Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Yes, my friends there is a part two of the conference.  I came home brain dead!  In overload!  So much information.......and now to put it to use.  I was not able to get an appointment with an agent or editor because they wanted a finished manuscript before they would talk to you. finish Katie's story and get it to the right agent, editor. 

Second husband text me and told me the computer crashed!  That was on Friday.....I got it back today.  We shall see.  So glad I have a laptop, just not used to doing all my work on a laptop but guess I will get used to it. 

If you have liked the story about Katie so far let me know.  I do plan to finish and will keep all my readers up to date on what is going on.  I could use some incouragement from time to time.  I get so caught up on research I tend to let the writing slide.  Some of you probably know what I'm talking about.

I will also keep you informed on the DNA research.  If anyone out there is just a little bit interested in DNA I recommend they have it done for themselves.  Even if you know who your parents, grandparents, etc are it's kind of fun to see the graph on where your relatives came from.  Two links you can go look at to research, price, etc is and

Anyway I'm working my fingers away flowing and pounding away at the keys on the computer.  Will keep everyone posted.  Until then.................................


Obits from Sunday 23 Sep 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to   keyword:  online obits

ALFORD, William David GYSGT USM (ret)  b.  17 Sep 1942 Goose Creek, TX  d. 17 Sep
BAIN, William Van Jr.   71 yrs    d. 5 Sep
BRESETT, Maria Guadalupe  b. 7 Jan 1932 Guerrero, Tamps, Mexico  d. 18 Sep
CAVINESS, Pinky Watson  d. 15 Sep
COLLINS, Ann b. 14 Sep 1919 San Antonio, TX  d. 20 Sep
CUENCA, Juan Ricardo "Rick" Jr.  b. 7 Jan 1965 San Antonio, TX  d. 15 Sep
DAVILA, Maria Elena  91 yrs  d. 21 Sep
ELIAS, Manuel H.  b. 11 Mar 1928  d. 19 Sep
FLORA, Jimmy  d. 9 Oct 1916   d. 21 Sep
FLORES GARZA, Rosalba  b. 14 Nov 1931 M. Muzauiz, Coah, Mexico  d. 19 Sep
FUENTES, Luz Morales Jr.  b. 4 Mar 1931  d. 19 Sep
GAITAN, Angelita "Chata" J.  b. 4 Jun 1937  San Antonio, TX   d. 20 Sep
GARCIA, Dora R.  82 yrs  d. 21 Sep
GOMEZ, Carlos "Chale"  76 yrs  d. 14 Sep
GONZALES, Larry Neal  b. 4 Mar 1963 Raymondville, TX  d. 18 Sep
HAYDEN, Mark Edward  b. 22 Jul 1959 Aiken, SC  d. 17 Sep
HILL, Louise Sophie Wollschlaeger  b. 23 Mar 1913  d. 18 Sep
HUGHES, Lois Ann Conklin  b. 9 Jan 1927 Washington, D.C.  d. 20 Sep
JARRETT, Barbara  62 yrs  d. 20 Sep
KENNY, Ida Ross Loman  b. 26 Mar 1920 Refugio, TX  d. 19 Sep
LAMBARIA, Justin Angel b. 5 Apr 1987  d. 20 Sep
MARKING, Dr. Kasper Carroll  b. 21 May 1924 Edgemont, SD  d. 30 Aug
MASK, Rev. Samuel Andrew  b. 29 Jul 1923 Coleman County, TX  d. 19 Sep
MCFADDEN, Camilla Clark   b. 3 Aug 1956   d. 19 Sep
MEDINA, Jose Roberto  b. 29 Jun 1993  d. 19 Sep
NAVARRO, Fred Jr.  b. 11 Aug 1936 Campbellton, TX  d. 21 Sep
PATINO, Max Sr.  92 yrs  d. 18 Sep
POLANCO, Adella Zuniga  b. 3 Feb 1937  d. 20 Sep
POPE, Aurora May Gilland  "Sadie"  91 yrs  d. 21 Sep
SANCHEZ, Ignacio Jr.  b. 10 Mar 1969  d. 19 Sep
SARKARDEHI, Iraj  b. 27 Oct 1929 Damaghan, Iran  d. 21 Sep
SHERIDAN, Ruth Ann  b. 26 Jan 1933  Keokuk, IA   d. 20 Sep
STERN, Charles Morris  b. 6 Apr 1920 NYC  d. 17 Sep
STEWART, Louise Smyth  b. 10 Jul 1925 San Antonio, TX    d. 19 Sep
SUTTON, Harrold Lynn b. 16 Dec 1919 Cordell, OK  d. 21 Sep
VILLEGAS, Alfredo T. "Chino"  b. 16 Apr 1945  d. 20 Sep
WILLIAMS, Rev. Gerald C.  b. 6 Apr 1955  d. 19 Sep
WISE, George L.  b. 31 Jan 1945 Corpus Christi, TX  d. 21 Sep
WRASE, Robert H. Jr.  b. 5 Feb 1926 San Antonio, TX    d. 19 Sep
YORK, Leo Lavurne Sr.  LT COL USAF (ret)  b. 15 Feb 1920 Corsicana, TX  d. 18 Sep

