Monday, January 28, 2013


I'd like to say I have Katie's story finished, but I can't.  I can say I have a LOT of it done.  Still thinking of leaving it as a novella, but then, I could tell more about her life.  Especially since I've researched her life right down to the inth degree.  Well close anyway.

I feel like I know more about Katie than I do my own mother.  Ah, yes, my mother.  I do wish she would have been more open about her life.  Well, I know she wouldn't tell me everything, as I wouldn't tell my children everything of my younger days. 

Now this brings me back to DNA again.  Yes that ever present question that lingers in the back of my mind, that works it's way into my every thought most of the time.  DNA, the mutations that pass from one generation to the next. 

Mutations can be inherited or acquired.  When a mutation is inherited from a parent, it is present in almost all of the body's cells.  Acquired mutations are changes in the DNA that develop throught a person's life.

Here I go again.....I get so confused

I'm not going to go into all of that biology stuff.  I never took biology, chemistry, etc. in school.  Wasn't smart enough.  I do good to add one and one. 

Over the week end a name was added to my DNA match, third cousin, in Ancestry.  I do not recognize any name much less trying to figure out how come all the names are in Virginia, Arkansas, and Tennessee.  I was born in Minnesota.  How far apart is that!

Now third cousins are pretty close.  AND if I don't know who my father is, one of those names could be a lead. 

BUT, back to Katie.  I am working on her story, and will finish it and have it published this year.  Katie is dear to my heart.  We've become very close throughout the past three years.  Wow, I've been working on this story for three years.  Enough is enough.  YES, it will be finished this year.

And if and when I find the elusive father I will shout it out so everyone will hear!

Until then........................

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Obits Sun 27 Jan 2013  San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories    keyword:  online obits

