Friday, October 1, 2010


I am stumped!  Ancestors with a common last name, and of course a common first name, is making me crazy.  I sat at the computer yesterday trying to search, or look, outside the box.  You know what I mean.  You get stuck on one thing and you can't get out of the rut.  You can't see the forest for the trees.

Today is going to be different, at least I hope so.  I'm going to try going through the back door.  If you too are having that same problem try looking for relatives instead of the person you really are looking for.  Way back when people stayed with family or close to family.  They traveled together, coming to America together.  Then of course some went off on their own, but if you look closely you may find one of the relatives may have joined them later.

Ok with that all said and done that's what I tried yesterday.  No such luck.  I had at one time found Nathaniel's father in law and now I can't find him.  And I can't find my piece of scratch paper where I put the county he was living in.  I know the state.  I have so many pieces of paper laying around my computer with bits and pieces of information and none of them had what I wanted.  So today it's start fresh, at least I hope so.  And clean up all the pieces of paper!

Good luck to all who will try this approach.  I'll keep you posted.

Until then.........

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