Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I have come to the conclusion that we are all related right on back to Adam and Eve.  Oh wait, we are!  It's written in the Word.

Seriously though, it's mind boggling figuring out how you are related to another person through DNA.  I keep thinking Ancestry just messed up and put my link to someone along with my friend (cousin) DNA.  I call her my cousin because I am convinced even more so that we are related.

We've been friends now for almost twelve years and I finally talked her into having her DNA done.  I am the manager of both of our accounts.  Long story.......anyway this past month we have two people that have shown up on both of our matches. 

Let me explain.  If you have been following my blog you know I'm searching for my biological father and through writing letters (yes, way back a few years ago you wrote letters to find answers) I found a person who was researching her lineage.  We teamed up together and found out it really does look like we have the right person.  My biological father and her cousin, the same person.

Now you say "well that should easily be solved by doing both of our DNA".  Wrong.  There is no match between us that shows.  But we have same names that shows up on both of our lists.  Mind boggling!!!

There are too many consequences pointing us both in the same direction.  I'd like to say for certain I have found the right person but there is still that nagging thought of maybe I'm wrong.  I've done so much research on this person I really feel like I know him quite well. 

I'm sure someday someone close to him will have their DNA done and BINGO!  A match!  So until that day, guess I'll continue searching, just to make sure I'm not jumping the gun.  Really wouldn't want that to happen. 

Until then....................more research..................more......more...............etc


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