Sunday, August 25, 2013


Obits from Sun 25 Aug 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
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BALLOWE, Alice J.  b. 2 Jan 1920  d. 22 Aug
BANDA, Onesimo S.  b. 18 Dec 1929  d. 21 Aug
BUEL, Merrilee Sue  66 yrs  d. 23 Aug
BURANDT, Doug  b. 15 Oct 1943 Belleville, KS  d. 16 Aug
EDSALL, Philip Vernon USAF (ret) b. 18 Dec 1934 Jordan, MT  d. 8 Aug
FULLER, Charles Edgar  b. 7 Dec 1922  Eden, AR  d. 13 Aug
FULLER, Dorothy  B. 24 Jun 1924 San Antonio, TX  d. 23 Aug
GARCIA, Annette Garza  43 yrs  d. 23 Aug
HAMMETT, Elizabeth Colvin  87 yrs  d. Aug 2013
HERNANDEZ, Anita V.  b. 16 Jul 1923  d. 22 Aug
HERNANDEZ, Beatriz N.  b. 27 Jan 1910 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Aug
HERNANDEZ, Mario A. Sr.  84 yrs  d. 20 Aug
HOVERMALE, Elizabeth Margaret Cloud  b. 30 Oct 1921  d. 15 Aug
HUNTER, Lucy "Sis" Tanner  b. 7 Sep 1926 Sprindale, NC  d. 16 Aug
KRUEGER, Sarah Weedon  b. 24 Jan 1929 Jacksonville, TX  d. 22 Aug
MCCARTHY, William R. S.M.  b. 11 Sep 1923 St. Louis, MO  d. 20 Aug
MENDOZA, Alicia Hune  b. 24 Oct 1925  d. 22 Aug
MIHALSKI, Cecilia V.  92 yrs  d. 22 Aug
MIRELES, Frances Elizabeth  b. 6 Jul 1962 San Antonio, TX  d. 20 Aug
MONTGOMERY, George Ray  b. 14 Dec 1931 San Antonio, TX  d. 22 Aug
MOORE, Howard M. Lt Col (ret) USAF 89 yrs  d. 18 Aug
NAYLOR, Marion Reese  b. 30 Mar 1923 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Aug
NEVILLE, Lewis James Maj USA (ret)  b. 16 Jan 1922 Petoskey, MI  d. 22 Aug
OJEDA, Andrea Salazar  b. 10 Aug 1927  d. 18 Aug
POLKA, Winfred "Fred" Alex  b. 17 Oct 1918  Yoakum, TX  d. 21 Aug
SCHOOL, Deborah A.  b. 19 Feb 1952 San Antonio, TX  d. 19 Aug
SHELTON, Elenor Perrault  91 yrs  d. 22 Aug
TABAK, John  b. 1 Nov 1950 Las Vegas, NV  d. 19 Aug
TOLER, Donald W.  75 yrs  d. 22 Aug
TREVINO, Eva Perez Garcia  b. 5 Aug 1930 Laredo, TX  d. 21 Aug
ULLRICH, David Philip Sr.  b. 2 Oct 1918 San Antonio, TX  d. 19 Aug

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Before you say anything, yes, there are those out there that like to traipse amongst the gravestones reading the names, dates, etc. about the deceased.  And I am one of those.  I am a genealogist!

My husband and I took a mini vacation this last week.  First off it was to get him away from the busy phones, getting up very early to beat the traffic to get to work, and all the hustle and bustle that goes along with a job.  The phones went with us but they stayed pretty quiet.

Anyone that lives in Texas, or has driven through Texas, knows how long it takes to get anywhere.  We live in south central Texas and decided to travel to north Texas.  A seven hour drive at the most to get to our destination, plus we like taking the scenic route.  The scenic route takes you to every poke and plum town along the way.  You pass buildings that have outlived their usefulness and are usually boarded up.  Usually there is one gas station along with a fast food restaurant where you can stretch your legs, use the facilities, and get a drink.  So you can stop at the next small town and relieve yourself and get another drink.

