Monday, December 31, 2012


I was so bummed over the week end.  My cousin, who I thought, and she did too, were cousins had our DNA done.  The results came back not a match!

I feel bad because I had to talk her into it.  But you can't choose your relatives.  So......she is my cousin because I choose her to be my cousin.

Now that that is over, back to the drawing board.  I looked at the pictures in my mother's photo album again.  I feel like I've gone over and over each picture with a fine tooth comb.  I did find a picture of her aunt with her new husband.  I didn't have his name and now I do.

My mother was really good with this particular album.  She started it on the first page with her name and the year.  Then under each picture she put the person's name and the date (year).  This has made it a bit easier, but, here is the dilemma. 

My mother married Roy Eisentrager Apr 1941 and he left for Camp Clebourne, LA a day or two after their wedding.  In Jul 1941 she is with Alan Schreiber at a park in WI.  Then all of 1941 she has pictures of Jr. Waverly from Waterloo (him in his uniform in front of her house then helping another couple cut wood).  In Jan 1942 she has a picture of Roy in his uniform standing on the porch of their house.  From divorce papers it states she was linked with Bud Wyburn in Feb 1942.  In Mar 1942 she is with Jr. Waverly in Golden CO standing in front of  Buffalo Bill's grave.

Now you see where I'm going with this don't you......I'm trying to figure out who is actually my father. 

Any ideas????

Until then..........................................


Obits from Sun 30 Dec 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories  keyword:  online obits

AARON, Beverly  90 yrs  d. 28 Dec
AGUILAR, Richard Anthony  b. 26 Jun 1971 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 Dec
ALVARADO, John V. LTCOL  USAR (ret)  b. 8 Feb 1921 San Antonio, TX  d. 23 Dec
ALVARADO, Maria Luisa  b. 23 Feb 1942  d. 25 Dec
BENDER, Ralph C.  b. 3 Jun 1924 Davenport, IA  d. 27 Dec
BUCHERT, Audrey Alice Pittelli  b. 13 Oct 1920 Philadelphia, PA  d. 23 Dec
CANALES, Albino "Binny" Francisco b. 1 Jan 1935 San Diego, TX  d. 25 Dec
CASTILLO, Carmen Lara  b. 1 Jan 1939 San Antonio, TX  d. 26 Dec
COOP, Eiko Ideda  b. 15 Mar 1934 Matsuyama, Japan  d. 17 Dec
DANIEL, Kathryn Blakey  b. 28 Dec 1933 Savoy, TX  d. 24 Dec
