Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It's been like a flood gate of information lately.  What it boils down to is do not give up.  Keep looking and eventually you will find the information you are looking for.  Slow and steady, each day at a time.

More and more people are looking to for their information but they forget about other important places to look.  Other than packing your suitcase, gasing up the car, and heading to where your ancestor lived, there is that age old way of seeking information.  Writing a letter.  Yes, paper, pen, envelope, and a stamp.

Of course there is an easier way.  Go to google, find the county your ancestor lived in, and start looking in their archives.  You would be surprised what you will find.  I have found the cemeteries where they were buried which also gave me dates.  From that you can write to the County Records and get a death certificate.

Sometimes the information you are looking for is not on that website but there is usually a contact person listed.  By that I mean you will find someone's name that is willing to look for information for you.  I've made new friends and found ancestors this way.

Which takes me back to my new information.  I am one step closer to my great, great, grandfather's daughter.  All roads now lead to her.  I can't believe I finally found her. 

I have traveled and lived all over the United States and now when I find out where my ancestors lived I'm amazed.  Amazed because some of them lived in the same states, counties, and some even in the same town.  I wished I had started looking for these ancestors sooner, perhaps I would have been able to meet them.  Then again that is probably wishful thinking.

Well I'm off to locate more ancestors.  Nose to the ground, sniffing out the scent, eyes and ears open.

Until then.................

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