What I like about driving through the small towns is you see cemeteries.  Yes, cemeteries.  My family thinks I am weird.  If you were going to blame someone because you like cemeteries, then I guess you could blame my mother.  When I was about six years old we lived very close to a cemetery.  She would put my baby brother and sister in their buggy, and then my other brother and myself walked through the small winding trails through the cemetery.  I being the oldest, helped push the buggy and held my brother's hand to keep him from wandering.  I guess that was our outing for the day since we lived out in the country and there wasn't any parks to go to.

Now back to the cemeteries, which I've always liked walking through.  I often wondered about the person lying beneath the headstone.  Who was that person?  What was their life like.  Did they have plans for their lives and were they able to fulfill those plans"  What were their desires, thoughts, and what kind of a job did they have?  Oh so many questions.  But how different were they from me?

Scary movies would have you believe monsters lurk behind every headstone just waiting to jump out and grab you.  Yea, I've watched a few in my time.  Ghost hunters have sat in cemeteries on dark nights to see if there are spirits floating from one grave to another. 

But here is what I can tell you.................

Usually there is only a name with dates on the headstone.  It doesn't tell you much, just that they were born and they died.  Headstones in very old cemeteries sometimes will give you a glimpse of something about the person.  They might say "He was a very generous man",  "Good to others", or even "He never met a stranger". 

I can spot a cemetery a mile away which my husband finds amusing.  As we drive along I will point them out to him.  Like he is really interested! 

Now then I can honestly tell you after thirty years I have him walking cemeteries.  Well, almost.  I'm putting his family tree together so I have him taking notes and pictures of his relatives headstones.  What's interesting not every relative had the money to buy a nice stone.  They used large stones and carved the person's name on it and that was it.  We both have relatives that fit that description.

At the end of Sep we will be traveling to New England to do some research on my husband's family.  I've tried to lay it all out, what city, cemetery, etc. to go to.  AND to take better notes this time.  I forgot to write the name of the cemetery last time, but I have the picture.  Oh yes, I will be eating my share of lobster!

So until then.....................................

Monday, August 19, 2013


Obits from Sun 18 Aug 2013  San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
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BLOUNT, Robert Latham CMSGT USAF (ret)   b. 13 Dec 1941 Decaturville, TN  d. 11 Aug
BURCH, Hazel S.  b. 6 Sep 1921 Roston, AR  d. 14 Aug
CANOY, Cynthia "Cindy" Gail  48 yrs  d. 7 Aug
CASANOVA, Anna Marie Puenta  b. 13 Nov 1970  d. 11 Aug
CLARK, Nellie Frances   b. 26 Jun 1924 Gonzalez, TX  d. 13 Aug
CLEGG, William "Billy" C. Jr.  86 yrs   d. 16 Aug
CUMMINGS, Lanelle   b. 1959 Devils Lake, ND   d. 2 Aug
EDSALL, Philip Vernon Col USAF (ret)  b. 18 Dec 1934 Jordan, MT  d. 8 Aug
FORAKER, Petra H.  92 yrs  d. 11 Aug
GARZA, Velia Carrola b. 17 Jan 1932 San Antonio, TX   d. 14 Aug
GREEN, Joe (Jo) Freda  b. 3 Jun 1926  Paducah, TX  d. 9 Aug
GROGAN, Earl Wayne D.V.M. Col USA (ret)  b. 26 Jul 1926 Rugby, TX  d. 11 Aug
HANSMANN, Lyndon George  b. 22 May 1961 San Antonio, TX  d. 12 Aug
HOLLOWAY, Dorothy Mae Grubbs  b. 16 Nov 1931 Louisville, KY  d. 11 Aug
JIMENEZ, Ramon H.  94 yrs  d. 3 Aug
KAYLOR, Eileen Lorraine  b. Middletown, PA d. 15 Aug
KLUMPYAN, Joseph Jr.  b. 5 Jul 1935 Colby, WI   d. 15 Aug
LONGHOFER, Juliana  Stokes  b. 8 Aug 1937 Shattuck, OK  d. 13 Aug
MARTINEZ, Gaye Ann Happe  b. 7 Apr 1936 McAllen, TX  d. 11 Aug
MARTINEZ, Oscar SMSGT USAF (ret)  77 yrs  d. 15 Aug
MAWK, Cathy  61 yrs  d. 6 Aug
MCCORMICK, John Charles (Chuck)  56 yrs  d. 15 Aug
MONTEZ, Frank L.  b. 28 Jul 1934  d. 11 Aug
NAVARRO, Alice E.  b. 18 Jan 1931 Austin, TX  d. 6 Aug
OROZCO, Frank  b. 8 Oct 1922  San Antonio, TX  d. 15 Aug
PARKER, Ella M.  b. 28 Mar 1930 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Aug
PASTRANO, Andres R. USAF (ret)  93 yrs  d. 12 Aug
PELAYO, Olga Alicia B.  b. 26 Jan 1943 San Antonio, TX  d. 15 Aug
RAMIREZ, Jose Angel  "Papi"  b. 5 Oct 1941  d. 15 Aug
RIOS, Tiburcio F.  "Butcho"  b. 9 Aug 1922 Fredericksburg, TX  d. 15 Aug
RODRIGUEZ, Juanita "Janie"  b. 24 Jun 1921  d. 14 Aug
SAUNDERS, Clyde "Sandy" CMSGT USAF (ret)  74 yrs  b. Ft. Lauderdale, FL  d. 13 Aug
SCHMIDT-HAWKS, Donna d. 10 Aug
TOBER, Frances G.  85 yrs  d. 14 Aug
TOUCHSTONE, Barbara Ann  72 yrs  d. 12 Aug 
TREVINO, Felix B.  USA b. 14 Oct 1920 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Aug
VALDEZ, Johnny Joe  50 yrs  d. 15 Aug
WILSON, Karen Ann  b. 2 Aug 1953 Donaldsonville, LA  d. 11 Aug
WOODSON, James J.  88 yrs  d. 16 Aug
ZIELINSKI, Constance (Connie)  b. 26 Nov 1921 Chicago, IL  d. 12 Aug

