Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Mind Is A Blank

Yes you heard me. My mind is a blank. I'm sitting here ready to write, staring at the screen, and I'm having writer's block. I can be in the shower washing my hair and my mind is going over and over all the things I want to say and put down on paper for the world to read and comment on.

I drive the car and my mind is going over and over all the wonderful tidbits and cute little saying I want to put on paper for posterity.

When I lay my head on the pillow at night, all ready to end the day. my mind perks up and thousands of words come to me. I tell myself I'll remember so I don't get up and write it down,but I don't remember the next day.

Writers throughout the years have had writer's block but they press onward and upward. They go on and keep writing no matter what and finally when they least expect it they have that article, novel, or poem they wanted the share with the world.

This I will do also. I will keep staring at the screen and write from the heart because when it comes from the heart it is genuine. Readers will remember it and feel like they know you by your words.

Until then.......

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