Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Death Certificates Tell It All

Looking for your dead ancestors is fun and when you find out when one has died or where he or she has died. You scramble to get the death certificate to make sure you have the right person. The death certificate not only tells you when they died it tells you what contributed to their death.

Sometimes it will give you the cemetery where they are going to be buried and sometimes it will give you the name of the morturary that took care of the services. But the big find is, and hopefully whoever gives the information has the right information, you can find out the maiden name of the mother.

Now you are ready to go off on another adventure. If you didn't know before hand where the couple married perhaps knowing the maiden name of the mother will pinpoint where they were living when the couple met.

Time and patience is your biggest ally in searching for your ancestors. You sit for many hours behind the computer screen or at your local library searching microfilm. Then when you find what you are looking for you jump for joy! You want to shout it out for everyone to hear! Then it's off again searching for more and more. It never ends...............following the meandering trail your ancestor makes.

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