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Since having my DNA done I have run across more Barnes relatives than I thought I would.  I was really looking forward to finding my biological father, which so far, hasn't happened.  Of course I will keep searching.

But I have found three fourth cousins and between them,, and myself I have a pretty good family tree of Thomas Barnes.  I hope the following information will help those of you who are also trying to find your ancestors from the Barnes line.  Again has a lot of information and most of it is actual records.  Check it out.

Please as you read through these names and dates if you see any mistakes (yes I make them just like anyone else) please let me know so I can correct them.

Thomas Barns/Barnes Sr b. 1615 Essex Co., England  m. Mary  d. 1663 CT ( hung--witch trials)
    Children:  Sarah b. abt 1650 Farmington, CT m. John Scoville
                     Benjamin b. abt 1653 Farmington, CT m. Sarah Ingersol
                     Joseph b. abt 1655 Farmington, CT
Thomas m. Mary Andrews/Andrus 23 Mar 1662 Farmington, CT
    Children:  Thomas b. Jun 1690 Farmington, CT m. Mary Jones
                      Ebenezer b. 1675 Farmington, CT m. Deborah Orvis

Ebenezer Barnes  b. 1675 CT  d. 1756 CT  m. Deborah Orvis 8 Apr 1699 Farmington, CT.  Deborah b. 17 Apr 1681 Farmington, CT d. abt 1726.  Ebenezer m. Mehitabel Hancox
     Children:  Daniel David b. 17 Apr 1729 Farmington, CT m. Hannah Clark 1751 Farmington, CT
                      Abigail  b. 22 Oct 1750 Farmington, CT
                      Abijah   b. 31 Jan 1727 Farmington, CT   m. Lois Plumb
                      Amase   b. 8 Nov 1730 Farmington, CT
                      Anna      b. 7 Jun 1706 Farmington, CT     m. William Neal
                      Deborah  b. 13 Jul 1717 Farmington, CT
                      Ebenezer  b. 7 Feb 1700 Farmington, CT   m. Abigail
                      Epliphet   b. 17 Feb 1756 Farmington, CT
                      Esther      b. 30 Jul 1723  Farmington, CT
                      Gideon    b. 1 Aug 1711  Farmington, CT    m. Mehitabel Shaw
                      Jedediah   b. 27 Aug 1708 Farmington, CT  m. Abigail Warner
                     John          b. 5 Nov 1732 Farmington, CT
                     Lucy         b. 4 Mar 1734/5 Farmington, CT
                      Mary       b. 1 Oct 1721 Farmington, CT   m. William
                      Stephen   b. May 1714 Farmington, CT
                      Thomas   b. 21 Jun 1703 Farmington, CT  m. Hannah Day

Daniel David Barnes  b. 1729 d. 24 Sep 1795 CT  m. Hannah Clark 1751 CT
     Children:  Reuben  b. 14 Apr 1752 Farmington, CT  m. Phebe Warner
                      Rhoda    b.
                      Hannah  b.
                      Lucretia  b.
                      Lydia      b. 1757 Hartford, CT  m. Lemuel Potter 1779 Hartford, CT  d. 1836 CT
                      Lydia      b.
                      Lois        b.
                      Martha    b.
                      Abigail   b.

Reuben Barnes b. 1752 d. 1818 NY  m. Phebe Warner b. 1753 d. 1782  m. 1774 CT
      Children:  Joel  b. 5 Mar 1778 Bristol, CT  d. 7 Jun 1842 Canada m. Margaret Peggy Ferguson
                       Ithurie     b. 1775
                       Asahel    b. 1781  d. 1 Aug 1784
                       Lucy  b. 3 May 1779 d. 30 May 1779 CT (buried with Phoebe)
      Second wife of Reuben:  Mamie Munson
          Children:  Asahel (#2)  b. 1784
                           Rockwell   b. 22 Jan 1788  d. 4 Jul 1869 NY  m. Nancy
                           Aard   b. 18 Nov 1789 Bristol, CT   d. 12 Aug 1804
                           Norman  b. 26 Aug 1791 Farmington, CT  d. 28 Sep 1838 NY
                           Asaph   b. 8 May 1786 Bristol, CT  d. 4 May 1822 m. Sybil

Joel Barnes b. 1778 CT d. 7 Jun 1842 m. Margaret Peggy Ferguson 19 Oct 1806 Columbia Co, NY
       Children:  James Reuben b. 8 Nov 1809 Claverack, Columbia, NY  m. 1839 MI Mary Olive Bower
                     Emeline  b. 1804  NY  d. 1859
                     William  b. 1807   NY  d. 1882
                     John P.   b. 1811   NY
                     Emeline  b. 1812 NY
                     Peter Alonzo  b. 1816 NY
                     Michael S.  b. 1820 Ontario, Canada
                     Lois Eliza   b. 823 Ontario, Canada

James R. Barnes b. 1809 NY d.??  m. Mary Olive Bower
       Children:  Eliza  b. 12 Nov 1840 St Joseph Co, MI  d. 25 Jun 1910 Guthrie Co, IA m. Emory Stoddard MI, Rufus H. Wood 1873 MN
                         Diane Leiana  b. 1842 St Joseph Co, MI
                        Lois   b. 1844 St Joseph Co, MI  m. George Henry Baker Sr.
                        Sarah Sally  b. 1845 St Joseph Co, MI  m. Arron Hopp
                        Mary Jane b. 1846 St Joseph Co, MI d. aft 1920 WY  m. Henry J. Dupes  abt 1861
                        Rockford/Rockwell/Norman   b. 1848 St Joseph Co, MI  m. Margaret Lemons
                        Caroline  b. 1849 St Joseph Co, MI m. Hilyand Eagleston ?
                        Lawyer Joseph  b. Mar 1854 St Joseph Co, MI  m. Eva Esther
                        Sawyer b. 1852 St Joseph Co, MI
                        Susan F.  b. 1853 St Joseph Co, MI
                        Clarissa A.  b. 1855 St Joseph Co, MI d. 4 Mar 1932 Guthrie Co, IA m. Nathaniel Green 1873 IA, George Hayes
                        Charles R. b. 1857 St Joseph Co, MI
                        Matilda b. May 1860 St Joseph Co, MI 
                        Ida C.  b. 13 Oct 1868 St Joseph Co, MI d. 21 Jul 1911 Topeka, KS ?
                        Rhoda  b. 1868 St Joseph Co, MI  m. James Brundige
                        George W.  b. 1863 St Joseph Co, MI  m. Phoebe Ellen Fisher 10 Oct 1883 Osborne, KS

From the James Barnes line two of his daughters children (Eliza's daughter, Ida, and Clarissa's son, Charles,  married) so I am doubly tied to this tree.  Both Eliza and Clarissa are my great, great, grandmothers. 

James Barnes left MI and traveled south to Iowa, probably in search of new land.  From there the family split up as some of the children got married and stayed in Iowa for awhile.  James left Iowa with his daughter Clariss and her new husband Nathaniel Green and headed west to Kansas.  They settled there for about fifteen years then some headed to Nebraska. 

In my research I have found their families settled in Oregon, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri.  I still do not know where James and Mary died and where they are buried.   I am still searching.

So my readers until then........................


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