Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I'm sitting here in my office trying to figure out what to write about.  Lord I need a little help here.  I've looked through the concordance of the Bible and can't find the right word.  You know what I'm saying the word that comes to mind.....something that is dear to your heart.  Something that reaches out to everyone today.

The sky is a beautiful blue and cloudless from my office window.  My mind wanders as I watch the birds fly by the window.  Maybe he's looking for his mate.  They play tag between the houses and land in the tree.  Then one will take flight and sit on the eves of the house next door. 

Have you ever wondered if they get tired from their wings flapping?  How high can a bird fly?  Just any bird, not the grandest bird of all, the eagle.  He soars higher than all the birds, so majestic as he glides through the sky then swoops down as soon as he spys his prey.  In a flash, lightening fast, he picks up his catch and carries it off to his nest. 

I have two birds that have made their nests in my hanging ivy on my patio.  They've done this for two years in a row.  They build their nest and lay their eggs.  I've watched as they feed their babies after they hatch.  Then one day they're gone, leaving an empty nest behind, and a dead plant.  You see I'm very careful how I water the plant when they put their nest in the middle of it.  I wouldn't  want to drownd the babies.  So again I've taken my ivy down and I will wait until next year to replace.  Maybe I'll replace with a different plant, then see if they come back to build their next and hatch their eggs!

Until then.......

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