ARCE, Mary Franco 93 yrs  d. 21 Jan
BERTOLINO, Raymond Salvador  SGT 1st Class  USA (ret)  b. 19 Jun 1935 Century, FL  d. 15 Jan
BOWMAN, Doris Rebecca Stueham  b. 9 Mar 1925 Pipe Creek, TX  d. 21 Jan
BUCHHOLTZ, Mary Ann  b. 18 May 1919 Corpus Christi, TX  d. 22 Jan
CAMACHO, Luis Garcia Jr.  b. 19 May 1984 San Antonio, TX  d. 23 Jan
CARRILLO, Elia 65 yrs  d. 24 Jan
CASAS, Alice Barbosa  85 yrs  d. 20 Jan
CATALANI, Ann Marie  d. 26 Jan
CLAIRE, Johnston Anthony Clair Jr.  MSGT USAF (ret)  b. 13 Jul 1935 Harlem, NY d. 18 Jan
CLARK, Rex W.  b. 1 Apr 1953 Fayetteville, NC  d. 20 Jan
COURTNEY, Wallace Reid "Rock" b. 27 Feb 1923 New Orleans, LA  d. 11 Jan
DAVILA, Hector G.  b. 31 Jul 1938  d. 24 Jan
DUBOSE, Darvin Ray  b. 11 Aug 1944  d. 24 Jan
DUKE, Paul Morton  b. 28 Jun 1934 Fort Sam Houston, TX  d. 21 Jan
ENNIS, John M. SMSGT (ret)  88 yrs  d. 17 Jan
ESCAMILLA, Irma M.  90 yrs  d. 18 Jan
FINLEY, Mary Estelle  b. 12 Apr 1922 Alice, TX  d. 18 Jan
FLORES, Robert BMC USN (ret)  82 yrs  d. 19 Jan
GABEHART, Bernice O'Brien  b. 29 Nov 1922 Oakland, CA  d. Jan 2013
GARIVAY, Joyce  d. 17 Jan
GARZA, Louise Baiza  86 yrs  d. 15 Jan
GARZA, Virginia Beatrice  b. 21 May 1921 San Antonio, TX  d. 23 Jan
GOMEZ, Leonard Anthony  58 yrs  d. 23 Jan
GONZALES, Alfredo Mendoza  b. 20 Oct 1928  d. 17 Jan
GONZALES, Cleto 59 yrs  d. 22 Jan
GONZALEZ, Herlinda S.  b. 15 Mar 1926  San Diego, TX   d. 25 Jan
GUEVARA, Alejo Perez  b. 13 Jul 1936  d. 24 Jan
HERNANDEZ, Olivia F.  80 yrs  d. 24 Jan
HERRON, Gary R.  d. 18 Jan
HOFFMAN, Adeline  b. 24 Feb 1923  d. 23 Jan
HOLLAND, Dorothy Burr  b. 10 Sep 1915  d. 25 Jan
HORN, Knute A. CMSGT USAF (ret)  b. 8 Mar 1939 Galesville, WI  d. 25 Jan
HOWELL, Claude B. Jr. SMSGT USAF (ret)  b. 17 Dec 1931 Van, TX  d. 20 Jan
HRNCIR, Carolyn J.  b. 10 Sep 1927  Runge, TX  d. 23 Jan
IBARRA, Alicia b. 30 Jun 1933  d. 23 Jan
JACKSON, Cloma  b. 19 Jan 1917 Wilson County, TX  d. 24 Jan
JENDRUSCH, Chester J.  b. 20 Aug 1929  d. 24 Jan
JOHNSON, Dixie Lee Wallen  b. 11 Dec 1921 Bard, NM  d. 31 Dec 2012
JOHNSON, Mary K.  80 yrs  d. 22 Jan
KRAMER, Willie Jr.  b. 9 Dec 1926 East Bernard, TX  d. 19 Jan
KAULBACH, Mary Catherine (Bitsy) Wilkinson Hoffman  b. 12 May 1919  d. Jan 2013
LAWSON, Leonard Boardman  b. 4 Dec 1931 San Antonio, TX  d. 25 Jan
MANNING, Bobby Ray  b. 8 Jun 1953 Bolivar, MO  d. 24 Jan
MANNS, Eddie E.  b. 11 Feb 1919  d. 21 Jan
MARSH, Elizabeth Lloyd Nell  95 yrs  d. 21 Jan
MATRANGA, Yvonne   b. 23 Feb 1926  d. 23 Jan
MCGINTY, Raymond Lee b. 22 Oct 1946  d. 19 Jan
MCMEANS, Guy Glen  b. 15 Nov 1936  d. 25 Jan
MINI, Evo  b. 21 Mar 1924 Highwood, IL USAF (ret) d. 19 Dec 2012
MONTEZ, Mary A. Sotelo  b. 14 Nov 1926  d. 24 Jan
MORGAN, Herbert Henry  CMSGT USAF (ret) b. 6 May 1924  d. 19 Jan
NEWBORN, Roy E.  b. 5 May 1938  Noble, AR    d. 26 Jan
O'BRIEN, Patricia Denise  b. 18 Jun 1934 St Paul, MN  d. 25 Jan
OTT, Melvin Henry "Shorty"  82 yrs  d. 25 Jan
PATASSO, Carmen Marmolejo  d. 19 Jan
PETERSON, James Lawrence "Pete"  d. 20 Jan
PRICE, Drew  b. 26 Jan 1949   Jackson, MS   d. 23 Jan
RAMOS, Pete L.  b. 30 Jan 1962  San Antonio, TX  d. 23 Jan
REESE-CURRY, Eva May  b. 28 May 1927  Hot Springs, SD  d. 24 Jan
REYES, Juanita L.  84 yrs  d. 21 Jan
ROBINSON, Donald G.  66 yrs  d. 16 Jan
RODRIGUEZ, Antonio "Tony" E.  b. 7 Oct 1940 San Antonio, TX  d. 20 Jan
RODRIGUEZ, Joe A.  88 yrs  d. 24 Jan
RODRIGUEZ, Roger Jr.  b. 10 Oct 1995  d. 23 Jan
RODRIGUEZ, Sylia G.  b. 28 Jul 1941 Laredo, kTX   d. 23 Jan
ROMO, Angela  100 yrs  d. 9 Jan
SALAS, Alfonso M.  80 yrs  d. 24 Jan
SALINAS, Josefina S.  59 yrs  d. 23 Jan
SEGREST, Hiram Jr.  b. 29 Dec 1948  d. 17 Jan
SOLANO, Gloria L.  53 yrs  d. 21 Jan
SONNTAG, Gladys "Betty"  b. 10 Oct 1922 Mallard, IA  d. 17 Jan
SOWELL, Charlie Clayton MSGT USAF (ret)  b. 2 Dec 1919 Ponta, TX  d. 19 Jan
STINSON, Opal Maxine Hollingsworth  b. 14 May 1925  d. 24 Jan
STRACKE, Lou Ann  b. 6 Mar 1929 Harlingen, TX  d. 16 Jan
THOMPSON, Montie Jr. Lt Col USAF (ret)  91 yrs  d. 19 Jan
VALLIN, MaryAnn 61 yrs  d. 21 Jan
WHEELER, Mary Catherine  b. 6 Jan 1929 Coraopoplis, PA  d. 19 Jan
WILLIAMS, Robert (Bob)  67 yrs  d. Jan 2013
YEGLIC, John Stephen Sr.  b. 21 Dec 1925 Adamson, OK  d. 23 Jan
YURKOVIC, Billie Devoille  94 yrs  d. 22 Jan

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Obits from Sun 20 Jan 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories   keyword:  online obits

