Friday, August 12, 2011


This DNA stuff is driving me up the wall.  What I'm saying here is that it's mind boggling.  Well my mind can't quite grasp it.  I've had the mtdna and the Family Finder tests done.  So alright, the person I'm looking for has not has their DNA done, I get that.  But with more and more that have had theirs done I'm not coming up with a close enough match to me to say I belong to that line.

Let me back up here.  My mother had an affair when she was married.  This was during WWII when our servicemen were gone for long periods of time.  When you think about it not much has changed down through the ages.  And people are people, things happen.  Anyway, she had a child from this affair but I carry the surname of the man she was married to.

Now you are asking me how do I know this.  No one said a word, it was carried to their graves.  When I got my mother's divorce papers (I was three when they divorced) it was stated by her husband that she had the affair and a child was born from that affair.  The birthday that was listed was mine.  Need I say more.

Every time I asked my mother about my father she gave me vague answers like oh he was nice or I guess he still lives in Minnesota.  Not the answers I wanted.  I wrote to him once and he was nice enough when he answered my letter.  He touched on surface subjects like I'm married, nice job, I have a son, things like that.

So back to DNA.  I wanted to know if this man named in the divorce papers was really my father.  So far I'm getting 3rd, 4th, and 5th cousins.  And I'm not matching any names they have listed that they are researching.  It's so frustrating!

Maybe I'm not reading it right.  But with persistence I will find out, somehow.  If you are having the same problem or one like it keep working.

Until then....................

Monday, August 1, 2011


You would think with all this hot weather I'd be at the computer just working my little fingers to the nub.  Well like most everyone else the day goes by and I can't remember what I really accomplished.  The pool becons me..........and I've left poor Katie wandering the wilds of Illinois looking for her parents after the battle.  And then there is Nathaniel still google eyed over Sarah.  Still bumbling when he see her.

I've been putting together all the material for the Genealogy of Nathaniel Green so it will be ready for the first time family reunion next year.  That in it's self is a feat.  Trying to get everything into the computer, which I might add, I'm not that smart working on the computer!  I'm still learning.

Well I do have a date to look at early days of the big city of Cibolo and get those in order for the new Cibolo history book that is in stage ONE.  We've been compiling information, speaking to the older generation, and mapping out the city.

Too many projects at the same time.  I heard a phrase long ago, simply said, yard by yard is hard, inch by inch is a cinch.  You bet.

Unitil then....................