Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Cold, Windy, and Stormy Day

As I sit at my computer I look out the window at the rain beating against the pane, the wind bending the trees too and fro, and the tiny hummingbird struggling to get a drink from the window feeder.

You could call that perseverance. How many times do we tackle a project only to fight obstacles along the way, but we continue until our project is completed. Then that satisfied feeling we have to see it finished.

This last weekend I finished my projects strung about my house. The desk in my craft room was covered with so much I couldn't see the desk. My husband put another table in there so I could collage three canvases, which has taken me three months to complete. It's a pleasure now to open the door and see a clean room.

I'd been working on an afghan for my husband for almost eight months. This last week I finally finished it. Now he can cover his legs when he watches television, his puppies can sit on his lap, and they can all take their naps before bed.

Again the tiny hummingbird is struggling against the wind to get his drink of sweet confection. The trees are still swaying with the wind and the rain beating against my window. This is a day to definitely stay close to the hearth, read a book, work on my writing, or do nothing but stare at the turmoil of Mother Nature.

Until then......

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