ABOUD, Ellis George  b. 23 may 1923 Kinston, NC  d. 13 Jan
ARREDONDO, Eleanor  d. 10 Jan
BIDWELL, Jane Elizabeth  b. 15 Dec 1918 Canandaigua, NY  d. 6 Jan
BORTEL, Jerry SMSGT USAF (ret)  b. 16 Nov 1929 Shiner, TX  d. 13 Jan
BRACE, Theresia Bogner  b. 15 Nov 1929 Albersrieth, Germany  d. 10 Jan
BRAZIL, Cynthia Ann  b. 4 Jun 1963 San Antonio, TX  d. 17 Jan
CALLAGHAN, Eunice Evans b. 30 Jul 1928  d. 9 Jan
CAMP, Eugne Clark COL USA (ret)  b. 14 Jul 1920 Ft Worth, TX   d. 17 Jan
CARR, Ollie E.  93 yrs  d. 15 Jan
CARR, Orville Van Dorn  b. 5 jan 1919  d. 11 Jan
CHAPA, Daniel Farias  91 yrs  d. 16 Jan
CHAVEZ, Enriqueta "Queta"  b. 8 Oct 1936 d. 9 Jan
CIELENCKI, Januard "Jan" R.  b. 23 Sep 1928 St Hedwig, TX  d. 14 Jan
DEBARTOLO, Gray  70 yrs  d. 15 Jan
DIXON, Shirley Ann Smith  b. 16 Aug 1934 San Antonio, TX  d. 15 Jan
DUNCAN, Dr. James E.  b. 8 Feb 1941 San Antonio, TX   d. 14 Dec 2012
ESPARZA, Ricardo Z.  82 yrs  d. 17 Jan
ESPINOZA, Paul  b. 30 Jun 1936 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Jan
ETHRIDGE, Richard "Rich"  b. 30 Oct 1957 Santa Ana, CA  d. 17 Jan
FISHER, Carl R. Jr. 74 yrs  d. 18 Jan
FLORES, Alejandra A.  b. 7 Dec 1924 Port Arthur, TX  d. 12 Jan
FLORES, Richard Abel  b. 26 Sep 1930 San Antonio, TX  d. 15 Jan
FORD, Susan Lynette  b. 11 Jul 1961 Anchorage, AK  d. 16 Jan
FUENTES, Mark M.53 yrs  d. 6 Jan
GABLER, James W.  b. 2 May 1957  d. 15 Jan
GEORGE, Walter Eugene Jr.  b. 28 Oct 1922 Wichita Falls, TX  d. 16 Jan
GLASS, David Wayne  57 yrs  d. 15 jan
GLESSNER, Linda L.  b. 13 Sep 1955 Junction City, KS  d. 12 Jan
GUERRERO, Rudolph David  b. 21 Jun 1031  d. 16 Jan
GUGGOLZ, William Hal "Bill" Jr.  b. 11 Apr 1941 Amarillo, TX    d. 15 Jan
HAAS, Gladys R.  95 yrs  d. 14 Jan
HAUN, Jacke  b. 19 Oct 1951 Lake Charles, LA  d. 9 Jan
HEINRICH, Todd Joshua  64 yrs  d. 16 Jan
HEWGLEY, Wilma Lea  b. 18 Mar 1925 Stockdale, TX  d. 11 Jan
ICKE, Raymond Lloyd  b. 12 Jul 1939 San Antonio, TX  d. 15 Jan
JEWETT, Richard  66 yrs  d. 5 Jan
JOHNSON, Sandra True  b. 25 Aug 1935 Minneapolis, MN  d. 20 Nov 2012
JONES, Virginia Watson  d. 7 Jan
KILLGORE, Farrol Edwin CWO4 USAF (ret)  b. 4 Mar 1919 Granger, TX  d. 8 Jan
LACY, Sandra A.  d. 12 Jan
LEDESMA, Olga Sanchez  b. 15 May 1921 San Antonio, TX  d. 18 Jan
LERMA, Irene D. (BeBe)   72 yrs  d. 15 Jan
LEWRIGHT WILKIN, Josephine   b. 14 Jul 1918 San Antonio, TX  d. 18 Jan
LUCAS, Virginia L.    b. 24 Apr 1930  Pennsylvania   d. 10 Jan 
MADRIGAL, Dolores M.  68 yrs  d. 18 Jan
MANBY, Dorothy Adelle (Dottie)  b. 23 Oct 1925 Waco, TX  d. 17 Jan
MARTINEZ, Daniel P.  50 yrs  d. 18 Jan
MCCAIN, Don  79 yrs  d. 14 Jan
MESSICK, Rev. Lewis Asberry  b. 13 Aug 1914   d. 17 Jan
MIRANDA, Prudencia Esles  b. 28 Apr 1922 Calamba Laguna, Philippines  d. 18 Jan
MOLINAR, Jesse Jerry  b. 5 Aug 1943 San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Jan
MOSS, NOEL f.  b.. 17 Sep 1930 Newton, IA  d. 17 Jan
PARKER, W. Dale  b. 10 Sep 1931 Lawn, TX  d. 16 Jan
PERALES, Christine L.  b. 21 Feb 1947 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Jan
PEREZ, Oscar C. Sr.  b. 18 Aug 1928 Eagle Pass, TX   d. 18 Jan
PULLEY, Georgia Mae Haley  b. 24 Oct 1923 Newport News, VA  d. 17 Jan
QUESENBERRY, Wilburn C. SFC USA (ret)  79 yrs  d. 17 Jan
RAMIREZ, Rodolfo G.  b. 24 Nov 1929 Winters, TX  d. 12 Jan
RIOS, Maria Dahlia  d. 8 Jan
ROBINSON, Asleen W. (Tina)  b. 21 Sep 1932  Monthalia, TX  d. 15 Jan
RODRIGUEZ, Virginia "Virgie"  b. 6 Oct 1948  d. 16 Jan
ROEL, Eva  89 yrs  d. 11 Jan
SALAZAR, Keanu  2 yrs oldd. 18 Jan
SANCHEZ, Alicia Elizondo  b. 16 Sep 1917 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Jan
SCHAPER, Virginia   d. Jan 2013
SCHAPER, William W. "Bill"  65 yrs  d. 9 Jan
SLEDGE, Willodean Sullivan  . 8 Apr 1927 Cherokee, AL  d. 18 Jan
SMITH, Mary Louise Weir  b. 25 Aug 1916 Weir, TX  d. 7 Jan
SWANSON, Sara Luevano  b. 27 Jun 1970  d. 18 Jan
TALBOT, William Austin  82 yrs  d. 17 Jan
THORNHILL, Lavell 99 yrs  d. 17 Jan
TORRES, Thomas Rosales  b. 31 Dec 1946 San Antonio, TX  d. 13 Jan
URIEGAS, Antonia "Lilla"  b. 21 Feb 1926 Agrigento Sicily, Italy  d. Jan 2013
VALENZUELA, Raymond Quiroz  b. 8 Jan 1923 Marathon, TX  d. 14 Jan
VASQUEZ, Bertha C.  82 yrs  d. 17 Jan
VIZARD, Zula Williams  101 yrs  d. 16 Jan
WORLEY, Viola Virginia  b. 14 Aug 1919   d. 18 Jan

