Friday, March 9, 2012


It's not only a rainy day it's COLD!  If we just had our summer it sure was short.  Oh well, at least it isn't snow.  My husband was in Seattle on a business trip for a few days and saw snow.  He said the pass was closed.  Yes, I remember those days, and I do like the warmer weather.

My daughter is changing jobs and has to have quite a few papers like birth certificates, marriage, etc. copied for their files.  Well, I keep our important papers in a safe deposit box so I went to the bank this morning to get what I needed.  As soon as I opened the door and stepped inside, I remembered, or rather I forgot, what number our box was.  Not only that, I forgot my password to get in.  Mind you I haven't been to the safe deposit box in over a year, a lot of things happen in a year, like forgetting the password. 

It took three ladies to help me, by the way, thank you ladies, to figure out what my number was.  Yes, I wrote it down, but I'll forget where I put it by the time I have to go back.  Old age??  Old timers already??  I hope not!

Now back to the writing.  I've gone through all the birth, death, and marriage certificates I have, made copies, and now verifying land papers.  Oh yes, when I'm through, they go to the box too for safe keeping.  All of those copies cost a LOT of money. 

Looks like Nathaniel and his family have a lot of information, just wish I could find out who his parents were.   In one of his son's, Ira, it says his father is related to General Nathaniel Greene, George Washington's right hand man.  I've tried to piece that together but so far I have come up short.  Who said genealogy takes a short time?  I've been doing this close to twenty years.  Probably more like forty years because I bounced around looking into different family names. 

Anyway, on to finding more information.  Stay warm my friend.  Until then........................

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