Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Forgive me for not keeping the blog up to date.  I attended a wonderful conference, Sharon Norris Elliott, this last week end.  I really couldn't write fast enough.  She had so much wonderful information and I wanted to make sure I got it ALL. 

One of my daughters changed jobs and I had to help her get all her papers together.  Seems that mom keeps important papers more handy than she does.  She is in training now, her mother-in-law took all the children off to the beach, and that leaves me to WRITE. 

The reunion is only two and a half months away and there is no way the book will be done, BUT the ancestry book will be done.  AND that is what I am working on.  I want to make sure I have all information documented and where I found the information to document it.  If I had done the documentating as I went along I wouldn't have to go back and do it.  Amateur genealogists take note.

I've sent notes out to everyone requesting pictures but that is slow in coming.  I'm amazed at what I have been able to put together.  Thank you to those of you that have sent what you were able to find.  Genealogy is really an on going process.  Even when you think you've found everything, something else pops up. 

So I'm making copies, reviewing what I've put together and will keep you all updated.

Until then.........................

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