Monday, January 14, 2013


Obits from San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories  keyword:  online obits

ALVARADO, Celestine E. (Sally)  72 yrs  d. 22 Dec
ALVEAR, Mario  79 yrs  d. 11 Jan
APPLEWHITE, David Sterling  b. 22 Apr 1951 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Jan
AUNE, Bjorn E.  b. 24 May 1949 Norway  d. 10 Jan
BAIRRINGTON, Jarrell David Jr.  59 yrs  d. 8 Jan
BEDNARZ, Herman Joseph  92 yrs  d. 10 Jan
BROCKWELL, Shannon Eret  b. 21 Sep 1966  d. 7 Jan
CALDERON, Sonia Aricelda  b. 3 May 1977  d. 11 Jan
CALDWELL, Louise Golden  b. 3 Jun 1925 San Antonio, TX   d. 9 Jan
CALOMENI, Dr. Alexander A.  Lt Col USAF (ret)  91 yrs  d. 5 Jan
CANALES, Sabas Q. Jr.  b. 9 Oct 1943 San Antonio, TX  d. 6 Jan
CARRILLO, Victoria  b. 15 Oct 1956  d. 12 Jan
CASILLAS, Raymundo  68 yrs  d. 9 Jan
CHAVEZ, Olga S.  b. 28 Nov 1931  d. 5 Jan
COLEMAN, Charles Norton II  b. 8 Jul 1930 Boulder, CO  d. 9 Jan
CORTINAS, Gloria Rios  78 yrs  d. 10 Jan
CROWELL, Ana T.  "Mary Ann"   b. 27 Jul 1939  d. 6 Jan
DE LA ROSA, Grace P.   b. 3 Sep 1916 San Antonio, TX  d. 5 Jan
DILLON, Marion  b. 17 Sep 1917  Anderson, TX  d. 8 Jan
DUDLEY, Morris E.  b. 18 Oct 1941 Greenville, TX  d. 9 Jan
DUNCAN, Jerry Cullers  b. 29 Jan 1923 Burkburnett, TX  d. 11 Jan
EDWARDS, Sinclair L. Jr.  b. 22 Mar 1930 Detroit, MI  d. 3 Jan
EVERHART, Dr. Robert J.  b. 11 Jun 1921 Erie, PA  d. 3 Jan
FLANARY, Margaret Fay b. 25 Nov 1926  d. 9 Jan
FLORES, Arnold  b. 31 Oct 1936 Rio Grande City, TX  d. 7 Jan
GARCIA, Jesus R. Jr.  b. 4 Jul 1944 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Jan
GARCIA, Natividad Quiroz  b. 25 Dec 1920 El Dorado, TX  d. 8 Jan
GARIBAY, Maria Luisa Vega  b. 20 Aug 1926  d. 7 Jan
GOODWIN, Harold Milton Lt Col USAF (ret)  b. 1 Apr 1928 Vigo County, IN  d. 28 Dec 2012
GRAY, Carolyn Sue (Nana)  b. 28 Dec 1935 Oklahoma City, OK  d. 8 Jan
GRIFFITH, Richard Roberts b. 18 Jul 1935 Somerville, MA  d. 4 Jan
GUAJARDO, Robert R.  b. 4 Dec 1929 San Antonio, TX  d. 8 Jan
HERNANDEZ, Beatrice (Bea) Garza  b. 22 Aug 1943 San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Jan
HERNANDEZ, Caroline  83 yrs  d. 4 Jan
HERNANDEZ, Marie Rita  b. 7 May 1938 San Antonio, TX  d. 4 Jan
HICKS, Gertraud "Oma"  83 yrs  b. Germany  d. 7 Jan
HILL, Nancy Lee Whitney  b. 29 Jan 1914  d. 9 Jan
HOGAN, Chester "Jerry"  b. 5 May 1934 Bronx, NY  d. 7 Jan
HOLT, Ruth M.  b. 14 Sep 1917 Barberton, OH  d. 4 Jan
HUPP, Sarah  b. 13 Apr 1932 Boqueron, Puerto Rico  d. 10 Jan
JAIMES, Robert Anthony III  d. 5 Jan
JOHNSON, Sandra True Jones  b. 25 Aug 1935 Minneapolis, MN  d. 20 Nov 1012
KEMPE, Helen Jeppesen  b. 27 Feb 1927 Brigham City, UT  d. 9 Jan
KOTHMANN, M.M. (Bubba) b. 2 Apr 1924 San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Jan
KUENSTLER, Phyllis Koch  b. 19 Jun 1924 Peoria, IL  d. 10 Jan
KURAS, Henry F.  d. Jan 2013
LINARES, Dolores M.  b. 2 Apr 1931  d. 3 Jan
LINDERODE, Dr. Phil  b. 27 Sep 1950 Alliance, OH  d. 9 Jan
LOUD, Irwin Cunnie Jr.  87 yrs  d. 7 Jan
LUNA, Joe J.  86 yrs  d. 3 Jan
MARMOR, Robert  b. 21 Apr 1926  Buenos Aires, Argentina  d. 5 Jan
MARTELL, Paul T.  b. 29 Oct 1927  d. 7 Jan
HOENSCHEID, Milo John  b. 10 Feb 1936 Salem, SD  d. Jan 2013
MONTEMAYOR, Andres "Tito" G.  b. 4 Jan 1938 San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Jan
MOORE, Roy Jr.  77 yrs  d. 4 Jan
MULKEY, James R.  b. 6 Aug 1952 San Antonio, TX   d. 25 Dec 1012
MUZQUIZ, Krystal Lynn    22 yrs  d. 6 Jan
PINSON, Lucille M.  88 yrs  d. 9 Jan
PITMAN, Mary Ann  b. 21 Nov 1937  d. 10 Jan
PLATT, Harry A.  b. 2 Sep 1926 San Antonio, TX  d. 6 Jan
RAMIREZ, Mike G.   d. 10 Jan
RAY, Joseph Cleveland b. 19 Jun 1925 Jonesboro, AR  d. 5 Jan
SAENZ, Fernando  b. 6 Sep 1921  d. 7 Jan
SEGOIA, Gilberto C.  b. 22 Sep 1946  d. 7 Jan
SERGIOVANNI, Thomas Joseph  b. 18 Apr 1937 New Rochelle, NY  d. 4 Jan
SIBLEY, Anita Marie   b. 14 Jul 1929  San Antonio, TX    d. 7 Jan
SMITH, LaVerne Mollere  b. 28 Nov 1923  Bay St. Jouis, MS  d. 2 Jan
STECKLEIN, Frank C. MSgt USAF (ret)  b. Mar 1913 Ellis County, KS  d. 8 Jan
TRISTAN, Mariella  b. 24 Feb 2002   d. 9 Jan
VACEK, Jerome J.  b. 2 Dec 1921 Schulenburg, TX  d. 10 Jan
VALADEZ, Esperanza Salgado  b. 3 Dec 1929 San Antonio, TX  d. 7 Jan
VALVERDE, Ruben S.  71 yrs  d. 9 Jan
VILLAREAL, Israel H.  93 yrs  d. 3 Jan
VILLARREAL, Robert J.  b. 30 Nov 1950  San Antonio, Tx   d. 9 Jan
YOST, Phyllis L.  b. 11 Jun 1921 Bridgeport, KS  d. 12 Dec 1012


