Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Obits from Sun 28 Oct 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories    www.mysa.com    Keyword:  online obits

ALMAGUER, Arlene D.   d. Oct 2012
ARBINI, Eileen Mary Murray  b. 2 Dec 1924 St Louis, MO  d. 21 Oct
ATIEE, Mary J.  b. 13 Sep 1924  d. 25 Oct
BARLOCO, Benjamin Jerome Jr.  b. 1 Jun 1932 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 Oct
BARTON, Lauretta Bartolotta  b. 4 Aug 1929    Hudson, NY   d. 26 Oct
BURKS, Anne McHenry    d. 24 Oct
CARDWELL, Dorothy Marie Rentz  b. 15 Aug 1918 Rockport, TX   d. 22 Oct Gonzales, TX
CLEVENGER, Carol Anita  b. 1 Jan 1936  d. 17 Oct
DE LA GARZA, Rosa Rodriguez   73 yrs  d. 20 Oct
DEVLIN, Maria Teresa 71 yrs  b. San Jose Costa Rica  d. 16 Oct
FONTES, Mary Lou  b. 8 Jul 1925  Wilson, OK  d. 20 Oct
GARCIA, Eddie John Sr.  b. 27 Apr 1961  d. 25 Oct
GARCIA, Maria Molina  b. 8 Apr 1914 Mexico  d. 25 Oct
GARCIA, Trinidad F.  b. 14 Jan 1929 San Antonio, TX  d. 20 Oct
GIRARD, Mary Offer  b. 31 Mar 1937  d. 25 Oct
GREGOIRE, Alice M.  84 yrs  d. 27 Oct
GRIFFITH, Walter R. LTC USAF Reserves (ret)  b. 19 Nov 1922 O'Neill, NE  d. 25 Oct
HEXSEL, Andrea Sue Fedor  b. 17 Oct 1955 Houston, TX  d. 24 Sep
KARL, Romayne b. 9 Jul 1928 Pitcairn, PA  d. 18 Oct
MORGENROTH, Marie Evans, Gladys Marie Riley  b. 1 Apr 1929 Stockdale, TX  d. 26 Oct
MARTIN, Michael W.  b. 29 Jan 1959 Houston, TX  d. 20 Oct
MASTERSON, Martin Patrick D.D.S.   Col  b. 7 May 1937 Cleveland, OH  d. 20 Oct
MORENO, Josie D.  b. 26 Mar 1923 Wagon Mound, NM  d. 23 Oct
PENA, Rogelio H. b. 17 May 1928 San Antonio, TX   d. 25 Oct
PERKES, Tallon Sterling  b. 6 Sep 1961  d. 20 Oct
PHILLIPS, Ralph Lee  b. 5 Apr 1942 San Antonio, TX  d. 26 Oct
POTTS, Thomas MSGT USAF (ret)  b. 18 May 1934  Springfield, OH  d. 16 Oct
PULLEN, Ethel Marie  b. 21 Jun 1915 Meadville, PA   d. 19 Oct
RASSIGA, Nancy Lou   b. 15 May 1948 Little Rock, AR    d. 13 Oct
SELIN, Lucille Hall  b. 7 Mar 1920 Herrin, IL  d. 20 Oct
SHEAN, Lucille Elaine Hawks  b. 17 Feb 1918 Omaha, NE  d. 22 Oct
SMITH, John C. III  50 yrs  d. 21 Oct
SUDDICK, Dr. Richard P.   b. 3 Feb 1934 Omaha, NE    d. 19 Oct
SWEENEY, Father Eugene Raymond S. M.  79 yrs  d. 27 Oct
TAYLOR, Michael Anthoney  b. 19 Oct 1983  d. 23 Oct
TEALER, MILAM Wesley  MSGT USAF (ret)  b. 24 Nov 1930   d. 23 Oct
TENEYUCA, Ernest  b. 8 Apr 1926  d. 25 Oct
THOMAS, Lorene  9 Aug 1932 San Antonio, TX  d. 25 Oct
THOMPSON, Hadley N. Col. USAF (ret)   b. 14 Jul 1929 Pittsburgh, PA  d. 14 Oct
VILLANUEVA, Cruz Torres  b. 2 May 1921 San Marcos, TX  d. 25 Oct
WALSH, Stanislaus John  b. 6 Nov 1916 Gros Ventre Indian reservation, MT  d. 21 Oct
WINSHIP, Lillian Doris Cage  b. 12 Oct 1914  Bishop, TX  d. 24 Oct
YZNAGA, Louis Alfonso  b. 26 Oct 1941 San Antonio, TX  d. 24 Oct