DELEON, Maria Louisa  90 yrs  d. Dec 2012
DLUGOSH, Maribelle Reynolds  b. 20 Oct 1924 Bells, TX  d. 28 Dec
DREEBEN, Dan Stern Sr.  b. 30 Nov 1929 Little Rock, AR   d. 25 Dec
DOSSMANN, William F.  80 yrs  d. 26 Dec
ECKERT, Geraldine Hochstein Aberant  b. 12 Feb 1920 Nazareth, TX  d. 25 Dec
GALAN, Esther A.  b. 6 Nov 1933  d. 27 Dec
GOODWIN, Harold Milton   d. 28 Dec
HAMMOND, Mary Ann Kothmann  b. 7 Oct 1942  Mason, TX  d. 23 Dec
HILL, Carrie mae   b. 6 Nov 1942 Belton, TX  d. 22 Dec
IGOU, Allen Dean  76 yrs  d. 23 Dec
JONES, Leland Harrison (Lee)  b. 7 Oct 1927 Bowlegs, OK  d. 24 Dec
JONES, Nellie Virginia  d. 23 Dec
JUIEL, Bertha Rivera  84 yrs  d. 25 Dec
KALLINA, Elouise Shaw  b. 22 Aug 1918  d. 17 Dec
KOEHLER, Edwin Lothar   b. 24 Aug 1925 Kerrobert, Saskatchewan, Canada  d. 24 Dec
LACKEY-PERKINS, Juanita A.  b. 16 Jun 1924 Ralls, TX  d. 25 Dec
LALUZ, Rev. Eddie Sanchez  d. 23 Dec
LIGON, Sam Jr.  62 yrs  d. 27 Dec
LOCKAMY, George L.  b. 5 Jan 1947 San Antonio, TX  d. 21 Dec
LODGE, Elizabeth A. 27 yrs  d. 22 Dec
LUNA, Milton Q. 90 yrs  d. 25 Dec
MARTINEZ, Elizaldo (Eddie)   76 yrs  d. 27 Dec
MARTINEZ, Manuel Conrado Jr.  b. 25 Mar 1948 Laredo, TX  d. 26 Dec
MAURICIO, Sarah  81 yrs  d. 27 Dec
MCDONALD, David Bradley (Mac)  b. 21 Apr 1931  Geneva, NY  d. 23 Dec
MENDEZ, Claudio Barrera  b. 2 Aug 1923 San Marcos, TX  d. 21 Dec
MOORE, Barry D. Col USA (ret)  b. 20 Apr 1954 Abbington, PA   d. 25 Dec
MORA, Rachel Valencia  b. 23 Aug 1934 Durango, Mexico  d. 27 Dec
MORRIS, Leonard (Len) E.  b. 8 Nov 1945 Flint, MI  d. 21 Dec
PATE, John B.  b. 29 Jun 1925 Conroe, TX  d. 27 Dec
PRATT, Dr. L.T. Sr.   d. Dec 2012
RIBA, Sybil M.  b. 1 Jul 1915 Mt. Pleasant, TX  d. 26 Dec
RICHARDSON, Betty S.  b. 16 Jun 1930 Macon, GA  d. 24 Dec
ROBINSON, Jeffie  b. 11 May 1923 Anderson County, TX  d. 26 Dec
RUDERMAN, Grace A.  b. 1 Jan 1928 Watertown, NY  d. 29 Dec
SALAZAR, Willie G. Jr.  57 yrs  d. 25 Dec
SCHIMELPFENING, Robert  b. 28 Oct 1924 San Antonio, TX  d. 22 Dec
SHANNON, Setsuko "Stacy"  b. 24 May 1944 Chiba, Japan  d. 27 Dec
SMITH, Charles A.   b. 25 Aug 1923 El Paso, TX  d. 26 Dec
STEWART, Patricia Colwell b. 1926 Hawaii  d. Dec 2012
TOBORG, Mary Alice  93 yrs  d. 26 Dec
UPSHAW, Lee C. Jr.  73 yrs  d. 21 Dec
WHITELAW, Landon Page LtCol USA (ret)  b. 5 Feb 1924 New York City, NY  d. 24 Dec


