Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well my sister has given me an assignment.  Try to find information on her daughter's father.  All she has is a place of birth, date of birth, and parents.  Sometimes it's easier if you're looking for someone that was born one hundred years ago, not sixty years ago.  Not only is it sixty years ago but it's a very common name! 

I've looked through the census for that state and county and I think I found who I'm looking for, but.  This is not easy.  Guess I'll have to keep you informed about this one.  Maybe you are having trouble with this also. 

Now on to another dilemma.  I've been asked to help someone find his parents.  He was adopted, and through DNA we are related.  We are 2nd and 3rd cousins.  Oh yes, it was a closed adoption.

Now this could really get interesting as I really don't know who my biological father is either.  So you see what I'm up against.  Plus I've never dealt with adoptions.   What a challenge, but then I like challenges. 

Another one I will have to keep you informed on. 

Now the Green side of the family is going quite well.  I've found all the children of Nathaniel, where they lived, and where most of them died.  I haven't found where Nathaniel died yet though.  I have an idea but until I get that piece of paper in hand and know where he is buried, I do not know.  Got to have that paper trail, otherwise you have no way to prove what you are saying.

So until then...................

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