New Week New Challenges

My dear readers

I am really behind this week.  Story of my life.  I am my biggest challenge.  First of all I took a long week end to be with six other crafting sisters.  We do this every year, taking off to our retreat in the hill country to do our Christmas gift crafting (and of course get caught up on things we've put off throughout the year)!

I for one put together two picture scrapbooks of the big family reunion.  Then I set out to work on Katie's story.  I have not forgotten Katie........  I guess I was tired because I hit a key, and don't ask me what key, but I hit THE key and erased the whole page I was working on!  How upsetting and I know there are a lot of other writers who have done the same thing.  BUT....so I'm trying to remember what I wrote, and believe me that is not going to be easy.  I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning (already). 

Enough of that...

So later today I will have the obits from this last Sunday posted for those of you that keep up with that.

Later today, no house work, only errands to fix the grandson's tablet I got him for his birthday, then it's back to writing. 

So until then................

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Obits from Sunday 21 Oct 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories....www.mysa.com    keyword:  online obits

AGUIRRE, Frederico Lt Col USAF (ret)  81 yrs   d. 16 Oct
ARCE, Berta Andelina San Miguel (Nena)  b. 8 Feb 1927 Aguilares, TX  d. 13 Oct
BARRERA, Albert "Sonny" H.  70 yrs  d. 18 Oct
BILLINGSLEY, Truman A. CWO4 USAF (ret)  b. 31 Mar 1923 Bee County, TX   d. 19 Oct
BLACK, Mary Frances Buchanan  b. 10 Jun 1934 DeWitt, AR  d. 19 Oct
BOWER, Hugh MacLean  b. 23 Aug 1919 Flushing, NY  d. 16 Oct
CASANOVA, Yvonne  b. 23 Feb 1959  d. 17 Oct
CHAPA, Eduardo "Eddie"  b. 18 jan 1945  d. 17 Oct
CISNEROS, Lolie  b. 16 Oct 1939 Jimenez, Mexico  d. 18 Oct
COHEN, Meyer  b. 7 Jan 1929  d. 19 Oct
CORBIN, Annabelle Marie  b. 11 Oct 1924 Nevada, IA  d. 14 Oct
CORTEZ, Miguel Luna  b. 29 Sep 1928 Killeen, TX  d. 18 Oct
CURTIS, Joan Ann b. 26 Jul 1936 Lee, NH  d. 8 Oct
DIAZ, Margarita  b. 24 Aug 1947  d. 19 Oct
DIENGER, Betty Ann  b. 20 Oct 1929  d. 17 Oct
EDWIN, Edward  b. 19 Oct 1918 San Antonio, TX  d. 14 Oct
FERRELL, Lillie Pauline Wiederhold  b. 18 Apr 1931  Austin, TX  d. 16 Oct
FLORES, Magrilio (Willie) J.  b. 13 Sep 1941  d. 14 Oct
FLYNN, Robert Edward Jr.  b. 18 Jan 1934 Pandora, TX  d. 19 Oct
GABRIEL, Mary L.  76 yrs  d. 16 Oct
GAMEZ, Sophia Rose-Garza  b. 11 Oct 2012  d. 14 Oct
GARCIA, Jesus "Jesse" Gabino  b. 25 Jan 1971 San Antonio, TX   d. 17 Oct
GARCIA, Luis Jaime b. 9 Apr 1959 San Antonio, TX  d. 17 Oct
GARDNER, Edith Peak  b. 10 Dec 1929 Stockdale, TX  d. 13 Oct
GOODRICH, Bill N.  b. 18 Feb 1940  San Antonio, TX  d. 18 Oct