Sunday, December 23, 2012


Obits from Sun 23 Dec 2012 from San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
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ADAMS, Robert Donnell III  b. 15 Dec 1925 Corsicana, TX  d. 19 Dec
BASTIAN, Margaret Catherine Weber  84 yrs  d. 16 Dec
BERG, Joan Ada  93 yrs  d. Dec 2012
BINGHAM, Robert E.  LTC USA (ret)  b. 4 Feb 1933 Ft. Worth, TX  d. 18 Dec
BOYD, Larry Oders  56 yrs  d. 19 Dec
BROWN, Frederick L. Jr.  USA (ret)    b. Medford, MA  76 yrs  d. 17 Dec
DE LA CRUZ, Mark Anthony b. 20 Sep 1961  d. 21 Dec
DOOLING, Loss Darold (Skip)    86 yrs    d. 20 Dec
FISHER, Sue Ora Bruner  b. 29 Mar 1928 Crystal City, TX  d. 12 Dec
FLORES, Carolina M.  b. 28 Sep 1941   San Antonio, TX   d. 18 Dec
GARCIA, Dominic Simon  d. 17 Dec
GIBLIN, Sharon K.  b. 8 May 1950  d. 20 Dec
GRIFFEY, Melissa Marie  29 yrs   d. Dec 2012
HERNANDEZ, Yolanda A.  b. 26 May 1937  d. 19 Dec
HYDE, Franklin D. 1st SGT  USAR (ret)  b. 31 May 1943  Roscoe, TX   d. 15 Dec
JOHNSON, Mary Imogene Keffer  (Peggy) b. 18 Sep 1915 Hermleigh, TX  d. 20 Dec
KAMENZIND, Mary Christine "Chris" Fenwick  b. 23 Feb 1937  d. 15 Dec
KETTERMAN, Aurelia "Rali" Kohlrus  b. 12 Apr 1939 Ellis, KS  d. 21 Dec
KITTERMAN, Earl Douglas  83 yrs  d. 21 Dec
LAMPHERE, Marilyn J.  b. 1 Mar 1948  d. 17 Dec
LAVARNWAY, Henry G. Jr.  b. 16 Dec 1934 Rome, NY  d. 20 Dec
LEYVA, Robert Sr. 61 yrs  d. 21 Dec
LYNCH, Elizabeth Dianne "DeeDee"  b. 15 Nov 1958 Grand Rapids, MI  d. 7 Dec
MCGEHEE, Jarrett Bryan (Butch) Jr. Col USAF (ret)  b. 18 Jan 1941 Tulsa, OK  d. 20 Dec
MOCZYGEMBA, Gladys  84 yrs  d. 18 Dec
MORENO, Paul M. Sr.  b. 30 Jun 1923 Nuevo Laredo, Mexico  d. 15 Dec
OVALLE, Amparo Gongora  b. 2 Dec 1924   d. 19 Dec
PACHECO, Teodora Navarro  b. 28 Apr 1940 Zaragoza, Philippines  d. 20 Dec
PEREDA, Francisco Jr. 30 yrs  d. 19 Dec
RAMIREZ, Johnny Young Jr.  b. 1 Dec 1935 Victoria, TX  d. 19 Dec
REAGAN, Patrick (Pat) Hardy  b. 13 Dec 1927 Tocopilla, Chile, South America   d. 18 Oct
ROBLEDO, JUAN  B. USA  24 Jun 1919 Devine, TX  d. 18 Dec
ROGERS, Harold Gene  b. 11 Feb 1952 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Dec
RUIZ, Raymond R.  b. 15 Aug 1955  d. 19 Dec
SANCHEZ, Julian (Chico) C.  b. 9 Jan 1938 Asherton, TX  d. 16 Dec
TORRES, Salvador Hernandez MSGT USAF  38 yrs   d. 18 Dec
TOTTEN, Jerry M. Col USAF (ret)  b. 11 Apr 1918 Sherman, TX  d. 17 Dec
VASQUEZ, Mario Loza  b. 19 Jan 1924 Bigfoot, TX  d. 18 Dec
VILLAREAL, Israel M. (Joe)  b. 17 Aug 1941 Kingsville, TX  d. 19 Dec
WILCOX, William Arthur LTC  USA (ret)  83 yrs  d. 18 Dec
ZWEIFEL, Maxine Lucille Williams  b. 16 Dec 1921 Stamford, TX  d. 21 Dec

Thursday, December 20, 2012


It's been a week, almost two since my cousin sent in her DNA sample.  I say my cousin because we are 99% sure we are cousins but the DNA will tell us for sure.

I found this cousin about ten years ago as I was looking for my biological father.  We would be fourth cousins.  Since then we've shared information when we found it.  Sent each other pictures.  Then about four years ago she introduced me to another cousin.  This cousin would be a first cousin.  Now this cousin has sent me a lot of pictures of her mother and uncle plus pictures of the grandparents.

One of the first pictures I received from the fourth cousin was a one of mother, grandmother, sister and brother.  The brother being (maybe) my father.  The first thing that struck me was, I have a baby picture just like this.  I rummaged through my pictures and sure enough I found the picture, same poise, head tilted the same way, looked the same age, hair line looked the same, and same cheeks.  Now I told myself I was reading something into this picture because I wanted it to be the right person. 

Fast forward now to two years ago when I looked at a picture of one of my grandsons.  In the back of my mind I said to myself I've seen this face before.  I pulled all the pictures out that my first cousin sent me and sure enough there was a picture of my father (?).  Same ears, nose, and smile.  I sent a copy to my daughter and asked her if he looked familiar.  She agreed that it looked like her son.

