Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Birthday Boy

Today is my oldest son's birthday. He is fifty years old today. Yes fifty. I'd say he was getting OLD. Where did the time go? I still remember the day he was born. How my mother took her time coming to pick me up while I paced the floor not know what was happening. At seventeen you are still trying to figure out how to keep the blemishes from popping up on your face. My husband was away on a job that would take him at least three hours before he could make it home. By four in the afternoon my baby boy arrived with a couple minor problems. His cord was wrapped around his neck,he wasn't breathing, and he had a slight club foot. The nurses and doctor were amazing working over him. I heard a small wimper and knew he was going to be alright. They put him in the incubator and he was off to the nursery. I wasn't even allowed to hold him. Four days later he was home in my arms breathing normally. At five pounds thirteen ounces he was so small. I was almost afraid to hold him, afraid I'd break him. Unlike my husband and I who had blond hair my baby had cold black hair. We both wondered where that came from!

Until he was walking I massaged his tiny foot and worked with him until he was able to walk without any problems. No casts and no special shoes. It never slowed him down.

Throughout the years I watched him grow, play baseball, ride horses, dig holes in the yard, play football, and mature into the fine man he is today. He's made his share of mistakes just like everyone else has made and like I've always stressed to him. "I pray you learn from your mistakes. Don't make the same ones twice. Learn from the first one." A good lesson for all of us.

On this special day my son I'd like to wish you Happy Birthday and many more to come. May God bless you as he has in the past. Never forget His blessings in your life.

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