Monday, December 31, 2012


I was so bummed over the week end.  My cousin, who I thought, and she did too, were cousins had our DNA done.  The results came back not a match!

I feel bad because I had to talk her into it.  But you can't choose your relatives.  So......she is my cousin because I choose her to be my cousin.

Now that that is over, back to the drawing board.  I looked at the pictures in my mother's photo album again.  I feel like I've gone over and over each picture with a fine tooth comb.  I did find a picture of her aunt with her new husband.  I didn't have his name and now I do.

My mother was really good with this particular album.  She started it on the first page with her name and the year.  Then under each picture she put the person's name and the date (year).  This has made it a bit easier, but, here is the dilemma. 

My mother married Roy Eisentrager Apr 1941 and he left for Camp Clebourne, LA a day or two after their wedding.  In Jul 1941 she is with Alan Schreiber at a park in WI.  Then all of 1941 she has pictures of Jr. Waverly from Waterloo (him in his uniform in front of her house then helping another couple cut wood).  In Jan 1942 she has a picture of Roy in his uniform standing on the porch of their house.  From divorce papers it states she was linked with Bud Wyburn in Feb 1942.  In Mar 1942 she is with Jr. Waverly in Golden CO standing in front of  Buffalo Bill's grave.

Now you see where I'm going with this don't you......I'm trying to figure out who is actually my father. 

Any ideas????

Until then..........................................

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