So, now here I sit waiting for the results of the DNA.  Hoping that all my circumstances will pay off.  Were all these pictures something I was wanting to see in my mind.  Or will all of this together tell me that this man really is my father?

I'm on pins and needles.......but the friendship I've made with the fourth cousin will remain in my eyes and mind will always be my fourth cousin, no matter what.

Until then.......................

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Obits from Sun 16 Dec 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories   keyword:  online obits

ARROYO, Antonio Jr.  b. 7 Jan 1950  d. 9 Dec
BALDWIN, Gene F.  b. 23 Jan 1930 Wisconsin Rapids, WI  d. 13 Dec
BUSTOS, Ramona M.  b. 5 Feb 1939  d. 10 Dec
CASTRO, E.B.  b. 11 Jun 1924 San Antonio, TX  d. 23 Nov
CHARLES, Ernest R.  b. 17 Jan 1924  d. 14 Dec
CHAVARRIA, Eloy Gabriel  b. 18 Sep 1964 Kansas City, MO  d. 8 Dec
CROMWELL, Edwin Leon  86 yrs  d. 13 Dec
CULLINAN, Melita Kowalski  b. 8 Dec 1924  d. 19 Nov
CUMMINGS, Marilyn Stapper  b. 23 Aug 1924 Schertx, TX  d. 11 Dec
DENHAM, Robert Wesley Maj. USAF (ret)  91 yrs  d. 11 Dec
DOUTHWAITE, Mary H.  b. 3 Sep 1928 Morrilton, AR  d. 6 Dec
EVANS, Annette B.  b. 29 May 1918  d. 14 Dec
FERNANDEZ, James H.  b. 9 Jul 1936 San Antonio, TX  d. 5 Dec
FLORES, Alice Niki b. 27 Feb 1928  Mission, TX  d. 13 Dec
FREDDE, Bill  b. 24 Jul 1935 Waco, TX  d. 14 Dec
GONZALES, Mary X.  b. 27 Apr 1935 Floresville, TX  d. 12 Dec
GOULARTE, Betty Charlotte  b. 3 Feb 1941 Stewart, MS  d. 9 Dec
HAWKINS, Algin S. Col. USA (ret)b. 29 Jan 1930 Birmingham, AL  d. 12 Dec
LONG, James Loy Col. USA (ret)  83 yrs  d. 13 Dec
LUCAS, Maude E.  92 yrs  d. Dec 2012
MARTIN, Oliver Ross  78 yrs  d. 14 Dec
MARTINEZ, Alyssa Renae  b. 26 Sep 1989 Hobbs, NM  d. 13 Dec
MCLAREN, Sylvia Auchterlonie  b. 1918  d. Dec 2012
MERGELE, Eugene Mark   b. 25 Apr 1929 St Hedwig, TX  d. 7 Dec
MUELLER, Kenneth Raymond  b. 27 Feb 1930 Triumph, MN   d. 7 Dec
NOLL, Mona Bell b. 19 Sep 1921  d. 14 Dec
PARR, Ralph S. Jr.  Col. USAF (ret)  b. 7 Dec 1941  d. 7 Dec
PEREZ, Enriqueta  b. 15 Jul 1925  d. 13 Dec
PEREZ, Pable S. Jr.  86 yrs  d. 10 Dec
PEREZ, Robert V.  b. 8 Jun 1945 Houston, TX  d. 11 Dec
RAND, James Willis  56 yrs  d. 13 Dec
RESER, Ralph Whistler  b. 30 Sep 1917 Lafayette, IN  d. 12 Dec
RIVERA, Beatriz Z.   b. 29 Jul 1931  d. 14 Dec
RODRIGUEZ, Santiago M.  b. 11 Jun 1930  d. 14 Dec
SCHUH, Esther Mary  b. 24 Dec 1927 San Antonio, TX  d. 15 Dec
SOLANO, David Aldrete   b. 8 Nov 1955 San Antonio, TX  d. 12 Dec
STEIGER, Elinor K.  b. 3 May 1919 North Brookfield, MA  d. 14 Dec
STOVER, Searl Stanley  b. 27 Jul 1971 Oakland, CA  d. 6 Dec
STRAUSS, Christine Mosley  75 yrs  d. 11 Dec
SWANK, Myrtle Jean  84 yrs  d. 6 Dec
SWANSON, Carole (nee Enid Carol Williams)  b. 18 Dec 1924 Chicago, IL  d. 13 Dec
TREVINO, Rosaura E. (Rosie)  b. 2 Aug 1921  d. 11 Dec
UNTALAN, Rosalinda R.  b. 23 Jan 1947 San Antonio, TX  d. 8 Dec
VALDEZ, Mary R.  b. 20 Aug 1938   d. 11 Dec
VASQUEZ, Richard S.  b. 1 Feb 1942  d. 14 Dec
WARD-JONES  Estella Vena  b. 16 Feb 1937 Birmingham, AL  d. 13 Dec
WESTWAY, Robert Woodleigh Sr.  b. 17 May 1923 Prince Edward Island, Canada  d. Dec 2012
WETZEL, Ralph F.J.  b. 13 Aug 1966  d. 5 Dec
WHITEHOUSE, Janet Baker  b. 1 Jul 1946 Great Falls, MT  d. 15 Dec
WINSER, Eva Madeline  b. 15 Feb 1922 Kalaheo, Kauai, HI  d. 11 Dec
WOLF, Madeleine  d. 15 Dec
YOUNG, George Franklin    b. 11 Dec 1938 Denison, TX    d. 14 Dec

