Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm getting anxious for my story about Katie to get rolling.  Only on page 70 but got so many ideas on where she is going and what is going to take place. 

Just need the time to put all of it on interruptions.  Well you know how that goes.  Either the dogs need a potty break or I do.  Save one day for all errands.  No cooking, wait did I say that?  Oh well hubby wants to cut back so guess he can fix his own sandwich.  That should do it!

Now the real challenge begins.  Juggling between Katie and Nathaniel.  Oh, did I tell you there is two projects in the works?  Guess not.  Nathaniel is my great, great, grandfather and his trip from New York to Oregon.  His life, wives, children, and the hardships he endured. 

Katie, dear sweet Katie, is my special project.  A Native American child of six that survives the Black Hawk War of 1832.  Her survival, perservance, and overcoming all obstacles before being found by a family that already had fourteen children of their own. 

Okay now to the chapters of life.

Until then................

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