Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I know I've asked you to wander with me as I trace Katie's footsteps.  I've found more information about Indian Kate.  Thanks to my cousin in Wisconson (without her I would not have found out who I am).  OOPS that's another story.  I'll talk about that later.

Anyway, back to Katie.  Such a small little girl left to wander alone in search of her family.  The Black Hawk War took place in 1832.  It left Katie an orphan until the Thomas Jordan family took her in.

Whoa....there I go again jumping way ahead of myself.  I do have a habit of doing that.

The Asakiwaki (Sauk) and Meshkwahkihaki (Mesquakie/Fox) are Algonquin-speaking people originally from the northeastern United States.  Asakiwaki means "people of the yellow earth" and Meshkwahkihawi means "people of the red earth". 

Oral history says the tribe originated hear the Saint Lawrence Seaway in Canada and moved west towards Michigan and Wisconson.

Everything was peaceful for the Sauk Indian clan in 1831 and early 1832.  Lead by Chief Black Hawk they lived along the Mississippi River across from Dubuque, Iowa.  Near  Saukenuk at the mouth of the Rock River where it empties into the Mississippi.  They came back from their hunting trip west of the Mississippi to find the white man living in their lodges. 

Like any child Katie watched over her little brother while watching her mother cook meals and make their blankets.  Katie had at least three older sisters and a couple of brothers.  There may have been more but records are a bit fuzzy about that. 

History lesson done, so for the rest of the story, until then................


Sometimes I do feel like time is running out.  I get another day older, so much to do each day, and not enough time to sit at the computer and look.  Yes, look for more information. 

It seems like you get one piece of evidence and after you pursue that you find another, then another.  You can't give up then.  You have to keep going.  It's like a worm being dangled in front of a fish then pulled back each time the fish approaches it.  Keep going, keep seeking, keep digging. 

So much has been added to the web sites now it seems endless.  Ancestry keeps adding more each day, Cyndi's list has been going strong for at least ten years and she keeps adding more information every day too.  If you have ancestors that migrated from New England the American Ancestors is a good web site to look through too. and American Ancestors does have a fee but Cyndi's list does not.

Now that I've told you those avenues there is that old standby way.  Word of mouth.  Phone calls to relatives.  Jog their brains.  Ask them "Do you remember Aunt Jane, etc."

Give them food for thought.  They might not remember at the time you ask the question but it will get them to thinking and you might be surprised when they call you back and give you that worm.  You never know until you try it.

Another wonderful avenue if you are in the town you are researching go to the library.  The library is your best friend.  Most of them have a small genealogy section, or even someone that wrote something about the town you are looking into.  In fact I'm off to the local library this morning to look for information. 

So until then..........................

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm slow at writing my pages.  You ask why???  Well I have this problem.  I can't help myself.  I start working on a page then my mind wanders and I stop what I'm doing and start looking again for more information about my ancestors.

Something will trigger my thinking and then I have to look at another avenue to try to find answers.  My brother has said I would make a good detective.  Well I want to know the answers.  Sometimes it consumes me........and I want to know more.  I want to get into the head of my ancestor.  Why did he move on?  Why did he go that way instead of the other way?  Just like a small child always asking mommy why.

I never would have thought I would have this drive to want to know more.  Maybe it's because it's about my family.  Where ever the drive comes from, I have it....... bad. 

Thus far there have been times where the information fell into my lap.  Laptop that is, while I was searching for something else.  Then when I followed up on the information, I found it to be true.  What a wonderful surprise.  You ask why do I have to follow up.  Well let me tell you.  When I first started out looking into my ancestors past I was told by a genealogist always follow up with the paper work.  Don't take someones word for it.  Put that piece of paper in your hand that tells you yes, you are correct.

A good bit of advice I've followed and I will continue.  So it's off to look in another direction.

Until then.................