Monday morning and a review of the week end.  I was so busy, quality time with the hubby, Sunday drive on a Saturday, so it's nice to sit down at the computer and get the fingers flying over the keyboard again.  So much to get caught up on.

When I first moved back to San Antonio twelve years ago I joined the San Antonio Genealogical Historical Society so I could access their wonderful library.  I even donated a few items when I was finished with them. 

Through the years I let my membership lapse as the computer became my best friend, namely  Plus I didn't have to leave my house.  And Ancestry does not have a lot of history on their network.  I have found though, that the city library, county libraries,  and the historical library are still a wonderful resource, plus you have a live person there to assist you.  You don't have to pick up a phone and wait until it's your turn to talk, or listen to an automated voice that gives you the run around.

Check out the San Antonio City Library Genealogical Department at
Schertz Library Genealogical Departmart at
San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Society at

Sooo back to the DNA class that was conducted yesterday at the library.  Jeremy Balkin from Family Tree DNA gave a wonderful presentation.  He was patient with each one of us gray haired ndividuals, and answered their questions right down to the last dot and he even crossed the t's.

I highly recommend anyone that is interested in doing their DNA to go ahead and do it.  Even if it's just for fun.  Family Tree has several different prices and tests.  Their website is

YDNA 37 markers special $129
YDNA 67 markers  special $209
mtDNA PLUS  $139
mtDNAFMS $209
Family Finder  $209

These prices were from the handout Jeremy distributed to the class. 

My first DNA test was the mtDNA because I didn't want to spend a lot of money.  That was six years ago.  Well I got a list of other people that had their's done too.........and the list was quite long.  I couldn't make sense of any of it.  I was so confused.

So I bit the bullett and upgraded and paid some more money.  More people, still couldn't figure it out.  Then I was able to go to a class on DNA and the individual who was conducting the class suggested if I really wanted to find out who my father was to take the Family Finder test.

MORE MONEY.....  I just couldn't bring myself to pay for another test.  My inner being fought back and forth.......I broke.  I did the Family Finder test. 

Sooo glad I did.  I did find fourth cousins, not the ones I'm looking for as they were cousins from my mother's father's line, who I already knew their parents but not the children.  I am still seeking anyone from my biological father's side.  (whoever that maybe)

I did learn more about the web site and how to read the numbers and such.  And I did learn that even though I had a cousin (we think we are fourth cousins) it may not show up on the results.  There is a 50% probability that fourth cousin will be a match.  A third cousin is a 90% and a second cousin is 99% match.   As I said before, Jeremy was very through and explained very well. 