Monday, December 10, 2012


As I look over all of the posts I've done for this last year I realize I still do NOT have my book finished.  Is it laziness?  Busyiness of life?  Or just plain well I don't know what to call it!  Scared!

I do get caught up in research.  The driving force behind me that won't let me go.  The need to really know who my father is.  Not that I want to be part of his family or anything like that.  I just want to know about my ancestors.  My heritage.  To know I belong, well I belong somewhere.  We all do.  I know I am God's child but I'd like to know who my earthly father is!

I did host the big family reunion this last year.  Finished that book, but as anyone knows, looking for your ancestors is an on going process.  So I'll keep searching for Nathaniel's parents in New York or where ever they came from.

Along the road I've made new friends, looks like they maybe be relatives, and found long lost relatives.  It's been fun and rewarding.  Like putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  I'll keep you posted on my finds.

So until then.........................................................



Obits from Sunday 9 Dec 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories  keyword:  online obits

ABBOTT, Trevor Charles D.  d. 3 Dec
ALEXANDER, Theodore (Ted) Bernard  95 yrs  b. Marlin, TX  d. 6 Dec
ATTWOOD, Rosalinda D.  80 yrs  d. 7 Dec
BEZDEK, Teresa (Terry) b. 30 Aug 1950  d. 28 Nov
CASTRO, Jesse Jr.  b. 8 Sep 1972  d. 5 Dec
CLINE, Frances Hicks Marley  b. 21 Oct 1913 Bishop, TX  d. 5 Dec
CRESWELL, Walter Jr. Col USAF (ret)  b. 20 Sep 1928 Knoxville, TN  d. 20 Nov
DONEHEW Brian Christopher  b. 13 Jan 1969  d. 17 Nov
ELLIS, Robert Kieberg Sr.  b. 15 Nov 1922 Goliad County, TX  d. 4 Dec
FERRIS, Bennie L.  77 yrs  d. 6 Dec
FOWLER, William "Bill" Frederick  b. 21 Dec 1950 San Antonio, TX  d. 1 Dec
GEYER, Jay L.  b. 9 Jun 1933 San Antonio, TX  d. 6 Dec
GONZALES, Refugia R.  85 yrs  d. 7 Dec
GONZALEZ, Sergio C.  b. 12 Apr 1940 Bustamante, Nuevo Leon, Mexico  d. 7 Dec
HALEY, Lance Allen  b. 20 Nov 1967 San Antonio, TX  d. 5 Dec