GRAY, Rev. C. T.   b. 6 Nov 1922 Gonzalez, TX    d. 17 Oct
JACKEL, Floyd "Boobie" Joseph  84 yrs  d. 19 Oct
LEWIS, Dr. Earl McKinley  b. 2 Dec 1919  McComb, MS   d. 13 Oct
MILLER, Arlene Bedford  b. 26 Jan 1926 Llano County, TX  d. 18 Oct
MONTEZ, Marcelino R.  b. 8 Sep 1926  d. 20 Oct
MULHERN, Daisy L.  b. 22 Sep 1925 Montgomery, AL   d. 17 Oct
NETTELFIELD, John Peter  b. 1934  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada   d. 1 Sep  in Ramsey, MN
NETTELFIELD, Jean Smith  b. 1941 Chicago, IL    d. 1 Sep 2012  in Ramsey, MN
PAPARELLA, Lana J.  b. 3 Oct 1943 Hugo, OK   d. 16 Oct
PFEIFFER, Cheryl Ann  b. 11 Jun 1963 Milwaukee, WI  d. 17 Oct
RANDALL, Catherine W. "Cat"  b. 7 May 1927 Orange, TX  d. 17 Oct
RITTER, Mildred Amanda  b. 13 Sep 1910   Chicago, IL    d. 18 Oct
ROBLES, Nellie Alvarado  b. 30 Oct 1923  Amphion, TX   d. 17 Oct
RODRIGUEZ, Ernest H.  b. 23 Oct 1927  d. 17 Oct
RUSSELL, Karen Lee Brooks   73 yrs  d. 13 Oct
SCHROEDER, Audrey E.  86 yrs  d. 19 Oct
SHANKS, James A.  b. 30 Jan 1939 Ft. Worth, TX  d. 17 Oct
SOLANO, Manuel A.  Sr.   b. 1 Oct 1926  d. 17 Oct
TANNER, Frank Henry Jr.  70 yrs  d. 16 Oct  El Sobrante, CA
THIENPONT, Gabriel Broekhove  87 yrs  d. 19 Oct
TOVARES, Mary Rangal  b. 5 13 Jun 1924 Austin, TX   d. 15 Oct   Falls Church, VA
TOVARES, Jose Andrade Perez    b. 8 May 1922  San Antonio, TX   d. 18 Oct  Falls Church, VA
TREVINO, Maria Amparo H.   b. 9 Oct 1923 San Antonio, TX  d. 18 Oct
WAGNER, Linda   d. 18 Oct
WALL, Jerry Mack b. 19 Dec 1941 Jacksonville, TX   d. 18 May 1966 Vietnam 
WESTHOLM, Robert Leroy LTC USAF (ret)  b. 20 Jun 1921 High River, Alberta, Canada  
d. 18 Oct
WHIPPLE, Jennifer Lynn   b. 6 Nov 1973 Grand Junction, CO   d. 4 Oct
WYATT, Margaret (Margie) Elizabeth    b. 5 Jul 1924  Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada   d. 17 Oct

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Well I finally fixed my blog to my liking....I mean the layout.  I need to stop clicking on icons and then having to figure out what I did wrong!  I know, I know, I should take some classes.........DON'T HAVE TIME!!! 

Still working on Katie's life story........I just love this little girl.  I get writer's block a lot so please bear with me.  AND then there is the other thing where I wander off when I do research.  Before you know it I'm knee deep in census pages and then looking in counties trying to find histories of towns, people, and places.  It really is wonderful that someone over a hundred years ago felt compelled to sit down and write about the history of the town and it's people.  It certainly helps us that are trying to find answers now.

So my challenge now is trying to find (real life people) Katie's sisters.  This is going to be a really, really, really, did I mention really???? challenge!!!   Especially since I do not have names!

