Sunday, July 14, 2013


Well kind of sort of holding my breath.  I found someone who is going to take the DNA test to see if they are a match to mine.  I know it is all in God's hands. BUT, there it is, that word but, BUT let's face it, I'm human.  I want to worry.  I want to fix it so to speak.  I keep coming back to the same answer.  I would like to know so I can move on. 

I am ever so grateful to this person for taking the DNA test to help me out. 

NOW on the other hand.  Let me see if I can totally confuse you.  Here friend, who I thought was my cousin until she took the DNA test (because I asked her to do it for me) and found out she wasn't a match.  But a few months later we matched through another person.  Totally confusing.

I'm telling you, I will know something about DNA after all of this! 

I'm still working on the last chapter of my book/novella/whatever it turns out to be.  The editor hasn't given it back to me yet to correct all of the errors/additions/etc.  But will keep you posted on that.

So I guess I should sign off here and get to work.

Until then....................................

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