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Monday morning and a review of the week end.  I was so busy, quality time with the hubby, Sunday drive on a Saturday, so it's nice to sit down at the computer and get the fingers flying over the keyboard again.  So much to get caught up on.

When I first moved back to San Antonio twelve years ago I joined the San Antonio Genealogical Historical Society so I could access their wonderful library.  I even donated a few items when I was finished with them. 

Through the years I let my membership lapse as the computer became my best friend, namely  Plus I didn't have to leave my house.  And Ancestry does not have a lot of history on their network.  I have found though, that the city library, county libraries,  and the historical library are still a wonderful resource, plus you have a live person there to assist you.  You don't have to pick up a phone and wait until it's your turn to talk, or listen to an automated voice that gives you the run around.

Check out the San Antonio City Library Genealogical Department at
Schertz Library Genealogical Departmart at
San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Society at

Sooo back to the DNA class that was conducted yesterday at the library.  Jeremy Balkin from Family Tree DNA gave a wonderful presentation.  He was patient with each one of us gray haired ndividuals, and answered their questions right down to the last dot and he even crossed the t's.

I highly recommend anyone that is interested in doing their DNA to go ahead and do it.  Even if it's just for fun.  Family Tree has several different prices and tests.  Their website is

YDNA 37 markers special $129
YDNA 67 markers  special $209
mtDNA PLUS  $139
mtDNAFMS $209
Family Finder  $209

These prices were from the handout Jeremy distributed to the class. 

My first DNA test was the mtDNA because I didn't want to spend a lot of money.  That was six years ago.  Well I got a list of other people that had their's done too.........and the list was quite long.  I couldn't make sense of any of it.  I was so confused.

So I bit the bullett and upgraded and paid some more money.  More people, still couldn't figure it out.  Then I was able to go to a class on DNA and the individual who was conducting the class suggested if I really wanted to find out who my father was to take the Family Finder test.

MORE MONEY.....  I just couldn't bring myself to pay for another test.  My inner being fought back and forth.......I broke.  I did the Family Finder test. 

Sooo glad I did.  I did find fourth cousins, not the ones I'm looking for as they were cousins from my mother's father's line, who I already knew their parents but not the children.  I am still seeking anyone from my biological father's side.  (whoever that maybe)

I did learn more about the web site and how to read the numbers and such.  And I did learn that even though I had a cousin (we think we are fourth cousins) it may not show up on the results.  There is a 50% probability that fourth cousin will be a match.  A third cousin is a 90% and a second cousin is 99% match.   As I said before, Jeremy was very through and explained very well. 

Sooooo I'm still working on it.  What I'm sayin' is that if you are out there looking for a close match to yours then you need to try to find at least a third cousin.  Easier said than done, especially if you do not know who you are looking for.  Like a needle in a haystack.  But then the investigator in me is working hard to answer the hard question....."Who is he?"

Until then............................................   

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