Thursday, June 10, 2010

Federal Census vs. City Directories

Yesterday I did some more know looking for that dead relative again. Low and behold I think I found him. But then I thought I found him before clear across the United States on the west coast. So who is this person I found in the breadbasket of our country. So much for a common name.

When you are researching a name like Green, Black, Smith, or White you have to double check an even triple check everything. And I do mean everything. So I thought I found my great great grandfather in Oregon with one of his boys and I've gone bonkers.....I can't wait to get a death certificate to prove that is where he died. So who is this man with the same name, and I might add with some of his boys, that I found yesterday in the city directories? There it is, a big family with lots of boys, going in every direction, and with common names!

More digging.........until then.

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