BUT I have DNA.  My DNA.  So the search begins. 

Until then........................

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Obits from Sunday 14 Oct 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories   www.mysa.com   keyword:  online obits

AITCHES, Billie Ruth Farris   b/ 1 Jun 1923 San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Oct
BALMOS, Harold John "Harry" b. 12 Sep 1922 San Antonio, TX    d. 11 Oct
BASSETT, Jennifer K.  48 yrs  d. 12 Oct
BERNAL, Mary Garza  b. 8 Jan 1923  d. 8 Oct
BOELTER, Amelia Walker b. 13 May 1929 London, England  d. 11 Oct
BORING, Rev. James Richard  SGT MAJ USArmy (ret)  b. 7 Jul 1925  Joplin, MO  d. 10 Oct
BOWMAN, Marvin S. Jr.  b. 4 Apr 1921 Boston, MA   d. 10 Oct
BRELL, Robert Michael  USAF (ret)  b. 24 Feb 1935 Maumee, OH  d. 10 Oct
BRAUER, Mae Louie Oughton  b. 27 Sep 1914 San Antonio, TX  d. 10 Oct
CALKINS, Roland Niles Jr.  b. 31 Aug 1931 New Haven, CT  d. 8 Oct
CARROLL, Marjorie  b. 18 Jun 1916 Eagle Lake, TX  d. 6 Oct
CASPER, Shirley Marie  b. 29 Jan 1936 Fort Worth, TX  d. 7 Oct
CHRISTMAS, Mary  d. 7 Oct
CULLINS, Margaret  b. 30 Apr 1955  d. 7 Oct
DUCKWORTH, Patricia J.  b. 14 May 1933 d. 8 Oct
EDMISTON, Dorothy Louise Stevenson  b. 17 Jan 1929 Travis County, TX  d. 12 Oct
ENTLER, Thomas  b. 30 Oct 1925 Decatur, IL  d. 9 Oct
FORESTELLO, Chiaffredo "Chaffie"  b. 5 Nov 1916  San Antonio, TX  d. 10 Oct
FOX, Dr. Karen A. Col USAF (ret)  b. 21 Aug 1956  San Antonio, TX   d. 9 Oct
GARCIA, Diamantina (Diana) C.  b. 17 Feb 1925 Eagle Pass, TX  d. 11 Oct
GENAW, Gerald L. Sr.  89 yrs from Port Huron, MI  d. 9 Oct
GONZALEZ, Espiridion (Speedy) H.  91 yrs  d. 6 Oct
HEMBERGER, John Joseph  b. 18 Dec 1914 Irvington, NJ  d. 12 Oct
JENKINS, Cordelia Brunette Beard  b. 8 Jan 1921 Loop, TX  d. 3 Sep
JUAREZ, Oralia L.  b. 18 Jun 1936  d. 11 Oct
KING, Patrick J. MSG USArmy (ret)  b. 29 Dec 1930 Boston, MA  d. 5 Oct
LOPEZ, Augustine R.  b. 2 May 1934 San Antonio, TX  d. Oct 2012
MCCANN, Lilian Elizabeth  b. 13 Sep 1925  d. 10 Oct
MENDEZ, Anita Tello b. 18 Jul 1917  d. 10 Oct
MESERVE, Joyce  75 yrs  d. 30 Sep
MONACO, Viola  b. 16 Apr 1914  d. Oct 2012
MORENO,Antonio Z.  b. 30 Oct 1960  d. 11 Oct
NYRE, Idella J. Martinson  95 yrs  d. 9 Oct
OSMAN, Sandra Kay  69 yrs  d. 9 Oct
PAUL, Rev David C.  92 yrs  d. 11 Oct
PECHE, Dr. William Joseph  b. 4 Nov 1936   San Antonio, TX  d. 11 Oct
RABEL, Veronica Josephine Padalecki  69 yrs  d. 11 Oct
RUIZ, Inocencio Miguel  b. 8 Sep 1945 Colon, Panama  d. 6 Oct
SMITH, Msgr. Sherrill  b. 20 Aug 1921 Chicago Heights, IL  d. 9 Oct
STONE, Ralph E. Lt Col USAF (ret) b. 30 Jan 1931 Hugo, OK  d. 11 Oct
THOMAS, Barney Owen  b. 27 Jan 1939  d. 29 Sep
URRUTIA, Juan V.  d. 11 Oct
WILKS, Kathleen Elizabeth Laake  b. 31 Jan 1936 Hobson, TX  d. 7 Oct
WILSON, Edward Franklin  72 yrs  d. 12 Oct

