Friday, August 17, 2012

More DNA

Okay so I'm hooked on DNA.  Although I haven't found a link to my father it is fascinating.  I found a fourth cousin, that I was able to verify, and a lot of other cousins that I haven't found the link yet.

My husband has been wondering what his back ground is now.  Even though we know for sure there is Irish and French, there could be some Scandinavian in there.  You know how those Vikings wandered all over the earth sailing across the oceans!

My girl friend just found out she is middle European and Scandinavian.  She had no idea.  See what I mean.

Each day my husband comes home and asks.  "Did my results come in yet?" 

I'm just as eager as he is. We did his through  I've had mine done through
Family Tree DNA and  What if we are related?  Oh wait, we are.  Of course it's through a long distant cousin's line.  Then again, when you think about it, we are all related in some way or another.  Life began with Adam and Eve!

Until then.........................

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