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Obits from Sun 11 Aug 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
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BIRKELO, Sue  b. 11 mar 1935 Ada, OK  d. 5 Aug
BUDLONG, Irene Harriet  b. 20 Jul 1933 Oceanside, NY  d. 8 Aug
BUELL, Dr. James Conrad  b. 15 Sep 1941 Omaha, NE  d. 5 Aug
CARLSON, Freya Lorraine  b. 15 Jul 1927 Orange Park, FL  d. 7 Aug
COSTELLO, Wallace Ray  d. 5 Aug
CRAWFORD, Henry R.  b. 19 Nov 1921 Mobile, AL  d. 5 Aug
DE CASTRO, Rafael  d. Aug 2013
DORRIES, Lois Katherine  b. 12 Feb 1923 San Antonio, TX  d. 2 Aug
GAMBOA, Albert  65 yrs  d. 4 Aug
GUERRA, Felix Marin SFC USA (ret)  b. 1 Dec 1924 Corpus Christi, TX  d. 7 Aug
GUEVARA, Diana Martinez  d. 2 Aug
HAASE, Thomas H.  b. 27 Sep 1933 d. Aug 2013
HALL, Bernice Tampke  b. 31 Jan 1918 San Antonio, TX  d. 7 Aug
HAPPE, Monta Jo  d. 7 Aug
JOHNSON, Brittany Rose  b. 13 May 1996  d. 7 Aug
JOHNSON, Thomas  b. 8 Nov 1930 Austin, TX  d. 3 Aug
JOWDY, John Sr.   b. 21 Apr 1920  d. 1 Aug
KYLE, Lawrence W. Jr.  b. 7 Jan 1949 Phoenix, AZ  d. 8 Aug
MELSON, Walter Ray "Walt" CWO4 USA (ret)  b. 14 Aug 1936 Mamie, NC  d. 5 Aug
MONTES, Alfredo Urista  b. 2 Aug 1923  d. 6 Aug
MORLANG, William Mackay II D.D.S. Col USAF (ret)   b. 6 Mar 1940 Charleston, WV  d. 3 Aug
OLSON, William (Bill) Eugene  b. 4 Oct 1932  d. 7 Aug
O'QUINN, Michael Bolen  b. 14 Nov 1934 Marfa, TX  d. 8 Aug
OROZCO, Ray Angelo  b. 3 Jul 1963  d. 7 Aug
PAYNE, Juanita C.  d. 8 Aug
PEREZ, Paul R.  92 yrs  d. 6 Aug
RODRIGUEZ, Homero J. MSGT USAF (ret)  b. 8 Feb 1937 Laredo, TX  d. 4 Aug
SAENZ, Lucille  82 yrs  d. 8 Aug
SALINAS, Noe Pruneda  b. 8 Mar 1924 Laredo, TX  d. 4 Aug
SEEBECK, Josephine Ann "Josie" 19 yrs  d. 5 Aug
SMITH, Charles Frederick "Chuck"  b. 23 Dec 1965  d. 26 Jul
SOMERVILLE, Ronald "Ron" Charles  66 yrs  d. 4 Aug
ULLRICH, Hilmer Russell  88 yrs  d. 6 Aug
VALENZUELA, Barbara Jean  b. 2 Jul 1937 Dayton, OH  d. 2 Aug
VARGAS, Angel Sr. b. 16 Apr 1975  d. 8 Aug
VILLEGAS, Dr. Rafael R.  b. 17 Aug 1953  d. 9 Aug
WELLMAN, Valerie Ann  b. 1 Nov 1936 Richmond, England  d. 5 Aug

