Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Death Certificates

The adrenilan was running high yesterday when I found a web site that had my ancestors death certificates. I was able to order them on line. More pieces to the bigger puzzle.

It's so exciting when you finally put all the pieces together. Like our lives our ancestors lead exciting lives, whether we believe it or not. In a way we don't think of what kind of lives they lived. Think about it.

We don't stop to consider what our ancestors they went through to travel. Today we can get in the car and travel hundrededs of miles in a day. Our ancestors did good to travel ten miles a day in their wagons.

If you look at where our ancestors went you will probably find that a few other family members went with them. My great great great grandfather went from Kansas to Oregon (at least I think he did as soon as I find his death certificate) and several of his sons went with him.

It's intriguing to watch the migration as each person branches out and goes their own way. I've found that I've lived in places where my ancestors lived and have only recently realized it.


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