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This is it.  I leave tomorrow morning, very early, for the big conference in Dallas.  I'm excited, I'm apprehensive, I'm scared, and everthing else.  This is the first BIG conference I've gone to.  Will they like what I've written?  Is it good enough?  Am I going to remember to take everything I need?  Will they like ME????

Just because I believe in myself and my story will anyone else like it?  Is it written well enough?  Does it keep the reader wanting to read more? 

I'm so full of questions.  Unsure.  YIKES......

I can do this.  I know I can.

Will keep you posted.

Until then dear readers.........................................

Oh yes, I'm working really really hard on the dna.  Found a my father.........whoever he maybe!!!

Until then.............................

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Obits from Sunday 16 Sep 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Linkt Memories   keyword:  onlie obits

ARANA, Porfinio C.  86 yrs  d. 14 Sep
BALDERAMA, Roberto  b. 15 Jan 1953  d. 14 Sep
BECK, William James (Bill) Jr.  Col. USAF (ret) b. 29 Sep 1920 Garland, TX  d. 6 Sep
BELL, Jesica A.  b. 12 No1968 Selma AL  d. 10 Sep
CANALES, Domingo  b. 13 May 1945  d. 13 Sep
CARAGONNE, Alexander  b. 26 Feb 1935  d. 12 Sep
COHEN, Christine  b. Warsaw, Poland  72 yrs   d. 1 Sep  (Christine's name at birth as Rita Grabina)
CUNNINGHAM, Geraldine Marie  64 yrs  d. 11 Sep
EARHART, George Frausto Jr.  b. 28 Aug 1949 San Antonio, TX  d. 9 Sep
EBERHARDT, George  b. 23 Aug 1929 Choate, TX  d. 13 Sep
ESPINOZA, JohnV.  b. 17 Feb 1923  d. 13 Sep
GARCIA, Michelle katrina  30 yrs  d. 11 Sep
GARCIA, Ofelia  b. 21 Dec 1917 Dewitt Co., TX  d. 13 Sep
GARZA, Mary G.  85 yrs  d. 13 Sep
HERRELL, Rev. Victor C.  52 yrs  d. 9 Sep
HUCK, John George Jr.  b. 25 Apr 1931 Queens, NY  d. 14 Sep
JOHNSON, Cornelia "Jo" O'Kieff  81 yrs  d. 2 Sep
JOHNSON, Sammy Budge  b. 24 Sep 1931  d. 12 Sep
KLINE, Jack G.  80 yrs  d. 11 Sep
LARKAM, Richard Dana  b. 23 Mar 1950 San Diego, CA  d. 7 Sep
LOZANO, Gilbert  78 yrs  d. 15 Sep
MARTIN, Bee  b. 24 Apr 1914 Sabinal, TX  d. 14 Sep
MARTIN, Patsy Mae d. 13 Sep
MARTINEZ, Eudaldo "Eddie" R.  b. 7 Sep 1940 Longhorn, TX  d. 11 Sep
MCCREARY, Patricia N.  b. 19 Jun 1920 St Louis, MO  d. 12 Sep
MCGEE, Bob  d. 12 Sep
MONTEMAYOR, Manuel S.  88 yrs  d. 14 Sep
NAJERA, Dr. Migul E.  d. 7 Sep
PEARSON, Evlyn  d. 3 Sep
PETEFISH, Betty Jean 83 yrs  d. 7 Sep
RIKER, Ann E.  b. 5 Jan 1937 Del Rio, TX  d. 8 Sep
RUDOLPH, Marvin Allen  72 yrs  d. 13 Sep
RUSSELL-WOLFMAN, Naomi  d. 10 Sep
SALINAS, Eva Juanita (Janie) b. 31 Dec 1933 San Antonio, TX  d. 13 Sep
SANDOVAL, Katherine Louise (Sandy) b. 22 Ma 1930  d. 12 Sep
SCHMIDT, Cynthia K. (Cindy)  b. 16 Aug 1956 Mankato, MN  d. 13 Sep
SIBREL, Kenneth D. MSG USA (ret)   b. 1 May 1921 Bettsville, OH  d. 11 Sep
STEPHENS, Elwood Larry Col USA (ret)  b. 8 Aug 1937 Glen St. Mary, FL  d. 8 Sep
STOUGH, Charles Ernest (Ernie) Sr.  b. 13 Feb 1921 Rolla, MO  d. 11 Sep
SUMMA, Joseph P.  DDS. Col US (ret)  b. 1 Jan 1921  d. 12 Sep
TERRY, Adriana Carrillo  b. 12 Jan 1949 Alice, TX  d. 12 Sep
WINSTON, Suzanne Elaine  b. 2 Jul 1941 Corpus Christi, TX  d. 26 Aug  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Working On Katie

