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I've been wandering about and finally decided it was time to put a few things out there.  Genealogy wise that is.  I am a writer, wife, mother, a doer of all things for everyone that needs something done.  Ladies you know what I'm talking about.  I am also a genealogist.  I've been searching for my dead relatives for about thirty years. 

Let me back up a bit, say about thirty years ago.  My children were going to a four room school house and they were ready to close their doors and move everyone to their newly built school.  They were looking for someone to write a short story about the school and some of the people that went there over the years.  I volunteered, or rather no one else wanted to do it.  That started the quest to find my own roots.  And I really enjoyed putting the history together, especially interviewing some of the older residents that went to the school.  I was bitten!

Now fast forward.......raising children.......moving about over the years..........and a divorce put my quest on hold until about fifteen years ago when I activily engaged in finding out where I came from.  And let me tell you right now don't go looking if you can't take surprises!

I knew my mother had divorced my biological father but I didn't know the whole story.  I grew up with a wonderful step father but wondered about my real father all my life.  My mother would never tell me anything about him, only that he was a nice man and that he probably still lived in Minnesota.  I'm here to tell you that I think by the time I turned fifty she should have at least told me a little bit more.  Just saying.....

Anyway my mother passed away before I found the divorce papers and found out she had had an affair and from that affair she had a child, and that child's birthdate was mine.  My father petitioned for the divorce.  Now that was a kicker!  I now have another father, a biological father, and he was named in the divorce papers.  That helped except they used a nickname for his first name but his last name was Wyburn.  That was the only saving grace as that is not a common name. 

I believe I found that man but by the time I found him he had already passed away from an accident in 1957.  But I have done quite a bit of history on this man so will throw it out there.  Maybe there is someone else that can fill in the blanks.

William Wyburn b. 1817 NY m.(      )   then m. Liberty Babcock b. 1817 PA on 12 Aug 1857 Crawford County, WI
Lafayette  b. 1851 WI
 m. Mary Clark b. 1853 PA
 William   b.16 Apr 1870 WI   d. May 1941
                 m.  4 Nov 1896  Vernon Co, WI Amanda Lowe
 Robert Lee  b.3 Aug 1882 WI  d. 17 Jun 1967 Atlanta, Fulton, GA
 Isaac           b. 22 Nov 1876 WI  d. 4 Dec 1956 Dubuque, IA
                   m.  10 Aug 1910 Dubuque, Dubuque, IA  Louvina Fishnick
 Matilda        b. May 1884 IA
Alice Jane    b. 1872  WI    m. 10 Jun 1888 Crawford Co, WI August Haperberker
Theobe         b. 1879  WI    m. 21 Feb 1898 Crawford Co, WI
Phoebe M.    b. 1885  WI    m. 26 Jan 1899 Crawford Co, WI

Isaac Alfred Wyburn m. Louvina Fishnick
  Katherine Mary    b. 15 Jun 1911 Cassville, Grant Co, WI
                               d.  Jul 2010  Dubuque, Dubuque, IA
                               m.  15 Jun 1929 IA   Erwin William Blaul
 Alfred John          b.  23 Dec 1912 Dubuque, Dubuque, IA
                             m.  (living)
 had affair in 1942 with Annabelle Green in Austin, Mower Co, MN
 Annbelle had child while still married to another man (Roy Eisentrager).  He was stationed in Louisana at Camp Cleburne

And now you know the rest of the story.  Stay tuned..................

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