Monday, May 2, 2011


It's the first of May, it's been a hot April, so you'd think today would be a bit warm.  Maybe even a drop or two of rain.  The sky is over cast with clouds rolling by frequently.  Let me see now, April showers bring May flowers.  March was supposed to be windy.  If it comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb, and vice versa.  Wrong!  This year everything is topsy turvy.

But it must be spring.  I put the hummingbird feeder outside my window and my little friend is back drinking like there is no tomorrow.  Every time I start to type I see his little wings fluttering while he is taking a sip of sweet nectar. 

Then why am I cold.  I even went to my closet and exchanged my capri pants for levis, my light t-shirt for a long sleeved shirt plus a sweater.  The temperature dropped over night and I'm freezing.  Like I said the weather has gone crazy.  Tornados upon tornados have hit so many states in the south.  Earthquakes, tidal waves, raging wild fires.  Rivers in the midwest have expanded their banks until farms and whole towns are under water. 

Well my friends my yard work is done so I'm going to stay inside and get my writing and researching caught up.  I'm not sure if I ever get caught up but I do give it the old heave ho and try.

Until then.....................

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