HASSAN, Annamay McMaster  b. 6 Oct 1919 Camden, NJ  d. 6 Dec
HERRERA, Daniel Y. Jr.  b. 26 Sep 1970 San Antonio, TX  d. 6 Dec
HIGBEE, Bertha G.  88 yrs  d. 3 Dec
HINTON, Francis "Jay" b. 30 Nov 1948 Munich, Germany  d. 1 Dec
HOGAN, Luz Maria  b. 6 May 1930 Mexico City  d. 3 Dec
HUNTER-HENRY, Bernice b. 6 Jun 1921 San Antonio, TX  d. 7 Dec
JAMES, Nathaniel  b. 22 Oct 1924  d. 6 Dec
JIRKA, Anton J. Sr. M.D.  Col USA (ret)  75 yrs  d. 7 Dec
JONES, William "Bill"  b. 19 Mar 1925 Dyersburg, TN  d. 29 Nov
LADSON, Carl E. Sr. b. 24 Jun 1932 Braddock, PA  d. 2 Dec
LAURIANO, Catarina Helene  b. 4 Aug 1965  d. 2 Dec
LOVE-RIVAS, Marcy d. 24 Nov
MAGNINAT, Judy "Shug" M.  b. 16 Aug 1940   d. 8 Dec
MALOCH, Bennie J.  87 yrs  d. 3 Dec
MARKMANN, Marcelle S.  b. 11 Nov 1924  d. 4 Dec
MARTINEZ, Vidal B.  b. 4 Nov 1937 Floresville, TX  d. 5 Dec
MILLER, W. Ward  b. 14 Jun 1946 Lamar, CO   d. 7 Dec
MOCZYGEMBA, Irene Camber  b. 3 Jun 1919  d. 6 Dec
MOORE, Hilmar Guenther  b. 28 Jul 1920 San Antonio, TX  d. 4 Dec
MORA, Lucy Garcia  b. 28 Feb 1918  d. 7 Dec
PARROTT, Dorothy Nell "Dot"  b. 29 Oct 1918 Del Rio, TX  d. 5 Dec
PATTERSON, James Anthon  Col USAF (ret)     d. 6 Dec
PAVLICH, Ernestine M. Mainero  b. 7 Nov 1935 San Antonio, TX   d. 7 Dec
SANCHEZ, Antonio Jr.  b. 11 Jun 1936  d. 5 Dec
SCHAEFER, Max E.  66 yrs  d. 5 Dec
SCHOTT, George Vernon  b. 20 Oct 1926 Devine, TX  d. 6 Dec
SNYDER, Robert Todd b. 25 Oct 1960  d. 5 Dec
SNYDER, Beatriz Raminez  b. 19 Apr 1962  d. 5 Dec
VROOMAN, Victor V.  66 yrs  d. 27 Nov
WANNER, Joan Elaine  b. 24 Mar  1940 Reading, PA  d. 29 Nov
WATERBURY, Helen Rams (Sammy)  b. 13 Apr 1915 Kansas City, MO  d. 2 Dec
WEINHEIMER, Emma  b. 31 May 1915  d. 6 Dec
WHITE, Larry "Ronnie"  b. 10 Oct 1945  d. 22 Nov
WHITING, Barbara J. Amett  b. Fairview, OK  d. 6 Dec
WILSON, DeWiller Wilkins  b. 1924 Wallis, TX  d. 29 Nov
WOOSLEY, Homer E. Jr. Dr. Col USAF (ret) b. 21 May 1921  d. 20 Nov

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Obits from Sun 2 Dec 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories  keyword:  online obits

