Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I know I've asked you to wander with me as I trace Katie's footsteps.  I've found more information about Indian Kate.  Thanks to my cousin in Wisconson (without her I would not have found out who I am).  OOPS that's another story.  I'll talk about that later.

Anyway, back to Katie.  Such a small little girl left to wander alone in search of her family.  The Black Hawk War took place in 1832.  It left Katie an orphan until the Thomas Jordan family took her in.

Whoa....there I go again jumping way ahead of myself.  I do have a habit of doing that.

The Asakiwaki (Sauk) and Meshkwahkihaki (Mesquakie/Fox) are Algonquin-speaking people originally from the northeastern United States.  Asakiwaki means "people of the yellow earth" and Meshkwahkihawi means "people of the red earth". 

Oral history says the tribe originated hear the Saint Lawrence Seaway in Canada and moved west towards Michigan and Wisconson.

Everything was peaceful for the Sauk Indian clan in 1831 and early 1832.  Lead by Chief Black Hawk they lived along the Mississippi River across from Dubuque, Iowa.  Near  Saukenuk at the mouth of the Rock River where it empties into the Mississippi.  They came back from their hunting trip west of the Mississippi to find the white man living in their lodges. 

Like any child Katie watched over her little brother while watching her mother cook meals and make their blankets.  Katie had at least three older sisters and a couple of brothers.  There may have been more but records are a bit fuzzy about that. 

History lesson done, so for the rest of the story, until then................

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