Here is my dilemma......I have been working on my story about Katie to bring it to an end,  but next week I will be going to a writer's conference.  I plan to pitch my story on Katie to editors.  So for the next five days my time will be workng feverishly on putting together my one sheet and for whatever else I need to be able to present the story.  I will keep everyone posted and let you know what I will be doing. 

This is the first BIG conference I've gone to and I do have a bit of anxiety about it.  I will raise my concerns up in prayer.

Until then.......................  

Sunday, September 9, 2012


From Sunday 9 Sep 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to    keyword:  online obits

BOGAN, Robert Francis (Bud)  b. 15 Dec 1925 Newark, NJ  d. 27 Aug
BURCH, Charles Austin  b. 30 Nov 1919 Odell, TX  d. 29 Aug
CATES, Wanda Louella Addington  b. 26 Sep 1923 Wilson, OK  d. 3 Sep
CHRISENBERRY, Mariane   b. 8 Sep 1928 Darmstadt, Germany  d. 18 Aug
COOK, Sherron Laray  b. 15 Jun 1942  d. 28 Aug
COOPER, Arthur (Art) B. Jr.  b. 30 Apr 1927  d. 6 Sep
DAILY, Elizabeth Mary Rook  b. 26 Sep 1925  d. Sep 2012
DIAZ, Jesus "Jesse" Y.  b. 1 Dec 1932 San Antonio, TX  d. 5 Sep
DUGI, Florence Kyrish b. 21 Apr 1940 Panna Maria, TX  d. 6 Sep
EASH, Jimmie Ruth Dunhm  b. 23 Nov 1934  d. 6 Sep
FLORES, Sandra Galindo  b. 10 Jun 1954 San Antonio, TX  d. 5 Sep
GAY, Malcolm Thomas  b. 12 Dec 1965 Jacksonville, FL  d. 31 Aug
GLENNON, Sister Stephen Marie C.C.V.I.  b. 6 Apr 1919  Dunmore, Co. Galway, Ireland  d. 8 Sep
HERNANDEZ, Annie  b. 26 Jul 1925  d. 4 Sep
HORLEN, Catherine (Kitty Lou) b. b. 17 Oct 1937  d. 3 Sep
JOHNSTON, Johnny J. Lt. Gen. (ret) USA  b. 23 Dec 1928 Farmersville, TX  d. 5 Sep
JOLLY, Betty Sutch b. 11 Apr 1925  Champaign, IL  d. 5 Sep
KADURA, Stella  b. 17 Aug 1923  d. 6 Sep
KALINOSKI, Thomas Charles III  b. 12 Feb 1988 Azie, TX    d. 27 Aug
KIOLBASSA, Eugenia (Geanie)  b. 16 Nov 1925 Carpenter, TX  d. 5 Sep
KOLLS, Mary Browning  b. 27 Dec 1937 Bald Knob, AR  d. 7 Sep
