  d. 29 Aug
ENGELHARDT, Elmer Lee  b. 19 Oct 1929 Seguin, TX         d. 28 Aug
FORYSZEWSKI, Leona E.  b. 25 Nov 1923   d. 26 Aug
GONZALEZ, Carmen C.  b. 16 Jul 1925         d. 28 Aug
HERNANDEZ, Guadalupe S.  b. 16 Jul 1925  d. 25 Aug
KEENE, Erik Madsen  44 yrs  d. 26 Aug
MANN, William M. "Papo"  66 yrs  d. 29 Aug
MARSHALL, Sandra Lee "Sandy"  b. 1 Aug 1947 San Antonio, TX  d. 27 Aug
MARTIN, Judith Hampton  b. 16 Sep 1942 San Angelo, TX   d. 14 Aug
MASSEY, Sara Reid  b. 17 Aug 1938 Aberdeen, SD   d. 17 Aug
MILLER, George H. Maj USAF (ret)  b. 15 Oct 1921 Valley, NE  d. 27 Aug
MORENO, Gilbert B. Sr. 68 yrs  d. 23 Aug
MOTA, Maria Zulema  b. 11 Jan 1924 Encinal, TX  d. 25 Aug
MURDERS, Emma  b. 10 Jul 1922  d. 29 Aug
MYERS, Edgar Allen  b. 27 Feb 1933  d. Aug 2013
PADILLA, Bill M.  b. 25 Feb 1972 San Antonio, TX  d. 26 Aug
PINGREE, James David  d. 28 Aug
PRESCOTT, Kenneth W.  b. 9 Aug 1920  d. 20 Aug
REYES, Lucille Ortiz  87 yrs  d. 29 Aug
SCHENKER, Ernestyna  106 yrs  b. Krakow, Poland  d. 22 Aug
SEDILLO, Jose Antonio  b. 30 Nov 1946  d. 26 Aug
TUPA, Annie Matocha  b. 18 Jun 1917 Kovar, TX  d. 29 Aug
YOUNGSTROM, Ann  b. 10 Jul 1962 Cheyenne, WY   d. 27 Aug
ZUSCHLAG-FISCHER, Ella M.D.  b. 18 May 1915   d. 29 Aug