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Obits from Sunday 7 Oct 2012 San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories....www.mysa.com    keyword: online obits.

BIPPERT, Leonard Alfred  b. 27 Mar 1915  d. 5 Oct
COLUNGA, Leonard O.  57 yrs  d. 1 Oct
COX, Annette Marie Rothe  b. 23 Oct 1917 Medina County, TX  d. 4 Oct
COX, Patricia Alma Williams Burkit  b. 16 Sep 1924  Des Moines, IA  d. 3 Oct
DUROSS, Karen Alyce  b. 16 Feb 1950 Laredo, TX  d. 1 Oct
ESPINOSA, Elizabeth "Betty"  b. 20 Nov 1930 Hays, KS   d. 1 Oct
FARMACKA, Charles C.  04 yrs  d. 2 Oct
FUENTES, Dr. Leonel  b. 15 Mar 1929 Piedras Negras, Mexico  d. 4 Oct
GALVAN, Filiberto   86 yrs  d. 2 Oct
GARSEZ, Jose Garcia     80 yrs  d. 5 Oct
GERBER, Grace Clark  b.  Nov 1929 Littlefield, TX  d. 1 Oct
GOMEZ, Steven A.  b. 20 Feb 1956 San Antonio, TX  d. 4 Oct
GRUNDHOEFFER, Marion J.  Servais  b. 19 Jun 1937 Green Bay, WI  d. 2 Oct
HAMILTON, Harry Earl Maj USAF (ret)    d. 2 Oct
HAMILTON, Willie Ruth  b. 2 Feb 1920  d. 29 Sep
HILBIG, Annie Alice  b. 30 Jan 1925 Laredo, TX  d. 4 Oct
HULME, William D.  b. 15 Jan 1924 Tucumcari, NM  d. 4 Oct
JONES, Roger L.  b. 11 Mar 1945 Cushing, OK  d. 4 Oct
KEETON, Richard Louis III  b. 2 Sep 1956  d. 4 Oct
KRISSOFF, Nancy Negley  b. 30 Jan 1976  d. 30 Sep
KRZEWINSKI, Theresa Ann Ashley  b. 23 Dec 1928  d. 1 Oct
MASPERO, Walter & Wesley 
MENGDEN, Mary Louise Morris  92 yrs  d. 5 Oct
MOCK, Charles Sanderson  67 yrs  b. Ft. Benning, GA     d. 2 Oct 
MONNICH, Jean Warren   b. 31 Mar 1933 Tulsa, OK  d. 3 Oct
MORGAN, Trinidad Vasquez  b. 14 Nov 1920    d. 3 Oct
MULLEN, William Earl Jr. MSGT USAF (ret) b. 1 Mar 1940 Fort Sam Houston, TX  d. 30 Sep
MURRUFO, Teresa "Connie"  b. 15 Feb 1924  d. 4 Oct
NEWMAN, Jean Bullen  b. 2 Jan 1915 Sillwater, OK   d. 2 Oct Pittsburg, PA
OROZCO, Stella Vasquez Pena  b. 6 Jul 1951  d. 30 Sep
POFF, Edward H. LT COL USAF (ret)  90 yrs  d. 30 Sep
RANEY, Barbara Jean  b. 18 May 1942  d. 4 Oct
ROBINSON, Robert D. Sr.  b. 18 Sep 1940  Enid, OK   d. 3 Oct
RODRIGUEZ, Carlos Everado   b. 29 May 1933 San Antonio, TX  d. 3 Oct
SANTOS, Maria Gloria POena  b. 25 Aug 1948 Raymondville, TX  d. 2 Oct
SCHIELE, Carl Gustav  b. 5 Apr 1924 Queens, NY  d. 28 Sep
SHIPLEY, Marie Elizabeth "Betty"  b. 28 Apr 1923  d. 4 Oct
SILVA, Joan Evelyn  77 yrs  d. 3 Oct
STAUFFER, Phillip Austin     40 yrs  d. 1 Oct
STEGER, Nancy Aldridge   71 yrs  d. 2 Oct
SWAN, Mildred Mae  b. 28 Sep 1927  d. 4 Oct
TEDESCO, Mario J. (Ted)    85 yrs  d. 28 Sep
TEST, Robert Bryan  b. 29 Nov 1977 San Antonio, TX  d. 2 Oct
THOMAS, Sylvia Marie Luna  b. 12 Feb 1927 San Antonio, TX  d. 5 Oct
WENZEL, Scotty Reese  47 yrs  d. 1 Oct
ZAMORA, Maria Elva Salinas   d. 5 Oct