LUDERUS, Richard O.  b. 3 May 1948  d. 5 Sep
MARSH, Harley T. "Swampy" Col. (ret) USA    95 yrs  d. 7 Sep
MEURIN, Norval "Rabbit"  b. 24 Dec 1932 Converse, TX  d. 4 Sep
MILLER, Gloria Elizabeth Skipper   b. 9 Jun 1933 Marion, SC  d. 6 Sep
MORENO, Amelia Garcia  b. 24 May 1914  d. 5 Sep
NEIRA, Juan R.  b. 5 Aug 1945  d. 1 Sep
O'BRIEN, Charles "Gene"  b. 6 Oct 1942  d. 5 Sep
OCHOA, Petra Dominquez  b. 16 Jul 1925  d. 6 Sep
O'TOOLE, Mary Petri  90 yrs  d. 7 Sep
PEARSON, Paul R.  b. 6 Aug 1935 Washington, PA    d. 6 Sep
PONEBSHEK, Emily Eva  b. 26 Dec 1923  d. 5 Sep
RENAUD, Carol Ann 51 yrs  d. 5 Sep
REYES, Ralph  d. 6 Sep
RICHARDS, Fred Vick M.D.  b. 20 Jul 1918 San Antonio, TX  d. 7 Sep
RODRIGUEZ, Epigmencio L.  b. 20 May 1927  d. 6 Sep
RODRIGUEZ, Moises R. Sr.  b. 24 Aug 1924 Rialitos, TX   d.  30 Aug
RODRIGUEZ, Ofelia Obledo  b. 17 Jul 1926 San Antonio, TX  d. 5 Sep
ROTKOSKY, V. Elaine  82 yrs  d. 4 Sep
SCHULTZ, William "Bill" James  b. 21 Feb 1933 Valparaiso, ID  d. 24 Aug
SCHWARZ, Alice Octavia Groff  b. 6 Sep 1916 Castroville, TX  d. 7 Sep
SELLS, Dorthey Catherine  b. 13 Apr 1921 Stockdale, TX  d. 27 Aug
SPEER, Sudie Mae Evans  b. 5 Oct 1924 El Dorado, AR  d. Sep 2012
SPRINGER, Elizabeth "Betty"  b. 6 Oct 1925 Edinburgh, Scotland  d. 31 Aug
STUMBERG, Alma Karen (Mueller)  d. 1 Sep
THOMAS, Alex R. Jr. Ph. D.  b. 31 Jan 1923 Burkburnet, TX  d. 8 Sep
TREVINO, Hortencia Montemayor b. 10 Sep 1926   d. 5 Sep
URIEGAS, Noberto Huron  b. 26 Jan 1926 Losoya, TX  d. 7 Sep
VOIGT, Charlotte Dodd  b. 4 Jun 1938 Yellville, AR  d. 7 Sep
WALTERS, Josephine "Jo"  M. Raynor  b. 15 Jul 1924 Brooklyn, NY  d. 6 Sep
WILLETTS, Woodrow "Woody" b. 16 Dec 1931 Brunswick County, NC  d. 6 Sep
WILLIAMS, Helen Cecelia (McCoy) b. 26 Apr 1924 Pikesville, MD  d. 5 Sep
YOUNG, Marlene H. (Warncke)  b. 19 Feb 1936  Guadalupe County, TX  d. 7 Sep

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Obits from Sunday 2 Sep 2012  San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to   keyword:  online obits