Sunday, August 4, 2013

St. Louie on the Mississippi

Yet another memorial trip for my grandchildren and myself, of course.  I've been through St. Louis but never had the opportunity to stop.  I commend my daughter to taking her children on these one day trips to see parts of America they would probably never get to see.  Although I've been around the world there are still places right here at home I have not seen. 

My daughter has taken the children to Chicago, Orlando, Spokane, and now St. Louis to see things she has heard about and wanted her children to see first hand.  She's gathered information from colleagues she works with, and has had everything laid out, places to visit, eat, and shop.  Can't leave out the shopping!

Our adventure started at 3:30 a.m. when I picked up my daughter and three children.  Our flight left at six a.m. and we landed at the St. Louis airport at eight a.m.  It's a good thing her co- workers gave her instructions.  Go to the metro (right outside the airport) take the it to Forest Park for the zoo.

I was very impressed.  Forest Park is 1.5 acres which includes the zoo, an art museum, the Missouri History Museum, a golf course, and acres of park to run, picnic, and play.  Forest Park is one of the largest urban parks in the United States.   Approximately 500 acres larger then Central Park in New York City. 

The zoo was very clean, had sea lions, harbor seals, elephants, swans, flamingos, stingrays (which my grandson was able to pet as they swam by in circles in their pool, and a beautiful display of butterflies.   Of course this is only a small portion of what the zoo houses.  To say the least we were all very tired after walking for five hours oooing and aahhhhing.  Then it was off to the history

Bixby's cafĂ© and express is housed in the museum on the second floor.  It was definitely time for some nourishment.  We stopped on the second floor at the express and grabbed a sandwich, where the youngest promptly closed her eyes and fell asleep.  My daughter proceeded to the first floor and sat in one of the comfy chairs and held her while I took the other two to explore the sights.

On the first floor was an exhibit of the 1904 World's Fair which was held in St. Louis.  From horse drawn carriages to tickets the grandchildren were able to touch and see what life was life in the early 1900's.  In the lobby a replica of the "Spirit of St. Louis" was suspended.  On the second floor one room was St. Louis' history from its founding in 1764.  

The little one had a short nap, tummies were full, exhibits were behind us, and  it was time to board the metro to check out the St. Louis Arch!   The metro stopped right across the street from the arch and we started our short trek across the park.  Now mind you I don't like heights, and I do not like tight spaces.  Neither does my daughter.  I had already purchased our tickets to go to the top but when we saw what we had to ride in to get there, we both were ready to cry!  The pod (as it was called) held five seats.  Very tightly!  No windows except the sliding door to let you in or out.  From that you could see the stairs on your way up and your way down.  I sang all the way to the top and coming back down.  I cannot carry a tune but it took my mind off the cramped space! 

It was worth the tiny pod ride to see the view from the top.  Would I go again?  YES, I would.

Did I say the arch was 630 feet high???

From there it was dinner time and get ready to go back to catch our flight back to San Antonio.  Our meal consisted of a slab of bar-b-que (St. Louis style) ribs, slaw, and beans.  I might add my grandson let me have two ribs, he ate it all.  Yes, he's a growing boy.  One granddaughter fell asleep at the table.  My daughter had the bar-b-que sampler platter, which we all had a taste of too.  Great food!

