Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well here we are again.  Still digging.  I push away from the computer, done with a project and on to another, like fixing dinner, throwing a load of wash in the dryer, and so on.  But my mind is still thinking, thinking about the ancestor I was just looking for. 

There is so much on the computer now, Ancestry puts something new on their web site each day, and so does Cyndi's List.  But there is still that brick wall.  I've been looking in cemeteries for the graves of my ancestors.  Their final resting place.  Most don't have head stones because they were too poor to afford one.  Their children went about their lives always thinking and wanting to put a stone there for their parent but, life happens.  It doesn't get done.

Then there are the genealogists that walk the cemeteries, take notes, make sure they have the grave listed in the right row, right lot, then put it on the web for all to see, and maybe find their ancestor.  But if your ancestor is buried in that cemetery and doesn't have a stone, well, you see where I'm going here.

That's when you engage the help of a genealogist in that state, county, and cemetery to look it up in the library for you.  Most libraries have a genealogy department.  Some small, like the one my husband and I found in Madison, NH.  It wasn't any larger than a six hundred square foot house but we found where my husband's great, great, grandmother was buried.  You would be surprised at that one person who lived in the area that wrote a small book on the history of the town.  There you have it.  Sometimes you have to go visit the area you are researching but what better way to take a vacation.  See the sights, walk the same fields your ancestors walked.

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