Thursday, October 4, 2012

DNA and Genealogy

(this is not Indian Kate as a child but I thought the picture depicts her)

I AM working on Katie........will get it finished, have it critiqued, and get it published; even if I have to publish myself.  Katie has become a part of me.  We've become very close.  I can almost feel her presence, see through her eyes, and smell the fresh fragrance of the woods and rivers.

Now to let you know what I'm working on.  Not that I've put aside Katie, but what I've run into is I think I may have located Katie's sister's family!!!  Shocking isn't it.  

The big thing is there isn't very good records, written records to collaborate this.  Just lots of digging into old files, stories, and well you see where I'm going with this.

Oh did I mention DNA?  I am related to a family with Native American through DNA.  We are working on the link.  So it does look, or am I just hopeful, that I really am related to Katie?????
I would be honored.

Will keep you posted on the findings......now on to the process.  Oh my goodness so much reading!!

Until then........................... 

Monday, October 1, 2012


Obits from Sunday 30 Sep 2012  San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, TX
Link to Memories....www.mysa.com   keyword: online obits

AGUAYO-ALLENDE, Rafael J.  b. 4 Apr 1930 Rincon, Puerto Rico  d. 28 Sep
ALDRIGHETTE, Beatice V.  81 yrs   d. 27 Sep
AMMANN, Jack Jordan Jr.  b. 3 Jan 1933 d. 23 Sep
ANDERSON, Verna Rose  b. 3 May 1920 Pittsburg, PA  d. 28 Sep
ANGUEIRA, Efrain Chaves  b. 6 Sep 1919 Isabela, Puerto Rico  d. 27 Sep
ANZ, Caroline  b. 1 Jun 1948 San Antonio, TX  d. 28 Sep
ARREDONDO, Johnny G.  b. 15 Oct 1956  d. 26 Sep
ASCH, Charlotte E.  b. 5 Jun 1930 Lincoln, NE  d. 24 Sep
BEVERLY, Mary Olga  77 yrs  d. 22 Sep
BROWN, Bettye Wanda O'Toole  b. 11 Apr 1931 Fort Worth, TX  d. 27 Sep
CAVAZOS, Dora  87 yrs  d. 23 Sep
CAVAZOS, Librado M. Sr.  90 yrs  d. 17 Sep
CHARO, Araseli Saldana  32 yrs  d. 28 Sep
CONNORS, Joan Anne O'Connor  b. 1936 NYC  d. 28 Sep
COSGROVE, Nieves Bonilla  93 yrs  d. 27 Sep
DAVIS, Brenda Quates b. 15 Jul 1951 Mesa, AZ  d. 27 Sep
ELIZONDO, Adele Tierina Hinojosa  b. 1 Jun 1945  d. 27 Sep
ESQUIBEL, Elias D. Sr. 81 yrs  d. 28 Sep
