Friday, March 2, 2012


Yesterday I was looking over my dna stats again, still trying to figure out who and how I'm related to all the people that have some of the same dna as I have.  It was very interesting to see that there are about three people out there that are trying to figure out their own background, because they were adopted.

I, at least,know who my mother is and have the possibility of three men to be my father, and I know their names.  I just have to find a match to one of their line, which I'm having a hard time trying to do.  It seems no one from their lines have had their dna done.

Then there is that other obstacle.  The man my mother was married to were first cousins once removed.  SOOOO I am technically related to him and his relatives!!!  Oh woe is me.

Well it isn't exactly woe is me, but I am forging ahead.  When the time is right God is going to let me know.  Guess it just isn't my time to know, at least not yet.

Until then.....................

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