Thursday, August 16, 2012


This morning I received a message through Ancestry of information on relatives.  As I went down their information I found out I DID NOT have the correct data.

I tell others who are researching their family tree to make sure they have the accurate information before you add it to your line.  Well I thought I did, but I didn't!

When you are searching on Ancestry or any other site it's alright to write the information down but do not add it until you have backed it up with your source. 

Let me tell you what I did.  In the little town of The Dalles, Wasco County, Oregon three of Elmer T. Green's daughters married.  I have all of their marriage certificates thanks to a trip to The Dalles last July.  The fourth I could not find, at the time.  Then I ran across Elona in the census married to another McCorkle.  I THOUGHT I had the right one.  So I added the man's name (George) and their children, all from the census.  I did not get a paper trail.  By paper trail I mean marriage, birth, death, etc.

Today a message I sent out quite some time ago was answered.  I asked them how they were related to Elmer.  He gave me Elona's correct name, which happened to be Bertha Elnora "Nora" Green.  I had the birthdate right but that was all I had. 

Bertha went by Nora in all of the census and in her death notice. 

So now you know what I've been doing most of the day.  Fixing my mistakes.  I still do not have paper work to back up what I've learned but will be working on it.

Now I will say it again.  Get paper back up on your ancestors to make sure you have the right person.  You would not believe how many people have the same names, birthdates, and sometimes the same spouse's name!

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