Monday, October 31, 2011


This last name ties my families together:  Wyburn, Fishnick, Eberle, and Blaul.
I cannot leave out the name of Thomas Jordan because without him and his wife Mary AnnWhiteside there wouldn't be an Indian Kate, otherwise known as Catherine Jordan Eberle.  If he hadn't been there to take "Katie" in she would have either died in the massacre at Bad Axe, or been captured along with other family members and taken to a reservation to live out her life.  Perhaps marry another Sauk Indian, have many children, and fade into the annuals of time. 

Joseph Fishnick m. Pauline Ott
childen:  Fred  b. 1859 WI;  Frank  b. 1864 WI;  Mary A. b. 1856 WI; Josephine  b. Nov 1862 WI.

Fred Fishnick m. Catherine Eberle1886 St Charles Catholic Church Cassville, WI
children:  Alvina b.  24 Aug 1887 Cassville, WI   d. 2 Feb 1947 Dubuque, IA;
Pauline 24 Oct 1899;  Frank b. 15 Dec 1890 Cassville, WI  d. 4 Jan 1965 Cassville, WI;
Fred  b. 4 Nov 1893  d. 31 Mar 1952;  Lucinda  b. 30 Jun 1886 Cassville, WI  d. 26 Oct 1889 Cassville, WI.

Alvina m. Isaac Wyburn
children:  Katherine and Alfred

Now you know the main families of my story.  The next thing to do is put the story together.  Until then.............

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