Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Sometimes I do feel like time is running out.  I get another day older, so much to do each day, and not enough time to sit at the computer and look.  Yes, look for more information. 

It seems like you get one piece of evidence and after you pursue that you find another, then another.  You can't give up then.  You have to keep going.  It's like a worm being dangled in front of a fish then pulled back each time the fish approaches it.  Keep going, keep seeking, keep digging. 

So much has been added to the web sites now it seems endless.  Ancestry keeps adding more each day, Cyndi's list has been going strong for at least ten years and she keeps adding more information every day too.  If you have ancestors that migrated from New England the American Ancestors is a good web site to look through too. and American Ancestors does have a fee but Cyndi's list does not.

Now that I've told you those avenues there is that old standby way.  Word of mouth.  Phone calls to relatives.  Jog their brains.  Ask them "Do you remember Aunt Jane, etc."

Give them food for thought.  They might not remember at the time you ask the question but it will get them to thinking and you might be surprised when they call you back and give you that worm.  You never know until you try it.

Another wonderful avenue if you are in the town you are researching go to the library.  The library is your best friend.  Most of them have a small genealogy section, or even someone that wrote something about the town you are looking into.  In fact I'm off to the local library this morning to look for information. 

So until then..........................

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