Sooooo I'm still working on it.  What I'm sayin' is that if you are out there looking for a close match to yours then you need to try to find at least a third cousin.  Easier said than done, especially if you do not know who you are looking for.  Like a needle in a haystack.  But then the investigator in me is working hard to answer the hard question....."Who is he?"

Until then............................................   

Sunday, January 6, 2013


If anyone is interested in DNA the San Antonio Genealogical Historical Society is having a speaker from Family Tree DNA on Sun 13 Jan 2013 at 2 p.m.  Cost is $5.00 per member and $10.00 non-member.  You will need to make a reservation by calling 210-342-5242.  Space is limited.
Their address is 911 Melissa Dr., San Antonio, TX.  Corner of Blanco and Melissa (outside of loop 410)

Also check out their web site if you need help in researching your Texas Heritage.

Until then...................................


Obits from Sun 6 Jan 2013 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories    keyword: online obits

ADKINS, Sue Hampe b. 30 Oct 1934 New Braunfels, TX  d. 27 Dec
AUGUSTIN, Lauren Nicole b. 9 Sep 1983 San Antonio, TX  d. 28 Dec
AUTH, Harry L.  b. 1923 Louisville, KY  d. 31 Dec
CANTU, Josefina J.  81 yrs  d. 2 Jan
CANTU, Manuel B.  b. 26 Jun 1938   d. 27 Dec
CARROLL, Charles Lynn "Chuck" Jr.  b. 24 Jan 1948 Dilly, TX    d. 4 Jan
CLARKSON, Janet H. b. 26 Mar 1934 Grand Haven, MI  d. 2 Jan
CRUZ, Irma M.  87 yrs  d. 3 Jan
CRUZ, Rosinalso "Ross" CMSGT USAF (ret)  77 yrs  d. 4 Jan
DAUTERMAN, Elizabeth Collins Barlow  b. 7 Sep 1919 McKinney, TX  d. Jan 2013
DAVIS, Doris (Mickie)  91 yrs  d. 31 Dec
DREYER, Caroline F.  b. 5 Nov 1917  d. 3 Jan
DURHAM, Clinton Henderson  75 yrs  d. 1 Jan
FREEMAN, Merilyn Robinson b. 14 May 1933 Houston, TX  d. 8 Dec
GARCIA, Carmen Villegas  b. 21 Feb 1965  d. 25 Dec
GARCIA, Daniel "Pinqui"  b. 25 Apr 1962  d. 1 Jan
GARCIA, Herlinda Reyes  b. 5 Mar 1946  d. 3 Jan
GARZA, Rosalino "Ross"  b. 17 Aug 1926  d. 30 Dec
HANNUSCH, Rev. Hugo  b. 13 Jun 1919 Winchester, TX  d. 1 Jan
HANSON, Betty Glenn  b. 11 Jan 1931 Austin, TX  d. 3 Jan
HARMS, Allen L.  b. 2 Mar 1929 Nordheim, TX  d. 1 Jan
HERNANDEZ, Carmen Martinez  b. 13 Jul 1922 Monterrey, Mexico  d. 31 Dec
HRUBETZ, John Edward (Jack) LTC USA (ret)  b. 7 Dec 1937 Bloominton, IL  d. 1 Jan
HURST, Paul Edison b. 14 Dec 1924  d. 28 Dec
JACOBS, Howard (Harold) b. 14 Dec 1940  d. 4 Jan
JENKINS, Roy A.  90 yrs  d. 31 Dec
JEWELL, Mara  b. 25 Jun 1956 St Charles, MO  d. 27 Dec
KELLER, Vincent William (Babe)  b. 8 Oct 1919 LaCoste, TX  d. 2 Jan
KIRBY, Cordell Anthony  b. 1 May 1949  d. 2 Jan
LITTLETON, Marshall David  b. 11 Dec 1956 Hondo, TX  d. 3 Jan
LOCKHART, Samuesta (Sammye)  b. 28 Jul 1919 San Antonio, TX  d. 27 Dec
MALAGARA, Octavio  b. 22 Mar 1933 Laredo, TX  d. 27 Dec
MALDONADO, Marcus Valdez  b. 18 Jun 1943 Pearsall, TX  d. 19 Dec
MCGOLDRICK, John R. COL USAF (ret)  b. 20 Nov 1928 Boston, MA  d. 28 Dec
MENDOZA, Henry P.  87 yrs  d. 3 Jan
MONCIVALS, Francisco  b. 15 Nov 1950 Laredo, TX  d. 1 Jan
MOOD, Rene Lafayette  b. 31 Aug 1919 San Antonio, TX  d. 3 Jan
MORA, Lida Maria Kirchner  b. 15 Aug 1928 San Antonio, TX  d. 30 Dec
MORENO, Gregoria P.  85 yrs  d. 1 Jan
MURPHY, Gene David LTCOL  USAF (ret)  b. 20 Sep 1931 MA   d. 28 Dec
NEAVES, Juana Rodriguez  b. 18 May 1936 Nuevo Laredo, Mexico  d. 2 Jan
NIETO, Altagracia M.  82 yrs  d. 29 Dec
OSBORN, Rowena Simpson  b. 4 Dec 1916 Georgetown, TX  d. 3 Jan
OVALLE, Beatrice  d. Jan 2013
OVALLE, Martin De Leon  b.  30 Jan 1929 d. 29 Dec
PEREZ, Jovita Pacheco  b. 1 Aug 1943 Pleasanton, TX  d. 31 Dec
PEREZ, Julio Jr.  b. 5 Apr 1934  d. 1 Jan
PETERSON, Lilly Helene Seelke  b. 8 Feb 1917 Paige, TX  d. Jan 2013
PEZINA, Richard P.  b. 16 Mar 1979  d. 31 Dec
PLATZNER, Bebe Knapp  d. 23 Dec
REMKE, Marian Edith Hanna  b. 27 May 1920 Noblesville, IN  d. 3 Jan
RIOS, Angel  b. 2 Aug 1937  d. 1 Jan
ROBBINS, Glenna Puckett  84 yrs  d. 31 Dec
ROJAS, Fred Jr. SSG USA (ret)  b. 30 Aug 1963 San Antonio, TX  d. 28 Dec
RUGER, Frederick G.  b. 27 Nov 1939 Teaneck, NJ  d. 29 Dec
SALAZAR, Rosa Elva  b. 27 Feb 1938 d. 2 Jan
SANDOVAL, Irma Maria de los Angeles Martinez  b. 6 Oct 1924 Lampasos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico  d. 28 Dec
SEVERANCE, Clayton G.  b. 22 Sep 1925 PA  d. 28 Dec
SIKES, Sally L.  b. 22 Jan 1966 Dallas, TX  d. 28 Dec
STEUBING, Patsy Ruth Miller  b. 14 May 1930  d. 31 Dec
SWANSON, Glen E. Jr.  73 yrs  d. 1 Jan
TALIAFERRO, Scott Leeth   90 yrs  d. 24 Dec
TODD, Michael Ray  54 yrs  d. 30 Dec
TSCHIRHART, Marion H. "Billy"   b. 5 Jan 1920 Castroville, TX    d. 2 Jan
VALDEZ, Mary A.  b. 4 Jan 1948 San Antonio, TX  d. 29 Dec
WEBBER-EELLS, Patricia J.  "Pat"  b. 28 Aug 1951 Syracuse, NY  d. 25 Dec
WHITTLE, Helen M.  b. 5 Oct 1933 Knoxville, TN  d. 2 Jan
WILSON, Holly Gayle  b. 22 Dec 1958  d. 29 Dec
WINFIELD, Mary Esther  b. 2 May 1926  d. 3 Jan
WITTEN, Barbara Thoren  83 yrs  d. 31 Dec
ZAMORA, Concepcion "Connie" L.  b. 16 May 1926  d. 28 Dec
ZEPEDA, Stephan  d. Jan 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I thought I'd add a picture of one of my mother's friends back in the good ole' days, say 1941 and 1942.  She was very good at putting dates and names in her picture albums but on this one, I'm puzzled.  And I might add I'm having trouble finding out any information.  I must say he was a very good looking gentleman.  For that time frame I do say he looks every bit of the English gentleman.  Let me back up I don't know if he English or not.  Almost like a David Niven, wouldn't you say???