ANTHONY, Arturo Michael  b. 17 Feb 1957 San Antonio, TX  d. 26 Aug
BAILEY, Nancy Lee (Owens)  b. 20 Feb 1935 Deland, FL  d. 24 Aug
BALLARD, Larry K.  76 yrs  d. 11 Aug
BLANCHARD, Jackie Taylor  b. 1 Jun 1934 Edmonton, Alberta  d. 27 Aug
BOGAN, Robert Francis (Bud) b. 15 Dec 1925 Newwark, NJ  d. 27 Aug
BOHLKE, William H. "Bill" Maj USAF (ret)  d. 27 Aug
BOOTH, William Thomas  b. 6 Jan 1960 Laredo, TX  d. 29 Aug
BROLL, Dr. Alexander Daniel  b. 27 Feb 1917 DeWitt County, TX  d. 30 Aug
CANALES, Manuel b. 30 Dec 1920 Uvalde, TX  d. 30 Aug
CASTANEDA, Sylvia Marie  b. 28 Feb 1963  d. 30 Aug
CAVAZOS, Sister Celia Ann  b. 22 Dec 1936 Pierce, TX  d. 28 Aug
CROSBY, Thomas E.  b. 28 Jun 1937 San Antonio, TX  d. 25 Aug
CROW, Doris L.  b. 17 Dec 1926 Pineville, LA d. 27 Aug
CUELLAR, Guadalupe Sr.  b. 10 Aug 1920  d. 31 Aug
DANIEL, Juan A.  75 yrs  d. 31 Aug
DOMINGUEZ, Raul Sr.  b. 16 Dec 1946 San Antonio, TX  d. 30 Aug
DONAHO, Irene Nell Rabenaldt Thompson  b. 7 Jul 1923 Yorktown, TX  d. 31 Aug
DOOLEY, Steven W.  57 yrs  d. 29 Aug
DUNKLEY, Kenneth Daniel  b. 8 Sep 1969  d. 29 Aug
EAKES, Don Wendell  d. 29 Aug
FALES, Amelia S.  90 yrs  d. 14 Aug
FEY, Debbie A.  58 yrs  d. 27 Aug
FINNIGAN, Jerry Ray  b. 6 Apr 1939  d. 31 Aug
FLORES, Ubil "Buddy" Jr.  b. 4 Feb 1961 Crescent City, CA  d. 26 Aug
GARZA, Delia C.  b. 14 Oct 1929 San Antonio, TX  d. 10 Apr
GARZA, Maria L.  85 yrs  d. 30 Aug
GAWLIK, Anna L.  b. 23 Mar 1933 d. 30 Aug
GONZALEZ, Julio M.  38 yrs  d. 29 Aug
GRAHAM, Clara 77 yrs  d. 30 Aug
GROSSE, Wallace C. "Wally" b. 27 Oct 1926 San Antonio, TX  d. 28 Aug
GUTIERREZ, Petra T.  96 yrs  d. 29 Aug
HABY, Emmett R.  b. 26 Sep 1925 d. 30 Aug
IBARRA, Joe Perez  b. 22 Oct 1939 d. 30 Aug
JODRY, Betty McElraevy  d. 31 Aug
KENNEDY, Mary G.  70 yrs  d. 28 Aug
LEON, Samuel H. Jr.  b. 14 Aug 1955  d. 30 Aug
LOPEZ, Juan F.  b. 4 Dec 1934 NYC, NY  d. 30 Aug
LOPEZ, Marina M.   b. 21 Jan 1925  d. 31 Aug
MARTINEZ, Netha Elizabeth "Betty" Crosby  b. 9 Sep 1917 Savannah, GA  d. 29 Aug
MATTHEWS, Edward B.  b. 30 Jan 1950 Corpus Christi, TX  d. 28 Aug
MCLEAN, Richard Dewey  b. 21 Aug 1925 Morenci, AZ  d. 28 Aug
MOKOLAJCZYK, Alvin Joe   48 yrs  d. 30 Aug
MURPHY, Sister Christine  b. 3 Jan 1919 County Galway, Ireland  d. 29 Aug
NORTON, Kevin Charles  b. 18 Sep 1861  d. 16 Aug
ONOFRE, Anthony L.  27 yrs  d. 27 Aug
PRICE, Alfred H. "Nibs"   b. 29 Jan 1926  Salinas, CA  d. 24 Aug
RODRIGUEZ, Arturo Q.  67 yrs  d. 30 Aug
RODRIGUEZ, Edward P. "Rod"  d. Aug 2012
RUBIO, Yvette Mojica  48 yrs  d. 30 Aug
SEGRATO, Joseph Louis  b. 7 Nov 1940 Houston, TX  d. 28 Aug
SHANER, Gary Allen II  b. 24 Sep 1983 San Antonio, TX  d. 27 Aug
TERRAZAS, Maria Guadulupe M.  b. 17 Mar 1920  d. 28 Aug
TORRES, Baldomero G.  b. 29 Feb 1924 San Angelo, TX  d. 29 Aug
VASQUEZ, Carmen  d. 30 Aug
VILLARREAL, Aberlardo R.  79 yrs  d. 25 Aug
WIEGAND, Paul Bertrand   b. 17 Mar 1953 Austin, TX  d. 30 Aug
WILKINSON, Jane B.  b. 12 Feb 1928 Smithfield, NC  d. 31 Aug
WILSON, Audrey W.  84 yrs  d. 30 Aug
WIRTH, John Arthur  b. 4 Jun 1929 Marion County, OR  d. 29 Aug
WYSOCKI, Ira Belle Wallace  b. 9 Feb 1922 Durham, NC   d. 26 Aug