Friday, April 22, 2011


What a strange title for today.  My life has been full of family and not much else so as you can see my blog has been sparse this month.  Between new great grandbabies being born, of course I have to visit, a husband that had a liver biopsy, and just the usual, I haven't been very good at updating.

But today I got a shot in the arm so to speak.  I received an e-mail from a lady that said she googled Nathaniel Green's name and she came up with the information I had posted.  Wow!  I am elated that someone found what I had put out there.  Especially from a branch of the family I had little information on. 

I search and research my information to make sure it is correct before I post.  There is nothing more heart breaking to find out that you've done all this research and come to find out you do not have the right person.  Oh don't get me wrong I've done that.  I even litterally followed a family to Dubois, Wyoming and found out it wasn't my family.  I even took pictures of their graves.  But alas not part of my family.  It was a beautiful trip though.  My husband even said so!

It is with great joy to let everyone know I will be hosting the first ever Nathaniel T. Green family reunion.  Now this is the Nathaniel T. Green who was born abt. 1822 in New York.  He married the following women, Sarah Bessey (Bessie), Melissa Davis, and Clarissa Barnes.

The following are his children by these women:  Ira Willis, Sarah, Elmer T., Ezra, Thomas, Edward, Charles, Baxter, Elijah, George W., and Cedar.  If you think you are related to any of these children I would greatly appreciate your input. 

Oh yes the book on Nathaniel is rolling and no I haven't forgotten Katie.  Working on that also.  My work is cut out for me for the rest of this year!

Until then...............

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