Add caption Do you recognize him???????


Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Since having my DNA done I have run across more Barnes relatives than I thought I would.  I was really looking forward to finding my biological father, which so far, hasn't happened.  Of course I will keep searching.

But I have found three fourth cousins and between them,, and myself I have a pretty good family tree of Thomas Barnes.  I hope the following information will help those of you who are also trying to find your ancestors from the Barnes line.  Again has a lot of information and most of it is actual records.  Check it out.

Please as you read through these names and dates if you see any mistakes (yes I make them just like anyone else) please let me know so I can correct them.

Thomas Barns/Barnes Sr b. 1615 Essex Co., England  m. Mary  d. 1663 CT ( hung--witch trials)
    Children:  Sarah b. abt 1650 Farmington, CT m. John Scoville
                     Benjamin b. abt 1653 Farmington, CT m. Sarah Ingersol
                     Joseph b. abt 1655 Farmington, CT
Thomas m. Mary Andrews/Andrus 23 Mar 1662 Farmington, CT
    Children:  Thomas b. Jun 1690 Farmington, CT m. Mary Jones
                      Ebenezer b. 1675 Farmington, CT m. Deborah Orvis

Ebenezer Barnes  b. 1675 CT  d. 1756 CT  m. Deborah Orvis 8 Apr 1699 Farmington, CT.  Deborah b. 17 Apr 1681 Farmington, CT d. abt 1726.  Ebenezer m. Mehitabel Hancox
     Children:  Daniel David b. 17 Apr 1729 Farmington, CT m. Hannah Clark 1751 Farmington, CT
                      Abigail  b. 22 Oct 1750 Farmington, CT
                      Abijah   b. 31 Jan 1727 Farmington, CT   m. Lois Plumb
                      Amase   b. 8 Nov 1730 Farmington, CT
                      Anna      b. 7 Jun 1706 Farmington, CT     m. William Neal
                      Deborah  b. 13 Jul 1717 Farmington, CT
                      Ebenezer  b. 7 Feb 1700 Farmington, CT   m. Abigail
                      Epliphet   b. 17 Feb 1756 Farmington, CT
                      Esther      b. 30 Jul 1723  Farmington, CT
                      Gideon    b. 1 Aug 1711  Farmington, CT    m. Mehitabel Shaw
                      Jedediah   b. 27 Aug 1708 Farmington, CT  m. Abigail Warner
                     John          b. 5 Nov 1732 Farmington, CT
                     Lucy         b. 4 Mar 1734/5 Farmington, CT
                      Mary       b. 1 Oct 1721 Farmington, CT   m. William
                      Stephen   b. May 1714 Farmington, CT
                      Thomas   b. 21 Jun 1703 Farmington, CT  m. Hannah Day