ARMSTRONG, Yvonne Marie  b. 5 Oct 1948 San Antonio, TX  d. 27 Nov
BARNETT, Joseph Robert b. 14 Sep 1948 San Antonio, TX  d. 30 Nov
BETCHLEY, William W. MSG USA (ret)  b. 12 Jan 1938 Yonkers, NY  d. 26 Nov
BOOKOUT, William Gipson "Bill" Col. USAF (ret)  b. 20 Oct 1937 Mobile, AL  d. 27 Nov
BURKEN, Mark  b. 10 Feb 1952 Des Moines, IA  d. 22 Nov
CHAVEZ, Antonia Bueno b. 6 Sep 1938 Riviera, TX  d. 30 Nov
CONTRERAS, Fernando Jr.  b. 8 Aug 1950 San Antonio, TX  d. 21 Nov
COONEY, Charles Blanden  b. 30 Jan 1924 Warren, PA  d. 28 Nov
CRUZ, Maria Facunda  b. 27 Nov 1924  d. 29 Nov
DE LA GARZA, Juan M. Jr.  b. 6 Apr 1931  d. 26 Nov
DYE, Leo Ira Sr.  b. 8 Jun 1923 Medina, TX  d. 30 Nov
EDGE, Eldon Sr.  b.. 15 Mar 1926 Kendalia, TX    d. 29 Nov
ENG, Mary b. 16 Jun 1916 Shreveport, LA  d. 27 Nov
ESPINOZA, Daniel J.  b. 20 May 1996  d. 13 Nov
GILCREASE, Ruth A.  d. 27 Nov
GIMESKY, Delores  b. 5 Sep 1930 Turtle Creek, PA  d. 1 Dec
GUZMAN, Severina "Tita" Berruaque  b. 15 Feb 1916  d. 30 Nov
HAAS, Gary Carl USA (ret)  b. 13 Jul 1950 San Antonio, TX  d. 26 Nov
HAMM, Homer E.  b. 30 Mar 1928 Hinton, WV    d. 28 Nov
HERNANDEZ, Guadalupe  b. 29 Sep 1936  d. 27 Nov
HESSKEW, Forrest W. "Nitwit"  b. 17 Dec 1956 San Antonio, TX  d. 28 Nov
JONES, Rodger Don  USN (ret) b. 4 Jun 1943  d. 15 Nov
LEAL, Jose Luna  b. 26 Nov 1935 San Antonio, TX  d. 30 Nov
MCCLOSKEY, Eugene (Gene) A.  87 yrs  d. 27 Nov
MCMANUS, Donnie  b. 18 Dec 1936 Newport, TX  d. 1 Dec
MENDEZ, Annie Reyes  56 yrs  d. 29 Nov
MITCHELL, Orpha "Fie" b. 3 Jun 1925 McAllen, TX  d. 18 Nov
MOUNT, Yvonne Tucker b. 14 Jul 1929 Ardmore, OK  d. 22 Nov
MUKLEWICZ-SEAGRAVES, Emma b. 19 Jan 1920 San Antonio, TX  d. 27 Nov
NEWMAN, Leslie Arthur Jr. Col  USA (ret)  b. 5 Jul 1921 Riesel, TX   d. 27 Nov
PAGAN, Santos "Sandy"   d. 23 Nov
PANTUSA, Adeline "Addie"  b. 4 Jul 1934 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  d. 24 Nov
PASTERCHICK, George  82 yrs  d. 30 Nov
PHIPPS, John L. PhD. Col USAF (ret)  b. 3 Jul 1930 Dallas, TX  d. 28 Nov
POGUE, Marshall Sheppard III   b. 27 May 1939   d. 26 Nov
POSPISIL, Daylan Rey  b. 10 Feb 1976 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 Nov
PRINCE, Lee Jr.   d. 27 Nov
RIPLEY, Robert Bruce Sr.  d. 26 Nov
RODRIGUEZ, Dolores G.  b. 26 Aug 1941  d. 29 Nov
RODRIGUEZ, Rodolfo "Rudy"  b. 24 Jul 1967 Marysville, CA    d. 28 Nov
SANCHEZ, Michael A.  72 yrs  d. 29 Nov
SILVA, Charles Moncloa MSGT USAF (ret)  b. 14 Aug 1941 Victoria, TX  d. 28 Nov
STAPLES, Joseph W. "Bill"   58 yrs   d. 27 Nov
STECKELMEYER, Henry J.  b. 15 Oct 1923 Eclato, TX  d. 28 Nov
TUCKER, Michael Wayne  Detective SA Police Dept  b. 15 Oct 1962 Chicago, IL  d. 25 Nov
VIET, Max S.  87 yrs  d. 29 Nov
WEIMER, Virginia Herzik  b. 25 Jan 1947 San Antonio, TX  d. 28 Nov
WILEY, Joyce Lee Brown  78 yrs  b. Tyler, TX  d. 28 Nov
WILLIS, John Mitchell III  b. 25 Oct 1949 Osaka, Japan  d. 27 Nov