Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I must say it is cold ole' chap.  I've been cold here in Texas but I think I'm really cold today.  Want to stay inside and drink hot cocoa, maybe watch some old movies, and bundle up with my mink blanket.  My mink blanket is my comfort blanket when I'm not feeling well, cold, or just sort of out of it.  Babies have their security blanket they drag everywhere they go and I have my mink blanket too.

My first mink blanket a friend brought back from her trip to Korea.  It was quite heavy and to be honest too heavy for south Texas weather even when the temperature dipped.  I re-gifted it to a friend living in Oklahoma.  It does get a bit colder there.

My second and third mink blanket my daughter bought me when she was stationed in Korea.  One is heavier than the other.  My favorite is so soft and warm.  It is charcoal and has beautiful, bright, flowers all over it.  I keep the other one on the shelf in the closet just for weather like this. 

Now I know you are asking yourself  what is a mink blanket.  Is it really mink?  No, it is not.  It is a heavy thick material that is closely weaved.  I believe the material is cotton but will  have to get back to you on that.  Either's my bankie!

I think I'll just go in right now and pull out an old John Wayne movie, my blanket, and hot cocoa.  Later for everything else.

Until then..............

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