I would go back.  Eat at Sweetie Pie's next time, just to say we'd been there.  Visit more museums.  Oh yes, did I say the zoo, art museum, and the history museum was FREE! 

I'm tired......dreaming of next trip.  Mapping it out!

Until then...............................................


Obits from Sun 4 Aug 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to memories:  Keyword:  Obituaries

BELLELO, Anthony (Tony) b. 29 Oct 1923  Maringouin, LA  d. 31 Jul
BELMON, Annette  d. 31 Jul
BENNETT, Lillian Kotzur  b. 20 Apr 1928  d. 31 Jul
BERGER, Evelyn  b. 23 Feb 1936 Caldwell, TX  d. 1 Aug
BURKHALTER, Mayme Rose Monestier  84 yrs  d. 1 Aug
CASILLAS, Juanita  b. 13 May 1932 Big Wells, TX  d. 1 Aug
DEAN, Dr. William Evans III (Bill)  b. 22 Dec 1948 San Mateo, CA  d. 26 Jul
EASTER, Ervin Wade Sr.  b. 8 Jul 1939  d. 29 Jul
FERNANDEZ, Reynaldo C.  b. 14 Jul 1961 San Antonio, TX  d. 31 Jul
FLORES, Annie M.  87 yrs  d. 30 Jul
FOLTS, Thomas Phillip Dumont  83 yrs  d. 27 Jul
GUAJARDO, Joe D.  b. 19 Jun 1936 Dilly, TX  d. 31 Jul
HAYES, Mary Ellen Hoffman  b. 7 Jul 1924 San Antonio, TX  d. 28 Jul
JACKSON, William (Bill) Emery  b. 9 May 1937 San Antonio, TXD  d. 27 Jul
KASSNER, Alvin G.  "Big Al"  b.11 Sep 1926 Rosanky, TX  d. 1 Aug
KNAPP, Raymond Harrell Jr.  d. 25 Jul
KOHLER, Claudia Kay Houtcamp  b. 1941 Kalamazoo, MI  d. 21 Jul
LETCHER, Larry Eugene Lt Col USAF (ret)   b. 26 Sep 1957 Chateauroux, France  d. 29 Jul
LINDSLEY, Robert (Bob) Lt Col USAF (ret)   91 yrs   d. 31 Jul
LOLLAR, Jean Morelock  b. 1 Dec 1926 Pairie Grove, AR  d. 26 Jul
LOPEZ, Carlos  b. 4 Nov 1945 Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico  d. 1 Aug
MACIAS, Aurelio (Willie)  b. 15 Feb 1932  d. 30 Jul
MARTINEZ-WAINWRIGHT, Diane Elizabeth  b. 28 Mar 1966  d. 2 Aug
MCLEROY, Irene Theresa  b. 21 Feb 1933 Shiner, TX   d. 26 Jul
MOLINA, Peter (Pete) d. Jul 2013
MOSSER, Emmanuel Leo  b. 26 Nov 1928 Durant, OK  d. 1 Aug
MURPHY, Sister Ann  b. 14 Jun 1932 Galway City, Ireland  d. 1 Aug
PEREZ, David b. 16 Oct 1951  d. 31 Jul
PREHN, Victoria J.  Lt Col USA   b. 24 Jan 1964  Charleston, WV  d. 30 Jul
PUNDT, Deborah Elizabeth Wharton  b. 5 Dec 1949  d. 19 Jul
RODRIGUEZ, J. A. (Tony) 73 yrs  d. 31 Jul
SANCHEZ, Felix Z.  b. 7 Apr 1923  d. 31 Jul
SANCHEZ, Jesse R.  69 yrs  d. 29 Jul
SEEKER, Sister Mary Ann  b. 20 May 1929 Jefferson City, MO  d. 1 Aug
SIMMANG, Mark T.  b. 30 Oct 1953  d. 29 Jul
TORRES, Esperanza G.  d. 1 Aug
TORRES, Juanita A.  b. 26 Jun 1926  d. 30 Jul
TUROS, Norma Jenell  b. 21 Dec 1924  d. 29 Jul
UPTON, Richard A. )Dick_  b. 1929 Mattoon, IL  d. 28 Jul
WINTER, Brian Lutcher   b. 6 Apr 1960 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 Jul