Daniel David Barnes  b. 1729 d. 24 Sep 1795 CT  m. Hannah Clark 1751 CT
     Children:  Reuben  b. 14 Apr 1752 Farmington, CT  m. Phebe Warner
                      Rhoda    b.
                      Hannah  b.
                      Lucretia  b.
                      Lydia      b. 1757 Hartford, CT  m. Lemuel Potter 1779 Hartford, CT  d. 1836 CT
                      Lydia      b.
                      Lois        b.
                      Martha    b.
                      Abigail   b.

Reuben Barnes b. 1752 d. 1818 NY  m. Phebe Warner b. 1753 d. 1782  m. 1774 CT
      Children:  Joel  b. 5 Mar 1778 Bristol, CT  d. 7 Jun 1842 Canada m. Margaret Peggy Ferguson
                       Ithurie     b. 1775
                       Asahel    b. 1781  d. 1 Aug 1784
                       Lucy  b. 3 May 1779 d. 30 May 1779 CT (buried with Phoebe)
      Second wife of Reuben:  Mamie Munson
          Children:  Asahel (#2)  b. 1784
                           Rockwell   b. 22 Jan 1788  d. 4 Jul 1869 NY  m. Nancy
                           Aard   b. 18 Nov 1789 Bristol, CT   d. 12 Aug 1804
                           Norman  b. 26 Aug 1791 Farmington, CT  d. 28 Sep 1838 NY
                           Asaph   b. 8 May 1786 Bristol, CT  d. 4 May 1822 m. Sybil

Joel Barnes b. 1778 CT d. 7 Jun 1842 m. Margaret Peggy Ferguson 19 Oct 1806 Columbia Co, NY
       Children:  James Reuben b. 8 Nov 1809 Claverack, Columbia, NY  m. 1839 MI Mary Olive Bower
                     Emeline  b. 1804  NY  d. 1859
                     William  b. 1807   NY  d. 1882
                     John P.   b. 1811   NY
                     Emeline  b. 1812 NY
                     Peter Alonzo  b. 1816 NY
                     Michael S.  b. 1820 Ontario, Canada
                     Lois Eliza   b. 823 Ontario, Canada

James R. Barnes b. 1809 NY d.??  m. Mary Olive Bower
       Children:  Eliza  b. 12 Nov 1840 St Joseph Co, MI  d. 25 Jun 1910 Guthrie Co, IA m. Emory Stoddard MI, Rufus H. Wood 1873 MN
                         Diane Leiana  b. 1842 St Joseph Co, MI
                        Lois   b. 1844 St Joseph Co, MI  m. George Henry Baker Sr.
                        Sarah Sally  b. 1845 St Joseph Co, MI  m. Arron Hopp
                        Mary Jane b. 1846 St Joseph Co, MI d. aft 1920 WY  m. Henry J. Dupes  abt 1861
                        Rockford/Rockwell/Norman   b. 1848 St Joseph Co, MI  m. Margaret Lemons
                        Caroline  b. 1849 St Joseph Co, MI m. Hilyand Eagleston ?
                        Lawyer Joseph  b. Mar 1854 St Joseph Co, MI  m. Eva Esther
                        Sawyer b. 1852 St Joseph Co, MI
                        Susan F.  b. 1853 St Joseph Co, MI
                        Clarissa A.  b. 1855 St Joseph Co, MI d. 4 Mar 1932 Guthrie Co, IA m. Nathaniel Green 1873 IA, George Hayes
                        Charles R. b. 1857 St Joseph Co, MI
                        Matilda b. May 1860 St Joseph Co, MI 
                        Ida C.  b. 13 Oct 1868 St Joseph Co, MI d. 21 Jul 1911 Topeka, KS ?
                        Rhoda  b. 1868 St Joseph Co, MI  m. James Brundige
                        George W.  b. 1863 St Joseph Co, MI  m. Phoebe Ellen Fisher 10 Oct 1883 Osborne, KS

From the James Barnes line two of his daughters children (Eliza's daughter, Ida, and Clarissa's son, Charles,  married) so I am doubly tied to this tree.  Both Eliza and Clarissa are my great, great, grandmothers. 

James Barnes left MI and traveled south to Iowa, probably in search of new land.  From there the family split up as some of the children got married and stayed in Iowa for awhile.  James left Iowa with his daughter Clariss and her new husband Nathaniel Green and headed west to Kansas.  They settled there for about fifteen years then some headed to Nebraska. 

In my research I have found their families settled in Oregon, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri.  I still do not know where James and Mary died and where they are buried.   I am still searching.

So my readers until then........................