EVANS, Donald Richman b. 18 Feb 1938 Houston, TX  d. 28 Sep
FOLEY, Joanne Gleason  b. 16 Jan 1938 Mobile, AL  d. 26 Sep
FOX, Natalie O'Tyson  b. 27 Oct 1926 Mount Pleasant, TX  d. 25 Sep
FUNK, Joseph Richard  b. 16 Jan 1929 Ironton, MO  d. 27 Jan
GARCIA, Valentin V.  b. 16 Dec 1931  d. 28 Sep
GIRON, Rudy M.  b. 15 Jul 1939  d. 28 Sep
GOETZKE, Mary Ellen  b.  8 Jun 1935 San Antonio, TX  d. 25 Sep
GONZALES, Odilia A.  b. 10 Jul 1916  d. 27 Sep
GRAHAM, Shirley Jean b. 17 Nov 1934  Richmond, VA    d. 25 Sep
GREEN, Joseph M.  b. 23 Jun 1928 Center, TX  d. 27 Sep
GUERRERO, Juanita H.  b. 1 Oct 1920 San Antonio, TX  d. 27 Sep
GUTIERREZ, Bernardino G. "Blackie"  b. 24 may 1925 Maxwell, TX  d. 26 Sep
KUHN, Margaret "Margie"  91 yrs  d. 26 Sep
LAMBECK, Steven Desmer  b. 18 Jun 1956 Seguin, TX  d. 20 Sep
LANDEROS, Janie  b. 23 Apr 1925  d. 27 Sep
LEAL, Elva B.  b. 17 Oct 1921 Premont, TX  d. 25 Sep
LOZANO, Leonard Joe  b. 19 Apr 1935   d. Sep
LUNA, Naomi b. 31 May 1942 d. 25 Sep
MARSHALL, Carolyn Marie Blacketer  b. 3 Mar 1939 San Antonio, TX  d. 28 Sep
MEYER, Viola Annette Kraatz  b. 26 Oct 1923 Nordheim, TX  d. 27 Sep
NELSON, Frances Patricia Lorden  b. 3 Feb 1920  d. 26 Sep
OCHOA, Guadalupe M.  84 yrs  d. 25 Sep
OLIVER, Lawrence Jr.  b. 8 Jun 1944 Bay City, TX  d. 28 Sep
PERKIS, Evangelina J.  b. 18 Oct 1929 Cementville, Bexar County, TX  d. 28 Sep
RODRIGUEZ, Cecilio Castrillo Jr.  "Chino"  b. 26 May 1946 San Antonio, TX  d. 26 Sep
RODRIGUEZ, Daniel L.  b. 12 Sep 1949  d. 25 Sep
RODRIGUEZ, Virginia L. "Ginny" USAF Major (ret)  76 yrs b. Chicago, IL  d. 28 Aug
RUFF, Thelma Josie  b. 7 Aug 1924 Ravenden, AR  d. 18 Sep
RUSH, Hannelore Thees  78 yrs b. Ludwigslust, Germany   d. 24 Sep
SALINAS, Estolfo (Sal) Jr.  MSGT USAF  (ret)  56 yrs  d. 26 Sep
SAUNDERS, Velma Rehmet  89 yrs  d. 28 Sep
SHERRELL-WOODBURY, Madelyn    88 yrs  d.  28 Sep
VASQUEZ, Samuel Sr.  b. 20 Nov 1929  McAllen, TX  d. 26 Sep
VILLAREAL, Gilbert Briseno b. 7 May 1932 San Antonio, TX  d. 26 Sep
WALZEM, Vivian A.  93 yrs  d. 26 Sep
WHEATLEY, Seagal V.  77 yrs  d. 25 Sep
WHITSETT, Emmett L. Jr.  97 yrs  d. 19 Sep
WIMPEE, Royal (Roy) McMahan  b. 9 Dec 1921  Gadsden, AL   d. 25 Sep
WOOD, Gertrude (Trudie) Olivia Boyd b. 15 Apr 1921 Panama  d. 25 Sep